eCSMT - eComStation Maintenance Tool

Release date: 
Tuesday, 18 October, 2011



The fixtool eCSMT package is intended to update an eCS installation with IBM Convenience Package updates (known as fixpacks), apply customized updates furnished by Serenity Systems, Inc, installed selected features, or backout updates that have been applied. It is also capable of applying and removing updates from IBM and Serenity Systems that are not applied using the IBM service process.

If you have the eCS Pro (SMP) version, eCS Fixtool also supports the addition and removal of SMP support.

Manual installation

  • Download in the same directory ecsmt21??.exe, ecsmtreq.exe ed ecsmtopt.exe, then run ecsmt21??.exe.
  • Full online-help available (english and german only).
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