STPOS2 (Subdirectory Tree manager Plus)

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Monday, 15 December, 1997



Subdirectory Tree manager Plus for OS/2 (STPOS2) is a subdirectory management program for an IBM PC compatible computer. It displays a picture of the subdirectory structure of a disk, and provides a variety of utilities that can be used to manipulate that structure. STPOS2 also allows you to look at and negotiate the subdirectories on a disk by moving a reverse video "subdirectory cursor".

The utilities of STPOS2 can be accessed using the left and right arrow keys to highlight a desired function. These functions include:

  • current Dir: Change the current directory. See the note in current Dir.
  • Copy: Copy a directory including it's files, copy all the files in a directory, or copy some of the files in a directory. This copy can occur on the same drive or between drives.
  • Move: Move a directory including it's files, move all the files in a directory, or move some of the files in a directory. This move can occur on the same drive or between drives.
  • Add: Add a subdirectory to the tree.
  • reName: Rename an existing subdirectory.
  • Erase: Erase a directory including it's files, erase all the files in a directory, or erase some of the files in a directory.
  • Information: A function that allows you to view information about the subdirectories on a disk. The information being the number of files in each directory or the amount of disk space consumed by the subdirectory.

Pressing the enter key will execute the highlighted function. To quickly execute a non-highlighted function, you can simply press its capitalized letter. Several actions are also available via the function keys. Context sensitive help is available via the 'HELP' key (default PF1).

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

STPOS2 (Subdirectory Tree manager Plus) v. 1.07a (15/12/1997, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)) Readme/What's new
--- Revision history: --------------------------------------------------------- 12-15-97 - 1.07 - Enhancements - Added 'ForceColor no/yes/mono'. Yes will force STPOS2 to use the Color values even on mono displays. No tells STPOS2 to determine whether to use Color or Mono based on display type. Mono forces STPOS2 to use the Mono values. 05-29-96 - 1.06 - Enhancements - Profiling changes - in order of precedence 1) /userprof=d:\path\file.ext 2) set fm_pro=d:\path\file.ext 3) in fmos2.exe directory 4) hard profiled / supplied defaults 03-15-96 - 1.05 - Enhancements - Added 'Ctrl-B' for 'Blink off'. If you use STPOS2 in a fullscreen and switch (Ctrl-Esc) to the desktop, upon return to STPOS2 any field with a light background is blinking. 'Ctrl-B' will reset this OS/2 'feature'. 01-24-96 - 1.04 - Bug Fixes - Maybe fix a problem with rc 6 on LAN drive (user problem went away so I'm not sure if it's fixed. - Enhancements - Items in profile (e.g. color, options) are now sorted alphabetically to make the profile easier to read. 08-28-95 - 1.03 - DEVCON 9 - Bug Fixes - SYS3175 error when ESC pressed during copy/move and selection of destination directory. 07-12-95 - 1.02 - Enhancements - 'SHIFT' Fkeys are now available and programmable. - F11 and F12 keys now available and programmable (Shift, Control, and Alternate keys also). Text for keys is now limited to 8 characters. - Bug Fixes - SYS3175 error on return from 'OS/2 SHELL'. 06-13-95 - 1.01 - DEVCON 8 - Bug Fixes - Filenames in scroll lists (copy/move/erase) could show part of previous files name. - Copy of a directory on the same drive removed the source directory from the display. It will now 'refresh' the tree. - After above operation, then copy a directory to a different drive, STPOS2 failed with "FindFirst rc=3" error. - Enhancements - STPOS2 now comes in ZIP file, and includes LICENSE.TXT and STPOS2.ABS for OS2EWS. - Names changed - STP-PRO.CMD -> STPPRO.CMD, STPOS2-1.ICO -> STPOS2_1.ICO, STPOS2-2.ICO -> STPOS2_2.ICO, STPOS2-3.ICO -> STPOS2_3.ICO, STPOS2-4.ICO -> STPOS2_4.ICO. 05-31-95 - 1.00 - Enhancements - Modify copyright statement for DEVCON/OS2EWS release. 05-15-95 - 0.24 - Bug fixes - Fixed 'flat panel' displaying in 'mono' problem. - RC = 5 on LAN drives - STPOS2 now 'assumes' this is a file and continues. 04-23-95 - 0.23 - Enhancements - Control-P support returned (GTREE2 no longer needed). - Control-F support added (print tree to d:\STPDRVd.LST, where d is the drive letter). 04-06-95 - 0.22 - Enhancements - Highlight colors (e.g.LightCyan) can be used with any item now, for both background and foreground. - Control-W permanently removed. - Control-P temporarily removed (GTREE2 dependency will be removed). 03-12-95 - 0.21 - Bug Fixes - Drives A: and B: were being forced to 'FAT'. - Enhancements - 'Help' is now supplied via VIEW.EXE and STPOS2.INF. 03-09-95 - 0.20 - Bug Fixes - Hard-profiling not updating normal PFKeys. 02-22-95 - 0.19 - Bug Fixes - Popdown menu didn't accept alpha characters - it threw an exception. 02-21-95 - 0.18 - Bug Fixes - Default F4 and F9 keys were defined incorrectly. 02-21-95 - 0.17 - Bug Fixes - PFKeys display strings are now displayed correctly after dynamic profiling. - Enhancements - PFKeys 1 - 10 (the non Alt/Cntl keys) can now be programmed. Along with this is the ability to place any of the internal STPOS2 commands on either the Alt, Cntl, or normal PFKeys. 01-31-95 - 0.16 - Enhancements - 'Dynamic profiling' no longer requires the /u input switch. If the STP_PRO environment variable exists, it will automatically use that profile. If that profile is not found a 'Profile file ?:\path\file not found' message will be issued, and after a keystroke STPOS2 will use its default (internal) profile. 01-28-95 - 0.15 - Enhancements - Added 'dynamic profiling'. An environment variable needs to be set for this in the CONFIG.SYS file or in a CMD file that runs STPOS2. The line should be like this: SET STP_PRO=D:\PATH\PROFILE.PRO Once this variable is set the '/u' input parameter tells STPOS2 to look for the profile specified and customize the 'in memory' copy of STPOS2. The STPOS2.EXE file will not be modified. 01-24-95 - 0.14 - Bug Fixes - Fixed a problem with the cursor disappearing upon exit from STPOS2 when run in a full screen session. - Enhancements - All STPOS2 files are now in the STPZIP EXEBIN (STPZIP.EXE) file. STPOS2.NEW is shipped separately and included in the zip file. 01-09-95 - 0.13 - Bug fixes - Fixed a problem with 'network access denied' causing STP to blow up. - Enhancements - Removed 'IBM Internal Use Only' from code. 11-15-94 - 0.12 - Bug fixes - Fixed a problem that would have caused directory names to wrap past the end of the screen to the beginning of the next line (with information). - Enhancements - Reformatted STPOS2 NEWS format. 10-26-94 - 0.11 - Bug fixes - Fixed a problem with using alternate background colors for the menu. - Fixed a problem with error messages being cleared from the screen. - Enhancements - Tab and shift-tab now do the same thing as left and right arrow (really only useful while in menu). 10-17-94 - 0.10 - Enhancements - Renamed STPOS2 PROFILE and STPDEMO PROFILE to STPOS2 SAMPROF and STPDEMO SAMPROF to reduce likelihood of overwriting your profiles when downloading the package files. - Replaced STPOS2 SCRIPT with STPOS2.INF. - Well, I finally got STPOS2 to display each column in varying widths (dependent upon the longest directory name in the column). 09-20-94 - 0.09a - Enhancements - Added two new STPOS2-x icons. Courtesy of Johannes Bernhauser (thank you). 09-14-94 - 0.09 - Bug fixes - Fixed the 'not restoring screen to original colors on exit' problem. 08-30-94 - 0.08 - Bug fixes - Fixed a problem with STPOS2 not running in various environments (including when booted from floppy, and after a 'HELP OFF' command). This was caused by the lack of a 'prompt' value in OS/2. If I don't get a value from OS/2 I create one (e.g. $p$g). - Enhancements - STP-PRO.CMD is now uploaded as a binary file, and must be downloaded as binary. This is to prevent codepage problems. 08-18-94 - 0.07 - Bug fixes - Fixed a rather small problem with displaying and a slight chance of a trap. - Enhancements - Modified to call FMOS2 instead of FM (this is a beta for a beta, only available via request). 07-27-94 - 0.06 - Bug fixes - Fixed problem with not STPOS2 'seeing' directories with either the 'archive' or 'readonly' attributes. This, unfortunately required a change to the code which finds the directories. This change is, of course, slower than before. Sorry folks. - Enhancements - Renamed DEMO.PRO to STPDEMO.PRO in anticipation of FMOS2 package release (no it's not ready yet!). 06-29-94 - 0.05 - Enhancements - Modified 'display - size' for > 973K (.95M) to read 1.0M. Fixed 'size' value for directory entry itself. - Removed extraneous code from Ctrl & Alt key routine. - A few minor cosmetic changes. - Restored 'directory removal' code removed in 0.04. - Reduced the size of some buffers. - PGUP, PGDN, CtrlLeftArrow, & CtrlRightArrow code modified. Slow machines should see a slight increase in performance. - Eliminated a few unnecessary memory allocations. - Rewrote STPOS2 SCRIPT a bit. 06-27-94 - 0.04 - Bug fixes - Fixed a small overlay problem with the 'Dirs found so far' message. - Fixed a problem with renaming a directory (it could have trapped). - Fixed values for 'info - sizes', anything above 977K was incorrect. - Fixed bug which caused 'information - size' to occur after doing 'selective' copy, more, or erase. - Fixed a few minor cosmetic display problems. - Enhancements - Added Allan Oas's STPOS2 icon. There are now two icons, STPOS2-1.ICO (the original) and STPOS2-2.ICO (Allan's). Simply select the one you want and rename it to STPOS2.ICO. - Removed some unnecessary code in profiling, and error trapping during directory removal. - Removed case sensitivity from 'sorting' of directories. - Removed dependency of STPOS2 to look for *.* instead of *. - Removed redundant code in directory disp routine. 06-24-94 - 0.03 - Bug fixes - Fixed trap when getting 'info' on LAN drives. - Enhancements - The '.' character is no longer needed in the profile to tell STPOS2 to pass commands to the command processor, in fact it will now give you errors. This affected the PF4/9 keys (they can now look for FM.CMD or FM.EXE). - The 'CtrlAltDelay' profile entry (which was unused) has been changed to 'DirNameWidth'. This value controls how many characters of a directory name will be displayed. The valid range is 12 to 30 characters. 06-14-94 - 0.02 - Bug fixes - Fixed directory tree not redrawing after PF7 (command). - Fixed trap upon exiting STPOS2 on HPFS drives. - Fixed 'current path' not highlighted if directory name contained lower case letters (only on HPFS drives). - Removed extraneous screen redraw with 'end' key in browse mode. - Fixed calling of 'opendrv' and 'robosave'. - Enhancements - Added keypad 'arrow, ctrl-left & right arrow, home, end, pgup, pgdn, and enter' support. - Modified both profiles to highlight need for '.' for *.CMD files and internal OS/2 commands. 06-10-94 - 0.01 - NOTE - First OS2TOOLS release, functionally equivalent to the version 0.00s. - Enhancements - The STP-PRO.CMD is now fully functional. 06-06-94 - 0.00s - Bug fixes - Finally fixed the 'copy'/'move' 'directory' problem between different drives. An additional 'refresh' of the directory tree will no longer occur in this situation. 05-24-94 - 0.00r - Enhancements - Modified Ctrl and Alt PFKey definitions. - Found some more redundant code, and screen flashing to remove. 05-19-94 - 0.00q - Bug fixes - Fixed 'move' 'directory' to a root dir failing, and increased buffer (this would have failed with a long HPFS directory for both 'copy' and 'move' of dirs). - Fixed a problem with 'copy/move' and 'directory' highlighting an extraneous directory if the 'copy/move' occurred on the same drive. - Fixed a problem where 'copy/move' and 'directory' between drives failed the 2nd time. Unfortunately, this made it necessary to 'refresh' the destination tree after the operation is complete. I don't like this solution, and will look for a more elegant (less time consuming) solution. - Enhancements - Removed icon from exe and shipped it separately. - Made a minor cosmetic change to the '### directories found so far' display. 05-17-94 - 0.00p - Bug fixes - Fixed a spelling error in an 'all files' pop up window. - I 'really' put the icon in the EXE this time (at least I think I did)! 05-17-94 - 0.00n - Bug fixes - Fixed the destruction of current directory attributes when 'hiding' a directory. - Enhancements - Modified the phrase which explains what keys to use in 'browse' mode. I removed the arrow keys and replaced them with 'arrow', etc. This allows me to print out that file, thus no 'real' change to STPOS2. - Modified 8514/a and VGA 16 color STPOS2 icon. This icon is imbedded in the EXE. - More code redundancy reduction rigamarole. 05-12-94 - 0.00m - Bug fixes - Fixed a problem with copy/move and 'directory' or 'all files' highlighting an extraneous directory if the copy/move occurred between different drives. - Enhancements - More code redundancy reduction rigamarole. 05-10-94 - 0.00l - Bug fixes - Fixed a display problem (hopefully, the last one). - Removed two more excess 'screen flash' problems. - Fixed several problems with 'long file names' and 'all files' & 'selective' file move/copy routines and display routines. - Fixed a 'black line' problem, only apparent when background color isn't black. - Enhancements - Reduced/removed some redundant code. 05-05-94 - 0.00k - Bug fixes - Fixed a problem with the '?' command line argument where the cursor could have displayed in the middle of the help message. - Fixed a problem where the keyboard focus was released too many times. - Enhancements - The buffer used when adding or renaming a directory on HPFS drives is now 35 (it was 12). - The 'Add' menu item no longer modifies the 'current Dir'. - Modified the logic so that the top of the display (menu area) and the directory display aren't refreshed unless necessary. This reduces screen flashing effects. - Added the '/cmd' command line argument to enable writing of STP.CMD (the OS/2 'current Dir' cheater file). This argument is specific to STP.CMD and isn't generally used from the command line. 05-04-94 - 0.00j - Bug fixes - Fixed problem with HPFS drives and long file names. - Enhancements - Modified exit code to restore cursor and keyboard for abnormal exits. 05-02-94 - 0.00i - Bug fixes - Fixed 'no beep' beeping. - Enhancements - Added STP.CMD. STPOS2 writes to this command file on exit, and if the user has done a 'current Dir', the file will contain the necessary instructions to place the user at the new 'current directory and disk'. This is my attempt to bypass one of OS/2's limitations. The user must invoke STPOS2 via the STP command for this to work. 04-26-94 - 0.00h - NOTE - First beta release.  local copy
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