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Thursday, 16 October, 2003



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Take Command brings the power and convenience of the popular 4DOS  and 4OS2 programs to the OS/2 desktops. Whether you are a computer novice or an experienced user, Take Command will help you get the most out of your computer system.

You're probably already familiar with graphical applications running under OS/2, and with the command line, but you may not be used to seeing them combined in one product. Most graphical applications offer limited command-line capability at best, and most command-line utilities aren't designed for a graphical environment like the OS/2 desktop.

Take Command give you the best of both worlds. You'll probably find it most useful when you need to perform tasks like managing your hard disk, scripting a series of steps with an alias or batch file, or starting applications. There are graphical utilities that perform some of these tasks, but often you may find it more convenient or productive to perform them from the command line.

Take Command can use fewer resources than starting a traditional character-mode command-line session, and, unlike a traditional command line session, it looks and feels like the other graphical programs you use.

Take Command also offers a host of features that couldn't exist at all in a command-line utility. For example, you can pop up simple dialogs from a batch file, pass keystrokes to other graphical applications, and use a dialog to find files or text on any of your disks.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

Take Command for OS/2 v. 2.03B (16/10/2003, JP Software Inc.) Readme/What's new
Take Command for OS/2 v2.03 README.TXT -- December 21, 2001 JP Software Inc. P.O. Box 328 Chestertown, MD 21620, USA (410) 810-8818 fax (410) 810-0026 Email sales@jpsoft.com Web http://www.jpsoft.com/ >> IMPORTANT NOTE: This is an older version of Take Command for OS/2 which is provided free of charge for customers using OS/2. No technical support is available from JP Software for this product. For up to date information on all of our products and on current pricing, service, and support policies, see our web site at http://www.jpsoft.com/. This file contains a variety of information you should read before using Take Command for OS/2, including: Installation Instructions Files Included with this Version Legal Notices Other information is available in other files: For ... See ... ----------------------------------- ------------ Product and upgrade information PRODUCTS.TXT New customer order form ORDFORM.TXT Introduction and Installation Guide TCMDOS2.TXT (introductory documentation) Complete list of new features Online help License agreement LICENSE.TXT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ------------------------- To install your copy of Take Command for OS/2: >> Extract or copy all the files to a new directory (do not use a directory you're using for other products, or for a previous version of Take Command for OS/2). >> Follow the manual installation instructions in the Introduction and Installation Guide in the file TCMDOS2.TXT. The detailed instructions for Take Command for OS/2 are in Chapter 7. You can view any of the documentation files on-line, or copy them to your printer. The Introduction and Installation Guide in TCMDOS2.TXT has page breaks, headers and footers; all other documentation files are unpaginated ASCII text. FILES INCLUDED -------------- The following files are included with Take Command for OS/2 2.03: TCMDOS2.EXE Take Command for OS/2 program file TCMDOS2.INF Take Command for OS/2 help file TCMDOS2H.MSG Take Command for OS/2 "quick-help" file TCMDOS2.INI Skeleton Take Command for OS/2 initialization file TCMDOS2.TXT ASCII copy of the Take Command Introduction and Installation Guide TCNPDOS.COM Utility used by Take Command to run DOS applications within the Take Command window BATCOMP.EXE Batch file compression utility EXAMPLES.BTM Sample batch file demonstrating the use of variable functions and internal variables JPOS2DLL.DLL 4OS2 and Take Command for OS/2 support DLL KEYSTACK.EXE Program used by the KEYSTACK command LICENSE.TXT License agreement ORDFORM.TXT New customer order form PRODUCTS.TXT Product and ordering information README.TXT This file SHRALIAS.EXE Utility program for retention of global alias and history lists LEGAL STUFF ----------- Copyright 1999-2002, JP Software Inc., All Rights Reserved. Published by JP Software Inc., P.O. Box 328, Chestertown, MD 21620, U.S.A., phone 410-810-8818, fax 410-810-0026. Take Command and 4DOS are registered trademarks of JP Software Inc. 4DOS, 4OS2, and 4NT are JP Software Inc.'s trademarks for its family of character-mode command processors. JP Software, jpsoft.com, and all JP Software designs and logos are also trademarks of JP Software Inc. Other product and company names are trademarks of their respective owners. All prices and terms subject to change without notice.
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