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Wednesday, 2 October, 2019



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A FreeRDP port for OS/2, eComStation and ArcaOS. FreeRDP is a client for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), used in a number of Microsoft Windows operation systems. It can connect also to systems with "Network Level Authentication" enabled.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Self-installing WarpIN package. See below for download link(s).

You can install the prerequisites with rpm running the following string in a command line:

yum install libc libgcc1 pthread openssl ffmpeg

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

FreeRDP Client for OS/2 v. 20191003 (2/10/2019, Andrey Vasilkin) Readme/What's new
FreeRDP Client for OS/2 & eComStation This is the FreeRDP port for OS/2 and eComStation. FreeRDP is a client for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), used in a number of Microsoft Windows operation systems. Installation ------------ 1. You need RPM/YUM. Type command: yum install libc libgcc1 pthread openssl ffmpeg or use Arca Noae Package Manager to install these packages. 2. Install FreeRDP from WPI installation packet. Starting FreeRDP Client ----------------------- Simplest way to run FreeRDP Client. Drag a template FreeRDP out of the templates folder to the desktop or other folder and fill minimum required properties: host, user name and domain. Or you can create program object to launch RDP session. For example: Path and file name: * Parameters: /c freerdp.exe /u:UserName /p:Password /v:HostName Working directory: C:\Programs\freerdp Freerdp.exe for OS/2 specific features -------------------------------------- Environment variable FREERDP. Format: [key1:(...),key2,...keyN] Where the keys are: POSITION:(x,y,width,height) Coordinates of the lower left corner and size of the window. You can use the keys "P" or "POS" instead of "POSITION". MINIMIZE/MIN/M Create the main window minimized. DIVE or VMAN Use DIVE or VMan video output if command line switch /gdi:sw is specified. Default is VMAN. SHARESND Initializes the audio device as shareable. Default is acquired exclusively when the device plays the sound. You can hold SHIFT key while resizing the window to keep aspect ratio of the remote desktop when command-line switch /smart-sizing (without size) is specified. You can drag a files to the FreeRDP main window or to the any remote application window to copy these files into the remote clipboard. You may use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Alt-Enter to toggle fullscreen mode. Use Shift-Ctrl-Alt-Enter to keep aspect ratio. FreeRDP WPS Object Setup String ------------------------------- A WPS setup string is a sequence of keyword=value pairs, each separated with a semicolon. List of all keywords for FreeRDP WPS object. HOST=string Remote host name or IP address, and optionaly port number: hostname/IP-address[:port] USER=string User name. DOMAIN=string Default is empty. Domain name. PASSWORD=string Default is empty. Password. PROMPT=YES/Y/ON/1 or NO/N/OFF/0 Default: YES Prompt for the user name, domain and password on object instance start. WIDTH=nnn Default: 800 Remote desktop width (for SIZEMODE=ABSOLUTE). HEIGHT=nnn Default: 600 Remote desktop height (for SIZEMODE=ABSOLUTE). PROPORTIONALSIZE=nnn Default: 80 Remote desktop size in percentages (for SIZEMODE=PROPORTIONAL). SIZEMODE=ABSOLUTE/PROPORTIONAL/FULLSCREEN/WORKAREA Default: PROPORTIONAL Remote desktop size mode. DEPTH=8/15/16/24/32 Default: 16 Remote desktop color depth (bits per pixel). GDI=HW/SW_VMAN/SW_DIVE Default: HW HW - Use system GPI API. SW_VMAN - Software GDI rendering, output with VMAN subsystem. SW_DIVE - Software GDI rendering, output with DIVE subsystem. SCALEMODE=OFF/WIN/SIZE Default: OFF OFF - Do not scale remote desktop. WIN - Scale remote desktop to window size. SIZE - scale remote desktop to SCALEWIDTH x SCALEHEIGHT size. SCALEWIDTH=nnn Default: 800 SCALEHEIGHT=nnn Default: 600 DYNAMICICON=YES/Y/ON/1 or NO/N/OFF/0 Default: NO Use remote desktop screenshot or remote application icon for the WPS object instance icon. FLOATBAR=item1,item2,item3,... Default: FULLSCREEN,VISIBLE List of features separated by comma. FULLSCREEN - Show floatbar in full screen mode. WINDOW - Show floatbar in windowed mode. VISIBLE - Show floatbar after connection and when switching modes. AUTOHIDE - Hide floatbar automatically. RAPPFILE=string Remote application program. RAPPSWITCHES=string Remote application command-line parameters. RAPPDIR=string Shell working directory. MINIMIZE=YES/Y/ON/1 or NO/N/OFF/0 Default: OFF Create an initial window minimized for the RemoteApp mode. REDIRHOME=YES/Y/ON/1 or NO/N/OFF/0 Default: OFF Redirect user home as share. REDIRALLDRV=YES/Y/ON/1 or NO/N/OFF/0 Default: OFF All local drives, including removable drives (dynamically). REDIRDIR=name1=path1,name2=path2,... Default is empty. Local directories redirection. Example: dir1=D:\local_directory,dir2="D:\My local\directory" REDIRCLIENT=string Default is empty. Client name to display in Windows Explorer and My Computer for redirected drives. REDIRCLIPBOARD=YES/Y/ON/1 or NO/N/OFF/0 Default: ON Clipboard redirection. REDIRAUDIO=LOCAL/SERVER/OFF Default: LOCAL Sound redirection. LOCAL - Redirect sound from server on local host. REMOTE - Would leave sound on server. OFF - All sound Off. PERFOMANCE=item1,item2,item3,... Default: THEMES,GRABKBD,MOUSEMOTION List of features separated by comma. AERO - Enable desktop composition. THEMES - Enable themes. WALLPAPER - Enable wallpaper. FULLDRAG - Enable full window drag. SMOOTHFNT - Enable smooth fonts (ClearType). MENUANIM - Enable menu animations. GRABKBD - Grab keyboard (send ALT and ALT-F4 to the server). MOUSEMOTION - Send mouse motion. CERTNAME=string Default is empty. Certificate name (hostname). PROTOCOL=item1,item2,item3,... Default: GLYPHCACHE,BITMAPCACHE,FASTPATH List of protocol features separated by comma. CERTVERIF - Certificate verification. CERTACCEPT - Accept certificate on first connect. FIPS - Enable FIPS mode. GLYPHCACHE - Glyph cache. BITMAPCACHE - Bitmap cache. ECHOCHAN - Echo channel. FASTPATH - Enable fast-path input/output. HEARTBEAT - Support heartbeat PDUs. MULTITRANSPORT - Support multitransport protocol. OLDLICENSE - Use the old license workflow. GFX - RDP8 graphics pipeline. History of changes ------------------ 2019-10-03 - Support for RDP8 graphics pipeline (see command line options /gfx and /gfx-h264). Not tested with remote applications. Check if RDP8, RFX and GFX features are activated on the server, sometimes they are not: gpedit.msc 'Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services > Remote Desktop Session Host'. - This build does not require a kernel and processor supporting AVX. - WPS class: Option "Asynchronous update"on page "Protocol" removed. New option "RDP8 graphics pipeline" added. - WPS class: Setup string, option PROTOCOL, new items: OLDLICENSE and GFX. Unused items removed: ASYNCTRANSPORT and ASYNCUPDATE. - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub. 2019-05-31 - The main window lost icon after switching from full-screen mode. Fixed. - The main window lost input focus after switching from full-screen mode when scrollbars existed. Fixed. - Prevent infinite reconnections when a remote application fails to start. - Removed OS/2-specific feature that allows you to immediately disconnect when closing the last window of a remote application. This no longer works with the latest source codes. Now the connection will be broken by the server, as it usually happens in FreeRDP on other platforms. - WPS class: The negative coordinates of the window were incorrectly maintained. Fixed. - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub. 2019-03-27 - Processing the missed command to hide remote application window. - Floatbar released. - New item "Full screen" in the system menu of the window. - Fixed window size when remote desktop is larger than screen size. - A new environment variable FREERDP is used instead of the old FREERDP_VIDEO and FREERDP_WINDOW. - Reducing the number of extra mouse messages sent to the server. - msoffice.cmd: The unique disk name and "minimize" configuration variable to minimize initial window. - WPS class: New page Graphics 2/2 (Floatbar). - WPS class: The progress window is not listed in the window list until it is visible. - WPS class: Check box "Create an initial window minimized." added (page RemoteApp). - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub. 2019-03-12 - The default value of the command line switch "bitmap-cache" was changed some time ago from ON to OFF. Corresponding changes are made in the WPS class. Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub. 2019-01-31 - WPS class properties: Undo/Default buttons on pages Prfomance and Protocol now work, the context menu of bookmarks sub-menu Redirection is presented in normal form. Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub. 2019-01-27 - New checkbox in WPS class properties: "Use the old license workflow". This controls the command line switch +old-license. 2019-01-25 - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub. 2019-01-24 - Fixed file truncation error in common platform-independent code (channel "drive"). 2019-01-18 - Fixed intermediate buffer overflow when using a-law and mu-law audio decoders. 2019-01-17 - Fixed crash when hostname could not be found. - Fixed deadlock between two FreeRDP windows when the clipboard is used. 2019-01-12 - Synchronized with latest sources from GitHub. - Implemented support for audio stream formats a-law and mu-law. - Small changes in the audio subsystem. - Removed option "Asynchronous transport (experimental)" (which no longer exists in FreeRDP) from the WPS class. - Removed non significant command line switches for launching remote applications from the WPS class. 2018-08-13 - Compiled without annoying message about demo version. 2018-08-07 - Locked audio device does not cause the program to fall any more. 2018-07-24 - Linked to avcode56.dll and avutil54.dll (ffmpeg 2.8.6-2) instead avcode58.dll and avutil56.dll. - Build from the latest sources from GitHub. - Some fixes in the OS/2 ralated audio output code. - Sound quality control in the WPS class. 2018-06-26 - sleep() function call in connection procedure to avoid high CPU load. - Fixed several problems with the RS232 port. 2018-06-01 - Libraries freerdp and winpr are compiled as dynamic libraries like for the original project design. These DLLs are marked so that they are loaded in "high memory". - WPS class and msoffice.cmd are modified to set the current directory for freerdp.exe. 2018-05-27 - Using high memory. - More optimal use of memory for bitmaps. 2018-05-03 - The memory leak bug (with /gdi:hw) is fixed. - The PM will not freeze during reconnection. - Updated with latest sources 2.0.0 rc2. 2018-04-12 The first public version for testing. It is compiled for the CPU with AVX instruction set (OS/4 kernel is required). --- Donations are most welcome! PayPal: Andrey Vasilkin, 2018-2019
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Build 20191003 does not require OS/4 kernel and CPU with AVX instruction set.

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