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Wednesday, 7 November, 2018



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Logical Config.Sys Sort analize your CONFIG.SYS file and sort it into logical sections.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Self-installing WarpIN package. See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

LCSS (Logical Config.Sys Sort) v. 0.7.2 (26/3/2020, Doug Bissett) Readme/What's new
HISTORY LCSS-072 - Added some new database entries  local copy
LCSS (Logical Config.Sys Sort) v. 0.7.1 (26/11/2019, Doug Bissett) Readme/What's new
HISTORY LCSS-071 - Minor tweaks for USB ordering  local copy
LCSS (Logical Config.Sys Sort) v. 0.6.5 (7/11/2018, Doug Bissett) Readme/What's new
HISTORY LCSS-065 - Added code to sort USBD.SYS depending on file version. - Updated database
LCSS (Logical Config.Sys Sort) v. 0.6.2 (1/5/2018, Doug Bissett)  local copy
LCSS (Logical Config.Sys Sort) v. 0.5.1 (29/10/2017, Doug Bissett) Readme/What's new
Logical Config.Sys Sort (History at end) *** PLEASE READ the section on comments. This has completely changed, and some user preparation is required to make it work right. *** ************************************************************************************************* WARNING: This is, currently, a beta level program. It works for me, but extensive testing has not been done. Any damage caused by using this program, is entirely your own fault. The resulting CONFIG.SYS should be carefully inspected, BEFORE you try to use it. You should also have some alternate boot system, so you can replace the resulting CONFIG.SYS, with the original, if you need to. ************************************************************************************************* You must also check in the next to last section, for unknown (to this program) statements, or statements that have an incorrect group assigned. Those sections will not be created, if none are found. If there are any entries in the Unknown section, you need to move them to the appropriate places, and either enter them in your LCSS.usr file, if they are unique to your system, or notify me, at: so I can add them to the database, in an appropriate section (please suggest one). Also, inform me if any special rules apply to the line in question (must be before/after another line, etc.). Please put "LCSS" in the e-mail subject line, so that SPAM removal doesn't find it, and remove it. ************************************************************************************************* New in verion 0.2.0, and up: There is a problem with recognizing whether e REM is a comment, or if it is being used to disable a normal command. Because of this, I am going to ask users to change any lines that are real comments, so they begin with "REM !". Comment lines that contain "REM !" will be kept in a group, around a command (including a command disabled by using "REM"), when found. Leading comment lines don't need any special handling. However, if you choose to also use (and keep) trailing comments, you will need to delimit such comments by using a blank line before, and after, all comments that apply to an individual line, with the command in the middle of leading, and/or, trailing comments. See below for more information. ************************************************************************************************* New in version 0.4.5 and up: There is a new parameter "/SC", which stands for "SemiColon". What it does, is make sure that LIBPATH, SET PATH, SET DPATH, SET HELP, SET BOOKSHELF, and SET SOMIR are terminated with a semicolon. ************************************************************************************************* The LATEST LCSS.dat file will be at: This file may not work properly for older versions of the program, so be sure to get the latest program first. Please get the LATEST program, and LCSS.DAT file, before you report any Unknown lines, or other problems. Thanks... ************************************************************************************************* You should NEVER get stuff at the end, indicating a bad group. If you find something there, you have likely created an incorrect entry in the LCSS.usr file. If it is, in fact, an error in the LCSS.dat file, please let me know. NOTE: that some REMed statements may end up in unexpected places. Please read the following information about comment lines carefully. ************************************************************************************************* LCSS (Logical CONFIG.SYS sort) was written to address the shortcomings (IMO), of the cfgsort that is used with eCS 1.2 (and later, I would presume). It sorts CONFIG.SYS, into more logical sections, which I find much easier to find things in. ************************************************************************************************* NOTE: that this program is not designed to maintain YOUR, customized, CONFIG.SYS setup, if you have modified it yourself (although it could be modified to do so). It is designed for the user who realizes that CONFIG.SYS should be organized into logical sections, but who is afraid to do the modifications because they are not sure how to do it. Of course, what this program does to your CONFIG.SYS, could actually break it, so use caution. ************************************************************************************************* The command is simple: LCSS [input_file] [/E] [/B] [/SE] [/TC] [/SC] input_file would be an existing CONFIG.SYS (by that, or any other name). If it is left blank the CONFIG.SYS on the current boot drive will be used. /E, if used, will cause the section headings to be emphasised in the output file. /B, if used, will retain one blank line, following a line (this may not do what you think you may want). /SE will put a trailing comment (including emphasis, if chosen), at the end of each section. /TC will retain Trailing Comments (comments that sre related to a line, but come after the line). /SC means Verify that LIBPATH, SET PATH, SET DPATH, SET HELP, SET BOOKSHELF," and SET SOMIR, statements end in a semicolon." The program will inform you about what it will do, and, if you choose to proceed, it will back up the input file, then process it, then display the results for inspection or manual modification. After closing it, it will ask if you wish to replace the input file with the results. If you say yes, the temporary file will be copied over the original input file. Of course, let me know (address above), if you find any problems with this, or, if you end up with lines in the unknown section. I am not interested in the odd REM that doesn't get handled properly (see above), but any line with a valid CONFIG.SYS entry, that is not handled, is of interest, so I can fix the database file. Of course, if the unhandled line is something unique to your system, you should copy LCSS.smp to LCSS.usr, then add the unique line to that (instructions are in the file). ************************************************************************************************* Handling of comments (REMs) has completely changed for version 0.2.0 and up. There is a problem with being able to determine if a REM is for a comment line, or if it is being used to disable a normal line. To resolve this problem, I am asking users to add an identifier to any lines that are true comments, that they wish to keep associated with a nomal command. The flag that I will use is " !". That is change: REM This is a comment to: REM ! This is a comment. You can use multiple lines, including trailing comments such as: ===================== REM ! Comment 1 REM ! Comment 2 REM ! Comment 3 REM RUN=C:\OS2\SMSTART.EXE REM ! Trailing comment 1 REM ! Trailing comment 2 REM ! Trailing comment 3 ====================== NOTE: When using trailing comments, it is necessary to delimit these comments, using a blank line before the first leading comment, and after the last trailing comment. This requirement will be enforced by the program, which may make your CONFIG.SYS less readable, but it is necessary to prevent the trailing comments from being carried along with a following command on future sorts. You must also use the /TC parameter, to make the program look for trailing comment lines. To disable a command use the format: REM DEVICE=C:\BOOT\ADEVICE.SYS In this case, the REM is actually ignored, and the line will be sorted to where it would normally go. It will still be REMed. Any comment lines (see above) will follow it. To help with header, and trailer, comments, any lines beginning with "REM [" will be deleted. The program will insert it's own comments to replace them, or, if that is not appropriate, the line will be discarded. This could be useful for making temporary comments, that will be deleted by the next sort. Examples: This sequence: ====================== REM This is a comment line REM This is another comment line DEVICE=D:\OS2\BOOT\something.sys ====================== will result in the two comment lines ending up in the Unknown section. This sequence: ====================== REM ! This is a comment line REM ! This is another comment line DEVICE=D:\OS2\BOOT\something.sys ====================== will result in the two comment lines staying with the command line. This sequence: ====================== REM ! This is a comment line REM ! This is another comment line DEVICE=D:\OS2\BOOT\something.sys REM ! More comments REM ! Even more comments ====================== will result in the two leading comment lines staying with the command line. IF (and only IF) you sort using the /TC parameter, AND there is a blank line before the first leading comment, and after the last trailing comment, the two trailing comments (plus a blank line) will remain with the command line. IF you do not do all of that, it is quite likely that the trailing comments will follow the command that follows (as leading comments), or, they will end up in the Unknown section. The blank lines are required to be able to distinguish trailing comments from leading comments. RECOMENDATION: Don't use trailing comments. This sequence: ====================== REM [Sorted by something else DEVICE=D:\OS2\BOOT\something.sys ====================== will result in the comment line being discarded, and possibly replaced by a more useful comment. Note, that if you place a number of lines with "REM !..." at the end of CONFIG.SYS, they will be reproduced there. Any lines in CONFIG.SYS that start with "REM !" and cannot be related to a known command, will also end up at the end of CONFIG.SYS. RECOMMENDATION: If you use a series of comments as a log of changes to CONFIG.SYS, I recommend making a separate file (possibly CONFIG.NOTES), and move that stuff out of CONFIG.SYS, and into the new file. If you wish to have a reference point, use a leading comment like this: ====================== REM ! Note 7, 10 DEVICE=D:\OS2\BOOT\something.sys ====================== and put the numbered notes in CONFIG.NOTES Once you get the first sort done, and clean up the results, manually, future sorts should work better. These "problems" should only occur in older, user modified, CONFIG.SYS files, and not with a newly created system. ************************************************************************************************* NOTE: that the HELPERW.EXE, which is installed by the new GENMAC WRAPPER device driver is handled correctly (if not elegantly). The user docs for that do warn against CONFIG.SYS sorters. ************************************************************************************************* My thanks to those who helped with the development of this program. You know who you are, so I will not name you here, so that others won't bother you with questions. ************************************************************************************************* HISTORY LCSS_001 - initial beta. LCSS_002 - Fixed problem where extra blank lines were inserted, when /B is used. - Rearranged LCSS.dat file, to avoid some missdetections, and make better grouping (DOS commands). - Added new items to LCSS.dat file - Added better tracking for which program, and database files, were used to create a CONFIG.SYS. PLEASE trasfer anything that you may have added to LCSS.usr to the new file, or add the first line in the new LCSS.smp file, as the first line in your LCSS.usr file (the version). LCSS_003 - Split JAVA into it's own section - Added new items to the database - Changed order for the Lucent driver, so it loads before other COM driver statements. LCSS_004 - Updates to the LCSS.DAT file. LCSS_005 - more updates to the LCSS.DAT file, plus these comments in the readme. LCSS_006 - Updates to the LCSS.DAT file. - Changed the program to automatically use the CONFIG.SYS on the boot drive, unless otherwise indicated. LCSS_007 - Updates to LCSS.DAT file LCSS_008 - Added a new section for OpenSSH LCSS_009 - Updated database LCSS_010 - Updated database, and added a generic programming section. LCSS_020 - Many changes, and additions, to the database. - Changed the way that comments are handled. PLEASE READ the instructions. - !!!!PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!! - !!!!PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!! - !!!!PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!! - !!!!PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!! - Split networking into: -NETWORKING -NETBIOS -NETWARE - Added an option to put a trailing comment at the end of each section (/SE). - Packaged in a WarpIn installer. LCSS_030 - Updated database - Split Mozilla stuff into its own section LCSS_031 - Put the PCCARD section before the USB section - Re-ordered the CBENABLE statements. LCSS_040 - Merged VACPP section with the rest of the Programming stuff - Updated database - Added some programming checks - !!!!PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!! still applies... LCSS_041 - Now handles BOOTDLY.SYS (keeps it folowing the current line) - Updated database LCSS_042 to 043 - various tweaks LCSS_044 - Now handles DELAY.SYS (keeps it following the current line). - Updated database LCSS_045 - Added the /SC parameter - Updated database - Updated README LCSS-046 - fixed failure to delete the TEMP.SYS2 file, before using it. LCSS-047 - Removed pause that was unwanted. LCSS-048 - Fixed typo and logic error in SC (semi-colon) addition code. LCSS-050 - Updated database. Also supports ArcaOS. LCSS-051 - Updated database - Changed the sequence for IFS files (mainly for FAT32)  local copy
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