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Sunday, 31 January, 1999



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UniMaint is a Presentation Manager-based application which is an utility for the maintenance of the various OS/2 INI Files, a maintenance program for Extended Attributes, a Desktop Save and Restore utility, will allow for the display and setting of all WPS Settings and will Uninstall any OS/2 Application.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Self-installing package. Run GTINST.EXE. See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

UniMaint (Uni Maintenance) v. 5.00.65 (31/1/1999, SofTouch Systems Inc.) Readme/What's new
************************* V5.00.62 - 11 May 98 **************************** The items fixed in Version 5.00.62 are: 1. There was at least one situation where the Uninstall could not terminate because the working flag was incorrectly set to true. 2. Code was added to allow the flag that bypasses errors for save immediate to also bypass errors posted during the detail save operations. ************************* V5.00.63 - 26 Sep 98 **************************** The items fixed in Version 5.00.63 are: 1. The Cross Reference was not correctly decoding some of the NT 32 bit EXE and DLL files. ************************* V5.00.64 - 07 Nov 98 **************************** The items fixed in Version 5.00.64 are: 1. It was possible to get a sys3175 when selecting write after a second uninstall because a static variable was freed but the pointer was not made null causing the second uninstall to attempt to use memory that had been freed. ************************* V5.00.65 - 31 Jan 99 **************************** The items fixed in Version 5.00.65 are: 1. WPS has started to stored the handles of shadowed objects in the os2.ini file using a handle that is actually a transient object handle. The code that looks for shadowed objects was changed so that when it gets one of these handles it will try it in both the abstract object and file object ranges and only mark the shadowed object as not found when both of these fail. 2. In the code to Repair the WPS entries there was one place where it was possible for a pointer to be null and the code to load the information into the Repair Display window did not check for the null value.
 www.softouch.com/unimaint/y5099047.zip  local copy
UniMaint (Uni Maintenance) v. 5.0 (16/8/1996, SofTouch Systems Inc.) Readme/What's new
╔═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ ║ ║ UNIMAINT 5.0 ║ DEMONSTRATION VERSION ║ ║ SofTouch Systems, Inc. ║ 1300 S. Meridan, Suite 600 ║ Oklahoma City, OK 73108 ║ Phone: (405) 947-8085 Fax: (405) 947-8169 ║ Internet: www.softouch.com CompuServe: GO SOFTOUCH ╚════════ Thank you for your interest in UniMaint, from the entire SofTouch Systems team! This demonstration version of UniMaint 5.0 features the main UniMaint display and will perform all non-destructive actions included in the full product. Thus, for example, it will go through the dialogs and processes of uninstalling an application, but will not actually uninstall the application. Likewise, it will allow you to 'edit' INI files, but will not write the changes to the hard drive. Online help is included to guide you through the various features and functions of UniMaint.
 www.softouch.com/unimaint/y50demo.zip  local copy
UniMaint (Uni Maintenance) v. 5.00.6 (16/8/1996, SofTouch Systems Inc.) Readme/What's new
╔═══════════════════════════════════════════ ║ ║ UNIMAINT ║ Version 5.00.6 ║ CSD Level 1996229 ║ ║ ║ SofTouch Systems, Inc. ║ 1300 S. Meridan, Suite 600 ║ Oklahoma City, OK 73108 ║ Phone:(405) 947-8085 Fax:(405) 947-8169 ║ ╚════════ This diskette contains corrective service for UniMaint Version 5.00 To install the corrective service, follow the procedure described on page 2 of the UniMaint Technical Reference manual. Corrective Service files are cumulative. The latest CSD file contains fixes found in all previous CSD files. To determine if you need to apply this CSD, execute the GtLevel command from an OS/2 command prompt. If the last 5 digits of the CSD level (e.g. 95218) shown there is less than 95324 there are fixes here you may wish to install. A list of fixes are shown below. If while attempting to apply this CSD you encounter the error message pop-up with the title which reads "Base Level Invalid", it means that the version information stored in the INI files could not be found. This information was placed there during the installation of the base product, but is no longer there. You must reinstall the base product and then apply this CSD. ******************************* V5.00.1 ********************************* The items fixed in Version 5.00.1 are: 1. The WinSetWindowPos API was changed to remove the SWP_ACTIVATE in order to fix a focus interaction problem with Object Desktop. ******************************* V5.00.2 ********************************* The items fixed in Version 5.00.2 are: 1. The Exception Logging file did not have a date and time stamp in it so it was sometimes difficult to correlate this file with the corresponding UniMaint Dump or Logging file. The routine which logs the version will now use the standard logging routine which already adds the date and time stamp. 2. The Repair Termination code was modified in V5.0 to not report an error when there was a problem shutting down the WPS Agent Object. However, there is one situation where an error could still be reported and this code has been changed to fix this condition. 3. A number of problems involve coordination between UniMaint and the WPS Agent Object. When these problems result in a situation where the WPS Object is not responding, the diagnostic dump does not give any information that could be used to verify the version of AcsAgent.DLL being used. Code has been added to obtain the size of the AcsAgent.DLL in use and record this information in a variable that will be included in the diagnostic dump so that problems with old versions of the DLL will be more obvious. ******************************* V5.00.3 ********************************* The items fixed in Version 5.00.3 are: 1. The code in UniWatch that checked for another running copy could cause a SYS3175 in PMMERGE.DLL if the Window Handle stored in the INI file was not a running window. Code has been added to validate that the Window Handle is valid and to assume that a second copy is not running if it is not. 2. The error logging routine could cause lines to be double spaced because the passed line already had a new line character and the logging routine added a second one. Code has been added to the logging routine to make sure there is only one new line character. 3. The Cross Reference Tools did not work because the wrong compare API was used in the Tools code. The code has been modified to use the correct API. 4. The Cross Reference and a couple of other functions would not terminate correctly when run as Tools because the error reporting routine was not called when a thread was going to return a good return. Since it is the error reporting routine that checks to see if the Tools run should be terminated, all of the threads have been changed to insure that the error reporting routine is called even if a good is going to be returned. 5. The code that allows for all of the Path information in all of the WPS Objects and all of the INI files on a Desktop to be modified has been added to the Corporate version. ******************************* V5.00.4 ********************************* The items fixed in Version 5.00.4 are: 1. In order to address a problem with Object Desktop, the code that adjusts the visibility, size and postions of the windows has been modified so that it will check the visibility state of the window and only turn on the SWP_SHOW flag for the WinSetWindowPos API when it is necessary to modify the visibility state. 2. Code has been added that will allow for logging of the initialization of the WPS Agent Object and the setting of the initial window positions. The initialization logging will be turned off automatically as soon as the first user command is entered. 3. Certain kinds of format errors in the command line parameters would cause UniMaint to terminate with a logic error of 65535 rather than report that the parameter was in error. The routine that analyzes the command line has been changed so that all format errors will be reported as such. 4. If the UniWatch program got certain kinds of errors accessing one of the INI files, the error text field would not get filled in so the error message that was reported was useless. Code has been added to the appropriate routines so that these errors will be reported correctly. 5. When the Automatic Desktop Backup Option was turned on via the Desktop defaults Wizard or Dialog, the Desktop Backup CMD file was not rebuilt. If the user then attempted to run UniWatch without doing a Desktop Backup from UniMaint, the Desktop backup CMD file would never contain the lines needed to create the Automatic Backup Control File. Both the Wizard and the Dialog have been changed so that the Desktop Backup CMD file will always be rebuilt when Automatic Backup is turned on. 6. If the user attempted to run UniWatch without first setting the Automatic Backup Defaults in UniMaint, UniWatch would terminate with a logic error. Code has now been added to UniWatch to check for this condition and to tell the user to run the Automatic Backup Wizard or set the defaults via the Automatic Backup Defaults Dialog. 7. If the user ran UniWatch without turning on the Automatic Backup Option in the Desktop Backup Wizard or Defaults Dialog, then UniWatch would terminate with a logic error. UniWatch has been modified so that it will check for this condition and tell the user that they need to go back to UniMaint, set the Option correctly...which will automatically rebuild the Desktop Backup CMD File...and then rerun UniWatch. 8. If the user ran UniWatch without first making a Desktop Backup with the Automatic Backup Option turned on, UniWatch would terminate with a logic error code. Code has been added to UniWatch to recognize this condition and to ask the user if they want the initial Desktop Backup done by UniWatch. If the user answers yes, then UniWatch will make the Backup and then run normally. 9. Added object for UniWatch to Desktop Backup and Restore folder.
 www.softouch.com/unimaint/y5096229.zip  local copy
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