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The FSLib is a library to be able to use fullscreen-switchable windows on OS/2. Source code included.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

FSLib v. 5 (4/11/2009, Doodle) Readme/What's new
Doodle's FSLib Release 5 for klibc (private rebuilt with gcc 4.4.1) contents -------- include/ FSLib.h header (compliant for gcc 4.4.1) lib/ FSLib.a aout import library (module name: FSLIB) FSLib.lib omf import library (module name: FSLIB) kFSLib.a aout import library (module name: KFSLIB) kFSLib.lib omf import library (module name: KFSLIB) kFSLib_s.a aout static library (for gcc 4.4.1) kFSLib_s.lib omf static library (for gcc 4.4.1) dbg/ kFSLib_s.a aout static library, debug version (for gcc 4.4.1) kFSLib_s.lib omf static library, debug version (for gcc 4.4.1) klibc/ (some stuffs for building libraries) FSLib.dll FSLib DLL for backward-compatibility with Doodle's original build. (APIs are exported by symbol names and ordinal numbers) kFSLib.dll FSLib DLL (module name: KFSLIB) Makefile.klibc Makefile for gcc 4.x Readme.txt Readme for original build fslib-r5-gcc44-*.diff Patch against original sources. When you use kFSLib static libraries, you should also need Scitech SNAP SDK. How to rebuild -------------- what you need: - gcc 4.4.1 (and 3.3.5 csd 3) - emx runtime and develepment tools (emximp) - Unix/GNUish tools (GNU make, rm, mkdir) - wl.exe as default linker (ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/pub/gcc/wl-hll-r1.zip) - Scitech SNAP SDK (You should need to build gcc44-compliant libraries by yourself) step: 1. Edit Makefile.klibc to specify base directory for SNAP SDK (SCITECH). 2. make -f Makefile.klibc 3. If nothing goes wrong, libraries will be built on the directory klibc. Compiling with (Open)Watcom has not tested.
 hobbes.nmsu.edu/download/pub/os2/dev/fslib_r5-gcc44-20091104.zip  local copy
FSLib v. 4 (16/4/2009, Doodle) Readme/What's new
FSLib Release 4 --------------- The FSLib is a library to be able to use fullscreen-switchable windows on OS/2. The library uses the Scitech SNAP GA API, so it needs Scitech SNAP installed to be able to use it. The library itself can be compiled into a DLL. This has at least two advantages: - If it needs updating and bugfixing, there is no need to recompile the application which uses it. - If the application crashes, the exception handler isntalled by the DLL will take care of restoring the desktop video mode. Things to do before compiling ----------------------------- To compile this, you'll need the followings installed: - The OS/2 Developer's Toolkit - The OpenWatcom compiler - The Scitech SNAP SDK The makefile assumes that you have the WATCOM and the OS2TK environmental variables set to point to the OpenWatcom folder and the OS/2 Developer's Toolkit folder, and you've also run the 'start-sdk.cmd' file of the Scitech SNAP SDK, so those folders are also reachable. The makefile also uses the 'implib' tool from the OS/2 Developer's Toolkit, so make sure that this file is on the path, or it's copied here before compiling the DLL! To make your life easier, you can edit the second and third line of setvars.cmd file to set the folders where the toolkit and the OW compiler is. If it's done, all you have to do is to start the setvars.cmd file and then the start-sdk.cmd file. If you do so, your environment should be set up to be able to compile the library. Compiling the library --------------------- If everything is set up correctly, all you need is to run wmake. This should create the FSLib.DLL and the corresponding FSLib.lib files. Compiling the test app ---------------------- There is a small test application included in the 'test' folder. To compile that one, please go to the test folder, and run wmake there! Contacting the author --------------------- If you have any questions, notes, recommendations, address them to Doodle <doodle@scenergy.dfmk.hu>
 hobbes.nmsu.edu/download/pub/os2/dev/fslib_r5-gcc433-20090416.zip  local copy
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