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Friday, 27 September, 2019



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Create a log file that you can submit with your test results when reporting a problem with a driver. This program collects all the data about your system and the driver under test, and puts it into a single log file with appropriate dividers between the sections in the file.


TestLog [options] Driver [TestId]

  -v : Verbose
  -d : Disable DrvUtil functions
  -? : Display this message
  --help : Display this message

  • Driver must be specified and can be one of the following: acpi ahci disk e1000* genmac jfs mm* nveth panorama sane snap uniaud usb generic printer network
  • TestId is optional and can be any short string (max 15 characters). This string gets added to the end of the log file name. Do not type a TestId unless you are producing multiple logs with the same name on the same day.

This program is for use to provide diagnostic data for tickets or as directed by the developer only. Any other use is not authorized or supported.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Il programma è distribuito come pacchetto ZIP: scaricare in una cartella temporanea e scompattare nella cartella di destinazione. Vedi sotto per il(i) link di download.

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

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FYI...The link should end in *.exe, not *.zip....

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