Development: tools

Abacus GUI Builder 1.8
Wednesday, 20 July, 2005

The GUI builder is a tool designed to aid application developers deliver their applications faster to market by replacing the Java layout complexity with a WYSIWYG and simple XY layout.

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AddToFile 1.03
Saturday, 21 July, 2018

Program for use in Makefiles for building programs (Rexx). Helps create version headers, linker command files, etc. For use in Makefiles for building programs.

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Alpha 3.2
Wednesday, 8 September, 1999

This is a simple 32-bit, configurable, multi-document, highlighting editorversion of the alpha software analysis programmes which were written together with the CMS programme ANALYSE in order to establish...

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Artistic Style 1.23
Wednesday, 3 February, 2010

Artistic Style is a source code indenter, formatter, and beautifier for the C, C++, C# and Java programming languages.

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Autoconf 2.71
Sunday, 19 May, 2013

Autoconf is an extensible package of M4 macros that produce shell scripts to automatically configure software source code packages, utility for developing software.

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Automake 1.16.5
Sunday, 22 February, 2015

Automake, a Makefile generator, utility for software development.

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AVR Disassembler 1.9
Sunday, 22 May, 2011

This is an Atmel 8-bit AVR firmware binary disassembler It can read Atmel Generic, Intel HEX8 and Motorola S-Record formatted fles containing AVR program binaries.

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BCPP, a C++ source beautifier 09.06.30
Sunday, 23 January, 2011

A C/C++ source code beautifier. Comes with two .cmd files useful to work with. BCPP indents C/C++ source programs, replacing tabs with spaces or the reverse. Unlike indent, it does (by design) not attempt to...

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BILDSCHI 19980101
Thursday, 1 January, 1998

BILDSCHI displays boot sectors, memory and registers. Source code available.

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Binary Data File to Source Structure Xlate Utility 0200
Friday, 25 June, 1993

If you ever had the need to include a binary table into your soure code, but  couldn't because it was generated by a different program and you do not have  the source for the original table (or perhaps the...

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BlueJ 3.1.7
Tuesday, 23 February, 2016

BlueJ is a development environment that allows you to develop Java programs quickly and easily.

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BookMaker 2.0
Sunday, 25 September, 1994

BookMaker assists the user in creating IPF files and compiling them with the IPF (Information Presentation Facility) compiler.

To create a simple INF file select File/New and type a title into the dialog which appears. Then...

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Borland C++ 2.0
Thursday, 10 November, 1994

The amazing Borland C++ Compiler, optimized release, finally available also for OS/2 Warp! Indeed it is very fast, highly performing, complete, easy to use and with a really comprehensive documentation!...

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cBook (C language file formatter for BookMaster) 2.1
Wednesday, 6 January, 1993

cBook is a program which will take a number of c and h files as input and create a BookMaster file. The BookMaster file will contain the contents of the input files that have been marked up so various parts...

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CFlow 1.1
Wednesday, 19 July, 2006

CFlow analyzes a collection of C source files and prints a graph, charting control flow within the program. A necessary tool to develop software!

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Check 0.11.0
Tuesday, 18 April, 2017

Check is a unit testing framework for C. It features a simple interface for defining unit tests, putting little in the way of the developer. Tests are run in a separate address space, so both assertion...

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CMake 3.20.6
Thursday, 26 January, 2017

CMake is a cross-platform, open-source build system.

CMake is a family of tools designed to build, test and package software.

CMake is...

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Cobras 0.8
Thursday, 3 February, 2011

Cobras is an IDE for linux programmers.

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cPost (C language file formatter for PostScript) 1.2
Wednesday, 17 February, 1993

cPost is a program which will take a number of c and h files as input and create a PostScript file. The PostScript file will contain the contents of the input files that have been marked up so that various...

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CustEPM (Customized version of EPM) 30032005
Wednesday, 30 March, 2005

CustEPM adds an Actions menu to EPM, in a way that makes it easy for  users to incorporate into their own EPM setup.  It is a customized  version of EPM that users who don't want to recompile the macros can...

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CVS 1.12.13
Wednesday, 19 July, 2006

EMX port of the Concurrent Versions System (CVS). Features include:

  • Full client (:ext:, :server: and :pserver:).
  • Full server (via rshd) and pserver (via inetd).
  • Documentation in .INF format.
  • ...
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DAT_LOG 19980313
Friday, 13 March, 1998

A developing tool to create log files (DOS). Source code available.

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Debug Breakpoint (Driver) 0.01
Sunday, 15 July, 2012

Executes an int 3 to get kernel debugger control.

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Device Driver Development Kit for 16 Bit Drivers 20230612
Monday, 14 October, 2013

A development kit to make developing new device drivers very easy. This kit contains header files and a library that contains all of the system related things necessary to build a device driver on OS/2. The...

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Device Driver Development Kit for 32 Bit Drivers 20230612
Monday, 14 October, 2013

A development kit to make developing new device drivers very easy. This kit contains header files and a library that contains all of the system related interfaces and thunking modules necessary to build a 32...

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DGCP_PAT 19990116
Saturday, 16 January, 1999

This program corrects an bug in programs compiled with watcom library clib3r.lib that causes the program to crash under plain dos using not DOS/4G extenders. Source code available.

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Digitizer Support for OS/2
Wednesday, 12 September, 2018

Provides tools to ease the development and integration of digitizer and touch  screen solutions into the system.

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Friday, 7 December, 2001

A disassembler for 80x86 assembler, to support all the opcodes nasm supports.

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Dmake 4.12
Wednesday, 7 April, 2004

Dmake is a make utility similar to GNU make.

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Doxygen 1.8.17
Wednesday, 12 June, 2019

DoxyGen is the best Unix tool for Documenting sources. It can generate an on-line documentation browser (in HTML) and/or an off-line reference manual from a set of documented source files. There is also...

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EBE 2.7.10
Saturday, 5 March, 2016

Ebe is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed to support Assembly Language.

It is written in C++ using Qt for the GUI elements.

EBE supports program development in C, C++, Fortran and Assembly.

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eCo Software runtime 20240126
Friday, 24 September, 2010

Runtime for the new generation of applications developed by eCo software.

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eFTE/2 text editor & FTE text editor 1.1.0 & 0.5.01
Wednesday, 8 February, 1995

Enanched Text editor with syntax highlighting for c/pascal/asm/perl/java/HTML and more!

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Elvis Text Editor 2.2.1
Monday, 29 December, 2014

Elvis is a vi/ex clone with many additional features. It provides features such as syntax highlighting, display modes for MAN and HTML pages, support for HTTP and FTP.

The package contains versions for text mode and XFree86/2 and...

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Emulate Mouse Driver for OS/2 1.0
Friday, 22 May, 2015

Provides a device driver to send absolute mouse events into the OS/2 system. It has been specifically designed to ease the development and integration of   touch screen solutions into the OS...

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Thursday, 1 March, 2001

REXXTRY.CMD is a really useful program, allowing you to try out all sorts of REXX and providing the protection necessary. ERexxTry gives the basic version a better interface (thanks to Albert Crosby, author of CMDLine) and some useful...

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Tuesday, 1 August, 2000

Exceptq adds a comprehensive trap reporting facility to your app with just 5 lines of code. Reports include: the call stack, disassembly of the faulting instructions, a stack dump, a listing of dlls loaded,...

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Exehdr 4.01.001
Friday, 20 October, 2000

EXEHDR displays and modifies the contents of an executable-file header.

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E_MSGF 20050510
Tuesday, 10 May, 2005

Produces source from .MSG files created by MKMSGF. Source code available.

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Fast CGI 2.4.1
Sunday, 6 March, 2016

CGI software for web applications under Apache and various other web servers.

Like CGI, FastCGI is also language-independent. For instance, FastCGI provides a way to improve the performance of the thousands of Perl applications...

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FFT (libreria Fast Fourier Transform) 3.3.4
Saturday, 5 March, 2016

GCC Library for FFT analysis. Useful in developing audio analysis and elaboration software.

Port by different authors.

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Flex (The Fast Lexical Analyzer) 2.6.4
Thursday, 16 November, 2017

Flex (The Fast Lexical Analyzer). Flex is a fast lexical analyser generator. It is a tool for generating programs that perform pattern-matching on text. Flex is a free (but non-GNU) implementation of the...

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GD graphics library 2.3.0
Monday, 8 March, 1999

A graphics library for quick creation of PNG or JPEG images.

The gd graphics library allows your code to quickly draw images complete with lines, arcs, text, multiple colors, cut and paste from other images, and flood fills, and...

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GenPiCBL 1.0
Tuesday, 18 September, 2018

Create COBOL working-storage for printer-lines from text file. For COBOL programmers. In a text file you write the lines that you want to print with a COBOL-Program. Run GenPicbl.exe and will create the working-storage for...

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GIT 2.42.0
Thursday, 5 March, 2009

Git is a distributed version control and source code management (SCM) system with an emphasis on speed. It is in some way similar to CVS or SUBVERSION (SVN)....

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GNU Awk 5.3.0
Tuesday, 24 June, 1997

GNU Awk is upwardly compatible with Brian Kernighan's version of Unix Awk. The awk utility interprets a special-purpose programming language that makes it possible to handle simple data-reformatting jobs...

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GNU Bash 5.0.11
Friday, 19 February, 2016

Port of the popular Unix shell, useful for programmers and development.

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GNU binutils 2.33.1
Tuesday, 15 January, 2019

The GNU binutils are a collection of binary tools for GCC. The main ones are:

  • ld - the GNU linker.
  • as - the GNU assembler.

And other...

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GNU Bison 3.4.1
Monday, 17 June, 2019

Bison is a general-purpose parser generator that converts an annotated context-free grammar into a deterministic LR or generalized LR (GLR) parser employing LALR(1) parser tables. Port by different authors.

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GNU Diffutils 3.7
Monday, 20 May, 2019

GNU Diffutils. A series of programs that are used to find differences between one or more files. Programs are mainly used for developing software but integrate very well in any other data search context.

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GNU gperf (generatore di funzioni hash perfette) 3.1
Monday, 23 January, 2017

Gperf is a program that generates perfect hash functions for sets of key words.

A perfect hash function is simply: A hash function and a data structure that allows...

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Tuesday, 22 August, 1995

Port of the popular OpenSource GNU GREP for UNIX: Search for corresponding strings in specified files.

Ported using Open Watcom C/C++ & Fortran77.

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GNU libtool 2.4.6
Sunday, 22 February, 2015

GNU Libtool, a generic library support script, utility for developing software.

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GNU M4 1.4.19
Friday, 18 July, 2014

GNU m4 port, the GNU macro processor, utility for developing software.

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GNU Make 4.4.1
Monday, 23 March, 1992

GNU Make is a tool which controls the generation of executables and other non-source files of a program from the program's source files. Make gets its knowledge of how to build your program from a file...

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GNU patch 2.5 & 2.6.1 (EMX & kLIBC)
Thursday, 22 May, 2014

GNU patch for OS/2.

Patch takes a patch file containing a difference listing produced by the diff program and applies those differences to one or more original files, producing patched versions.

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GNU Texinfo 6.3
Monday, 15 May, 2017

Texinfo is the official documentation format of the GNU project, useful for development.

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gSOAP 2.8.29
Friday, 11 March, 2016

The gSOAP tools provide an automated SOAP and XML data binding for C and C++ based on compiler technologies.

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Help2man 1.47.4
Monday, 23 January, 2017

Help2man is a program to create simple man pages from the --help and --version output of other programs.

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The Hessling Editor 4.0
Sunday, 16 August, 1992

THE is a powerful text editor modelled on the VM/CMS text editor XEDIT with the best features of Mansfield Software's Kedit.

THE; is freeware,...

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Hg Mercurial SCM system 2.5.2
Wednesday, 9 April, 2014

Mercurial is a free, distributed source control management tool. It offers you the power to efficiently handle projects of any size while using an intuitive interface. It is easy to use and hard to break, making it ideal for anyone...

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HgExplorer 0.7.2
Monday, 1 April, 2013

HgMercurial is a GUI for working with the Mercurial source control system. Application developed using Qt4.

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HyperText/2 2.01
Sunday, 20 December, 2015

This package allows you to easily create powerful OS/2 INF files with only a handfull of commands instead of the complex set of IPF commands.

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IBM OS/2 Warp Update Kit
Wednesday, 31 January, 1996

IBM OS/2 Warp Update Kit Components

  • IBM Developer API Extensions for OS/2 component provides a subset of the WIN32 APIs on OS/2 which will help you with your migration of Windows 95 and...
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IBM VisualAge for COBOL 2.2
Friday, 12 February, 1999

IBM VisualAge for COBOL for OS/2 is a COBOL development environment for creating applications on OS/2. It offers the best of both traditional and cutting-edge COBOL programming. It provides a set of workstation tools for developing...

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Interactive DisAssembler 3.05
Saturday, 1 January, 2000

Full WYSIWYG interactively disassembler for i80x86, i8085, z80, i860, Pentium, i8051, 6502.

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IPF preprocessor 1.0
Tuesday, 30 June, 1992

IPFC Preprocessor is tool to expand the capabilities of the IPF Compiler. It provides additional function for the IPF Compiler that are necessary for both single sourcing online documentation & hardcopy...

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ITS Tool 2.0.2
Monday, 23 January, 2017

ITS Tool allows you to translate your XML documents with PO files, using rules from the W3C...

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JALv2 Compiler (Just Another Language) 2.4q6
Sunday, 19 October, 2014

JAL (Just Another Language) is a Pascal-like programming language and compiler that generates executable code for PIC microcontrollers. It is configurable and extendable through the use of libraries and can...

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Jam 2.6
Friday, 13 April, 2018

Jam is a program construction tool, like make.

Jam recursively builds target files from source files, using dependency information and updating...

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jCVS II 5.4.2
Monday, 1 April, 2002

JCVS is a Swing based client that provides a commercial quality GUI client for CVS.

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jEdit 5.1.0
Monday, 2 February, 2015

A mature programmer's text editor expandable with tons of plugins.

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JFormDesigner 5.0.4
Thursday, 12 April, 2012

JFormDesigner™ is a professional GUI designer for Java™ Swing user interfaces. Its outstanding support for MigLayout, JGoodies FormLayout, GroupLayout (Free Design), TableLayout and GridBagLayout makes it easy to create professional...

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JMNSISHelper 0.2
Sunday, 3 July, 2011

With this program you can easily create scripts file for the NSIS installer. Application developed using the Qt...

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K DLL Archiver 1.3.0
Sunday, 20 March, 2016

K DLL Archiver, an enhanced version of dllar.cmd.

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Kai Library (K Audio Interface) 2.2.1
Sunday, 24 January, 2016

K Audio Interface DART/UNIAUD implementation library.

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kBuild for OS/2 0.1.9998
Tuesday, 15 October, 2002

kBuild is a makefile framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks.

The goals of the kBuild framework:

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LCD Image Converter 2.0
Saturday, 10 December, 2011

Tool to create image and font source files for embedded applications. Applications developed using Qt4.

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Liberty BASIC for OS/2 0.91b
Tuesday, 6 August, 1996

Liberty BASIC for OS/2, a BASIC language development tool.

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LightMd Editor 1.0.4
Saturday, 9 January, 2016

LightMd Editor is a light and useful Markdown Language Editor supporting syntax highlighting, multi-tab, multi-theme, focus mode and full screen mode.


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LXDump/2 1.03
Wednesday, 27 June, 2012

LXDump/2, an utility that displays the contents of LX (Linear eXecutable) modules.

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MagicDraw UML 16.5 SP5
Monday, 7 September, 2009

MagicDraw is a visual UML modeling Unified Modeling Language and CASE tool with teamwork support. Designed for Business Analysts, Software Analysts, Programmers, QA...

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MAID (Modular And Integrated Design) & LesTecIO 1.5 & 6.0
Sunday, 17 July, 2016

MAID is an user Interface Front End software for easy prototyping and creating your own useful interfaces. MAID incorporates REXX scripting language and C dynamic libraries which means no limit to the...

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MED, Programmers' Text Editor 1.26
Wednesday, 30 June, 1999

MED  is an editor for OS/2 with predefined syntax highlighting for C/C++, REXX, Modula-2, Javascript, Java, Pascal, ADA, X86 and 68K assembler, Clipper, Fortran, Lisp, LaTeX, HTML, Perl, makefiles, OS/2...

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ML/I (General purpose macro processor) 4.9
Monday, 31 May, 2004

ML/I is a very powerful, general purpose macro processor. It can be used for many different tasks.

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Ncurses (New curses) 6.1
Saturday, 17 July, 1999

The ncurses (new curses) library is a free software emulation of curses in System V Release 4.0, and more. It uses terminfo format, supports pads and color and multiple highlights and forms characters and function-key mapping, and has...

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NEPMD ( EPM distribution) 1.24
Wednesday, 6 November, 2002

NEPMD is an add-on for EPM, the Enhanced Editor of OS/2.

It comes with countless features and bug fixes for both programmers and standard users, e.g.:

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NEWPRJ - OS/2 PM project creator
Thursday, 15 March, 1990

Newprj creates a new OS/2 PM project. It's a pretty simple program. You run  it by typing:

newprj projname
where projname is the name of the new project. 
newprj creates eight...

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Object file converter 2.16
Saturday, 13 October, 2012

This utility can be used for converting object files between COFF/PE, OMF, ELF and Mach-O formats for all 32-bit and 64-bit x86 platforms. Can modify symbol names in object files. Can build, modify and convert function libraries across...

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OS/2 API Trace 2.45.40
Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

OS/2 API Trace allows you to trace the 16-bit and 32-bit OS/2 APIs used by any application running on any 32-bit version of OS/2 (2.0 or later) without requiring the application's source code or requiring the application to be...

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PACKVXRX 20011004
Tuesday, 4 October, 2011

This program can fix and pack files produced by Watcom VX REXX (OS/2 and DOS). It can fix directory tables if the OS/2 LX executable portion was processed by LX-Lite (changed offsets)...

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ParseXML 2.1.0
Monday, 1 September, 2003

ParseXML is an an XML parser written in REXX that does not require external libraries. The main prograrm is written in SAA REXX and will work on OS/2 and other compatible systems unmodified but the OOREXX port provided in a subfolder is...

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Friday, 7 September, 2012

PCICFGWR write to PCI configuration space. This tool allows you to place a BASEDEV statement into your CONFIG.SYS  that will write any value to any PCI configuration register for any  PCI adapter.

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Phelsuma/2 2.0b1
Sunday, 23 August, 1998

Phelsuma/2 is an editor for information and help files (*.INF and *.HLP) and can also compile. Phelsuma has been extensively developed for the comfortable creation of help files. Through a Management of help topics similar to the final...

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phpGUI 1.22
Monday, 20 March, 2006

phpGUI is a tool for developers who build web-sites with PHP, HTML and MySQL. But also those who don't know anything about PHP, but create statical 'pure' HTML-pages, will benefit from the features of phpGUI...

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PIC Disassembler 1.3
Sunday, 22 May, 2011

vPICdisasm is a Microchip PIC firmware disassembler that supports the Baseline, Mid-Range, and Mid-Range Enhanced 8-bit PIC cores. This single-pass disassembler can read Intel HEX8 and Motorola S-Record formatted files containing valid...

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Pkg-config 0.29.1
Friday, 9 December, 2016

Pkg-config is a helper tool used when compiling applications and libraries. It helps you insert the correct compiler options on the command line.

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PLCEdit 2.21
Tuesday, 15 February, 2011

PLCEdit is a small notepad for PLC programming, which is able to create different types of POUs, programs, function blocks, functions and global variable lists, according to the IEC61131-3 standard. PLCEdit...

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PM Float 0.0
Monday, 30 January, 1995

PMFloat, display C-numeric types in hexadecimal.

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PM Make
Saturday, 6 November, 2004

Probably the most comprehensive PM based make program available, this product performs the core functions of making, backup and restore, as well as being totally tools independent. PM Make...

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PMSPY 1.10
Friday, 23 July, 1993

PMSPY allows you to spy:

  1. messages that are posted to windows through a message queue
  2. messages that are sent directly to windows
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Tuesday, 18 August, 1992

PMTREE is an application for examination of and interaction with the windows of an OS/2 system.

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PPWizard 22.148
Monday, 5 April, 1999

PPWizard is a free html preprocessor which is powerful and yet easy to use. Preprocessors allow you to easily include external files (to include html files such as common html headers, footers or navigation...

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PRIMA 1.20
Friday, 20 January, 2006

Prima is an extensible Perl toolkit for multi-platform GUI development.

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Programmer's Editor 1.7.1
Tuesday, 21 May, 2002

A simple MLE-based editor with a few features designed for programmers. Source code included.

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Programmers Editor for OS/2
Sunday, 7 December, 2003

is a product designed to provide a simple, well thought out basis to a program development environment. Although designed for programmers, SysOp's may find this editor useful for editing messy or complex...

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Prominare Universal Resource Editor (URE) 1.15
Saturday, 7 March, 1998

The Prominare Universal Resource Editor (URE) is a graphical design environment that allows application programmers to design Presentation Manager (PM) applications complete with windows, menus, and dialog boxes, quickly and easily. It...

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Thursday, 13 March, 2014

This is a simple application to test QRegExps. It shows you the captured strings and their respective substrings. Application developed using the Qt framework...

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Qt software development framework 5.15.2
Monday, 3 December, 2001

Qt is a multiplatform C++ GUI application framework developed by Trolltech AS (now "The Qt Company"). Qt for OS/2 is a native version of the Qt Toolkit for the OS/2 Operating System.

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RamScope 2.1
Monday, 4 December, 1989

Absolute Physical Memory Viewer. Show any part of OS/2 memory. RamScope is a debugging tool written for the OS/2 Presentation Manager.

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Remap 1.02
Monday, 6 September, 2010

Remap v1.0 is a developer's tool that reformats and demangles IBM-style map files to make them more informative and easier to use.

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Saturday, 1 May, 2004
  • RES2DLG is an utility to decompile an OS/2 .RES resource file into a .DLG dialog file. This utility preserves all styles, unlike the IBM Dialog Editor tool.
  • RESMGR is Martin Lafaix's Resource...
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Rexx/SQL 2.5
Monday, 16 October, 2006

Rexx/SQL provides Rexx programmers with a consistent, simple, yet powerful interface to SQL databases. Multiple connections to different databases from different vendors can be made in the one Rexx program....

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Rexx/Tk 2.0
Monday, 1 May, 2000

The Rexx/Tk package is a Rexx interface to the TCL/Tk language: a combination of one of the easiest scripting languages available and the most powerful cross platform GUI toolkit on...

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Rexx/Wrapper 2.4
Friday, 22 September, 2006

Rexx/Wrapper is a tool that wraps a Rexx source file, or tokenised code  into an executable program.  The Rexx source code can be optionally compressed and encoded to ensure  that the original Rexx code...

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Rexx2exe 99.349
Tuesday, 21 December, 1999

This program is used to compile rexx ".CMD" files into ".EXE" files so that the source is not required. As the source is not required at runtime, you can distribute a binary file which you know end users can...

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RexxCC 3.23
Tuesday, 5 July, 1994

A tiny REXX "compiler" for OS/2 REXX programs.

  • REXXCC "compiles" REXX programs by substituting the source code with any text.
  • REXXCC "compress" REXX programs by deleting all comments,...
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Rexx_EXE (REXX to OS/2 executable wrapper) 4.10
Thursday, 20 April, 2006

This package has two programs to wrap a rexx program in either a VIO (commandline) or PM (presentation manager) executable.
Features of this implementation:

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RxD (REXX source level debugger) 1.4
Monday, 15 February, 1993

RXD is a Presentation Manager source level debugger for Rexx programs. It features breakpoints, single stepping, 'watch' variables display, and a console input/output display.

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Sunday, 4 August, 2002

This is a (growing) collection of miscellaneous REXX utility functions and code fragments. Some of them are coded in REXX others in C.

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S2Macros 1.1.0
Saturday, 13 April, 2002

A set of handy macros to use with NASM.

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SIP 4.19.25
Friday, 3 June, 2016

SIP is a tool for generating bindings for C++ classes so that they can be accessed as normal Python classes. SIP takes many of its ideas from SWIG but, because it is specifically designed for C++ and Python, is able to generate tighter...

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SmartCVS 7.1.8
Thursday, 18 December, 2014

Powerful Java CVS client, easy to use and configure. Base ("Foundation") version is free, also for commercial use.

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SmartSVN 7.0.2
Monday, 28 May, 2012

Java based GUI for Subversion (SVN). Free limited version. Latest version running on OS/2 is ver. 7.07.

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Subversion (SVN) 1.7.21
Monday, 27 December, 2004

Subversion - also known as SVN - for OS/2, based on latest GNU C library.

For jEdit editor, a Java based Subversion (ver. 1.7) plugin is available; it doesn't require svn installed on the local system.

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Switch Rexx
Tuesday, 11 March, 2008

This package contains ClassicRexx.cmd, ObjectRexx.cmd and ORexxG.cmd. ClassicRexx.cmd is a 4OS2 script that allows Classic REXX scripts to be run on a system that defaults to Object REXX, without the need to run SwitchRx and reboot....

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Testlog 3.54
Friday, 27 September, 2019

Create a log file that you can submit with your test results when reporting a problem with a driver. This program collects all the data about your system and the driver under test, and puts it into a single...

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TxWindows Library 7.00
Sunday, 14 October, 2018

The TxWindows library for development of text mode applications using a windowing system including menus, dialogs and more!


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Visual REXX 1.1
Wednesday, 9 September, 1992

VREXX is Visual REXX -...

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VyperHelp 1.11
Monday, 23 October, 2000

VyperHelp is a visual outliner and editor for creating online help for OS/2-based systems. It generates IPF files, which can be compiled into OS/2-based HLP and INF files. It also generates WinHelp, RTF, HTML, and HTMLHelp files. Latest...

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WebWriter/2 1.2
Tuesday, 12 August, 1997

WebWriter/2 is an HTML editor designed and written for OS/2.

WebWriter/2 now supports the creation of HTML version 3.2 documents. It also  includes the capability for the user to define tags which are not currently  supported,...

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Zope 2.6.1
Monday, 2 June, 2003

Zope is a framework for building web applications. A web application is a computer program that users access with a web browser over the Internet. You can also think of a web application as a dynamic web site that provides not only...

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