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Monday, 19 May, 2003



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VGFX is a very fast and easy to handle software graphic library (2D and 3D) for Free Pascal. Full compatible with Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP. VGFX allows you to enter all possible resolutions in high color (65536 colors). There are tons of fast graphic functions written in assembler with MMX support. Develop is still in 'Alpha' but demos let you try the power of this library!

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Il programma è distribuito come pacchetto ZIP: scaricare in una cartella temporanea e scompattare nella cartella di destinazione. Vedi sotto per il(i) link di download.

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

VGFX Graphic Library (VGFX-Demo MATRIX/2, 27/10/2003) Readme/What's new
__----------------------=======================-----------------------__ __ MATRIX Warpoverlay Demo Alpha 1 __ ----------------------=======================----------------------- pre WARP-WEEKEND release 1.0 GO, MAKE THE WINDOZE NERDS CRY! It's some time ago that i updated my VGFX-Matrix demo. The time goes by and next month (11'2003) the third and last part of the Matrix saga enters the scene. I found some time and updated the code to use the Warpoverlay-interface of Valery Gaynullin. Indeed the idea was first brought to me by some of you (i can not access some of my old mails right now, otherwise i would give a credit to you). I finally managed to create a Warpoverlay-version of the matrix code. It is intended to be used as background-painter. So you can enjoy the matrix while you are working ;-) You need a working Warpoverlay installation AND your graphic adaptor MUST support RGB (FOURCC_R565) overlay. Thus you need SDD or SNAP! This is part of the Warpoverlay SDK docu about RGB-overlay: "RGB - example of using RGB (FOURCC_R565) overlay. Attention! RGB overlay not supported for NVidia chips and for Matrox G200. Known worked RGB overlay: Rage128, Radeon, i740, Savages, Matrox G400 and newer, Neomagic." I myself use it on a Neomagic based Thinkpad, i did not test on other hardware than that, so i can not say anything apart that it works for me. Usage: 1. Set your system to 32k or 64k color resolution 2. Select no background image for the desktop. 3. Set the desktop-color to R=4 G=2 B=13 (at least on my system this works) 4. Start MATRIXFS [width] [hight] [speed] Do not use odd values for width, or the image may be distorted. The third parameter [speed] can control the framerate and thus (appart the size of the image) the CPU usage. For my system (PIII 650) "MATRIX 512 512 20" gives WITH running Z! about 57% CPU. Speed is aproximate the FPS, set speed to "0" (or to extreme values, e.g. 1000) to see how fast it may be. HOW TO STOP matrixfs.exe Either select it in the warpcenter (if you have) or switch to it by ALT-TAB and press ESC. The program should stop. You should be able to kill in the windows-list or with other process-killers. So - AS ALLWAYS - use at your own risk! This software may contain serious bugs that might cause paint and brakedown of even kingdoms, colletral damage to you, your family and your pets. Do not use it in productive environments and while (re)production. Do not use it in airplanes, submarines, spacecrafts -at least if it is not explicitely allowed. DO NOT USE IT! DO NOT USE IT! DO NOT USE IT! DO NOT USE IT! DO NOT USE IT! Credits: Markus aka Venom for VGFX The Freepascal-Team (yes, matrix is written with Freepascal for OS/2), Yuri Prokushev, author of the HWVIDEO (FP-Warpoverlay interface) (BTW: :-( Sorry Yuri, did still not managed to build OpenSybil) Valery Gaynullin for Warpoverlay (go support it!) Greetings: Roderik, the organisator of Warp Weekend 2003, altough it seems that i will not find the time to participate i would like to thank you for your efforts. Chris Wohlgemuth, for his realy nice work on many projects like his USB drivers, multimedia classes and CD-writing utilities. Team OS/2 Germany for maintaining OS2.ORG! Christian Hennecke for his work about VICE The WarpVision team for thier work! Go on! AND all the 30 people that supported me with the WarpVision donation project (thanks again for your trust in me) Senersly yours, Michael Potthoff __----------------------=======================-----------------------__ __ MATRIX Warpoverlay Demo Alpha 1 __ ----------------------=======================-----------------------
VGFX Graphic Library (VGFX-Demo MATRIX/2, 19/5/2003, Michael Potthoff) Readme/What's new
THIS IS FREE SOFTWARE! IT MAY BE FULL OF ERRORS AND CAUSE DAMAGE TO YOUR COMPUTER, YOUR LIFE AND MANKIND! YOU RUN THIS COMPLETELY ON YOUR OWN RISK! I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY KIND OF DAMAGE THIS SOFTWARE MIGHT DO TO YOU, YOUR COMPUTER OR ELSE.IF YOU DO NOT AGREE YOU HAVE TO DELETE THIS SOFTWARE IMMEDIATELY! This is my first demo for the VFGX/2-graphic library. Soon the famous MATRIX sequel MARTIX RELOADED will start and i did want i ever wanted to program since i saw the first part: the scrolling matrix! There are some implementations (even a OS/2 one with VIO-output via ncurses) but this one i did completely myself. I found a Katana-keyset on the net, rescaled and repainted it a bit, sat down and within half an our the first matrix was ready. All in all it took 2 or 3 hours for a smooth scrolling, lighting ect. but here it is! Unzip all files into a directory and run matrix.exe! At the moment i use dualmode RC5 since i had problems with the RC6. Currently the whole thing is somekind of speed-measurement. On my K6/2-500 i get about 33 fps when not interrupted by the screenshoot ;-). Note that when you run Matrix/2 your mouse will be grabbed. You can free it by CTRL+F12 and regrab by CTRL+F11, ESC terminates the application. With installed SDDHELP.SYS (if your're running SDD 7 / SNAP you have this already, if not you can download it at the dualmode-homepage) you can press CTRL+F10 to activate fullscreen. CRTL+F9 will switch back to the WPS. DO NOT TRY TASK-SWITCHING WHILE RUNNING FULLSCREEN, IT MAY CAUSE SYSTEM INSTABITY!!!. The program will use 640x480x16 and displaying 30*21=630 font-sprites with changing brithness, also including one complete backgound copy. Well, i think it is quite fast for that! Maybe you can send me some speed results. New: you can use MATRIX [xdim] [ydim] [minimum speed] [random speed] to set a resolution and scrolling speed. If you want to set speed than you have to give a resolution! So "MATRIX 640 480 2 10" will run in 640x480 sets the minimum speed to 2 and random speed to 10 (so scrolling speed will be in the interval [2..12])In fullscreen the picture will be centered, so black borders will probabely occur with odd resolutions. Default is "640 480 10 10" . Corrected a bug (float div zero) when disabling FPS-control. KEYS ------------------------------------- ESC Exit CTRL+F10 switch to FULLSCREEN CTRL+F9 switch to WPS CTRL+F11 grab mouse CTRL+F12 free mouse Q enable FPS-Control (set to 25 FPS) W disable FPS-Control (mehtod=0) E toggle FPS-Method (1=old VGFX, 2=dualmode), set FPS=25 This build uses the "timer01" method of the dualmode library, so you need "BASEDEV=TIMER0.SYS" in your config.sys! DO NOT TRY TASK-SWITCHING WHILE RUNNING FULLSCREEN, IT MAY CAUSE SYSTEM INSTABITY!!!
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Note these are just graphic demos, Michael never released the VGFX library despite promises to do so

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