DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker)

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Sunday, 29 October, 2017



Multithreaded text and file finder with:

  • multiple text strings;
  • result history;
  • case option and boolean operators;
  • binary filter;
  • resizeable and customizable interface and more!
This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder, create program object for .exe file. See below for download link(s).

Following links are to additional programs, not mandatory but useful:

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker) v. 1.15 (29/10/2017) Readme/What's new
History: -------- 20170103 added - new option to ignore .svn directories changed - start FOC with drives view instead latest dir (should be made configurable)  local copy
DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker) v. 1.14 (21/12/2014) Readme/What's new
History: -------- 20141221 1.14 fixed - Trap when minimize/maximize for release builds - Exceptq logs now have valid symbols changed - Distributed under 'Modified BSD License' as described in COPYING  local copy
DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker) v. 1.13 (2/6/2014) Readme/What's new
History: -------- 20140602 1.13 fixed - Up/Down Icons, sorry no clue why they got corrupted  local copy
DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker) v. 1.13 (2/6/2014) Readme/What's new
History: -------- 20140602 1.13 fixed - Up/Down Icons, sorry no clue why they got corrupted  local copy
DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker) v. 1.12 (31/5/2014) Readme/What's new
History: -------- 20140531 1.12 added - some usefull accelerators, F2 to open command line, F4 to edit file, F3 or ENTER to start searching changed - command line setting can now handle parameters. f.i. 'p:\4os2\4os2.exe @p:\4os2\4os2.ini "p:\4os2\4start.cmd & mode 81,101"' starts p:\4os2\4os2.exe with the rest of the line passed as parameter in directory of selected find result fixed - trap with DEBUG build and no search result  local copy
DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker) v. 1.10 (27/12/2011) Readme/What's new
History: -------- 20111227 1.10: added - FOC - File Open Container for selecting search file/path - Dutch version (including .hlp, thanks Jacques van Leeuwen) - Russian version (thanks Eugene Gorbunoff and Andrea). Though not sure if it works cause on my machine I see no cyrillic characters. - foc.nls with corrected german translation - new option to find directory names too when searching for files changed - reworked Drives dialog, now updates drives on the fly even when dialog is visible, size now depends on number of available drives - makefile clean up - cosmetic changes in product info dialog - ini file format, sorry old history lists can not be imported - exception handling from xwp code to more powerful exceptq v7.1 fixed - wrong text in 'Drives' button as long as not all drives are available - trap when maximize/minimize - wrong calculation for decision if moving window is required at startup  local copy
DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker) v. 1.01 (1/6/2010) Readme/What's new
History: -------- 20100601 1.01: added - Spanisch version - bldlevel string changed - memory allocation grow step size from 512kB to 1MB fixed - translation for some strings was missing  local copy
DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker) v. 1.00 (21/3/2010) Readme/What's new
History: -------- 20100321 1.00: added - National Language Support via (eco)lange - Pop-up menus - ESC closes list boxes (Combo-Boxes) and Drives window - reenabled CTRL-D / CTRL-SHFT-D to delete items in Combo-Boxes - new drive type RSJ '*' (CDWFS) changed - settings dialog - double click on found file opens it instead of edit fixed - crash <DEL> key in History drop down entry field - position/size restore especially after reboot - copy filename (Selected - edit/open...) bug after changing sort order - ALT-F4 / ALT-F7 work around at startup - crash when pressing F1 while menu is open - refresh of WinDrives dialog (with removed and erroneous drives)  local copy
DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker) v. 0.54b (28/12/2009) Readme/What's new
History: -------- 20091228 0.54b: sorry I discovered a stupid bug in 0.53 fixed - crash when drive is specified and only 1 file search criteria - no drives but backslash defined leads to wrong double \\  local copy
DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker) v. 0.52b (23/8/2009) Readme/What's new
History: -------- 20090xxx 0.52b: 0.52b is a major step towards 1.0. There a only a few cosmetic changes left I like to do before I think 1.0 is ready. As the Large File support was more complex than expected, I like to make this version public for feedback if I've broken something. So give feedback - update of What's new section in help file - added large file (>= 2GB) support available since Warp Server for e-business - max. line length for text searches is now 5MB (text search in binary files) - tested with files up to 9.5GB and more than 30000 text matches - limited testing has been done with Warp3 - fixed crash when try to start editor and no .ini entry is set for it  local copy
DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker) v. 0.51b (19/3/2009) Readme/What's new
History: -------- 20090319 0.51b: added - check on start if window is in visible area and move if not (f.i. if in another xpager window) - Drive selection window which is be used when no drive specifier is entered in 'Files to search for' - fixed ticket #2 - search options (recursive, case...) did not work without close and reopen DataSeeker  local copy
DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker) v. 0.50b (15/11/2008) Readme/What's new
History: -------- 20081115 0.50b: fixed - ignore leading blanks in directory specification (This may be a problem, when you have a directory name starting with a blank. If you want to search in such a directory, start searching with the parent directory instead.) - prevent selection of first entry in Files found when user has scrolled or selected a file during search - removed another few ':' in strings. Hope now found all ;-) - cosmetic change on Files found... Elapsed time string Note - I like to make this version public cause I plan to add a feature to search on 'default' drives if no drive is specified. I fear this will take considerable time so don't expect updates in the near future.  local copy
DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker) v. 0.47b (23/8/2008) Readme/What's new
History: -------- 2008xxxx 0.47b: changed - First build from me (Andreas Buchinger). Lot of changes were necessary to build the GUI with URE. At this times, I don't want to build an application without a useful GUI editor. On OS/2 I think URE is the only usable one. There were a lot of changes necessary to get that beast compiled cleanly with my build enviroment. So maybe I've some things broken. While rebuilding the GUI, I've made some changes to the menus. I think they were not consistent with usual OS/2 look and feel. So I've changed that. fixed - crash when no editor or cmd shell is found in ini file - crash when no editor or cmd shell is entered in settings dialog added - support for MED and VS (VisualSlickEdit) as editors (beside EPM) - select first found text entry to start editor with approbiate line when double clicking on the file name - when opening a cmd shell, switch to it (put focus on the cli window) - add '*' if files to search is directory (simple check only - end with \ or :) 0.46: last version from Alessandro Cantatore I'm aware of  local copy
DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker) v. 0.46 (16/12/2006) Readme/What's new
ACDataSeeker version 0.46 beta. A multithreaded text and file finder for the OS/2 presentation manager.  local copy
DataSeeker (ex ACDataSeeker) v. 0.44 (23/8/2003) Readme/What's new
What's new Version 0.44 * - opening files via a double click on the entry in the listbox did not work if the file name contained spaces. * - searching on files containing NULs (i.e. characters with an ASCII value of 0) stopped at the first NUL. Now, in the search buffer, all NULs are replaced with spaces and so the whole file is searched. * - the product information dialog has been added. * - most help menu items now work.  local copy
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