Release date: 
Friday, 17 September, 1999
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ZTreeBold is a text-mode file/directory manager for OS/2.

Advantages of ZTreeBold:

  • No 640K memory barrier...log an unlimited number of disks and files
  • Supports HPFS long file and directory names
  • Extended attributes are maintained during file operations
  • Allows use of any current or future archiving programs


This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

ZTreeBold v. 1.80 (17/9/1999, Zedtek Inc., Kim Henkel) Readme/What's new
┌──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────* │ Z T r e e B o l d ║ █ │ OS/2 File Manager ║ █ │ Copyright (c) Zedtek, Inc. 1993 - 1999 ║ █ │ Home Page: http://www.ztree.com ║ █ │ ZTreeBold Revision History ║ █ *══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════╝ █ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ Ver 1.80 (September 17th 1999) ------------------------------ Added - '\' from Global mode switches to treespec path for current file Added - /3 for 34 line video mode (and new option in configuration) Added - /? - Command line help display Added - /ZT command line option to start in last directory from Treespec Added - ARCHIVER.BB2 updated to support PKZIP 2.5 for OS/2 Added - About Box to Alt+Ctrl key combination Added - Alt-Batch command Added - Alt-Compare (Branch/Showall/Global) function Added - Alt-Duplicate branch function to Directory menu Added - Alt-Edit command (from Directory window) to start new session Added - Alt-Extract all tagged files and duplicate stored paths Added - Alt-F10 config option to prevent access to System/Hidden directories Added - Alt-F10 option to omit saving Command History starting with '@' Added - Alt-F5 - Integrated ARJ/RAR/ZIP header processing (thanks Eugene!) Added - Alt-F5 - TAB/BTAB key support in tree view Added - Alt-F5 - ZIP support for password encryption Added - Alt-F5 / Ctrl-F support in open archive Added - Alt-H to Hide/Unhide a directory Added - Alt-Kbyte to tree window to display directory size Added - Alt-Log Disk to Alt-File menu Added - Alt-Release (disk) to File menu Added - Alt-Release-Files in Branch Added - Alt-Release/files in Current directory Added - Alt-Sort Criteria displays current setting Added - Alt-eXecute to invoke command in new session Added - Autoview mode - Quit and Alt-Quit support Added - Backspace in directory tree - performs same as Ctrl-Left Added - Color coded file/directory name support - see ZCOLORS.INI for details Added - Command History enhanced to save 32 entries Added - Commandline arg: /ZF(last filespec) Added - Commandline args: /L1(1st Level) /LF(FULL) /LT(TREE) Added - Compare directory options saved between sessions Added - Configurable display of YYYY-format file dates Added - Configuration option to change Enter action to view file Added - Configuration option to change Space key to tag file Added - Configuration option to confirm Quit Added - Configuration option to disable Alt-Copy/Move sort by path Added - Configuration option to prevent Filespec <,> matching entered date Added - Configuration option to prevent logging ROOT files Added - Copy/Move - options to skip/retry when source file too big Added - Copy/Move function 'Tab' to duplicate current name Added - Ctrl-Arrow navigation functions to directory windows Added - Ctrl-Backspace in directory tree - performs Alt-Release/Current Added - Ctrl-Batch now supports %2-%5 and '!!' Added - Ctrl-Batch now supports %6 (parent path) Added - Ctrl-Copy/Move option to nEver replace existing files Added - Ctrl-End/Ctrl-Home - directory navigation for first/last of branch Added - Ctrl-F to toggle between last two filespecs Added - Ctrl-F5 - Shift-A to cycle in reverse through configured archivers Added - Ctrl-F5 - Store relative path option Added - Ctrl-F5 <D> option to display archiver output Added - Ctrl-F6 - Merge Tags to file menu for Split screen operation Added - Ctrl-F8 - Partial Untag to Ctrl-File menu Added - Ctrl-PgUp/Ctrl-PgDn - directory navigation same as Tab (for F8 mode) Added - Ctrl-Rename option F2 to change to UPPER, lower or Proper Case Added - Ctrl-Search tagged files - case sensitive option Added - Ctrl-View - Previous Tagged file ('p') command Added - Ctrl-View - Untag current file function Added - Ctrl-View - display index of current file and total count #/# Added - Ctrl-\ function to toggle between last two filespecs in history Added - Ctrl/Alt-Copy/Move/Delete - option to force replacement of R/O files Added - Extract single file from archive with 'C' key Added - F1 Help to Alt-Batch and Ctrl-Batch functions Added - F2-Force option for Copy/Move now has S/H attribute support Added - F3 recalls last item from history list Added - F4 for sticky menu modes Added - F5/F6 tree outlining functions Added - F7 Autoview (not currently supported in split-screen) Added - F7 Autoview Shift scrolling and shift-display mode functions Added - F9 Menu - Move function using arrow keys Added - F9 Menu function (80% complete) (copy XTG_MENU.DAT to ZTB_MENU.DAT) Added - File command 'S' to create WPS Shadow object to current file Added - File dividing lines configuration option Added - Filespec - Date specification now supported (eg: >1-1-98) Added - Filespec - Datespec value 'TODAY' to mean todays date (eg. '=TODAY') Added - Filespec - Label now supported (eg. source:*.c,*.h) Added - Filespec Help Added - Filespec support for embedded wildcards (eg. *.foo.*, *foo* etc.) Added - Invert Filespec Added - Keyboard editing Ctrl-Left/Right to skip past (' ',._) in filenames Added - Log - Volumes function to list available drives, name & space Added - Log disk - '*' logs all available drives Added - New/Ctrl-Date function - TAB key to supply original/current time Added - Open archive - tree view of stored path structure Added - Product logo at startup and when logging tree/full mode Added - Prune - confirmation options to require dirname or Y to be entered Added - Prune Directory option (F2) to force delete of R.SH files Added - Rename Directory function 'Tab' to duplicate current name Added - Rename File function 'Tab' to duplicate current name Added - Rename/Copy/Move - TAB key toggles dupe/lower/upper copy of name Added - Skip/Next file option to error handling for tagged file functions Added - Slack Space display to Stats screen Added - Support for filespecs to be passed on the command line Added - TFC v1.4 integration Added - Tag colour configuration for Global/Showall/Branch Added - Tag colour configuration to Alt-F10 (ZTB_CFG.exe) Added - Tag colour width to highlight whole file entry Added - Tree Window Highlight Bar - Scrolling/Fixed option Added - Viewer - Buffered reading algorithm (thanks Sergey!) Added - Viewer - HEX edit Added - Viewer - Hex mode - support searching for hex string Added - Viewer - Junk filter option Added - Viewer - Ruler function Added - Viewer - case sensitive search option Added - Wash Disk (thanks to Justin Nye) Added - eXecute - Configurable brief heading lines Added - eXecute - support for %1-%6 parameters Fixed Ctrl-Search tagged files performance improved Fixed - '*' not logging root when new configuration option set Fixed - '+' on directory collapsed logged branches Fixed - 'Q' from open archive left wrong colour scheme active in file window Fixed - (Ctrl) New Date - input mask for military time format incorrect Fixed - (Ctrl) New Date - unable to enter am/pm with caps on Fixed - /XT mode - '+'/'-' from file window not redrawing tree after switch Fixed - /XT switch didn't support '=' to switch drives from file window Fixed - /ZF command line switch (last filespec) broken Fixed - Aborting initial logging crashed if command line parameters used Fixed - Allow kill signals to terminate program Fixed - Allow use of local ZTBOLD.HST for network shared program directory Fixed - Alt-Attribute now ANDs multiple specified attributes Fixed - Alt-Batch - default mask to last value Fixed - Alt-Batch allows execution without any % parameters Fixed - Alt-Batch now uses its own command History keys (JJ) Fixed - Alt-Compare - Empty branch compared to itself caused GPF Fixed - Alt-Compare - Single depth branch compare caused GPF Fixed - Alt-Compare - not matching pathname with different case Fixed - Alt-Compare - problem matching pathnames in certain cases Fixed - Alt-Compare - rewritten Fixed - Alt-Compare Branch Trap Fixed - Alt-Compare Branch didn't handle multiple branches Fixed - Alt-Compare Branch didn't work from root directory Fixed - Alt-Compare Branch function tagging incorrectly Fixed - Alt-Compare Branch tagging incorrect when one branch was root Fixed - Alt-Compare/F2-Select disk function causing GPF in some cases Fixed - Alt-Copy - Allow Esc to cancel if attempt to copy to source dir Fixed - Alt-Copy problems (bad paths to traps) Fixed - Alt-Copy/Move failing to create partial paths from Branch view Fixed - Alt-Copy/Move with partial path displayed blank target directory Fixed - Alt-Duplicate problem where target drive equal to source Fixed - Alt-Edit from directory window not closing when editor exited Fixed - Alt-F10 - Allow Enter and Esc from second page Fixed - Alt-F10 Config program - redesigned colour setting menus Fixed - Alt-F4 - Compare (oldest / matching paths) not working Fixed - Alt-F4 - Compare dirs - target pathname not truncated for display Fixed - Alt-F4 - Show files - was using case-sensitive filename compare Fixed - Alt-F4 - failed to tag files where target is empty Fixed - Alt-F4 - find duplicates not matching when called from Ctrl view Fixed - Alt-F4 -Compare Global - not matching correctly if date sorted Fixed - Alt-F4 Compare (Branch/Showall/Global) overhaul & added Scope option Fixed - Alt-F4 Compare files - 'D' displaying non-duplicates from Showall Fixed - Alt-F4 Compare files - Trap when looking for Identical files Fixed - Alt-F4 Compare files major performance improvements Fixed - Alt-F4 Compare files was ignoring file size for indentical test Fixed - Alt-F4 compare file list broken by change to sorting routine Fixed - Alt-F5 - Accessed previously released drive Fixed - Alt-F5 - Allow deleting of r/o files in an archive Fixed - Alt-F5 - Empty archive caused an exception Fixed - Alt-F5 - Extract single file not refreshing target directory Fixed - Alt-F5 - Extract with paths (Alt-E) didn't check for existing files Fixed - Alt-F5 - SFX-detection not recognizing renamed .EXEs Fixed - Alt-F5 - Trap with large, complex stored directory structures Fixed - Alt-F5 - Unable to view or extract files with very long names Fixed - Alt-F5 - cursor going to left side when opening in Split screen Fixed - Alt-F5 - setting filespec where no matches dropped out of archive Fixed - Alt-F5 - translate '/' in stored pathnames to '\' for display Fixed - Alt-F5 from Autoview not properly drawing screen Fixed - Alt-F5 from archive in Ctrl-B/S/G display failing to display files Fixed - Alt-F5 on archive with stored path, showing total stats in each dir Fixed - Alt-F5 removed archive name from top line to widen path name Fixed - Alt-F5 support Ctrl-I to invert tags Fixed - Alt-F5 supported a limited number of files in an archive Fixed - Alt-F5 unable to view/extract if directory name had '&' or space Fixed - Alt-F5/Delete - Delete empty archive after all files are deleted Fixed - Alt-F5/Delete - archive stats not refreshed after deleting member Fixed - Alt-F5/Extract file to root when current dir not root failed Fixed - Alt-F5/Extract file was ignoring target path and using root Fixed - Alt-F5/View message clarifies case where no supporting archiver Fixed - Alt-F7 Autoview - Enabled F3/Alt-F3 Fixed - Alt-F9 to resize the window preserves tree location Fixed - Alt-Graft no longer needs to relog the tree Fixed - Alt-Graft problem rethreading directories Fixed - Alt-KByte - not showing size for root after Alt-Release/Current Fixed - Alt-Log from small file window could cause trap Fixed - Alt-Log/Branch in Split-screen using a filespec in right crash Fixed - Alt-Log/One Level - not expanding the branch Fixed - Alt-Log/One level was broken Fixed - Alt-Move - not checking first for tagged files Fixed - Alt-Prune - redesign to keep root current Fixed - Alt-Q didn't exit to dir of current file in Branch/Showall/Global Fixed - Alt-Release/Disk - Trap if tree collapsed and released previous drive Fixed - Alt-Sort - Unsorted should always sort with Path option On Fixed - Alt-Sort files - numerous fixes for consistency Fixed - Alt-Sort files by Date/Size used ext instead of name as next pivot Fixed - Alt-Sort in small file window not sorting large file window Fixed - Alt-Sort problem when LFN with extension less than 3 characters Fixed - Alt-Sort proceeded to re-sort after Esc if Order or Path changed Fixed - Alt-Sort proceeding to sort after Esc from menu Fixed - Alt-Sort should re-sort even if the same criteria is selected Fixed - Alt-Tag - locking up for more than 64K files Fixed - Alt-X removed '/C' parameter which prevented running PM apps Fixed - Archive command now uses its own command History keys (AC) Fixed - Archive opening limited to 2000 files Fixed - Archives containing paths did not correctly display tagged count Fixed - Archives that cannot be opened now drop into viewer Fixed - AutoView - suppressed display of Empty File message for consistency Fixed - Autoview - Allow ' ' key function Fixed - Autoview - Not updating stats after tagging/untagging files Fixed - Autoview file highlighting not always clearing last selection Fixed - Available Bytes display format widened Fixed - Available Bytes refreshed when using '*', '+' or Enter on Branch Fixed - Available space - improved error handling Fixed - Batch - LFN arguments with spaces now enclosed in "" Fixed - Batch - support use of '%+' for 4OS2 users Fixed - Batch Functions - Support %! and %% sequence to enter ! and % Fixed - Branch view from root directory invokes Showall view Fixed - Branch/Showall/Global crashes after viewing files or Alt-F5 Fixed - Changed tree logging to use DosChDir and '*' in search (thx Chris!) Fixed - Command History - Down-Arrow now starts at end Fixed - Command History - No wrapping at end of list using arrows Fixed - Command History corruption deleting top item in list Fixed - Command History didn't update existing items with different case Fixed - Command History displaying entries too long after deleting an item Fixed - Command History getting corrupted at startup Fixed - Command History item tagging limited to two less than total Fixed - Command History trapped occasionally with <Ins> key Fixed - Command history - Set [Home] and [PgUp] to skip to oldest entry Fixed - Command history - [Ins] allowed marking all items, not all but one Fixed - Command history not allowing marking of 31 items Fixed - Command history not allowing selection of oldest entry Fixed - Command history selecting blank line did not clear entry Fixed - Compare Branch - speed improved, added progress bar & Esc support Fixed - Compare function failed after Ctrl-B/S/G when no tagged files Fixed - Confirm quit now accepts 'Q' to mean 'Y' Fixed - Copy/Move - Check target drive for available space Fixed - Copy/Move - Existing target files with no extension not untagged Fixed - Copy/Move - reread source file attributes when existing file found Fixed - Copy/Move - space check didn't allow file size equal to available Fixed - Copy/Move - target directory name limit expanded Fixed - Copy/Move file change to check for target existence first Fixed - Copy/move file to new directory expanded parent directory Fixed - Crash refreshing file list when several deleted externally Fixed - Crashed logging very tall trees Fixed - Crashing in FindPathFromPos() when new branches created Fixed - Ctrl-Attr was unnecessarily updating all tagged files attributes Fixed - Ctrl-Attr/New date - not refreshing first page of file info Fixed - Ctrl-B/S/G - problems if invoked with no tagged files Fixed - Ctrl-B/S/G list being corrupted after a change to sort order Fixed - Ctrl-Batch %5 parameter not initialized for no-extension files Fixed - Ctrl-Batch - added progress bar Fixed - Ctrl-Batch did not quit when Esc pressed Fixed - Ctrl-Batch places resultant file into base directory of branch Fixed - Ctrl-Batch/Alt-Batch - should not truncate training spaces from mask Fixed - Ctrl-Copy (auto-replace) for r/o target did not skip with 'N' Fixed - Ctrl-Copy - File list not refreshed if target directory equal source Fixed - Ctrl-Copy/Move - Replace Older/nEver stopping at all r.sh files Fixed - Ctrl-Delete - Confirm 'Y' - not refreshing filelist Fixed - Ctrl-Delete - [Enter] defaults to 'Y' (confirm) Fixed - Ctrl-Delete - performance improvement by reducing screen updates Fixed - Ctrl-Delete Tagged files - Confirm 'Y', ended with first 'N' Fixed - Ctrl-Delete not refreshing file display Fixed - Ctrl-Extract from archive not finding existing files in root dir Fixed - Ctrl-Extract tagged files changed to allow conditional replacement Fixed - Ctrl-F4 (show tags) not maintaining sort sequence Fixed - Ctrl-F4 (show tags) state lost after tabbing in Split mode Fixed - Ctrl-F4 - not filtering files that do not match filespec Fixed - Ctrl-F4 - show tags - made a toggle Fixed - Ctrl-F5 - Branch view lost after archiving to root of branch Fixed - Ctrl-F5 - PKZip and InfoZip not zipping filenames with spaces Fixed - Ctrl-F5 - Save 'Display Output' setting in between sessions Fixed - Ctrl-F5 - slow file scrolling while building list of filenames Fixed - Ctrl-F5 - target directory not relogged after archive creation Fixed - Ctrl-F5 archived all files ("*") when filemask was active Fixed - Ctrl-F5 archiving all files in directory didn't store path Fixed - Ctrl-F5 checks now for "Zip/" in archiver name to use "*" for all Fixed - Ctrl-F5 command that was too long caused cursor to be 'lost' Fixed - Ctrl-F5 default creation of archive in current directory Fixed - Ctrl-F5 from Branch not defaulting archive path to parent directory Fixed - Ctrl-F5 from showall/branch/global added extra '\' to target path Fixed - Ctrl-F5 not refreshing target directory of new archive Fixed - Ctrl-F5 now passes file list to ZIP and PKZIP (see ARCHIVER.BB2) Fixed - Ctrl-F5 only support archiving limited filename lengths Fixed - Ctrl-F5 renamed 'list' file to 'list.$$$' Fixed - Ctrl-F5 save last used archiver during a session Fixed - Ctrl-F5 trap when not all files tagged and archiver not using list Fixed - Ctrl-F5/Background option was broken Fixed - Ctrl-Invert (file menu) - not working with no tagged files Fixed - Ctrl-Invert/Tags - Tagging current file Fixed - Ctrl-Move did not cancel operation on Esc Fixed - Ctrl-Rename - now uses Tab for case conversion (not F2) Fixed - Ctrl-Rename - progress bar not scaled correctly Fixed - Ctrl-Rename - save last state of CaSe option between sessions Fixed - Ctrl-Rename prematurely quitting the list of tagged files Fixed - Ctrl-Rename should ignore Tab in filename Fixed - Ctrl-Search - Progress bar not tracking correctly Fixed - Ctrl-Search/View-Search - F2 Case option now synchronized Fixed - Ctrl-Showall not working in open archive (from Alt-F5) Fixed - Ctrl-V exiting list prematurely when open file encountered Fixed - Ctrl-V search for text stopped at first file if not found Fixed - Ctrl-View - Display text being searched for Fixed - Ctrl-View - Shift-N on first file caused GPF Fixed - Ctrl-View looping when search text not found Fixed - Ctrl-View looping when search text not found (still) Fixed - Ctrl-\ - Enter should not be required to accept path Fixed - Ctrl-\ - Trap after releasing previously logged drive Fixed - Ctrl-\ caused a GPF if no treespec saved in history Fixed - Ctrl-\ not clearing previous entry Fixed - Ctrl/Alt-Batch truncate trailing '.' from filename with no ext Fixed - Ctrl/Alt-Copy & Ctrl/Alt-Move failed to create paths after disk swap Fixed - Ctrl/Alt-Copy from Ctrl-B/S/G list causing an intermittent GPF Fixed - Ctrl/Alt-Copy/Move - improved existing target file prompts Fixed - Ctrl/Alt-Copy/Move - standardized handling for S/H attribute files Fixed - Current file display now shows extension in all cases for LFNs Fixed - Delete directory failing after deleting all files from showall Fixed - Delete directory not checking for files before confirmation Fixed - Directory functions with F5-Collapse active caused problems Fixed - Directory name edit converts '/' to '\' Fixed - Directory refreshing after various functions not correct Fixed - Drive totals now (really) support > 4Gb display Fixed - Drive totals now support > 4Gb display Fixed - Drive totals support > 4Gb display (thanks Jerry!) Fixed - Edit (from directory view) always prefixed with current drive\path Fixed - Edit - From dir menu, refresh current dir upon return Fixed - Edit - Trap refreshing current dir after all files deleted externally Fixed - Edit command (from Directory window) not passing LFNs in "" Fixed - Edit/eXecute (Dir menu) tags in current directory being lost Fixed - Esc from disk logging not working correctly Fixed - Exception handling added to prevent lockup in thread2 on exit Fixed - Exception handling improved Fixed - Extracting files from archive to current directory went to root Fixed - Extracting files from archive to new directory caused trap Fixed - Extracting files from archive to new directory checked existing Fixed - F2 Point - Log disk was relogging currently logged drives Fixed - F2 Point INS key didn't expand branch with /XT switch Fixed - F2 Point change to support use of ('-' & '=') with /XT switch Fixed - F2 Point scrollbar made to match window attributes Fixed - F2 Select Dir - hilight bar too wide if path wider than window Fixed - F2 Select Directory - added Tab/BTab key support for traversal Fixed - F2 Select target relogging drives rather than switching Fixed - F2 key was erasing existing input in Search and Prune functions Fixed - F2-Select dir - force 'l' to relog previously logged drive Fixed - F2-Select path now recalls last selected drive Fixed - F2-select path moving beyond current branch with right arrow Fixed - F3/Alt-F3 - refreshes new and removed directories in tree Fixed - F4 - sticky menus didn't support Fn-Keys Fixed - F5/F6 - Toggling not working from disk logged in TREE mode Fixed - F5/F6 - crash after collapsing/expanding large tree Fixed - F5/F6 - crash after pressing Down or End key Fixed - F5/F6 problems where non-displayed branches were unlogged Fixed - F7 Autoview - Filespec set to no matches didn't return to tree Fixed - F7 Autoview - TAB/BTAB were not disabled Fixed - F7 Autoview ASCII WRAP mode incorrectly wrapping at col 80 Fixed - F7 Autoview Ctrl and Alt commands dropping out of current file Fixed - F7 Autoview cosmetic problems with highlight bar Fixed - F7 Autoview menus implemented Fixed - F7 Autoview tagging using global tag colour Fixed - F7-Autoview - Problem copy files to current directory Fixed - F7-Autoview scrolling too far right in HEX and DUMP modes Fixed - F7-Autoview should NOT ignore Esc key ;-) Fixed - F7-Autoview should ignore 'Q' key Fixed - F8 - Crash invoking copy/move when opposite side collapsed Fixed - F8 - Highlight bar problems with very deep branches Fixed - F8 - Position in tree lost after F8/Tab/Esc Fixed - F8 - TAB to showall where parent dir empty dropped back to tree Fixed - F8 - Tab to Ctrl-B/S/G view after untagging files caused trapped Fixed - F8 - Tree position lost after closing file window from right side Fixed - F8 Split - Filespec broken Fixed - F8 split-screen not showing logged files on left Fixed - F8 split-screen trap occurred when filemask was active Fixed - F8-Split - Crash when Tabbing after most files deleted externally Fixed - F8-Split - Tab to other side not setting current drive Fixed - F8-Split - Tagged file stats incorrect after copy operation Fixed - F8-Split did not duplicate current tags to right Fixed - F8-Split file positioning incorrect when highlight on right Fixed - F8-Split not displaying pathname Fixed - F8-Split screen - memory corruption after certain actions Fixed - F8-Split screen/Tab problem when fixed bar and < 3 dirs Fixed - F8-Split screen/Tab to opposite after collapsing tree caused GPF Fixed - F8-Split/Tab - menu problem tabbing between file & tree mode Fixed - F8-split not setting file counts correctly when filespec set Fixed - F8-unsplit not maintaining file/tag mode from right side Fixed - F8/Alt-F5 with filespec active on right restored left filespec Fixed - F8/TAB - Display error collaping current tree with Fixed hilite Fixed - F9 - Execute script not setting current directory Fixed - F9 Menu - Added '@EXIT' to end of auto-generated ZTB_MENU.CMD Fixed - F9 Menu - Added PgUp and PgDn keyboard support Fixed - F9 Menu - GPF after loading certain formatting in ZTB_MENU.DAT Fixed - F9 Menu - Insert function in script was non-functional Fixed - F9 Menu - Items added to menu are not shown after scrolling Fixed - F9 Menu - Make menu positioning sticky Fixed - F9 Menu - Menu history overwriting JFC history (oops) Fixed - F9 Menu - adding item at bottom of screen not scrolling window Fixed - F9 Menu - menu capacity increased Fixed - F9 Menu - position saved between sessions Fixed - F9 Menu - problems editing scripts Fixed - F9 Menu - set current path to highlighted file for script execution Fixed - F9 Menu - set path to current when no file for script execution Fixed - F9-Menu - Minor fixes Fixed - File Sorting not refreshed after changing options in Alt-F10 Fixed - File size display abbreviated with 'K' not rounding properly Fixed - File size display over 100M abbreviated with 'K' suffix Fixed - File sorting in Branch mode not using path as last criteria Fixed - File sorting of long filenames with short extension not correct Fixed - Filename sort by extension only qualified 3 characters Fixed - Filespec - Date range '>' & '<' now include specified date Fixed - Filespec - Date validation added for 'datespecs' Fixed - Filespec - added support for "" to wrap a mask with spaces Fixed - Filespec - allow mixed/lowercase entry for display purposes Fixed - Filespec - date without formatting (eg. <010198) caused GPF Fixed - Filespec - not matching LFNS with < 3 character extension Fixed - Filespec - prevent redisplay if function aborted Fixed - Filespec - various inconsistancies fixed Fixed - Filespec after F5-Collapse not working Fixed - Filespec causing existing logged directories trees to relog Fixed - Filespec mask ending in '*' not matching files Fixed - Filespec not matching correct files where no extension Fixed - Filespec now supports unlimited number of masks Fixed - Filespec problems with F8 split screen Fixed - Filespec remained active after split/unsplit/split sequence Fixed - Filespec treating '?' as '*' Fixed - Filespec with mixed include/exclude masks not working Fixed - Floppy access after disk removed while using another drive Fixed - Full disk logging ignoring root with new config option set Fixed - Global/Showall/Branch not working after Ctrl-G/Ctrl-S/Ctrl-B Fixed - Graft - GPF caused by bug introduced with fixed-bar change Fixed - Graft - YMGB (yet more graft bugs) Fixed - Graft - grafting very last branch of drive caused TRAP Fixed - Graft - problem grafting directory to branch directly above it Fixed - Graft - problems after grafting large, unexpanded branches Fixed - Initial directory at startup was defaulting to last read Fixed - Ins and Del keys should be active in tree only with /XT switch Fixed - J (TFC) command - defaults target path only - Tab to default file Fixed - J (TFC) command - now saves its own command history Fixed - JFC - F2 option to select dir added a trailing '\' for the root Fixed - JFC - If files differed, they remained locked by ZTree Fixed - JFC - In split-mode, only default file2 when it actually exists Fixed - JFC - Prevent display of files if identical Fixed - JFC - Unable to extend filename if file not found Fixed - JFC - fixes to defaulting of filename 2 Fixed - JFC - source file with no extension defaulting wrong target name Fixed - JFC input line length increased Fixed - Keyboard input - right arrow moving beyond end of string Fixed - Keyboard input adding extra spaces after toggling insert mode Fixed - Log Disk - Current position lost if logging cancelled Fixed - Log/volumes function - allow Esc to cancel Fixed - Logging mode changes should not be 'sticky' Fixed - Long directory names now display with truncation marker Fixed - Long filename missing '>' indicator when ' ' in that position Fixed - Long filenames not indicating truncation in certain cases Fixed - Make dir - support specification of "..\" and "\" prefixes Fixed - Menu mode not resetting after Ctrl or Alt function Fixed - Menu not reset after Esc from branch logging Fixed - Move file - checked target space moving to same drive Fixed - Move file from network drive could trap when cluster size = 0 Fixed - Move/Copy did not display error when trying to replace self Fixed - Multiple startup directories - only first positioned tree correctly Fixed - New Date - Date validation problems Fixed - New Date - defaulting to pm if not specified Fixed - New Date function setting am/pm incorrectly or refreshing stats Fixed - New Date keyboard state defaulted to overtype mode Fixed - New Date function - not able to set PM time correctly Fixed - New Date function - skips punctional characters when editing Fixed - New file date was defaulting to file date instead of current Fixed - New path creation not inserting '\' for input of C:DIR Fixed - Open - directory refreshed after Open command used Fixed - Open command restrict .CMD loading to ZTreeBold directory Fixed - Passing startup directory on command line not working Fixed - Position in tree lost if branches created above current Fixed - Preserve filename position after directory updated externally Fixed - Prevent detection of .ARC files where extension not .ARC Fixed - Prevent forced lowercase display of Hidden files Fixed - Prevent re-reading of volume info when cycling through logged drives Fixed - Prevent unconditional logging of root dir in ROOT mode Fixed - Print Catalog of tagged files - filename width increased Fixed - Print Catalog of tagged files missing files when filespec active Fixed - Print File - prevent device name equal to current filename Fixed - Print cat/pathnames/tree broken in v1.77k Fixed - Print file with headers not accounting for FF in file Fixed - Program exiting prematurely after 'Access Denied' error logging Fixed - Progress bar reset to zero when processing lots of files Fixed - Progress bar scaled incorrectly for branch operations Fixed - Progress bar scaled to not exceed 100% Fixed - Prune - F2 force option now clears directory attributes if required Fixed - Prune - unable to prune last branch in tree Fixed - Quit - removable media accessed after quitting Fixed - Quit program when Esc from Log disk and no drives logged Fixed - Reformatted file display to enlarge size field Fixed - Remove tags from files replaced by copy/move function Fixed - Removed leading '0' from date/time Fixed - Removed static linking of PMSHAPI Fixed - Rename - Ignore command if no name entered Fixed - Rename - added 'proper' case toggle Fixed - Rename Directory was broken Fixed - Rename directory - allow use of wildcards Fixed - Rename file - new name with no extension shown with trailing '.' Fixed - Scrolling keyboard input bugs in BKSP and DEL keys Fixed - Search Tagged files found text from previous file Fixed - Search tagged files text input truncated at cursor Fixed - Search text history now case sensitive Fixed - Search-Tagged files search even with empty input string Fixed - Small file window access lost after Branch/Showall/Global view Fixed - Sort Order & Path options not restored after Alt-F5 Fixed - Sort files 'Unsorted' was incorrectly reversing with 'Order' Fixed - Space key was only setting tags, not inverting Fixed - Space-Bar reverted to cursor-down in File Display Fixed - Spinner added to global file display Fixed - Split-screen drawing incorrect using small file window Fixed - Startup path defaulting to root instead of current directory Fixed - Startup path with trailing '\' caused crash Fixed - Stats - Widened File Statistics numeric format Fixed - Stats screen modified slightly to allow more room Fixed - Stats window - increased length of displayed filespec Fixed - Stats window showing incorrect "Displayed files" values Fixed - Support 'C:.' on command-line to log root of specified drive Fixed - Support for copy/move to VFAT partitions Fixed - Support for up to 127 level directory nesting Fixed - Suppress display of '.' in filenames with no extension Fixed - Suppressed leading zero from file datestamps Fixed - TAB key - unable to tab to last directory in tree Fixed - TFC not defaulting opposite path with split-screen Fixed - Tab in F8-Split mode opening directly to file window after prev F8 Fixed - Tab/BTAB should only traverse within current tree Fixed - Tag attributes too wide in 2 column file display mode Fixed - Tag color lost after tabbing between split-screen Fixed - Tag count incorrect after Ctrl-D with filemask active Fixed - Tag-Copy/Move - redislay progress bar after error message Fixed - Tagged files retained after Edit/Extract/Archive functions Fixed - Tagged files with alt background colour not clearing completely Fixed - Tags lost after copy files in split screen mode (F8) Fixed - Timestamps incorrectly showing pm not am Fixed - Tree display modified to show more directories before using '...' Fixed - Tree position lost after collapsing branches in split-screen mode Fixed - Tree scrollbar position not refreshed on '*' or '-'/del Fixed - Treespec ('\') - TAB key completes current path name Fixed - Treespec ('\') - Trap following the use of [Tab] Fixed - Treespec ('\') - should expand the current branch initially Fixed - Treespec ('\') now supported from file window Fixed - Treespec - '-' key did not collapse branch after treespec Fixed - Treespec - Esc now returns to previous tree position Fixed - Treespec GPF when pressing Enter on non existant directory Fixed - Treespec command didn't support paths longer than line Fixed - Treespec from tree collapsed with F5/F6 unlogging branch Fixed - Treespec problem selecting different drive if already logged Fixed - Treespec recalling using F3 was not working Fixed - Treespec trap when selecting root with config option to log root Fixed - ValidatePathname not detecting filename with requested pathname Fixed - Various functions showing incorrect time format Fixed - View - Hex/Dump modes now highlight text found across a line Fixed - View - Ruler - Save state between uses Fixed - View - attempted archive decoding if file ended in zip (eg azip) Fixed - View command attempted to invoke archiver for certain .EXEs Fixed - View/Alt-F5 - Prevent incorrect archiver detection using only .ext Fixed - Viewer 'N' key caused endless loop Fixed - Viewer - DUMP/HEX modes not marking found text at end of line Fixed - Viewer - Empty search string not disabling search in next viewed file Fixed - Viewer - End key not working properly in ASCII WRAP mode Fixed - Viewer - End key stopped one line short if no EOF or CR/LF Fixed - Viewer - End key stopped one line short if no EOF or CR/LF Fixed - Viewer - Gather allowed scrolling beyond end of data Fixed - Viewer - Hex Edit - writing too much data on last page of file Fixed - Viewer - Hex Edit cursor down moving beyond end of short file Fixed - Viewer - Hex Edit cursor right moving beyond end of short file Fixed - Viewer - Hex Edit cursor right moving beyond end of short file Fixed - Viewer - Hex Edit display offsets incorrect Fixed - Viewer - Hex edit - prevent editing beyond end of file Fixed - Viewer - Hex/Search - not finding hex string starting with '00' Fixed - Viewer - Increased maximum line width Fixed - Viewer - Ruler - Added Hundred marks Fixed - Viewer - Search not stopping with Esc key Fixed - Viewer - Wrap not clearing last column after Hex mode Fixed - Viewer - compress long pathnames to display filename at top Fixed - Viewer - position bar tracks text search Fixed - Viewer - position bar tracks text search in ASCII mode Fixed - Viewer - tab toggle saved between sessions Fixed - Viewer - various ASCII WRAP fixes Fixed - Viewer - various scrolling problems in Hex and Dump modes at end Fixed - Viewer Gather function now refreshes directory of saved file Fixed - Viewer Gather text from archived file going to TMP directory Fixed - Viewer Search text input truncated at cursor Fixed - Viewer Trap on PGDN with files of size just under 4K multiple Fixed - Viewer WRAP mode now splits at word boundary Fixed - Viewer [End] key skipping 1 line too few Fixed - Viewer mode toggling was not correct Fixed - Viewer only outputting 79 characters in ASCII mode Fixed - Viewer scrolling right in HEX and DUMP modes Fixed - Viewer search for text hiding top line in some cases Fixed - Viewer should allow display of zero-byte files for Ctrl-V to work Fixed - Viewer/Gather problems marking last line Fixed - Wrong drive letter reported when drive not ready Fixed - ZCOLORS.INI - default color for files not matching no extension Fixed - ZTW.$$$ visible in TMP directory after extracting files Fixed - eXecute - command history window moved left to maximize width Fixed - eXecute - refresh current directory contents after eXecute Fixed - eXecute - unable to extend a command line of a filename in quotes Fixed - eXecute command resulted in SYS1059 for DOS commands under CMD.EXE Fixed - eXecute did not wrap program names with spaces in quotes Fixed - eXecute from Directory window caused current dir to be logged Fixed - eXecute window - Compress pathname to prevent trap Fixed - eXecute window also defaults display of executable file extension Fixed = Command History - list size increased based on window size
Record updated last time on: 28/02/2018 - 06:34

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