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VisPro/Rexx is a Visual Programming tool that is completely integrated with the Workplace Shell and offers multiple views, drag-drop interaction, popup menus, settings notebooks, direct editing, all CUA '91 features and supports the OS/2 Font and Color palettes. The author, Dave Hock, has authorized that it become freeware, which means that anyone can write software using this toolkit freely and distribute it with any license you want. The package includes the original book in pdf format which introduces in great detail all the features of the toolkit, and describes with equal precision every function, with all the available parameters, is also full of examples and is easy to read, feature not negligible given the argument's vastness.

The development environment uses a lot of drag and drop and pop-ups, automatically introducing the related code, features that benefit much, allowing you to concentrate exclusively on the routines of yours projects.

Unlike other similar packages, VisPro/Rexx also offers an excellent incremental reporting system that lets you keep track of all the changes made to the code, very useful for developers Team and for revision.

It is possible to cronologically display not only the modified code, but each change in the layout is displayed in graphical mode!
The development environment integrates itself seamlessly into WorkPlaceShell, includes components for managing databases and networks and is expandable using its toolkit for the development of additional objects SOM, available as a separate package including source code examples.

This software is distributed in two modes:
  • as compressed package that you have to download and manually install; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too;
  • as RPM package; you can install it using your favorite rpm package manager, that will take care to download and install both the software and its prerequisites.
Choose the installation mode that you prefer. Please note that not all the versions are available in both the installation modes.

Installation with rpm

This program is installable using the rpm package manager. See below for the install string. Required prerequisites are automatically processed by the package manager and, if needed, downloaded and installed.

rxextras-1.g.0-2.oc00 (07/01/2018)
Repository: Netlabs stable

Manual installation

Available both as ZIP and WarpIN package:

  • Fundamentals of REXX language, mandatory to the use of this toolkit, can be found in the book "Procedures Language/2 REXX User's Guide", included into the operating system, to deepen, REXX Reference Summary Handbook.
  • Developing additional objects SOM requires the OS/2 Toolkit and the IBM CSet or CSet++ ver. 2.0 or above (Latest versions are included into eComStation - CDROM 2 and CDROM 3).
  • Projects Conversion Tool, (to convert forms into text files use VX-REXX Ver. 2.00 Build B3), rexx mismatched code is commented while maintaining the structure, a feature that greatly facilitates the re-coding of projects.

See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

Gold Edition (23/9/2012) Readme/What's new
VisPro/REXX Gold and VisPro/REXX Bronze share these features: * - Workplace-Shell enabled drag and drop programming that automatically generates the code for you. It also allows you to drag items to the printer, shredder and Workplace Shell Folders. * - Comprehensive set of CUA '91 objects, including: push button, radio button, check box, list box, combo box, group box, entry field, MLE, text, spin button, value set, bitmap and free-form window. * - The VisPro/REXX debugger enables you to perform faster debugging with features such as break points, animation, tracing, and the ability to browse events and other modules. * - Settings, Layout, Event Tree and List views allow you to efficiently create, change or customize your program. The Layout view provides a WYSIWYG design canvas and a floating tool palette. * - SOM-based interface allows you to create and add custom objects to the VisPro tool bar. It allows you to specify behavior, styles and methods and generates most of the source code needed to bring the object into all VisPro environments - C, C++ and REXX. (Free to customers upon request.) * - OS/2-style help allows you provide OS/2-style (IPF) help to your program, which gives users access to your program's help file just like help for other OS/2 applications. * - Information line tips can be added to your programs, giving users information about each object. This allows users to learn your program quickly. * - User interface resource compatibility allows you to build an application with VisPro/REXX and impore the interface resources to VisPro/C or VisPro/C++ and vice versa. User interface resources include: bitmaps, icons, panel definitions, menus and accelerator key definitions. * - Hot keys allow you to define keystorkes to launch events rather than using a mouse. * - Form styles provides full support of all OS/2 frame window styles as well as plain, sizeable, scrollable, and dialog. Frame windows can be modal or system modal. * - Dynamic Data Exchange In addition to the previous item VisPro/REXX Gold also has: * - In addition to the objects found in the Bronze version, VisPro/rEXX Gold provides the slider, notebook, container objects and business graphics tools. * - VisPro/REXX Gold supports multiple user-defined threads. Full OS/2 multithreaded support and OS/2 semaphore support is build right in. * - VisPro Database Designer visually develops database applications or reverse-engineers existing databases into entity-relationship diagrams. Supports DB2, SQL Anywhere (formerly Watcom SQL), and all ODBC-enabled databases. Drag and drop tables and relationship links to a Layout view to generate complete applications with embedded SQL. The point-and-click SQL builder allows you to easily build syntax err-free SQL statements. Join and drill-down support offer access to data in other tables. * - Database designer. * - VisPro Team Administrator logs all changes to your VisPro program, including time, programmer's name, and any comment or ID included. Allows graphical compare of two files and ability to rollback changes. Includes lock-out feature, read-only browsing, and form shadowing, providing dynamic update of form changes. System requirements: * - OS/2 2.x or higher * - 5Mb memory * - 3Mb hard disk spack
Vispro/Rexx SOM objects Developer Toolkit (23/9/2012)
Progress bar object (3/5/2001, Zeryx Software)  local copy
Fly over button object (1/3/2001, Zeryx Software)  local copy
Transparent text object (1/3/2001, Zeryx Software)  local copy
VPRxx - VisPro/REXX toolbar support for RxExtras (23/1/1999, DIon Gillard) Readme/What's new
VPRxx is a VisPro/REXX toolbar object for RxExtras. It makes coding with RxExtras as easy as using VisPro/REXX. RxExtras is a library with many externals functions for REXX, VisPro/REXX and VX-REXX.
Extra funtions for VisPro/REXX container objects library (7/2/1996, Ronald Stutt) Readme/What's new
This program extends the VisPro/Rexx language by providing REXX external functions. RSVPSpace; RSVPSplit; RSVPText.
VisPro Conversion Utility (15/11/1995) Readme/What's new
The VisPro Conversion Utility allows you too easily convert your VX-Rexx projects to any one of the VisPro products that you select and are installed on your machine.  local copy
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