Client Samba (plugin per Netdrive o EVFSGUI)

Release date: 
Thursday, 12 April, 2012



OS/2 port of Samba 3.x client made as plugin for NetDrive by You can use it also with the EVFSGUI grafic client included in eComStation.

Since ArcaOS 5, a Netdrive plugin based on Samba 4.x, which supports SMB2+ has been included. For those not running ArcaOS, Heimdal and OpenLDAP are pre-requisites.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

You need Netdrive or the EVFSGUI client included in eComStation. To install from scratch or to update the EVFSGUI client you need:

  1. one plugin package
  2. one EVFSGUI package
  3. the commandline utilities package

Unzip the downloaded plugin archive to an empty directory and run instpl.cmd. For the other two packages, please look at the included readme files. Using plugin ver. 2.2.0 beta 4 + EVFSGUI ver. 2.5.0 RC7 you can access (read/write) resources shared by Windows 10.

Online documentation:

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

Plugin Netdrive v. 3.7.3 (18/1/2022, Paul Smedley (Smedles))
SMBClut v. 4.10.1 (13/4/2019, Paul Smedley (Smedles))
Plugin Netdrive v. 3.6 (24/3/2019, Paul Smedley (Smedles))
SMBClut v. 4.9.5 (24/3/2019, Paul Smedley (Smedles))  local copy
SMBClut v. 4.10.0 (24/3/2019, Paul Smedley (Smedles))
Client Samba (plugin per Netdrive o EVFSGUI) v. 4.9.0 (commandline utilities, 15/9/2018, Paul Smedley (Smedles))  local copy
Plugin Netdrive v. 3.5 (15/9/2018, Paul Smedley (Smedles))  local copy
SMBClut v. 1.3.0 (commandline utilities, 25/3/2018)
EVFSGUI v. 2.5.0 RC7 (13/12/2014)
Plugin Netdrive v. 2.2.0beta4 (26/2/2014)
Plugin Netdrive v. 2.1.5 GA (3/10/2013)
SMBClut v. 1.1.4 GA (commandline utilities, 2/9/2013)
EVFSGUI v. 2.1.3 GA (12/4/2012)
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