Prominare Universal Resource Editor (URE)

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Monday, 3 August, 1998




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The Prominare Universal Resource Editor (URE) is a graphical design environment that allows application programmers to design Presentation Manager (PM) applications complete with windows, menus, and dialog boxes, quickly and easily. It also creates the required resource script files.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

  • download the ZIP package to temporary directory and unpack it to destination folder;
  • the main package is self-installing, run install.exe.

See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

Prominare Universal Resource Editor (URE) v. 1.15 (28/4/2003, Steven Levine) Readme/What's new
Prominaire URE Installation Guide 24 Apr 2003 SHL Prerequisites ============= v1.15 Installation Package v1.15 Fix Kit Install Base ============ - Unzip to the root of some work drive preserving paths. The files must be in the \ure115 directory or the installer will not find them. - Log to the \ure115 work directory. - Run install.exe. - Verify that the source drive defaults correctly. This should be the drive where you unzipped - Select install drive and directory. The install directory can be on any directory on any drive other than the \ure115 directory on the work drive. - Finish install. - Optimize config.sys PATH and LIBPATH ordering, if desired. Install Fixes ============= - Unzip to a installation DLL directory. - Move ure.exe to BIN directory. - Reboot. Steven H. Levine
Prominare Universal Resource Editor (URE) v. 1.15 (Fix Kit, 28/4/2003, Prominare Inc., Matt Smith)
Prominare Universal Resource Editor (URE) v. 1.15 (Fix Kit, 3/8/1998, Prominare Inc., Matt Smith)  local copy
Prominare Universal Resource Editor (URE) v. 1.15 (7/3/1998, Prominare Inc., Matt Smith) Readme/What's new
Universal Resource Editor README File Release Notes for the Version 1.15 Copyright (c) Prominare Inc., 1993-1998 This document contains release notes for Version 1.15 of the Universal Resource Editor. ************************************************************ ************************************************************ N O T E : ========= This release of Universal Resource Editor will only work on OS/2 Warp and above. ************************************************************ ************************************************************ ====================== < Contents > ======================== This file has 3 parts: Part Content ---- ------- 1 Problem Determination 2 Known Bugs 3 New command line switches ================ < Problem Determination > ================= If a problem occurs within Universal Resource Editor that causes a memory protection violation, a message will be displayed showing the memory address where the violation occurred. Further information will be found within the directory where the Universal Resource Editor was installed within specific files associated with each application: Application Excception File ------------------------------------------------ Universal Resource Editor URE.XCP ================================================ When a memory protection violation does occur, please contact Technical Support. ====================== < Known Bugs > ====================== Warp Version 3 -------------- There are known bugs with the notebook control. If you have selected that the tab text be centered or right justified, it will actually be left justified. If you have entered a text string in a control that is greater than 255 characters in length, the control will only display the first 255 characters. There appears to be a bug within the dialogue manager of PM that causes this problem. If you have installed FixPack 16 or 17, there are known problems with WinDrawText (the display rectangle is 1 pel to large on the top and right) and with the using of DBCS styles with the entry field. If you use ES_MIXED, ES_SBCS or ES_DBBS styles with your entry fields, you will not be able to paste into the entry field on non-DBCS systems (ie North American or European systems). Warp Version 4 -------------- If you use ES_MIXED, ES_SBCS or ES_DBBS styles with your entry fields, you will not be able to paste into the entry field on non-DBCS systems (ie North American or European systems). ============= < New Command Line Switches > ============= A new switch has been added to utilize the new UniCode support found within Warp Version 4. This switch -U allows the UniCode filter routines to be used when importing Win32 resources.  local copy
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