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Sunday, 15 April, 2007



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  • DriveDir: List contents of a drive/subdirectory chain matching dates, etc. Recognizes the .LONGNAME extended attribute for display purposes. Package also includes "Treed.cmd" to display the nesting of subdirectories.
  • Xeroxit: Copy/erase files from one source to another such that the logical contents are maintained as a 2nd copy. New files copied from source to destination, Optionally files with changed dates also copied from source to replace the destination, optionally files & subdirectories erased from destination that no longer exist on the source. Recognizes the .LONGNAME extended attribute for use with preserving long file names when transferring via a FAT memory stick.
    Note, the Enhanced RD package is also required if the option to erase extraneous directories is invoked.
  • TOC - Table of Contents: Maintains a listing of the contents of a 1 or more drives. Depends on the "DriveDir.cmd" package. You can use this to create a snapshot listing (not a backup of the file contents, but a directory listing) of what's on a drive(s) in case a "CHKDSK" moves files to the "found*" hierarchy. Then you can use the companion "FixFound.cmd" to try to automate some of the process of moving the files back where they belong. Also included is a "FixDate.cmd" which is used to manually set the timestamp of file(s). Other utilities include "TOC_Diff.cmd" to compare different TOCxxxxx.lst files and "TOC_Tree.cmd" to just list the subdirectory structure snapshotted within a TOCxxxxx.lst file.
  • Path manipulation:
    "MODPATH.cmd" to add/remove components of environment variable (PATH, DPATH, INCLUDE, etc). Can add or remove from any place within the string.
    "SRCHPATH.cmd" to search the appropriate PATH, DPATH, HELP, INCLUDE, LIBPATH, etc setting to display which file (if any) the system might use. For example, "srchpath ftppm.hlp" would search the HELP variable. In some ways, much like a "which" program.
  • Get/Set Long File Name: "Get_LFN.cmd" and "Set_LFN.cmd" to manage the .LONGNAME extended attribute on FAT drives.
    Hint: Use in conjunction with the VFAT2EA and other packages to round trip Windows long file names with OS/2.
  • Enhanced RD: Recursively deletes most nested hidden/system/read only files and directories. It may also run under Windows using ooRexx if renamed to *.rex.
  • Synchronize Date and Time: Using the DayTime protocol, contacts one or more remote servers to synchronize the local clock.

As this is written in Rexx, the end user can easily recode its operation as needed!

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. See below for download link(s).

Following links are to additional programs, not mandatory but useful:

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

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