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Wednesday, 20 June, 2018
REXX Reference Summary Handbook
Saturday, 4 January, 2014

REXX Reference Summary Handbook - 4th Edizione Ottobre 1997.

"Everything you wanted to know about managing WorkPlaceShell Object with Rexx, but didn't know where to look...

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InnoTek Runtime for OS/2 1.12 (Build 20)
Friday, 9 July, 2004

The InnoTek Runtime for OS/2 is a software runtime environment used by several InnoTek Products which are based on Win32 applications. The use of a common runtime as opposed to shipping...

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DjView & DjVuLibre 4.10.6 & 3.5.27
Sunday, 9 April, 2017

Standalone viewer for DjVu files. Features include navigating documents, zooming and panning page images, producing and displaying thumbnails. The viewer can simultaneously display several pages using a side...

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OS/2 Warp Server for e-business Courseware (edition 1999)

OS/2 Warp Server for e-business Courseware - 1999. Free reprint by nice concession of International Business Machines Corporation.
The course, five days long, explains how to install, configure, use and support IBM OS/2 Warp server...

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MDOS Full Screen capture 3.0
Wednesday, 25 May, 2011

Fast MDOS Full Screen to BMP file picture grabber. Handles all VGA graphics AND text modes.

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The Design Of OS/2 - Harvey M. Deitel & Michael S. Kogan

This book examines in detail the internal structure of the new 32-bit version of OS/2. After a brief historical overview, authors go into details describing philosophy, insights and decisions...

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Harbour 3.0.0
Wednesday, 20 July, 2011

Harbour is a 100% clipper compatible xbase language compiler. Another valid alternative for this compiler is xHarbour.

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Virtual ASPI driver for OS/2 1.6
Wednesday, 24 January, 2018

Virtual ASPI (VASPI) is a virtual device driver that will allow DOS applications to issue SCSI commands that will be handled by OS2ASPI.DMD. It is open source under the GNU GPL V3 license.

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VideoLAN VLC media player 3.0.3
Tuesday, 19 June, 2018

VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player supporting most audio and video formats (H.264, Ogg, DivX, MKV, TS, MPEG-2, mp3, MPEG-4, aac, ...) from files, physical media (DVDs, VCD, Audio-CD), TV...

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Tuesday, 19 June, 2018
Testlog 3.15
Monday, 18 June, 2018

Create a log file that you can submit with your test results when reporting a problem with a driver. This program collects all the data about your system and the driver under test, and puts it into a single...

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