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Monday, 17 April, 2000



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The Wizard of OS/2!
OS/2-Commander is the final Norton Commander  clone for OS/2. It offers an integrated archive handling, HPFS-support, a user-definable menu,  a Tree-function, the most powerful FIND-function  you've ever seen, a DBF viewer, browser and  editor! Full 4DOS/4OS2 support, enhanced sysop  features, full network compatibility, disk-image  function, 132-column mode and much more! Try it!

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP self-extracting package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. Run INSTALL.CMD. See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

OS/2-Commander v. 1.28 (17/4/2000, Wolfgang Sarp) Readme/What's new
┌──────────────────────────┐ │ The OS/2-Commander v1.28 │ └──────────────────────────┘ News and changes in OS/2-Commander version 1.28 =============================================== - FixPak 13 fix News and changes in OS/2-Commander version 1.27 =============================================== - another Y2K bug bixed (comparing directories). News and changes in OS/2-Commander version 1.26 =============================================== - more security and "hack"-checks removed. News and changes in OS/2-Commander version 1.25 =============================================== - Y2K fixes - support and development of The OS/2-Commander is standing still and I have no idea if and when I will continue the development. Because of that I removed most of the nag-screens. News and changes in OS/2-Commander version 1.24 =============================================== - My Fido-Address has changed and my BBS is closed! - FILES.BBS support for ProBoard (checking for a '+') News and changes in OS/2-Commander version 1.23 =============================================== - Hitting a number in ALT-F6 is working again. - Recognition of a special ARC archive did not work. - ALT-F7 with F5 caused a problem. - ALT-F1 inside an archive caused problems. News and changes in OS/2-Commander version 1.22 =============================================== - What I forgot: I added a QuickView option to the pulldown-menue (F9). - FILES.BBS info did not work correctly in a window session. - SHIFT-F4 did not work correctly. - TAB to edit the FILES.BBS did not work. News and changes in OS/2-Commander version 1.21 =============================================== - added switch that allows you to delete single and tagged files and directories without any confirmation (Options / Configuration / Some switches). ** USE IT WITH CARE **, if you enable it you will never be prompted if you're sure to delete any files, even if they're read-only! - CTRL-U caused some problems. - fixed overflow when tagging more than 2.1 gigs. - ARC didn't extract when all files inside an archive where tagged. - added the ability to load & edit multiple files. If you tag several files and then call the external editor, all the tagged filenames are send to the configured external editor. News and changes in OS/2-Commander version 1.20 =============================================== - with SHIFT-ALT-F5 you can append a file or selected files to an existing target file. - now you can use SHIFT-ALT-F6 to rename a file. The difference is that OS/2-Commander will always suggest the original filename without a path as the new filename, even is the other window is not the status window. - in Options / Configuration / Colors now you can save your own color scheme with F9 and restore it with F8 (Hi Jack!). - you can now edit the archive and extension definitions directly from the OS/2-Commander (Options / Configuration) and don't have to restart the program anymore to make the changes active. - with SHIFT-CTRL-K you can print the current directory. - fixed ARJ multi-volume problems. - Copy/Move progress indicator now shows overall progress when copying or moving files / directories. - The archiver-definition has changed! Please have a look at the new OS2COM.INI file. - Colors are now adjustable for the internal viewer again. - CTRL-Cursor_right/left now works in the internal viewer. - Rescan did not work in Tree. - I forgot when I did that: In the OS2COM.EXT you can also define the internal viewer to be called when hitting ENTER on a file with a special extension. Use e.g. "doc: <IVIEWER> !.!" - fixed a couple of other small bugs (yes Carsten R., I read your messages <g>) News and changes in OS/2-Commander version 1.13 Beta 6 ====================================================== - CTRL-H fixed - The "Network Tools" are now able to connect and disconnect network drives. Use the DEL key to disconnect a drive. - fixed the way of passing filenames to external viewer/editor. Old programs will now work again. - new internal viewer News and changes in OS/2-Commander version 1.13 Beta 5 ====================================================== - fixed Warp 3 FixPak 26 problem I hope I finally fixed the problem with some FixPaks and new OS/2 releases... - fixed error 14 when copying / moving large directory trees - fixed the problem to show a directory but didn't really change into it - new function "Commands / Network Tools" is not ready yet! - probably some other fixes that I forgot... News and changes in OS/2-Commander version 1.13 Beta 4 ====================================================== - only some fixes News and changes in OS/2-Commander version 1.13 Beta 3 ====================================================== - OS/2-Commander Beta 2 had some problems with directory names beginning with a dot. - Beta 2 sometimes did not copy all files of a directory. Sorry for the 2 above bugs. - fixed the QuickSearch window. - When changing sort method the cursor will now remain on the same file. News and changes in OS/2-Commander version 1.13 Beta 2 ====================================================== - nothing new, only some fixes. Don't have much time at the moment, sorry. News and changes in OS/2-Commander version 1.13 wide beta ========================================================= - CTRL-F10 with tagged files did not work correct. - start in 132 column mode with a different number of rows than the directly supported modes caused an error. - the AddArcer function (e.g. UC2) missed one file in the filelist. - change drive window fixed (with more than 18 drives). - fixed error 5 in directory tree (ALT-F10). - the directory tree (ALT-F10) is now left/right scrollable with cursor left/right. - added switch to disable the mouse. - The scan for the directory database needed a lot of memory. This is fixed and speeded up for about 10%. - Sometimes an error 9 occured after copying a directory. This is fixed. - Merlin-Problem fixed. - Color-extensions is now working with extensions with more than 3 characters. - Cursor left/right in brief mode now also goes to top/bottom of the filelist. - added switch to write the QuickView (CTRL-Q) directory size into the filelist (Options / Configuration / Window options) - and a couple of other smaller fixes...
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