DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker)

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Saturday, 23 August, 2003



Multithreaded text and file finder with:

  • multiple text strings;
  • result history;
  • case option and boolean operators;
  • binary filter;
  • resizeable and customizable interface and more!

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder, create program object for .exe file. See below for download link(s).

Following links are to additional programs, not mandatory but useful:

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker) v. 1.16 (31/7/2022) Readme/What's new
DataSeeker - file / text seeker ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Author: Alessandro Cantatore / Andreas Buchinger Last update: 20220731 Current status: 1.16 Home page: Developers home: As Alessandro Cantatore do not work any more on ACDataSeeker, I've asked him to give me the sources. He kindly agreed. So I've made my own build starting with his 0.46 version. Please report missing/broken functions in my build compared to Alessandros last version. If you like DataSeeker, please mail me a feedback and thank Alessandro for his generousity. There are only little help file updates from me. If you want to contribute and update the help file or make translations, drop me a mail. Starting with version 1.0 I've included National Language Support via (eco)Lange. Requirements: eCo Software runtime (base) -- DataSeeker subjects to Modified BSD License. Portions of code subjects to Sybase Open Watcom Public License. Prerequisite: ------------- - OS/2 or eCS. Warp 3 and up. I've tested mainly with eCS2.1DE and eCS1.2r - MMPMCRTS.DLL and SW.DLL from the OS/2 Multimedia subsystem (usually found in x:\MMOS2\DLL\). See Q5: below Optional components: -------------------- - The debug version DataSeeker_debug.exe needs PmPrintf.dll. Get it from hobbes ( or newer) - For debbuging reports in case of a crash exceptq.dll v7.1 is required. Please install or newer from f.i. hobbes before you report crashes and include the *.TRP file created in the directory DataSeek.exe resides. Thes following components are usually installed on newer systems by default. If not DataSeeker works but some functionality is disabled - For National Language Support ECOLANGE.DLL is required. It is included in eCo Software runtime (base) - For file/dir selection with '...' button FOC.DLL is required. It is included in eCo Software runtime (win). For an updated foc.nls see Q3: below. Installation: ------------- See help file. (Unziping and dragging a reference on your desktop is okay) Questions / answeres : ---------------------- Q1: Pop-up menu do not work / works only on some areas A1: Add DataSeek.exe to DragText - Setup - Disable list and disable Drag for Entry Fields, List Boxes, Combo Boxes and Static Text Q2: How to change the language used by DataSeeker A2: The ecoruntime uses the enviroment variable LANG to determine which language to use. LANG is usually set in your config.sys but you can change it in a command shell prior of starting DataSeeker. In this case DataSeeker have to be started from the very same command shell. Of course the translation into the selected language have to be made prior. Currently DataSeeker supports English, French, Spanish, Nederlands, Russia and German. See Translator.txt for info how to translate into other languages. If ecolange.dll is not found on your system translation do not work. Check the About dialog. Q3: All texts are displayed in my native language but in the FOC dialog all or some text is displayed in English (f.i. with german Systems Cancel button) even with correct text in the XX_XX language file A3: Translations for FOC dialog is not handled by DataSeeker. Exceptions are the title bar and OK button. Translation for other text is usually located in x:\ecs\lang\foc.nls. Ask eCoSoft for an updated version for your language. German users may download a corrected version at Q4: What does the red box mean labeled 'No more than xx search criteria allowed' A4: There's a limited number of different files/strings to search in one pass. You may reach the internal limit especially when you select a lot of drive letters in the drive selection dialog. Remember, each file definition entered in the 'Files to search' field separeted by the OR operator ( | ) is searched on all selected drives which gives Files x Drives search criteria. f.i. searching for files '*txt|rea*|*repor*|*feedback*' on 15 drives at the same time will end up in 60 search criteria! Q5: MMPMCRTS.DLL, SW.DLL... A5: These dlls are part of the OS/2 - eCS Multimedia subsystem. If you have not installed MM support on your system please extract these dlls from your eCS - OS/2 installation medium. Starting with 0.51b DataSeeker can not work without these dlls. Q6: What's the DataSeek_debug.exe? Or, why does it not start? A6: The debug version prints some debugging messages to Dennis Bareis PMPRINTF. You can download a modified version from hobbes or my home page. You need pmprintf.dll somewhere in your libpath. If it isn't found, DataSeek_debug.exe can't work. I like to say A BIG THANK YOU TO DENNIS FOR HIS INVALUABLE TOOL. Pmprintf will give you some infos what DataSeeker does and in case of problems, maybe it gives you some clue what's going wrong. It may be usefull too if you have troubles to find out how boolean operations works on search arguments ;-) Q7: What are the F, H, N, C... in front of the drive letters in the drives menu? A7: Means Floppy, Harddisk, Network, CD-ROM... It is planned to show an icon in front of the drive letter instead of this character in a future version. Q8: DataSeeker does not start - the system seems to hang instead A8: Try to kill the DataSeeker process (f.i. with TOP started from CAD-handler which is usually installed with eCS) or wait 10s and delete DataSeek.INI then. Q9: My file history lists are gone after installing the newest version A9: When the ini file format changes as with version 1.10 not all old settings can be savely imported. There is a risk of application trap when importing these lists from older ini files so I've disable this. This is only an issue when starting the new version the first time. Afterwards the lists are restored as usual. See Q8: above also. History: -------- 20220731 fixed - ticket #13 (Default file filter for a drive has 2 backslashs) - ticket #11 (cmd shell entry does not work when starting with blank) 20170103 added - new option to ignore .svn directories changed - start FOC with drives view instead latest dir (should be made configurable) 20151029 changed - Removed unecessary static function definitons for better ExceptQ support 20141221 1.14 fixed - Trap when minimize/maximize for release builds - Exceptq logs now have valid symbols changed - Distributed under 'Modified BSD License' as described in COPYING 20140602 1.13 fixed - Up/Down Icons, sorry no clue why they got corrupted 20140531 1.12 added - some usefull accelerators, F2 to open command line, F4 to edit file, F3 or ENTER to start searching changed - command line setting can now handle parameters. f.i. 'p:\4os2\4os2.exe @p:\4os2\4os2.ini "p:\4os2\4start.cmd & mode 81,101"' starts p:\4os2\4os2.exe with the rest of the line passed as parameter in directory of selected find result fixed - trap with DEBUG build and no search result 20120419 1.11: added - code page switching depending on system setting 20111227 1.10: added - FOC - File Open Container for selecting search file/path - Dutch version (including .hlp, thanks Jacques van Leeuwen) - Russian version (thanks Eugene Gorbunoff and Andrea). Though not sure if it works cause on my machine I see no cyrillic characters. - foc.nls with corrected german translation - new option to find directory names too when searching for files changed - reworked Drives dialog, now updates drives on the fly even when dialog is visible, size now depends on number of available drives - makefile clean up - cosmetic changes in product info dialog - ini file format, sorry old history lists can not be imported - exception handling from xwp code to more powerful exceptq v7.1 fixed - wrong text in 'Drives' button as long as not all drives are available - trap when maximize/minimize - wrong calculation for decision if moving window is required at startup 20100602 1.01: added - Spanish version (thanks Salvador Parra Camacho) - bldlevel string changed - memory allocation grow step size from 512kB to 1MB fixed - translation for some strings was missing 20100321 1.00: added - National Language Support via (eco)lange - French version (thanks Guillaume Gay) - Pop-up menus - ESC closes list boxes (Combo-Boxes) and Drives window - reenabled CTRL-D / CTRL-SHFT-D to delete items in Combo-Boxes - new drive type RSJ '*' (CDWFS) changed - settings dialog - double click on found file opens it instead of edit fixed - crash <DEL> key in History drop down entry field - position/size restore especially after reboot - copy filename (Selected - edit/open...) bug after changing sort order - ALT-F4 / ALT-F7 work around at startup - crash when pressing F1 while menu is open - refresh of WinDrives dialog (with removed and erroneous drives) 20091228 0.54b: sorry I discovered a stupid bug in 0.53 fixed - crash when drive is specified and only 1 file search criteria - no drives but backslash defined leads to wrong double \\ 20090923 0.53b - Christmas Edition: changed - increased max. | (OR) operations on 'files to search' from 2 to 50 - max. characters in list boxes increased to 512 - linked with IBMCPP3.65 multi-threading libraries - DosCreateThread changed to _beginthread - switch to standard library memory management - cleaned up 'LFS capable system detection' code - tested with more than 15 drives and more than 16.000 matching files added - exception handling with xwphelpers functions - create a log file (helpers36.lib) - list handling - max. number of iterations added - info area (error display) fixed - various bug fixes which destroyed heap and so produced weird behaviour - options safe routine - work around for ComboBox bug with more than 256 chars per line 20090823 0.52b: 0.52b is a major step towards 1.0. There a only a few cosmetic changes left I like to do before I think 1.0 is ready. As the Large File support was more complex than expected, I like to make this version public for feedback if I've broken something. So give feedback - update of What's new section in help file - added large file (>= 2GB) support available since Warp Server for e-business - max. line length for text searches is now 5MB (text search in binary files) - tested with files up to 9.5GB and more than 30000 text matches - limited testing has been done with Warp3 - fixed crash when try to start editor and no .ini entry is set for it 20090319 0.51b: added - check on start if window is in visible area and move if not (f.i. if in another xpager window) - Drive selection window which is been used when no drive specifier is entered in 'Files to search for' - fixed ticket #2 - search options (recursive, case...) did not work without close and reopen DataSeeker 20081115 0.50b: fixed - ignore leading blanks in directory specification (This may be a problem, when you have a directory name starting with a blank. If you want to search in such a directory, start searching with the parent directory instead.) - prevent selection of first entry in Files found when user has scrolled or selected a file during search - removed another few ':' in strings. Hope now found all ;-) - cosmetic change on Files found... Elapsed time string Note - I like to make this version public cause I plan to add a feature to search on 'default' drives if no drive is specified. I fear this will take considerable time so don't expect updates in the near future. 20081115 0.49b: fixed - enclose filename with " for opening in MED or VS - <CTRL><P> (upper case) accelerator did not work added - <CTRL><C> copy filename enclosed with " to clipboard - <CTRL><SHIFT><C> copy selected line to clipboard 20080903 0.48b: fixed - disable 'Selected' menu item on startup (crash when no file is selected) - CTRL-E, CTRL-P accelerators reenabled - appStart new flag to distinguish between editor/cli and WinSwitchToProgram (window list pops up when starting editor, probably introduced with 0.47) changed - removed scroll bars - added ... to Settings menu item and removed : on various texts - removed sub menus from 'View' - Files/Text to search drop down box reduced size to not overlap Search button - calling EPM now with 'postme' - files/text search drop down list boxes - entries not sorted alphapeticaly any more 20080824 0.47b: changed - First build from me (Andreas Buchinger). Lot of changes were necessary to build the GUI with URE. At this times, I don't want to build an application without a useful GUI editor. On OS/2 I think URE is the only usable one. There were a lot of changes necessary to get that beast compiled cleanly with my build enviroment. So maybe I've some things broken. While rebuilding the GUI, I've made some changes to the menus. I think they were not consistent with usual OS/2 look and feel. So I've changed that. fixed - crash when no editor or cmd shell is found in ini file - crash when no editor or cmd shell is entered in settings dialog added - support for MED and VS (VisualSlickEdit) as editors (beside EPM) - select first found text entry to start editor with approbiate line when double clicking on the file name - when opening a cmd shell, switch to it (put focus on the cli window) - add '*' if files to search is directory (simple check only - end with \ or :) - scroll bars for Files/Text found list boxes 0.46: last version from Alessandro Cantatore I'm aware of Copyright: ---------- See help file. Disclaimer: ----------- WITH THIS SOFTWARE YOU CAN CRASH YOUR COMPUTER, DELETE YOUR DATA, OR EVEN DAMAGE SOME PIECES OF HARDWARE. USE IT WITH CARE. This software works for me and it should work on all PC compatible hardware running any version of OS/2. I've tested it on eComStation 2.0rcX with newest kernel (Jul. 2008). Don't make me responsible for any problem you have with this software. Last but not least: ------------------- You can mail me if you have problems or when you have success (hopefully) with this software. I will try to help you if you've specific problems with my software. But only if you've read the readme/help files before. Doubtless you've found out, english is not my mother tongue. You can correct all errors in this text by yourself if you like ;-) If you speak german, conversation would be easier. So please send your comments in german or english. Of course you can send in any language you want, but don't expect an answere ;-) My Espanol, Dutch, Russian and Arab is not good enough for conversation. Danke, thanks, gracias, Dank u wel, Spassiva, Shokran... Special thanks to Alessandro Cantatore for making his work available to OS/2 - eCS users for free. Thanks to Andreas Schnellbacher for various GUI related inputs. And thanks to all people who gave me feedback and helped me on different newsgroups especially Steven Levine who answeres even the stupiest questions in a manner proper to the skills of the questioner. Andreas Buchinger, DO NOT MAKE THIS EMAIL ADDRESS PUBLIC. DO NOT SEND ME ANY SORT OF ADVERTISING OR SPAM. (Unwanted advertising and spam is prohibited by law in my home country. Doing so can be fined)  local copy
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