System: enhancements

including drivers without a specific section

CPU Speed 1.4
Wednesday, 1 February, 2006

CPU Speed tries to keep the CPU as cool as possible without affecting system performance by adaptive throttling using ACPI.

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Driver ACPI 3.23.07
Thursday, 7 September, 2017

Purpose of this driver is to provide ACPI interface:

  • It takes care about power saving (APM functionality)
  • it controls IRQ sharing
  • it enables...
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Activate 1.6
Wednesday, 31 August, 2011

ACTIVATE is a command line utility for batch files to change windows to and from an active state. Very useful for easily managing a control script process.

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Advanced Joystick Driver 0.2
Sunday, 30 December, 2001

Enhanced joystick driver supported by SNES9x, Retrocade and SDLMAME.

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ANPM (Arca Noae Package Manager) 1.0
Friday, 26 August, 2016

The Arca Noae Package Manager is a graphical interface to easily install, remove, and update software on any OS/2-based system. It is released under GPLv3 and is freely available for everyone.

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Apache Portable Runtime 1.4.5
Friday, 2 March, 2012

The mission of the Apache Portable Runtime (APR) project is to create and maintain software libraries that provide a predictable and consistent interface to underlying platform-specific implementations. The...

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APM/2 (Advanced Power Management for OS/2) 1.40
Friday, 3 August, 2001

APM/2 allows you to put your workstation into APM standby, suspend or power off mode under OS/2 Warp 4. APM/2 also allows you to schedule a automatic power on, if APM level 1.2+ is detected. APM requests can...

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Ash (Almquist Shell) 0.0.1
Monday, 6 April, 2015

Ash is a small shell which resembles the System V 'sh'. Its power resides in its size and its compatibility. It's about 77k.

Almquist shell (also known as...

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Association Editor 2.1.2
Monday, 25 March, 2013

Association Editor allows you to inspect or modify associations set for file- and typefilters. You can add new associations, remove old ones and change defaultsassociations. Also, you can  add new filetypes...

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ATSHELL (Alex Taylor SHELL) 0.5
Saturday, 9 December, 2006

The AT Desktop Shell (ATSHELL) is a simple RUNWORKPLACE replacement.  It allows an arbitrary executable to be run as the desktop program (in place of the Workplace Shell).

When this program exits, the ATSHELL dialog (re)appears...

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Basqet 0.2.0
Sunday, 29 January, 2012

The idea is to use baskets to put, not eggs, but notes and ideas (text, pictures, HTML-links etc), as well as tagged data in list-form with filters etc. It shall be possible to use arrows to connect notes,...

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Black Hole Ver. 3.0
Monday, 4 December, 2000

Tool that will create a delete icon called blackhole on your desktop. You can send any object you don't like to the other side of the desktop's universe. Just drop it on the Black Hole and it will disappear...

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BS_Info (Info-Tool) 2.0
Thursday, 5 October, 2017

BS_Info shows information about your system and can start various configuration programs.

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Cable 1.1
Tuesday, 5 October, 2010

Cable is a small wrapper written taking portions of code from GenMac utilities samples and from XWP. It has...

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Cadh - CAD Popup menu 1.31.1
Wednesday, 22 November, 2006

Cadh is a program to capture the Control - Alt - Delete key combination and display a full screen text window with a menu of several options instead of the normal OS/2 action of forcing the file systems to close and reboot the system....

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Cairo 1.12.18
Monday, 20 June, 2016

Cairo is a 2D graphics library with support for multiple output devices, designed to produce consistent output on all output media while taking advantage of display hardware acceleration when available.

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Calmira 2.3.0
Friday, 10 September, 1999

Windows 95 style shell for Windows 3.1.

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CD Boot/2 2.00
Tuesday, 28 May, 2002

CD Boot/2 is a utility to enhance bootable OS/2 CD-ROMs so that when  the CD-ROM is inserted into the drive, a menu is displayed immediately  after BIOS has started booting from it. From that menu, the user...

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Character Map/2 2.0.5
Friday, 18 October, 2013

You can use Character Map/2 to insert into documents extended characters not found on most keyboards. These include special characters provided in symbol fonts. Source code available.

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Checkout 1.0
Saturday, 23 March, 2013

Some schedule backup related command line utilities for OS/2. Binaries and source code included. Public Domain.

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Clear TMP directory
Monday, 1 February, 1999

ClearTMP is a tool for cleaning temporary directories with sub-dirs on a system startup.

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Clip 0.1
Friday, 10 October, 2014

Clip, a command line clipboard handler.

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Clipboard History 2 1.0.1
Thursday, 9 February, 2012

Cliphist2 is an application to show the history of the text content of the clipboard and to select old entries again.

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ClipView 3.6
Wednesday, 12 July, 2017

ClipView is a suite of utility programs for clipboard viewing, setting and printing under OS/2 Warp.

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ClipWiz 0.1 Preview
Saturday, 24 December, 2011

This clipboard tool allows you to browse previous clipboard contents (history with time stamp), manipulate the clipboard using REXX, and more.

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Clone Killer 19980523
Saturday, 23 May, 1998

Clone Killer is a freeware duplicate file finder with DB. Source code included.


  • Freeware under the GPL
  • comes with source,...
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Config Tool 1.3.0
Thursday, 1 January, 2004

ConfigTool is CONFIG.SYS editor with searchable database which explains the entries, sort and checking routines, boot/recovery options and suggestions for optimization. A tool to compare different CONFIG.SYS...

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Configure Internet Applications 1.1.1
Friday, 4 October, 2013

This utility sets default internet application paths in the OS/2 INI file. You can, for example, define default browser for Thunderbird mail client, or default mail client for...

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CopyQ 1.6.1
Sunday, 3 February, 2013

CopyQ is clipboard manager with searchable and editable history. Application developed using Qt4 compiler.

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Cron/2 1.41
Thursday, 14 July, 2016

UNIX cron clone. Cron/2 is able to communicate with Syslogd/2.

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CronRGF and CronEdit 2.0.7
Thursday, 14 July, 2016

CronRGF.cmd is a REXX tool modelled after the cron utility of Unix and it allows you to specify in a control file (crontab) at which times and dates a command should be executed repeatedly.

CronEdit.exe is a PM tool that allows...

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CUBE (Config Update/Batch Editing) 3.30
Sunday, 28 August, 2011

Batch update of CONFIG.SYS-like, .INI files and WorkPlaceShell class. CUBE modifies a Target ASCII file, given a set of commands in a Procedure file.

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Dash (Debian Almquist Shell )
Tuesday, 6 September, 2016

Dash is a POSIX-compliant implementation of the Bourne shell (sh) that aims to be as small as possible. It does this without sacrificing speed where possible. In fact, it is...

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Data Transport Agent (DTA)
Thursday, 22 May, 2003

This is a beta release of the new Data Transport Agent (DTA) for eComStation. It is meant to improve the ability to handle datastreams in eCS, DOS and Win-OS/2 sessions. In addition it will enable virtual...

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DELAY (OS/2 startup delay device driver) 1.2
Friday, 21 October, 2016

DELAY is a simple OS/2 device driver for providing a timed delay from CONFIG.SYS during system startup. It is useful in situations where several machines are being brought up at the same time, but some must not proceed past a certain...

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Desktop Object Tool 0.4
Friday, 14 March, 2014

A simple tool to save the desktop settings (or other folders), usefull for backups.

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DF (OS/2 disk usage display utility) 1.2
Friday, 21 October, 2016

DF displays statistics on disk volume usage. It is similar to one of the UNIX programs of the same name.

The package include the following:

  • The DF.EXE executable program
  • The associated README.TXT file
  • ...
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Dmidecode for OS/2 2.12
Monday, 1 June, 2015

Dmidecode reports information about your system's hardware as described in your system BIOS according to the SMBIOS/DMI standard.

This information typically includes system manufacturer, model name, serial number, BIOS version,...

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DMT - eComStation Desktop Maintenance Tool 0.90
Thursday, 31 May, 2012

DMT checks and corrects errors in the INI files that might prevent the WPS from operating properly, and can restore these files from backups if needed.

It also cleans the INIs, removing entries that refer to deleted files.

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DTBACKUP (Simple desktop backup)
Monday, 31 December, 2001

This simple REXX script will create a recovery directory on the boot drive. Into this it will place ZIPped copies of the above files constituting the desktop. It will also include utilities which are useful when restoring the desktop (e...

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eCo Market 20110708
Sunday, 7 August, 2011

eCo Market is a catalogue with popular software for eComStation and IBM OS/2 Warp.

The idea is to provide a selected popular software repository like Linux distros.

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eCo Software runtime 20171115
Wednesday, 15 November, 2017

Runtime for the new generation of applications developed by eCo software.

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Ecofont Vera Sans regular 2.05r2
Saturday, 25 November, 2017's free Ecofont Vera Sans regular TrueType font, for printing purposes. Such a type of font saves ink or toner by using perforated characters. Available language groups are Latin1, Latin2 (CE),...

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eCSMT - eComStation Maintenance Tool
Tuesday, 18 October, 2011

The fixtool eCSMT package is intended to update an eCS installation with IBM Convenience Package updates (known as fixpacks), apply customized updates furnished by Serenity Systems, Inc, installed selected features, or backout updates...

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eCUPS 2.1.3
Thursday, 12 May, 2016

The eCUPS project is intended to create a seamless integration of CUPS into OS/2 base Operating Systems, to substitute the old and obsolete IBM original...

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eMozPrint 1.85T
Tuesday, 3 July, 2012

This utility scans the desktop for PDF files created by Firefox, Thunderbird or Seamonkey, and prints the files automatically or offers a dialog to print them, using Ghostscript.

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Emulate Mouse Driver for OS/2 1.0
Friday, 22 May, 2015

Provides a device driver to send absolute mouse events into the OS/2 system. It has been specifically designed to ease the development and integration of   touch screen solutions into the OS...

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EMX Runtime 0.9d fix 4
Tuesday, 20 March, 2001

The runtimes for EMX 0.9d. Needed for many programs on Hobbes. Not required if you download the complete EMX development kit. Included in eComStation.

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Enhanced SpeedStep 10.156
Sunday, 1 May, 2005

Enhanced to support Pentium M/Centrino (Banias core).

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Enhanced SpeedStep (FREE) 10139
Tuesday, 1 June, 2004

Enhanced to support Pentium M/Centrino (Banias core).

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ExceptQ 7.11.4
Friday, 31 March, 2017

Exceptq adds a comprehensive trap reporting facility to your app with just 5 lines of code. Reports include: the call stack, disassembly of the faulting instructions, a stack dump, a listing of dlls loaded,...

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Extended Desktop 1.4
Wednesday, 23 June, 1993

EXTDESK is a WPS Class DLL for the "ExtendedDesktop" object class, which is a subclass of the "WPDesktop" object class. Its purpose is to extend the functions of the OS/2 2.x Desktop object.

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Feature Install 1.2.5
Monday, 16 August, 1999

IBM OS/2 Feature Install Version 1.2.5 is a browser-based installation utility that is used to install some IBM Software Choice features.

Feature Install Version 1.2.5 contains enhancements for installation reliability and...

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File (libmagic) 5.30
Wednesday, 5 April, 2017

File is an implementation of the UNIX File command. It knows the "magic number" of several thousands of file types.

"Magic numbers" are used basically in UNIX environments...

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Find Duplicate Files 1.01
Wednesday, 15 May, 1996

Find duplicate files on your disks.

Allow mask/date/size compare.

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FM/2 Utilities
Tuesday, 9 June, 1998

Bunch of free utils (including HPFS defrag) text mode only. This is a collection of utilities that may prove useful in conjunction  with FM/2 (File Manager/2...

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Font rendering configuration applet (FT2GUI) 2.0-beta.3
Thursday, 18 February, 2010

A small utility to configure TrueType, FreeType/2, the InnoTek Font Engine and other font related options most of them not available otherwise.

Includes freetype.dll.

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Fontconfig & Freetype 2.12.4 & 2.8.0
Sunday, 17 September, 2017

A runtime and a developer package that combines Fontconfig and FreeType into one package in such a way that it should be easy to build a cairo-based Mozilla build. These libraries are used to better...

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FPos 0.80
Friday, 6 July, 2007

FPos sheds light on one of the largest and least understood os2.ini entries: PM_Workplace:FolderPos. FPos lets you review its contents - and delete most of it.

Cleaning it up will produce a smaller os2.ini that's less likely to...

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FreeType/2-IFI 2.0.0 beta 1
Thursday, 28 November, 2013

FreeType/2 is an OS/2 TrueType Font Driver DLL based on the FreeType engine to enhance OS/2 standard TT font rendering (port by different authors).

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GenINI (salvataggio e ripristino dei file INI) 1.61
Friday, 29 August, 2014

GenINI, a pair of programs to backup OS/2 INI files in human-readable form, and to restore an INI file from the human-readable form.

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GNU Bash 3.2
Friday, 19 February, 2016

Port of the popular Unix shell, useful for programmers and development.

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GNU COREUtils 8.26
Wednesday, 22 February, 2017

The GNU coreutils port from UNIX. This package is the union of the GNU fileutils, sh-utils, and textutils packages. Most of these programs have significant advantages over their UNIX counterparts,...

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GNU Cpio 2.12.1
Friday, 3 February, 2017

GNU cpio copies files between archives and directories.  It supports the following archive formats: old binary cpio, old portable cpio, SVR4 cpio with and without checksum, HP cpio, and various tar formats...

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Gnu Dip 0.4
Sunday, 1 May, 2005

A simple REXX script for register your address to GnuDIP DNS dynamic server.

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GNU Groff 1.21
Monday, 18 June, 2012

GNU Groff port, unix man page formatter.

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GO! 1.5
Sunday, 1 January, 1995

This utility is able to show a list of running processes, show a list of threads, show a list of used semaphores, show a list of shared memory handles, show a list of loaded modules, show the module dependency tree, killing processes...

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GPUtils 1.2.0
Friday, 2 August, 2013

This is a distribution of GPutils for eComStation (OS/2), built from the original sources. GPUtils is a collection of development tools for Microchip (TM) PIC (TM) microcontrollers. It's intended to be...

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Graham Utilities 2.1
Monday, 30 November, 1998

The Graham Utilities for OS/2 are the largest, most comprehensive suite of disk, file and general utilities specifically written for the OS/2 Operating System. The suite consists of 76 separate programs and...

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HighMem 20140406
Sunday, 6 April, 2014

A small utility that allows you to mark libraries so that they are loaded in "high memory".

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HobLink X11 3.5
Monday, 26 April, 1999

HOBLink X11 is an integrated PC X Server package that turns your OS/2 PC into an X Window terminal. Included in eComstation.

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Hostinfo 2.2
Monday, 18 June, 2012

Hostinfo gets host informations for the system.

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Hunspell 1.6.2
Monday, 20 November, 2017

Hunspell is the spell checker of LibreOffice,, Mozilla Firefox 3 &...

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Visualizzatore IPF IBM per Windows 2.1
Monday, 1 June, 1998

Tool to view OS/2 INF help files under Windows.

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Iconomize 0.81
Thursday, 12 July, 2007

This unique tool lets you eliminate the single largest source of bloat in os2.ini: duplicate icon data. If you haven't used it before, running Iconomize just once can reduce the size of your os2.ini anywhere...

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Sunday, 21 September, 2014

Driver to keep systems cooler by calling HLT (16-Bit).

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Infrared (IrDA) Device Driver 0.2.0 Beta
Saturday, 22 July, 2006

Driver for Infrared (IrDa) Stack. Supports USB devices like IrDa MA-620. The following services are supported:

  • Printing to an IR-capable printer
  • Serial communication through an IR-capable cell phone (see readme)...
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Monday, 16 September, 2002

A pair of VIO utilities which clean up the OS/2 system INI files. These remove annoying extra items from objects' Create Another menus, and cleanup the Startup folders.


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IniServe 2.8
Sunday, 6 August, 2017

A client-server approach to editing INI files, for situations where you have to manage a machine remotely.

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Innotek Font Engine 2.60 Beta 1
Tuesday, 1 February, 2005

The InnoTek Font Engine for OS/2 is a port of the Freetype 2 font engine to the OS/2 Warp platform which provides a tight integration with the OS/2 graphics subsystem. It is designed...

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InnoTek Runtime for OS/2 1.12 (Build 20)
Friday, 9 July, 2004

The InnoTek Runtime for OS/2 is a software runtime environment used by several InnoTek Products which are based on Win32 applications. The use of a common runtime as opposed to shipping...

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Intel CPU Temperature Xworkplace widget.
Monday, 13 November, 2017

XCenter/eCenter widget and command line utility to monitor Intel CPU temperature. This widget is an optional component of System Load.

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Internet Application Integration
Friday, 5 June, 2009

The Internet Application Integration package is designed to let you set up your web browser, email client, and other internet applications to work smoothly together. Integrated in eComStation.

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Iomega ZIP Drive Driver 1.0.3
Friday, 18 January, 2002

IOMEGA Parallel Port-Attached ZIP Drive Support for OS/2.

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IP Spool 1.04
Friday, 9 January, 2009

IP Spool is a queue processor that manages the pipe between a printer and a network address. It is designed to drive modern networked printers using raw print data on port 9100. Most modern printers use this...

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IpQalc 1.1
Tuesday, 16 February, 2010

IpQalc is a small utility for IP address calculations including broadcast and network addresses as well as Cisco wildcard mask. Application developed using...

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IRQ monitor 1.1
Friday, 1 June, 2001

A program to display use of hardware interrupts. It uses the driver SHOWIDT.SYS from Willibald Meyer, who kindly permitted to add it to the package.

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Java J2SE by Golden Code 1.4.1_07
Tuesday, 1 June, 2004

Java(TM) 2 Platform Standard Edition release 1.4.1 for OS/2. A native port of Sun's HotSpot(TM) JVM technology to OS/2, the Golden Code JVM is a licensed and certified, Java Compatible(TM) environment for J2SE release 1.4.1. Now with...

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Java OpenJDK 1.6.0 b27
Thursday, 21 March, 2013

OpenJDK, open-source Java Developers Kit for OS/2 Warp.

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Java SDK and JRE by Innotek 1.4.2_05
Friday, 9 July, 2004

The InnoTek OS/2 for Sun Java 2 Standard Edition, now obsolete. For current versions please see Java OpenJDK. Note: version was never officially released.

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Interprete linea di comando JdeBP 32-bit 1.1.2 (API 1.0.3)
Tuesday, 29 December, 2009

A Pure 32-bit command interpreter that is a replacement for the 16-bit CMD that is supplied with IBM OS/2, allowing one to finally replace one of the 16-bit vestiges that remains in OS/2 Warp.

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JR-Misc-Tools 1.0
Saturday, 23 March, 2013

This package contains several miscellaneous tools for PM and command line. Source code and binaries included. Public Domain.

  • BEEPER - Command line tool.
  • CHECKER - Error scanning...
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Sunday, 6 May, 2012

A JavaScript shell based on the JavaScript engine from FF 10.04.

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Kee16 11
Sunday, 12 April, 2015

A static thunking library to be able to use the 32-bit KEE API from a 16-bit device driver

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klUsrMgr (kLIBC User management utility) 1.1.2
Thursday, 8 June, 2017

The purpose of this utility is to manage kLIBC users and groups.

These files are found in %UNIXROOT%\etc and have the following names:

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KShell 0.8.1
Sunday, 5 February, 2012

KShell is a UNIX port replacement of VIO window. Enable DBCS Input/Output on VIO window on non-DBCS OS/2. Support scroll-back and clipboard.

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Lateautocheck 0.1
Tuesday, 20 January, 2004

Speed up chkdsk runs after unexpected reboots. If you have more than one partition and especially more than one physical disk, this tool can significantly speed up the file system checks by executing them later and in parallel.

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LCSS (Logical Config.Sys Sort) 0.5.1
Sunday, 29 October, 2017

Logical Config.Sys Sort analize your CONFIG.SYS file and sort it into logical sections.

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LDCOPY (OS/2 device driver for copying files) 1.1
Friday, 21 October, 2016

LDCOPY is a simple OS/2 driver for copying files while CONFIG.SYS is being processed. There are various reasons why you might want to do this; for example, copying different versions of a file into a known place. Used in conjunction...

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kLIBC / GCC Runtime Library 0.6.6
Tuesday, 29 August, 2017

Runtime libraries required for projects built with the new GCC compilers by Netlabs (a "runtime" is a set of low-level routines used by a...

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Monitor LMxx/Winbond W83782d 0.05
Sunday, 18 April, 2004

A simple temp/fan/voltage monitor for several mainboards.

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LogView 1.12
Thursday, 1 May, 2003

A logfile and text file viewer program for OS/2 and eCS; it can trace files in realtime and is very quick.

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LPR32 Port Driver 1.1
Monday, 20 April, 2009

LPR32 is a printer port driver for LPR (IP network) printing. It provides up to 64 LPR ports for printing to network printers that run the LPD protocol.

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Lsof (List Open Files)
Thursday, 4 February, 2010

Unix port of "List Open Files", which is used in many Unix-like systems to report a list of all open files and the processes that opened them.

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MCHNCHK Base Device Driver Release 2
Sunday, 12 March, 2017

Base Device Driver to enable and handle machine check exceptions.

Machines check exceptions where introduced with the Pentium CPU. They are used to signal severe HW failure of the CPU, memory bus, etc.

Required a recent...

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MD5 (MD5 message digest utility) 2.0
Friday, 21 October, 2016

The MD5 utility takes as input a message of arbitrary length (e.g. the contents of a file) and produces as output a 128-bit 'fingerprint' or 'message digest' of the input. It is conjectured that it is computationally infeasible to...

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MEM (OS/2 memory size display utility) 1.0
Friday, 21 October, 2016

MEM is a small OS/2 utility that shows the amount of physical system memory that OS/2 thinks is installed. It is useful for checking possible BIOS mis-reporting of memory size due to different reporting conventions.

The package...

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Mksh (MirBSD™ Korn Shell) R56
Wednesday, 9 August, 2017

A DFSG-free and OSD-compliant (and OSI approved) successor to pdksh shell.

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Module Replacer 0.1
Wednesday, 13 January, 1999

Module Replacer for OS/2 is a text mode executable which unlocks running DLL and EXE files, optionally replacing them with a new file and saving a backup copy of the old file. ENGLISH.EXE and ITALIANO.EXE are the English and the Italian...

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Monitor for APC UPS (USB) 0.17
Wednesday, 9 September, 2015

The program is designed to track the state of the uninterruptible power supply series APC Back-UPS CS, Back-UPS ES, and Back-UPS RS, connected through the UPS attached to the USB-cable.

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Monkey Log Viewer 1.1.0
Saturday, 28 May, 2011

Monkey Log Viewer is a viewer for log files that uses Qt4.

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Mozilla required dlls 1.0.3
Thursday, 30 July, 2015

Various DLLs required for newer Mozilla based builds. Updated for the release of Firefox 31.8ESR, SeaMonkey 2.21ESR, and Thunderbird 31.6ESR.

Not needed if you install dependencies using RPM.

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NYAOS, Nihongo Yet Another OSes Shell 3.2.0_6 & 3.3.8_0
Monday, 6 May, 2013

NYAOS (NYACUS,NYADOS,NYAOS-II) is the enhanced commandline shell for Windows, DOS, OS/2.

  • Line editor like tcsh. On NYACUS,NYAOS-II, able to read/write clipboard
  • History like VZ-editor or tcsh-like
  • Supported...
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Odin 0.8.9
Saturday, 16 February, 2013

Odin is the name of the project and software that allows users to run Win32 (Windows 95 and Windows NT) applications in OS/2 Warp operating system natively, almost as if they were intended to be...

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OS/2 Maintenance Tool 0.78
Saturday, 20 June, 2009

OS2MT can be used to easily find and install software on OS/2 or eCS. Imagine, with just 2 mouse clicks you can download the files needed and install FireFox, Thunderbird, OpenSSH, Samba, XFree86 and many

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PANEL (IBM PS/2 Model 95 information panel driver)
Friday, 21 October, 2016

PANEL is an OS/2 device driver that provides access to the eight character information panel provided on the IBM PS/2 Model 95 (8595 and 9595) systems.

The package includes:

  • The PANEL.SYS device driver
  • The...
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PCI Dock 20140312
Friday, 1 March, 2013

PCI Dock is aimed to configure eComStation PC. After installation of eComStation you always should check IRQ configuration and make some changes.

  • It shows the list of PCI devices
  • PCI Dock checks IRQ conflicts and...
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PCI Support for Parallel Port Device Driver 1.24
Tuesday, 4 March, 2014

Supports up to three PCI PPs in the Standard Parallel Port (SPP) mode. Includes support for recognizing high IRQs (above 15) in accordance with the ACPI standards.

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PCI Support for Serial Port Device Driver 1.21
Wednesday, 1 January, 2003

Supports a maximum of sixteen COM ports (1 to 16).

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PCI+AGP bus sniffer & Ids2Devs 1.0.4 & 1.0.3
Friday, 4 August, 2017

This utility shows PCI, AGP and CardBus device informations, has huge database of known vendors and devices, can tell what IRQ are supported by which slot. Now, using the Ids2Devs utility, is possible to get...

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Pdksh (Public domain Korn shell) 5.2.14 bin7
Monday, 23 January, 2017

A public domain clone of the Korn shell (ksh).

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Platform specific driver for Warp4 kernel Release 3
Sunday, 4 December, 2016

Platform specific driver (PSD) for Warp4 kernel (single core). OS/2 Warp 4.0 (single core) not for UNI or SMP kernels!

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PMDisk for OS/2 1.13
Monday, 3 December, 2012

Pmdisk for OS/2 is a binary disk and file editor.

Program purpose:

  • This is a disk and file tool.
  • You use...
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PMDLL 2.12
Wednesday, 23 August, 2017

PMDLL shows you DLL dependencies of OS/2 executables.

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PMFormat 2000/05/04
Monday, 14 December, 2015

PMFormat is a diskette formatter, source code included.

Released as open source under the BSD 3 Clauses license on 14/12/2015 by Noller & Breining Software. Usersthank authors and Martin Iturbide for mediation!

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PMFormat (Release by Alessandro Felice Cantatore) 26052002
Sunday, 26 May, 2002

PM interface for hard disk formatting. This is a replacement for the OS/2 PMFORMAT.EXE program which is part of eComStation.

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PR1UTIL 1.6.5
Friday, 17 February, 2017

OS/2 REXX library of miscellaneous functions. PR1UTIL uses TCP/IP libraries and thus requires TCP/IP to be installed.

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Process Viewer
Thursday, 26 February, 1998

A GUI process viewer and killer. Lots of info provided on each thread. Very nice!

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Processore comandi 4OS2 3.0.8 (3)
Saturday, 18 February, 2017

A free release of the 4OS2 command processor. This software is not supported by JP Software in any manner, neither is it officially supported by SciTech Software. For informal support see readme.1st file.

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ProcMan - process manager beta 4
Thursday, 1 April, 2004

Cadh is a program to capture the Control - Alt - Delete key combination and display a full screen showing all the running processes in your system. From there you will be able to (try to) kill the processes and shutdown/restart your...

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Visualizzatore processi PSPM/2 1.19
Friday, 2 February, 2007

This program displays a graphical view on the OS/2 or eComStation process tree and is a clone of an already existing PSPM/2 utility of Seth Eilbott, included in the OS/2 Developers connection program package (DevCon).

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Qlipshare 0.0.1
Thursday, 4 November, 2010

Qlipshare is a system tray application to synchronize clipboard contents between computers, for instance between host and guest(s) in the virtual machine. Application developed using...

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QSINIT 13/12/2017
Wednesday, 13 December, 2017

QSINIT is a replacement of OS2LDR created from scratch.

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Qt4 Runtime Library
Saturday, 23 March, 2013

Runtime library required for projects built with the Qt framework. Starting from version 4.7.3, the default...

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Recurse Folder

Recurse Folder Settings allow settings for all sub-folders of a given folder.

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REXX Reference Summary Handbook
Saturday, 4 January, 2014

REXX Reference Summary Handbook - 4th Edizione Ottobre 1997.

"Everything you wanted to know about managing WorkPlaceShell Object with Rexx, but didn't know where to look...

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RPM&YUM for OS/2 4.13.0 & 3.4.3
Friday, 9 June, 2017

Package Manager (RPM) is a powerful command line driven package management system capable of installing, uninstalling, verifying, querying, and updating computer software packages. YUM is an automatic...

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Run! 0.80
Thursday, 4 June, 2009

RUN! can eliminate scripts and config.sys entries needed to start many programs - particularly those started as 'helper-apps' by other programs. It sets the current drive, directory, and BeginLibPath to the directory containing the .exe...

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RxExtras 1.G
Saturday, 23 January, 1999

RxExtras is a set of functions to enhance OS/2's REXX programming language, and is accompanied by additional functions to be used by other PM Rexx-based software (...

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RXU Library 1.a
Friday, 17 February, 2017

RXU v1.a, rich set of Rexx functions for OS/2 API!

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Security/2 0.4.5
Sunday, 27 May, 2007

Security/2 is a package that provides a user-based security for remote and (in future) for local users.

It means that you can restrict users to create, read, write, delete certain files, execute certain processes, kill only this...

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Serverlog 1.1.6
Saturday, 7 April, 2012

ServerLog is a small application that sniffs the server/client communications between the other applications presented here when they are running in server mode. Program developed using...

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SetPriority 1.05
Saturday, 1 April, 2017

This is a utility to start a program at a defined priority. It is also able to start a VDM (DOS-session) at a defined priority.
On 30/09/2013, the author, Jens Glathe, has released SetPriority as Open...

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SigmaMD5 2.1
Wednesday, 5 April, 2017

PM MD5 checksum gen & checker with large file support.

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Simple DirectMedia Layer 2.0.4 & 1.2.15
Thursday, 30 June, 2016

Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D hardware via OpenGL, and 2D video framebuffer. It is used by MPEG playback software, emulators...

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SIO2K serial drivers 2.03
Friday, 7 June, 2002

SIO2K is shareware communication drivers and utilities for OS/2 developed by Ray Gwinn.

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SmartBar 3.2
Thursday, 17 April, 2014

Utility for monitoring various system activities: ram, swapper file, open files, threads, running processes, TCP/Ip, fan rotation,CPU and motherboard temperatures (chipset W83781D or LM75/LM78), APM functionality, e-mail checker, hard-...

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So 0.10
Saturday, 11 September, 2010

Utility to get info about processes, kill them and to do other stuff (consider it as an enhanced GO! by Carsten Wimmer).

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SOCKD (OS/2 SOCKS server) 1.2
Friday, 21 October, 2016

This is a very simple SOCKS server for OS/2. It supports version 4 of the SOCKS protocol. This is the version supported directly by the OS/2 TCP/IP stack, so it is not necessary to use special 'socksified' clients.

You will also...

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Pacchetto spTim's Rexx Utility Preview Release 1
Monday, 13 April, 2015

Rexx extension library which provides functions to access the registry, PM API functions for manipulation window controls, and much more.

Documentation (pdf), example scripts and source code (C Language) are included. Many thanks...

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StHWMon 0.18 build 729
Monday, 15 November, 2004

Health monitor for mainboards with W83781D/W83782D/VIA 82C686 chip. Now with a new feature to cool down an AMD Athlon or AMD Duron on a KT133 or KX133 board (experimental). Several widgets for eCenter-...

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Strrpl (String replace) 0.84
Sunday, 8 October, 2017

Goes thru the specified files and replaces strings therein. This program was part of the XFolder source package. the first name of XWorkplace.

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Suntan Special 0.66
Sunday, 29 January, 2017

Suntan Special, written in REXX, creates a well configured workstation or server by installing a sequence of fixes, drivers and applications to your OS/2 or eComStation computer. Suntan Special also helps to...

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Sysbench 0.95d
Monday, 30 October, 2017

Benchmarking Utility (video, CPU, disk, and memory).

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SysCall Base Device Driver
Sunday, 12 March, 2017

Base Device Driver and DLL to allow execution of arbitrary user code in Ring 0.

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SYSLEV (System level display utility) 1.1
Friday, 21 October, 2016

SYSLEV displays the system level information associated with a single SYSLEVEL file.

Files named SYSLEVEL.* are scattered all over an OS/2 system; each one records the 'system level' or version and revision (service level) of a...

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Syslogd/2 2.01
Friday, 26 January, 2007

A BSDish syslogd clone for OS/2. Receive both IPC and UDP messages, logging to a file(s) or forward to a central syslogd server. Has additional option to log priority, parse popuplog.os2, truncate and rotate options.

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System Information 0.8.26
Saturday, 2 November, 2013

PM System Info tool - a self-made OS/2 clone of Symantec SystemInfo tool from NU for Win 9x/NT.

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System information
Wednesday, 1 June, 2016

A set of utilities and applications to collect system information:

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System Load 1.0.5
Monday, 13 November, 2017

Utility to monitor the status of various system components. Modular platform to display different data sets. Source available on Hobbes.

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Risorse del sistema (Memsize) 4.00
Sunday, 1 July, 2001

This program provides a digital clock (with date), the elapsed time since your system's last restart, the amount of free virtual memory, the current swap-file size, the maximum amount the swap-file can still grow, the current CPU load...

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T1 Utils 1.33
Saturday, 15 January, 2011

This package contains some utilities to cope with Postscript Type 1 fonts.

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Taskbar 2.4.14
Friday, 17 June, 2016

Taskbar is a transparent taskbar to collect users favorite programs and run them in a simple click. It is inspired from Kde 3.4 taskbar. Program developed using...

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TCP/IP Profiles Manager 1.1

TCP/IP Profile Manager lets you define multiple TCP/IP configurations (as selectable "profiles") and switch between them without rebooting.

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TCPCFG - programma di configurazione per il TCPIP
Monday, 24 July, 2006

This program can replace the java program TCPCFG2, the default tcpip configuration program.

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Testlog 3.06
Saturday, 7 October, 2017

Create a log file that you can submit with your test results when reporting a problem with a driver. This program collects all the data about your system and the driver under test, and puts it into a single...

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Theseus 4001
Tuesday, 29 January, 2002

A memory analysis program for the OS/2 system used to:

  • determine the amount of memory consumed by each process;
  • determine working set information on a system basis or per process;
  • detect memory leaks on...
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Thinkpad On Screen Display 1.09
Friday, 18 September, 2009

A Utility to display the current settings for several ThinkPad BIOS related settings like:

  • Speaker volume (with audible feedback)
  • Speaker muting
  • LCD brightness
  • Monitor selection VGA/LCD/DUAL...
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Tiny Applications 20070809
Wednesday, 8 March, 2017

Three STDIN/STDOUT utilities of the Tiny Applications Collection. Simple colorization of DIFF files by using ANSI color codes, a simple utility to remove C++ comments (not tested), and a simple ROT13 decoder...

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TinyBootloader 0.4.4
Sunday, 22 December, 2013

This program allows to upload hex files to MicroChip PIC microcontrollers via a serial connection between PC and target board without the need for a programmer (the target PIC must be loaded with...

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TOP 2.13
Saturday, 25 October, 2014

VIO application to monitor CPU usage by process. It does NOT impose an artificial load on the system to generate usage statistics. The process list can be sorted according to various...

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TZSet 08
Sunday, 1 October, 2017

TZSet sets the time zone from the TZ environment variable.

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Thursday, 5 November, 2015

"The UnixOS2 project points to create a common set to guidelines to make easier install and use applications ported from Unix to OS/2".

"Together with...

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Monitor UPS 1.1
Saturday, 15 March, 2008

UPS Monitor is a utility program to monitor and log power line and battery status for a large number of Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS). It shuts down OS/2 or eComStation safely by time or low battery signal.

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Gestore alimentazione UPS 1.0.2
Saturday, 7 January, 2006

The UPS power manager currently only works with megatec compatible UPS devices. However, the application has been designed to support drivers for a large number of UPS devices. These drivers can be developed by anyone with a knowledge...

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UPTIME (The Uptime WPS Class) 1.3
Friday, 21 October, 2016

UPTIME implements a Workplace Shell class that shows the current system uptime (time since boot). Although there are several utilities that do this, it seemed nice to make it a WPS class; it is easy to move the information around the...

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UTLOS2 2.9
Thursday, 2 July, 1998

This package contains a set of command-line utilities. Each is available for OS/2 2.1 or higher, Win32, and DOS. The DOS versions are 16-bit; the OS/2 and Win32 versions are 32-bit. The OS/2 versions are...

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V2GB (Fix DOS problem with disks greater than 2GB) 1.3
Friday, 21 October, 2016

This program, V2GB, is a solution to the problem caused by the inability of many DOS programs to handle a partition in excess of 2GB in size. This shortcoming causes spurious reports of insufficient disk...

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Visual REXX 1.1
Friday, 29 October, 1993

VREXX is Visual REXX - a new way for OS/2 users to create their own Presentation Manager (PM) programs using REXX! VREXX provides users with a set of functions that can be called from REXX procedures...

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VX-REXX runtime dll & VX-REXX Extras Library 2.14 & 1.3.0
Wednesday, 19 November, 2014

This is the (as of this writing) latest version of VROBJ.DLL, required to run programs written in VX-REXX. VX-REXX Extras is an API & class library...

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WarpIN 1.0.22
Monday, 25 January, 2016

WarpIN is intended to become the new general-purpose installer for OS/2 to overcome the current lack of a both flexible and user-friendly installer. It can maintain a global database of installed packages...

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WatchCat 2.1
Sunday, 1 January, 1995

Task killer. Postcardware for non commercial (personal) use. Registration suggested.

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WCD (Wherever Change Directory) 6.0.1
Tuesday, 5 September, 2017

Wherever Change Directory, chdir for DOS and Unix and Os2.

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WDSaver Beta 02
Wednesday, 9 November, 2011

WDSaver is a program for managing passwords

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WeirdX 1.0.32
Thursday, 1 April, 2004

Java XServer distribuited under GPL.

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WhatIsTheDot (WTD) 1.2
Thursday, 24 August, 2017

WTD is an utility for PMDLL. Drop an EXE or a DLL to use the directory of the dropped file as a STARTUPDIR of PMDLL.EXE.

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WPTools 3.2
Friday, 20 January, 2012

This is the last available version of no longer maintained Henk Kelder's WPTools package. It includes checkini.exe program, a "must-have" for every OS/2 user, but pay attention in using it! Read...

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XF86 support driver 1.516
Wednesday, 9 January, 2002

Helper driver for XFree86/2 and other application.

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XFree86 & Xorg 4.5.0 & 6.6
Tuesday, 1 March, 2005

X Server for OS/2! You can access to linux servers or use local applications.

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YAOS, Yet Another OS/2 Shell 1.9.2
Friday, 29 November, 2013

A shell that runs on top of cmd.exe. The following is a list of its features:

  • Unix-like file name completion using the <tab> key.
  • A vcd-like quick directory changer, that performs a quick change to the...
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µDesk (MultiDesk) 0.2.0
Saturday, 27 July, 2013

µDesk (stands for MultiDesk) is a program that will let you have multiple desktops on OS/2. Actually, it does something more: it presents you with a login screen at boot time, and when a user is recognized...

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