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Monday, 25 November, 1996
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Process Commander is a set of programs that allow users to manage their tasks, reliably recover from "system hangs", administer systems remotely, and develop custom system management programs using Process Commander's command line utilities and enhanced keyboard driver. All this along with a setting to alternatve between "end user" mode and "advanced user mode" making Process Commander easy to use for every day users as well as an extremely powerful tool for the technical adept.


  • improve system stability
  • recover from hangs
  • manage processes
  • monitor system activities
  • simplify OS/2 usage

Process Commander contains the following components:

  • Enhanced Keyboard. This offers several hotkeys and the ability to use the Windows 95 keys from OS/2. Stardock also plan to enable users to remap any key to any function. For example, remap the Shift and the Ctrl key (swap them).
  • Process Commander Full Screen. A full screen version of Process Commander PM. If your system hangs, you simply hit Ctrl+Alt+Del (you can remap this) and Process Commander Full Screen comes up. From here, you can shut down your system, kill a process, go to a command line shell, etc.
  • Process Commander PM. An easy to use process management tool that allows users (both novice and experienced) to manage their OS/2 resources at great detail (from shared memory to thread priority to semaphores). Has a dynamic interface for end users as well as experts.
  • Process Commander Server. A new server which mode can telnet from any computer and even any operating system into Process Commander and kill, shutdown, reboot and in fact do everything you set it up to do. Second, all of the Power Tools below automatically work remotely (the accept a host name), so that you not only can list processes locally with "ps" but also remotely by calling "ps hostname:".
  • Process Commander Power Tools (command line tools). A complete set of command line tools that offer all of the power of Process Commander including programs to kill, suspend and resume programs or modify their priority. All Power Tools can be invoked remotely.
  • The Enhanced Shutdown. The Enhanced shutdown of Process Commander provides a quicker and easier way to shutdown the system. The Enhanced Shutdown also provides a Shutdown Folder. The Enhanced Shutdown is integrated directly into the OS/2 Workplace Shell.
This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Self-installing package. Run INSTPC.EXE. See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

Process Commander v. 1.0 (25/11/1996, Stardock Systems Inc.) Readme/What's new
Process Commander Version 1.0 November 6, 1996 (c) 1995-96 Stardock Systems Incorporated Installation: ------------- To install the software, run the program INSTPC.EXE from the A: drive or a directory you copy the contents of A: to. You may selectively install or uninstall components, and you can specify the target directory. The installation takes about 6MB (3 MB temporary space). The installation has been carefully tested. If the installation does not work sucessfully try the following: (P=possible problem, A=Answer) P: No files installed at all A: Your installation disk may be damaged or there is not enough space on the target disk. P: Workplace Shell integration not successfully installed A: 1. deinstall WPS integration (no matter whether it is installed or not). 2. reboot 3. install WPS integration P: Menu extension not installed A: Do not forget to rename pcframe.bak to pcframe.dll (cf. manual) P: PC cannot be activated A: Is the PC driver installed? run pcstatus.exe to find out. On systems that are not compatible with the PC driver you have to use pckbd.sys. (cf. manual, WWW pages) If you contact Stardock with installation problems please have the file instpc.log at hand or email it to Configuration: -------------- You can also use the installation program INSTPC to change the configuration and to remove Process Commander components from the system. Uninstallation: --------------- To uninstall Process Commander run INSTPC.EXE and select "uninstall". The uninstall does not remove files from your system. So you can easily remove all references to Process Commander in your config.sys with the option to reinstall easily later. After a successful deinstallation you delete the complete Process Commander directory tree. We do not recommend to delete files before using the deinstall. Special Instructions for OS/2 2.x Users, Matrox users, japanese OS/2 -------------------------------------------------------------------- The OS/2 keyboard driver on OS/2 2.x and japanese OS/2 may not be compatible with the Process Commander keyboard driver. Some users reported problems with special versions of the Matrox display adapter, because those adapter have their own keyboard driver. In those cases please restore the old driver (cf. \OS2\BOOT\KBDBASE.TXT) and insert the line: DEVICE=C:\PC\TMP\PCKBD.SYS KEYB:CA-A to activate with Ctrl-Alt-A. Hotkeys for other things than activation are currently not supported by PCKBD.SYS Technical Support: ------------------ WWW: Stardock Homepage: PC Homepage: Trouble Shooting: CompuServe: On CompuServe type GO STARDOCK. IBMLINK: On the IBM IBMLINK service, there is a STARDOCK CFORUM. Stardock BBS: The Stardock BBS (313)/453-1845 in the Process Commander file and message area. email: Updates to Process Commander will be available on the BBS and the World Wide Web site. If you need to speak with a technical support representative, call (313) 453-0328 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. Sales: ------ Site license pricing for Process Commander is available. Please contact us at (313) 453-0328 or for more information about our site license programs for Process Commander. Copyrights and Trademarks: -------------------------- OS/2 is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation Process Commander is a trademark of Stardock Systems, Inc. (c) 1996 Stardock Systems (SDS) Inc.
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