Utilities: file management

.INI File Administrator 28032017
Thursday, 11 May, 1995

INI Administrator, a PM INI editor. Project developed using VisPro/Rexx, source code included.

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Wednesday, 25 February, 1998

This program will allow you to shorten all the filenames in a directory to the pattern that your DOS programs will need in order to see them, the 8.3 notation. To use the program simply open an OS/2 window go to the directory containing...

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Thursday, 2 April, 1998

Save/Extract files with invalid names. With use of 83 you can extract files like "http:--www.xyz.com". Source code available.

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AC 26122000
Tuesday, 26 December, 2000

AC add prefix-programs to .EXE .COM/.BIN - files. Source code available.

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Addcr & Delcr
Friday, 27 March, 2009

Improved unix2dos/dos2unix newline converter. 'addcr/delcr' is a more versatile version of the unix2dos/dos2unix newline conversion utility. It accepts filenames with wildcards, recurses into subdirectories...

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AddToFile 1.03
Saturday, 21 July, 2018

Program for use in Makefiles for building programs (Rexx). Helps create version headers, linker command files, etc. For use in Makefiles for building programs.

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Al's Rexx Utilities
Sunday, 15 April, 2007
  • DriveDir: List contents of a drive/subdirectory chain matching dates, etc. Recognizes the .LONGNAME extended attribute for display purposes. Package also includes "Treed.cmd" to...
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Apache Mod_Rexx 2.1.0
Thursday, 11 October, 2001

This package provides an interface from Apache to IBM Object REXX and Regina REXX under OS/2. To use the package you do not need to know how to write Apache modules, but you do need a general understanding of how Apache processes...

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ArcaOS Bootable USB Stick Image 20180821
Tuesday, 21 August, 2018

This package follows onto the included USB stick creation utility shipped with ArcaOS 5.0.2, allowing you to create a bootable USB ArcaOS  installation stick without a...

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Archive Viewer 2.25
Sunday, 21 November, 2004

Archive Viewer is a very simple GUI tool for viewing and extracting archive files of various types. It originated as a system utility included in eComStation (and it remains so to this day). It...

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Attribute manager 0.76.51
Sunday, 20 April, 2003

Attribute manager is a small application that allows to view and edit file comments, subject, keyphrases, date and time.

File comments can be imported from 4DOS-OS/2 description files, file_id.diz in archives, ecc.


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Audio index utility 0.12
Sunday, 25 August, 2002

Create an index of audio files on removable media or in a sub folder. Supported formats: MPEG audio and Ogg-Vorbis.


  • This REXX utility creates an fixed format machine and human readable...
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Autonic 20011213
Thursday, 13 December, 2001

Autinic detects at boot time the PCI card and autoload it's driver. Includes source code.

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B.EXE dir command 1.32
Saturday, 26 November, 1994

B.EXE dir command is a 32 bit OS/2 DIR replacement 32 bit command line program. Replaces OS/2's DIR command. Supports file highlighting by extensions, recursive directory searches, changing of file order. Can change what information is...

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Batch Editor 0.45
Tuesday, 26 January, 2016

Batch Editor is a PM multithreaded application which allows to replace data of one or more rows in one or more files with various options (recur subdirectories, case insensitive, non printable characters). You can use BE also to modify...

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BE - Andys Binary Folding Editor
Sunday, 1 July, 2001

Is a binary editor which can decode a variety of file formats. The data presented may be edited, and the set of understood file formats may be user extended. OS/2 Netware and Windows versions.

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Beesoft Commander 4.1.0
Thursday, 3 February, 2011

Beesoft Commander is a two-panel file manager (like Norton Commander).

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Tuesday, 18 September, 2001

MIDI file builder.

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Black Hole Ver. 3.0
Monday, 4 December, 2000

Tool that will create a delete icon called blackhole on your desktop. You can send any object you don't like to the other side of the desktop's universe. Just drop it on the Black Hole and it will disappear...

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BS_FF (FileFind) 2.4
Wednesday, 23 January, 2019

With BS_FF you can search files with many criterias (filter, dates, size, text, ...) and allows to execute several actions (rename, delete, copy, change attributes, ecexute command, ...)

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Captain Nemo for OS/2 1.0
Tuesday, 6 February, 1996

"Captain Nemo" is a text-mode shell program for OS/2. It tries to  imitate Norton Commander (R) for DOS as closely as possible while  providing access to OS/2 specific features. Capain Nemo writing was...

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Check SFV (Simple File Verification) 1.3.15
Wednesday, 1 May, 2019

Some files that you download will come with a .sfv file. This is used to verify that the files that you received are the same as the originals. CKSFV is a program that can use the .sfv file to verify the downloaded files....

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CheckUrl 1.6.2
Tuesday, 25 April, 2000

CheckUrl is a REXX program that automatically checks if the URLs contained in a file are correct (i.e. they exists). It can be very helpful for checking dead urls, and for checking your Netscape bookmark file, or any other HTML file...

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Sunday, 2 June, 1996

CHK4DLLS.EXE is a tool to verify the DLL dependencies used by a .EXE or a .DLL file.

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CHKSTORE (Check use of space on LAN directories) 2.12
Thursday, 18 August, 1994

CHKSTORE is a package which will check on the use of space on user's home directories. It they exceed a limit imposed on them, then the system will "revoke" that user by changing access of their home...

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CHMDump 1.0.0
Friday, 5 December, 2003

CHMDump is a tool to extract data from Microsoft HTML Help (CHM) files.

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Client Samba (plugin per Netdrive o EVFSGUI) 3.7.3
Thursday, 12 April, 2012

OS/2 port of Samba 3.x client made as plugin for NetDrive by Netlabs.org. You can use it also with the EVFSGUI grafic client included in eComStation.

Since ArcaOS 5, a Netdrive plugin based on Samba 4.x,...

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Clone Killer 19980523
Saturday, 23 May, 1998

Clone Killer is a freeware duplicate file finder with DB. Source code included.


  • Freeware under the GPL
  • comes with source,...
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Compress 4.12
Wednesday, 31 May, 1995

Compress reduces the size of the named files using adaptive Lempel-Ziv coding. Whenever possible, each file is replaced by one with the extension .Z, while keeping the same owner-ship modes, access and...

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ConfigSysCheck 2.02
Wednesday, 1 May, 2019

Checks a CONFIG.SYS file for errors. This is a work in progress. New checks will be added as they are needed. Some checks may not be exactly correct but should give you an idea when things are not as they should be.

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ConText/2 0.4
Monday, 12 February, 2007

ConText is a utility for converting text from one encoding (codepage) to another.

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Createrepo 0.17.3
Sunday, 11 November, 2018

This program generates a repodata dir and xml files for a repository of rpm packages. This repository is compatible with apt/yum/smart/yast and many other package-repository-related tools.

run createrepo -h for...

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Crypt/2 1.0
Sunday, 23 January, 2000

This is a Solitaire-type encryption, but not THE solitaire,  since it doesn't only encode characters, but the whole ascii  range. With other words it can encrypt binary files. Source code included.

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CUBE (Config Update/Batch Editing) 3.30
Sunday, 28 August, 2011

Batch update of CONFIG.SYS-like, .INI files and WorkPlaceShell class. CUBE modifies a Target ASCII file, given a set of commands in a Procedure file.

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D1D2CRK 19990203
Wednesday, 3 February, 1999

D1D2CRK creates .PAT and .CRK files. Source code available.

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DaemonFS 1.1
Saturday, 7 August, 2010

DaemonFS is a real time file watcher. This tool lets you track modifications to your files. This software may be used for reverse engineering, hard disk usage tracking, software analysis and more....

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DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker) 1.16
Saturday, 23 August, 2003

Multithreaded text and file finder with:

  • multiple text strings;
  • result history;
  • case option and boolean operators;
  • binary filter;
  • ...
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DB2/2 Utilities
Wednesday, 28 February, 2001

This package contains a collection of utilities for use with DB2/2.

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Ddrescue 1.24
Sunday, 19 May, 2019

Ddrescue is a data recovery tool. It copies data from one file or block device (hard disc, cdrom, etc) to another, trying hard to rescue data in case of read errors.


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DENYNONE 19980313
Friday, 13 March, 1998

Denynone permits "old" programms multimple access to the same file (DOS). Source code available.

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DirDiff 2.07
Thursday, 1 June, 2006

Directory compare program for OS/2 and eCS: compares all files in two sub-directorys or whole directory trees. It can be used for many file management activities and is a must have tool for software...

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DirMaster 2.31
Sunday, 2 January, 2000

DirMaster is a powerful Directory Opus (Amiga) inspired file manager for OS/2's presentation Manager. Fully HPFS aware, DirMaster is very fast, highly configurable, and easy-to-use, but so complete that even...

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DirPath 0.1
Friday, 15 May, 2015

DirPath list files found via path-like variable.

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Distributed File Repair Utilities 0.2.0 beta
Tuesday, 28 February, 2017

Port of Distributed File Repair Utilities, compiled with IBM VisualAge C++ 3.08. This set of tools is designed to help people repair a corrupted file or restore a patched file with the help of someone who got the original file. Large 2...

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DLURLEA 20050703
Sunday, 3 July, 2005

Add .URL/.SUBJECT extended attribute to Mozilla downloads, decodes wallet files, cleanup for bookmarks.html.

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DO 2.09
Thursday, 13 November, 2003

DO.EXE is a set of very useful batch enhancements and command line utilities. This version replaces a handful of old freeware exe programs which stopped running properly due to integer overflow. DO.EXE also works if the...

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DOG 19980401
Wednesday, 1 April, 1998

DOG. Data and overlay gluer. Source code available.

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DOS Navigator 2.14 beta
Friday, 19 September, 2008

Dos Navigator is a comprehensive shell for DOS operating system. It is a freeware open-source product.

DN/2 project - it is attempt to transfer...

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dsync 0.31
Friday, 4 July, 2014

A tool to synchronize folder contents.
Special features: ftp & ftps, incremental remote synchronization without a direct connection, using a removable media.

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dSync/2 0.16
Monday, 10 November, 2003

This program creates and maintains exact copies of files, directories or the whole disks in/on the other directory/disk.

One can specify any number of directories and files for excluding from copy process, and any number...

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Tuesday, 17 October, 2000

A VX-REXX program that converts Describe documents to HTML code.

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DupeFinder 1.00
Monday, 21 May, 2001

DupeFinder looks for identical files.


dupefinder startdir [outputfile] [-sortdirs]

where startdir is the filesystem to analize and outputfile the...

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Dupfin (Duplicate Finder) 1.1
Sunday, 2 July, 2006

Dupfind checks for files with duplicate filenames on the selected volume. Dupfind is useful for system troubleshooting and for locating redundant files. The results are logged to a text file called dupfind....

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Dupfinder (Duplicate Finder) 1.0
Friday, 18 March, 2016

Finds duplicate files in PATH and LIBPATH and others. The default path is PATH taken from the environment variable PATH. For PATH the default search file mask is *.exe. For LIBPATH the default search file...

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EAclean (EA Cleaner Utility) 1.3
Saturday, 23 February, 2019

Displays and cleans EA litter from files.

Usage: eaclean [options] <filemask>


  • -c[n] : Clean EA litter
  • -d :...
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EAs,I do! 1.02
Wednesday, 1 April, 2009

EAs,I do! is a program to manage EA's file in VIO mode. Source code included.

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EDITINI (Simple Profile Editor for OS/2 2.0) 1.00
Monday, 17 August, 1992

The EDITINI program is a simple editor which can be used to view and change text entries in the OS2.INI and OS2SYS.INI keyed files. The OS2.INI and OS2SYS.INI files provide a convenient place for programs to...

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EF Commander 2.37
Friday, 16 November, 2012

EF Commander is a complete file manager for the OS/2 desktop.

If you've ever used and liked Norton Commander, you'll like this dual-windowed program, which comes complete...

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EGenM32W 0.2
Wednesday, 27 July, 2011

Easy to handle tool to show or patch content of genm32w.os2

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Enc/Dec BOO 1.00
Monday, 30 January, 1995

Encode/decode binary files into printable files.

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ePDF - PostScript to PDF converter 2.99
Sunday, 1 December, 2002

An utility which brings the capabilities of Adobe Acrobat Distiller to the OS/2 platform using GhostScript to generate PDF files:

  • management for different distiller...
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EPM TEX Front End for VTEX/2 5.4
Sunday, 25 July, 2004

The EPM TeX Front End is an additional module for the OS/2 `Enhanced Editor' (EPM). It turns the EPM into an integrated TeX environment, providing (La)TeXing, previewing, executing BibTeX, makeindex etc. from the EPM menu.

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EPM Tools and WPS Objects for emTeX 1.0a
Sunday, 31 December, 1995

This package contains files which support running emTeX from the Enhanced Editor 6.03 and from Workplace Shell.

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ES 19980424
Friday, 24 April, 1998

Link multiple EXE-files. Source code available.

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F, freeware file manager & standalone utilities 4.70 - 4.71b & 1.60
Friday, 1 November, 2002

Freeware multi-platform text-mode file manager with many features.

Main F functions:

  • Multiple file windows display;
  • Full...
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Sunday, 23 February, 1997

A FAT files sorting program. This program sorts directory entries on FAT drives. Options for ''DIR /o'' are available.

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File Commander/2 2.40
Tuesday, 1 September, 1998

File Commander is a 32 bit text mode file manager and shell that allows you to locate, copy, move, delete, view, edit and execute your files in a quick, convenient and customizable manner.

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File freedom 2.02
Wednesday, 20 October, 1999

A full-featured PM file manager that comes complete with an internal Zip Viewer as well as some features designed especially for networks. Help on line.

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File (libmagic) 5.30
Wednesday, 5 April, 2017

File is an implementation of the UNIX File command. It knows the "magic number" of several thousands of file types.

"Magic numbers" are used basically in UNIX environments...

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File Manager/2 3.24
Monday, 12 October, 2015

FM2 is an excellent file manager for eComStation and OS/2 WorkPlaceShell, with a lot of functions!

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File Syncronizer 1.3
Tuesday, 25 May, 2010

Keeps your files syncronized between two systems by tracking changes and transferring changes via your choice of removeable media.

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FileJet 8.46
Sunday, 17 November, 2002

FileJet is a powerful filemanager and editor for WIN-XP,WIN-2K,NT/95/98,DOS and OS/2,usermenus, tree, long filename support for WIN95+OS/2
programmable function keys,all filefunctions multiple fileeditor with syntax coloring,...

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FileStar/2 & FlexEdit 3.05.00 & 1.10.00
Thursday, 31 January, 2008

FileStar/2 is a powerful OS/2 file management utility that users should find very helpful in the maintenance of all types of files.

It is simple to use yet has many robust features that should accommodate the needs of less...

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FileSynq 0.1
Thursday, 5 January, 2012

FileSynq is a free and open-source program for uploading files and downloading them from a different computer. Program developed using Qt4.

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Find Duplicate Files 1.01
Wednesday, 15 May, 1996

Find duplicate files on your disks, allow mask/date/size compare.

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Find Files Utility 1.2
Tuesday, 16 April, 2019

Wildcard filename search withing a directory or a set of directories. Optionally you may specify a string to search for inside the files.

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Findutils 4.6.0
Thursday, 24 November, 2016

The GNU Find Utilities are the basic directory searching utilities of the GNU operating system. These programs are typically used in conjunction with other programs to provide modular and powerful directory...

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FM/2 Utilities
Tuesday, 9 June, 1998

Bunch of free utils (including HPFS defrag) text mode only. This is a collection of utilities that may prove useful in conjunction  with FM/2 (File Manager/2), or even without it...

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Tuesday, 16 December, 1997

FMOS2 (FILEMAN) is a fullscreen/window OS/2 program for managing files/directories on one or more drives simultaneously.


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Fontname 1.0
Tuesday, 25 August, 2015

Command line tool to examine TrueType/OpenType fonts.

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FSJ file splitter and joiner 1.0
Monday, 20 November, 2006

Splits and joins files larger than 2 GBs using high memory objects when available.

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Fumetto/2 3.10
Thursday, 25 April, 2013

Fumetto is an easy way to catalogue your comic books, find out the value of your collection and many other features. You can export the data into a variety of programs for further processing. There is a comment field so you can type in...

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GNU Cpio 2.13
Friday, 3 February, 2017

GNU cpio copies files between archives and directories.  It supports the following archive formats: old binary cpio, old portable cpio, SVR4 cpio with and without checksum, HP cpio, and various tar formats...

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Tuesday, 22 August, 1995

Port of the popular OpenSource GNU GREP for UNIX: Search for corresponding strings in specified files.

Ported using Open Watcom C/C++ & Fortran77.

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Graphical File Comparison 1.3
Tuesday, 10 February, 1998

This is a graphical file comparison program. It compares two files on disk and notes lines that are common to both. A bar chart is drawn, giving an overallview of which lines match, and the text of either...

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Group Folder 2.3f
Tuesday, 15 November, 1994

WPS Class to provide divided folder.

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Harddisk Manager 1.15
Thursday, 1 December, 2005

Advanced and bugfixed replacement for lvmgui on Warp Server for e-Business, ACP/MCP and eComStation. Now with full keyboard support!

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Hdd_vhd 20050613
Monday, 13 June, 2005

Harddisk image converter: DFSee/SVISTA/Virtual PC. Source code available.

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HexDump 1.00
Wednesday, 5 August, 1992

A binary data display and conversion utility, hexdump supports both bin2hex and hex2bin functionality.  'bin2hex' is pretty self-explainatory.
For 'hex2bin' (-r), hexdump searches the input stream for "nibbles" converting each pair...

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Friday, 16 June, 1995

Do X to all files fitting specification Y.

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HOLEN 01011998
Thursday, 1 January, 1998

Dump system BIOS to file (DOS). Source code available.

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HTML to Text 1.0
Tuesday, 9 September, 1997

A REXX script which extracts HTML-tags from HTML-files used in Internet www-communication and stores the remaining text into an ASCII-file.

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Monday, 9 September, 2019

Utility to merge two 24-bit TGA images. It can be used to create better looking (small) images more quickly.

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IAT (Iso9660 Analyzer Tool) 1.7
Monday, 16 July, 2007

IAT (Iso9660 Analyzer Tool) is a tool for detecting the structure of many types of CD-ROM image file formats, such as BIN, MDF, PDI, CDI, NRG, and B5I, and converting them into ISO-9660.

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Icon Themes 2.2
Thursday, 6 July, 2006

Icon Themes is a program which allows the desktop icons used throughout the Workplace Shell to be changed, based on installable icon sets or 'themes'.  A number of themes are included, and various others are...

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IconTool 1.92
Thursday, 11 February, 1999

ICONTOOL allows you to do the following things:

  • Change an objects icon by dropping an icon on it.
  • Change the name shown on the workplace shell without...
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Thursday, 28 March, 2002

INI2Rexx is a tool that eases the freezing, editing and mainteinance of INI files that you want to behave exactly as you like.
It works by generating a rexx script capable or regerating again the original INI file when executed....

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Sunday, 18 December, 1994

INISED is a command line utility that can read and write values to/from Windows-style profile  files (INI files). It is intended to automate the reconfiguring  of programs without the need to maintain multiple versions on INI  files....

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Initor (INIfile ediTOR) 2.5
Wednesday, 1 October, 1997

Initor enables you to edit OS2 "INI" files. You are able to add, deleted  and edit applications, keys and key data. Further more you are able to  save and read data from the current INI file to and from ...

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InstFont 1.0
Tuesday, 4 September, 2018

InstFont is a simple command-line tool for installing a font under OS/2 Presentation Manager.

This program was written in order to facilitate automated font install...

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INT6 20000822
Tuesday, 22 August, 2000

URAM monitor to terminate programs that execute invalid opcodes (DOS). Source code available.

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IP Spool 1.04
Friday, 9 January, 2009

IP Spool is a queue processor that manages the pipe between a printer and a network address. It is designed to drive modern networked printers using raw print data on port 9100. Most modern printers use this...

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Iris 0.3
Monday, 17 April, 2017

Rexx-script to backup your ArcaOS, eCS or OS/2 bootdrive. Use it from the desktop or with a scheduler.

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ISOren 1.1
Wednesday, 14 April, 2004

ISOren is an utility to rename files and directories to ISO level 2 or to DOS convention.

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JetCommander 3.47
Sunday, 17 November, 2002

JetCommander is a Filemanager and Editor for OS/2, MS-DOS and WINDOWS95. JetCommander allows a uniform Operation in the two Operating Systems.

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JMNSISHelper 0.2
Sunday, 3 July, 2011

With this program you can easily create scripts file for the NSIS installer. Application developed using the Qt...

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jPDF Tweak 1.1
Monday, 9 April, 2007

A Swiss Army Knife GUI application for PDF documents: combine, split, rotate, reorder (n-up, booklet), watermark, edit bookmarks/fileinfo/pagetransition, compress, encrypt, decrypt, sign, repair, edit attachments and more. You can use...

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JRescuer JUne and ISJ for JFS 2.21 & 2.31
Thursday, 8 February, 2007

An utility to retrieve files from un-mountable JFS volumes, unavailable due to any of a lot of reasons: phase 3 chkdsk fail etc. Includes JUne, PM undelete utility. Works with any level of OS/2 and doesn't need jfs.ifs or LVM.

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K Copy/2 0.3.0
Friday, 26 November, 1999

KCopy/2 supports file copying between VFAT and other partition, conserving long filename.

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K File wizard 1.1.0
Tuesday, 26 August, 2014

A file manager for OS/2 integrating local and remote file operations

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KDiff3 0.9.97
Saturday, 23 October, 2010

KDiff3 is a program that

  • compares or merges two or three text input files or directories,
  • shows the differences line by line...
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Larsen Commander 1.08.02
Sunday, 6 September, 1998

A powerful, flexible and user friendly GUI file manager and command processor for OS/2 Warp. In addition to the two classic file panels Larsen Commander has a built in command line and a scrollable console monitor.

Available in...

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Less 530
Friday, 17 May, 2019

Less is a free, open-source file pager. It can be found on most versions of Linux, Unix and Mac OS, as well as on many other operating systems.

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LH/2 2.28
Thursday, 30 October, 2003

OS/2 Port of LHArc archiver. Y2K compliant.

A simple usage - Backup OS/2 Desktop:

lh a desktop.lzh \os2\os2.ini \os2\os2sys.ini "...

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LHA Archiver 2.08
Thursday, 24 August, 2006

OS/2 port of the LHA archiver.

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libarchive 3.3.2
Wednesday, 4 October, 2017

Multi-format archive and compression library.

The libarchive library features:

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LinkList 1.3
Saturday, 27 December, 2008

A program to count HTTP/FTP links inside HTML documents.

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Tuesday, 27 January, 1998

LOCKDOWN.CMD is a simple REXX script to change folders and icons  with known objectid's to prevent deleting, copying, moving, renaming,
shadowing or changing of their settings. This would be particularly  useful for the LAN...

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LogView 1.12
Thursday, 1 May, 2003

A logfile and text file viewer program for OS/2 and eCS; it can trace files in realtime and is very quick.

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LogViewer/2 1.04
Thursday, 31 July, 2003

LogViewer/2 is powerfull program to view,analyze and manage logfiles locked or unlocked  as well normal text files in a PM 32bit interface.
Features full drag&drop and many more.

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Longname Utility 1.0
Monday, 20 April, 2015

Check validity of long filename operations. The main purpose of this utility is to check the longfilename Extend Attribute of a file.

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LPTool filetransfer 2.12

LPTool enables file transfer and remote execution via a "laplink" cable connection between parallel ports of two machines running OS/2 3.0 or newer.

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Make Index
Thursday, 1 March, 2001

Make an index of a set of HTML files.

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Make Message File Utility (MKMSGF) 1.10
Tuesday, 29 July, 2008

Make Message File Utility clone and decompiler. Source code included.

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MCD Ver. 1.0
Friday, 29 December, 2017

MCD is a combination of the OS/2-commands MD and CD.

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Midnight Commander 4.5.6
Tuesday, 7 September, 1999

Midnight Commander UNIX port. Midnight Commander is a 32 bit text mode file manager and shell that allows you to locate, copy, move, delete, view, edit and execute your files in a quick, convenient and customizable manner.

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Thursday, 21 May, 1998

Mkbootcd - make bootable CD image(El Torito specification).

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Friday, 29 September, 1995

MKWINOS/2 is a program for OS/2 that creates the equivalent of your Windows Program Manager as an OS/2 Desktop folder named "Program Manager Desktop Equivalent". Your Windows groups and the program entities...

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MMPMMMIO utility 0.1
Sunday, 3 March, 2002

This utility allows you to view and modify the MMPMMMIO.INI entries. Let you Install and deinstall utility for MMPM/2 codecs and I/O procedures.

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Module Replacer 0.1
Wednesday, 13 January, 1999

Module Replacer for OS/2 is a text mode executable which unlocks running DLL and EXE files, optionally replacing them with a new file and saving a backup copy of the old file. ENGLISH.EXE and ITALIANO.EXE are the English and the Italian...

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Script di installazione MozillaDrag&Drop (e FirefoxD&D) 0.38+
Sunday, 19 June, 2016

A script to install Firefox simply by drag/drop the zip file on the object. Script support also update, backup and multi-installs specifing install location.

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Saturday, 26 November, 2011

A REXX install script+executable to install Mozilla apps. Mozinst will create program icons on your desktop + deinstall Innotek Font Engine (IFE) support. Works for Seamonkey/Thunderbird/Firefox.

See also more recent...

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Mp3Wrap 0.5
Tuesday, 2 August, 2005

Mp3Wrap is a free independent alternative to AlbumWrap. It's a command-line utility that wraps quickly two or more mp3 files in one single large playable mp3, without losing filenames and ID3 informations (...

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Msgtool 0.2
Sunday, 16 May, 2010

msgtool is a multiplatform MSG file "decompiler": it expects the MSG file as parameter, writes the "decompiled" information in the standard output and other information in the standard error.

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Mtools 4.0.17
Sunday, 18 March, 2012

MTools is a collection of utilities for disk handling.

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MultifileDetector 1.8.1
Sunday, 29 January, 2012

MultifileDetector allows you to detect multiple files. Once a file already exists is detected, it can be manually or automatically deleted. MultifileDetector calculate MD5 of each file to know if it already...

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Names 1.8
Thursday, 26 September, 2013

File names and attributes checker. This application checks files on HPFS and JFS drives. It changes case of names, revises differences between file and WPS object names and changes file attributes.

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NewView 2.19.9
Sunday, 30 July, 2000

A replacement for View.exe, the original OS/2 help viewer. Major enhancements are:

  • Select and copy direct from window
  • Easy to use global (all files) search
  • Remembers size...
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Friday, 2 March, 2001

Some programs produce output with double carriage returns before the newlines. When sent to the screen the output appears normal, but some programs interpret the extra CR as another blank line and double-spaces lines. This simple REXX...

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Norton Commander for OS/2 1.0
Wednesday, 11 November, 1992

Norton Commander helps you organize, view, and launch your files in an environment that is much easier and certainly more convenient to use than the native OS/2 Workplace Shell.

You can use Norton Commander in one of two modes:...

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NovaBACKUP 6.01
Wednesday, 7 February, 2001

NovaBACKUP is a very fast and easy-to-use backup program for OS/2.

NovaBACKUP is comprised of two programs:

  • NovaBACK  is specifically for...
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OLE2X 20040829
Sunday, 29 August, 2004

OLE2 stream unpacker (OS/2, DOS). Source code available.

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Thursday, 18 January, 2018

An internet HTML script to open a list of entered URLs in Firefox or SeaMonkey at once (EN/NL).

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OS/2 Trace Tools 20220828
Thursday, 29 March, 2018

This package includes two scripts (trcinit.cmd and trcctl.cmd) that  implement an interface to the OS/2 Trace Facility. These scripts are  designed to make it easier to capture the specific trace data needed...

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OS/2-Commander 1.28
Monday, 17 April, 2000

The Wizard of OS/2!
OS/2-Commander is the final Norton Commander  clone for OS/2. It offers an integrated archive handling, HPFS-support, a user-definable menu,  a Tree-function, the most powerful FIND...

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OtherDLLs 29062019
Saturday, 29 June, 2019

Unsupported utility to allow third-party FF/SM/TB-related DLLs to use high memory.

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OwnCloud Client 1.2.0
Tuesday, 11 August, 2015

The ownCloud Sync Client is a desktop program you install on your computer.

Specify one ore more directories on the local machine to sync your ownCloud server, and always have your latest files wherever you are. Make a change to...

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OWPZip PKZIP Archive Class 1.02
Sunday, 28 February, 2010

OWPZip PKZIP Archive Class extends WPS with PKZIP archive folders supporting compressing, decompressing, opening and viewing their entries through drag-and-drop.

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PackMan 1.41e
Sunday, 21 July, 1996

PackMan is a GUI to manage lzh,  zip and other archive types. GUI is in Japanese language but commands are intuitive and easy to...

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ParseXML 2.1.0
Monday, 1 September, 2003

ParseXML is an an XML parser written in REXX that does not require external libraries. The main prograrm is written in SAA REXX and will work on OS/2 and other compatible systems unmodified but the OOREXX port provided in a subfolder is...

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PDFMergeNX 2.0
Thursday, 18 November, 2010

PDFMergeNX is an application for manipulating PDF and PS files; it provides a graphical interface on top of GhostScript, XPDF, and ePDF.

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Pdlzip 1.2
Sunday, 9 January, 2011

Pdlzip is a lossless file compressor based on the LZMA (Lempel-Ziv-Markov chain-Algorithm) algorithm designed by Igor Pavlov.

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Phoenix/2 (File Phoenix) 1.35
Wednesday, 31 May, 1995

File Phoenix will scan a selected drive and list all files which are (possibly) recoverable. You can then select one or more files and recover them to another drive.

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PM Disk Map 1.00
Thursday, 29 November, 1990

PM Disk Map is a PM program intended to help you manage disk space. With it you'll be able to graphically see how much of your disk space is consumed by directories.

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PM PDF (Poor Mans PDF) 1.0.5
Tuesday, 1 April, 2003

An utility which brings the capabilities of Adobe Acrobat Distiller to the OS/2 platform using GhostScript to generate PDF files.

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PMDir 1.3
Thursday, 29 July, 2010

Opens current CMD.EXE-directory in a WPS view, Dutch (PMDIR_NL.EXE) and English (PMDIR.EXE) version.

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PMDisk for OS/2 1.13
Thursday, 29 August, 2002

Pmdisk for OS/2 is a binary disk and file editor.

Program purpose:

  • This is a disk and file tool.
  • You...
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PMSearch 1.0
Monday, 9 July, 2007

PMSearch is a fast and useful file search engine. Includes features like file search by attribute type (archive, hidden, read-only and system). These bits can be set or clear as well as * and ? queries in file text search parameters....

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PMZipper 1.8
Tuesday, 3 January, 2006

PMZipper is a 32 bit Presentation Manager application designed to interface  "arj", "lzh", "zip", and "zoo" archive files in a native OS/2 PM environment.  In this version "zip" format is compatible with the...

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PNG Check 2.3.0
Saturday, 29 October, 2016

PNG Check, a command-line program to check and report information or subimages from PNG/MNG image/animation files.

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Pngcrush 1.7.59
Wednesday, 29 May, 2013

Pngcrush is an optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files.

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Tuesday, 10 November, 1992

Progref is a PM utility to quickly and easily generate Program reference objects from executables (ie typically exe, com, cmd and bat type files). Progref uses one dialog panel for most of the commonly used...

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PRSYS 19991209
Thursday, 9 December, 1999

EXE2BIN relocation packer for DOS driver files. Source code available.

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QDiskUsage 1.0.4
Wednesday, 2 June, 2010

A Graphical Disk Usage Analyzer. QDiskUsage generates a navigable pie chart of your directory so you can easilyy find the largest directory or file on your disk.

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Qpdf 9.0.1
Friday, 26 February, 2016

QPDF is a program that does structural, content-preserving transformations on PDF files. It could have been called something like pdf-to-pdf. It also provides many useful capabilities to developers of PDF-producing software or for...

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RAR 2.50 - 3.93
Monday, 15 March, 2010

RAR 2.50:

RAR is a powerful tool which allows you to manage and control archive files.

RAR 3.93:

It is 32-bit RAR version for DOS and OS/2. Unlike 16-bit RAR/DOS it is able to...

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Tuesday, 7 August, 2001

A simple text file viewer with bookmark facility. Stores bookmark data in an OS/2 .INI file, so most OS/2 INI editors should be able to view and edit it. To save a bookmark, press F2. To exit, press Esc.

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Rename Enhancer 0.8.9
Wednesday, 31 December, 2008

Rename Enhancer makes easy renaming group of files in an automated way.

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RENF.CMD 20000312
Sunday, 12 March, 2000

RENF.CMD renames a file using the date attributes to form a unique name using the 8.3 naming rule. The file extension is preserved.

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RepairSystemDumpFile 0.6
Thursday, 16 January, 2020

RepairSystemDumpFile is a tool that attempts to repair corrupted System Dump files.
Typical usage is RepairSystemDumpFile dumpfile where dumpfile is the name of the file to be repaired.

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Replace (locked) module 1.04
Monday, 27 July, 1998

Replace locked OS/2 modules (EXE, DLL). The program can also save a backup copy. Source code included.

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Resources Translator 1.4.005
Friday, 13 December, 2002

Operating System/2 Resources Translator. Using for translate resource files, dialog files, XWorkPlace message files, ect. from english into different (e.g. russian) language. Powerful and very fast!

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Tuesday, 11 September, 2018

Rexx API's for manipulation of Text Based INI Files (used by WINOS2). Useful for manipulating and fixing text ini files used by DOS and windows programs.

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RexxXML 1.0.0
Sunday, 26 March, 2006

RexxXML provides an interface to libxml and libxslt. It provides routines for parsing and manipulating XML and HTML files, using both Rexx and XSLT. The package includes the OS/2 excutable of RexxXML and related support files. Source...

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Thursday, 9 September, 1993

ROBOSAVE allows you to easily back up your OS/2 2.x Desktop and later  restore it to the same system.  You can also specify a limited number of  files to be saved/restored.  A simple text profile controls...

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Wednesday, 15 May, 2002

LongnameEA.CMD uses RootDir.EXE to list the names, and then adds a .LONGNAME extended attribute to each file with a deadname. Simply run this program (which requires that RootDir.EXE be in the...

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Rover Pack 2.70
Wednesday, 7 April, 1999

The Rover Pack includes a comprehensive collection of software tools and accessories. They are designed to work with each other and with OS/2's Workplace Shell to give you new ways to navigate and manage...

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Saturday, 11 November, 2017

Open source utility that provides fast incremental file transfer.

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Rxunlock 20050707
Thursday, 7 July, 2005

Rexx libary functions: executable modules unlock, CRC32, MD5 with CDROM option, file compare, CPU detection, Pseudo-Random. Source code available.

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R_EADATA 19990621
Monday, 21 June, 1999

Utility to delete "EA DATA. SF" on FAT drives. Source code available.

usage: R_EADATA drive:

example: R_EADATA A:

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Safecopy 1.7
Sunday, 20 April, 2014

Safecopy is a data recovery tool which tries to extract as much data as possible from a problematic (i.e. damaged sectors) source - like floppy drives, hard disk partitions, CDs, tape devices, where other tools would fail due to I/O...

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SCHNITT 20001209
Saturday, 9 December, 2000

With schnitt you can copy parts of a file. Source code available.

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SearchPlus 2.0.41
Tuesday, 11 October, 2011

An enanched files searching program. Search criteria can include contents, file size, file date, attributes. Results may be sorted on date, filesize etc. Actions on files found include edit, open, delete, copy, move, execute. All...

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Thursday, 2 March, 2000

Shortens all files referenced in an HTML (A HREF as well as IMG SRC, FRAME SRC and all others) to 8.3 characters. Useful for modifying your great HPFS web site to be compatible with all those poor fools who still use FAT...

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ShowArgs 1.0
Monday, 6 September, 2010

ShowArgs displays all of the arguments passed to it and  optionally writes the same information to a log file. Options may also be specified in an environment variable processed first. The package also include the Rexx script version....

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ShowSub 1.0
Thursday, 4 July, 2013

ShowSub displays the .SUBJECT EA of a single file, so the WPS doesn't have to be used to obtain a copyable value which may have been set by, for example, Firefox. Long filenames and wildcards are supported.

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Tuesday, 12 September, 2000

Ever had files that OS/2, for no apparent reason, refused to delete? Try this Super Shredder! This program deletes files/folders dropped onto it (like the OS/2 shredder), but with no confirmation and first ensuring that ReadOnly,...

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Simple Zipshell 2.1
Friday, 28 August, 1998

Simple Zipshell is the smallest program available to pack and unpack ZIP files (or ARJ) from the graphical desktop. Freeware. English, German language.

Simple Zipshell is...

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Splitmp3 0.1
Monday, 2 January, 2006

This utility copies frames from an MPEG-1, MPEG-2 or MPEG-2.5 audio stream compressed with Layer I, II or III into new files. Splitmp3 is optimized to operate on very large files in the order of 1GB and more and...

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StartDos 13101995
Friday, 13 October, 1995

StartDos is an OS/2 program to start virtual DOS mode (VDM) sessions under OS/2. The nature of DOS sessions under OS/2 is controlled by DOS settings strings. StartDos accepts these strings via a REXX command...

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STPOS2 (Subdirectory Tree manager Plus) 1.70a
Monday, 15 December, 1997

Subdirectory Tree manager Plus for OS/2 (STPOS2) is a subdirectory management program for an IBM PC compatible computer. It displays a picture of the subdirectory structure of a disk, and provides a variety...

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Strrpl (String replace) 0.84
Sunday, 8 October, 2017

Goes thru the specified files and replaces strings therein. This program was part of the XFolder source package. the first name of XWorkplace.

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SyncDir 1.10
Thursday, 4 February, 2016

Syncronizes one directory to another based on the specified options.  The TargetDirectory must already exist. If the specified Target is only  a drive (ie. 'c:'), then the entire path on the Target drive is assumed  to be the same as on...

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Syncronize Directories 1.10
Tuesday, 25 May, 2010

A program to sincronize directories.

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TeXPERT for OS/2 1.3b
Tuesday, 21 September, 1993

This is a text-mode (fullscreen or windowed) shell for emTeX with OS/2 2.x. Available in english and dutch.

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TEXTREIN 19980313
Friday, 13 March, 1998

TEXTREIN removes control-characters and converts tabs and linebreaks in textfiles. Source code available.

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ToLower 1.1
Wednesday, 1 October, 1997

TOLOWER is a small program to convert all files in the current directory to lower case. This is usefull when uploading something to a unix (web) server. Source code included.

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Friday, 6 October, 2000

This program displays a folder in a view similar to OS/2's Tree View. However after the name of each directory the size of that directory (and its subdirectories if the tree is collapsed) is shown.

Double-clicking on a folder...

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TTFPatch 1.0
Tuesday, 28 March, 2017

TTFPatch is a commandline tool which lets fonts designers set the 'embeddable' flags of their TrueType fonts for inclusion into PDF files for distribution.

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Typ 20040813
Friday, 13 August, 2004

Recognition of filetypes: compilers, execompressors, viruses, drivers, musik, graphic, archive lister, file descriptions, system files, DOS-extenders, ICO, enhanced attributes and more.

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UClip 0.3.0
Thursday, 23 August, 2007

UClip is designed to allow OS/2 programs to exchange unicode text using the clipboard with other native programs or with odin-ized programs.

It is compiled using Odin source code, so it shares the same...

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Undot 08032012
Thursday, 8 March, 2012

Undot.cmd is a Rexx procedure to replace one or more dots, commas, spaces, brackets and braces in filenames by an underscore character, except the last dot: the extension is preserved!...

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UniMaint (Uni Maintenance) 5.10.32
Friday, 16 August, 1996

UniMaint is a Presentation Manager-based application which is an utility for the maintenance of the various OS/2 INI Files, a maintenance program for Extended Attributes, a Desktop Save and Restore utility, will allow for the display...

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UniView 0.2.1
Tuesday, 31 January, 2017

UniView querys the file type of the opened help file (OS/2, Windows or plain text) and opens the file with the right program for this help file type.

Program developed...

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UnRAR32 3.00b7 - 3.43
Monday, 15 March, 2010

OS/2 executable and library only to decompress RAR archives, source code and examples.

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Usage 1.0
Saturday, 23 March, 2013

Usage is a command line tool that prints out the disk usage of all disks/directories or directory/subdirectory. It is the command-line version of the "Treesize" function of ...

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Monday, 1 March, 2004

VFAT2EA converts VFAT Long Filenames to OS/2's .LONGNAME Extended Attributes, which is the standard way in OS/2 to store the long filenames for every file or directory on a partition which does not support long filenames.

It can...

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Virtual Long Filename Support Driver (VLFN) 0.91
Tuesday, 26 June, 2001

By installing this package, you'll be able to use long filenamed files in your OS/2's DOS box!

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WDRepairFile 1.0
Saturday, 7 April, 2018

WDRepairFile is a program, that copy a demage VOB-File e.g. from a DVD.

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WebAlizer 2.23-08
Tuesday, 25 May, 1999

The Webalizer is a web server log file analysis program which produces usage statistics in HTML format for viewing with a browser.

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Which 2.2.0 & 2.1.15
Wednesday, 8 February, 2017

Port of the "which" command for UNIX: report the complete path for a command/file or the shell alias in use.

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WinATMon 1.0
Monday, 23 October, 1995

Rexx sample using WPTools.dll and rexxlib.dll (1995-10-23). This program will identify all WIN-OS/2 objects defined to the system via the PM_Abstract:Objects application name in the OS2.INI file.

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Word-CMD (WordView) 03042017
Monday, 3 April, 2017

Rexx-file for viewing Microsoft Word 97 non-FAT documents with Microsoft Word 6 for Windows 3.x. This program requires the converter between Microsoft Word 6.0, 95 and 97.

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WPIView 1.2
Tuesday, 1 August, 2006

WPIView is a utility to view, install, and extract WarpIN packages (that is to say, with .WPI file extension).

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WPS class replacement for WPFileSystem/WPSystem
Thursday, 21 May, 2015

An enhancement to WPFileSystem and WPSystem classes, that helps in copying files to USB mass storage devices FAT16 formatted, where the long filenames may occasionally suffer truncation into 8.3 type.

It also forces the system to...

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X-Commander 0.97
Wednesday, 11 July, 2001

X-Commander is a powerfull textmode shell, designed to facilate a number of operations with files, directories and archives under OS/2 Operating System.

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XDF/LibSF for OS/2 1.0
Monday, 5 November, 2018

A program to view and extract contents from IBM Extended Density Format files.


  • List the XDF file contents: ...
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XWP FiltersAndTypes 1.0.2
Sunday, 15 February, 2004

This XML file contains hundreds of file types the filters for XWorkPlace. There are over 800 file types and over 1000 filename filters. The names of the file types are in Spanish and in English. You can change...

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Zippy 1.05.00
Wednesday, 11 September, 2019

View, extract and create archive files.

Zippy is a most advanced archive manager for ArcaOS, eComStation and IBM's OS/2 operating systems. Allow to easy to browse and...

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Zippy (Rexx Script)
Wednesday, 16 July, 1997

Zip up whole directory trees, useful as a general purpose back-up tool.

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Zoo Archiver 2.1
Wednesday, 6 October, 1993

OS/2 Port of the Zoo Archiver, by Rahul Dhesi.

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ZTreeBold 1.94a5
Friday, 17 September, 1999

ZTreeBold is a text-mode file/directory manager for OS/2.

Advantages of ZTreeBold:

  • No 640K memory barrier...log...
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