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4allCalc (pmCalc) 4.12
Friday, 4 September, 2009

A calculator with scientific functions, hex, easy transfer to/from the clipboard (Variable "Z"), detailed error messages, online help. pmCalc does not try to simulate a real calculator; there's an entryfield and a result field; you don'...

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Actuarial Modeler for OS/2 Warp
Sunday, 17 September, 1995

An actuarial program for valuing many types of annuities and pension benefits, including immediate and deferred single and joint life pensions that may have various associated guarantees and death benefits.

This version is public...

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Analyze 0.11
Friday, 14 May, 2010

Analyze is a set of programs and scripts to do impedance measurements and transfer function measurements (network analyzer) with PC sound devices. Software to do high quality low frequency impedance or transfer function measurements...

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Beat Calculator for DSTswitch 1.00
Monday, 29 November, 1999

Beat Calculator is an AddOn for DSTswitch. That means it requires DSTswitch to be installed and running; Beat Calculator won't start if DSTswitch is not active. It is a Swatch Beat calculator for your time zone,...

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Belvoir 1.6
Sunday, 21 September, 2014

Creates a simple large, wide (line) graph without any x-axis adjustments, v1.4. So each record is represented, and different values can be compared. Example files included, comparing the MA-5 of a daily high/low-ratio of the stock...

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Binomial Probability Calculator 1.10
Monday, 30 January, 1995

This program is a calculator to compute the binomial function as applied to probability computations. Binomial calculations are useful in situations where there are a number of trials or events with some lesser number of successes.

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BMI Doctor/2 1.15
Thursday, 5 March, 2009

BMI Doctor/2 is a program to calculate BMI (body mass index) and BMR (basal metabolic rate).

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Calc Lite for OS/2
Friday, 3 July, 1998

This command line calculator has all the functions of a simple pocket calculator as well as user defined variables and mathematical functions.

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CalCalc - Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator 1.01
Sunday, 24 December, 1995

Bicycle Ride Calorie Calculator is an OS/2 PM program that calculates the number of calories expended on a bicycle ride.

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CalcPad 20120221
Tuesday, 21 February, 2012

CalcPad calculator is intended for arithmetical calculations in table form with the ability to save and use the results of previous¨ calculations.

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Calcus 0.1 rev3
Saturday, 5 February, 2011

Calcus is a cross-platform scriptable calculator based on Qt and QtScript.

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Ccalc 20200704
Wednesday, 2 January, 2002

Command line calculator for C expression.

CCALC provides convenient way to for performing calculations.

You can use standard infix notation for expressions and store results in variables.

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COCA - COmbobox CAlculator 1.0
Monday, 13 June, 2005

COCA is a COmbobox CAlculator with Expression Parser.

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Colin 0.1.8
Sunday, 16 October, 2011

Colin is a structural analysis application with a lightweight Interface. Application developed using Qt4 compiler.

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Console calculator 1.0
Tuesday, 28 February, 2017

Console calculator, yet another simple command line calculator. Enter no parameter to display all available functions. More than one calculation per invokation is supported, by using more than one parameter...

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DECalc 3.44
Saturday, 28 December, 2013

OS/2 PM calculator with many common and some uncommon features.

DECalc is a calculator for OS/2 PM developed using DrDialog for OS/2....

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DSTswitch 1.80
Tuesday, 4 April, 2000

DSTswitch is a system utility that advances the time of your computer when daylight saving time becomes active or sets it back when standard time is active again. DSTswitch is a stand alone program, that means an Internet connection (i....

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E6B Calculator
Tuesday, 24 July, 2001

Al's non graphical E6B Calculator and flight planning assistant.

General aviation related calculations: Time, Distance, Wind Corrections, Fuel estimates, Weight and Balance. Uses the included sample database of US airports and...

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EditCalc 0.1a
Sunday, 5 January, 1997

EditCalc is build around an  edit window in which you can enter  mathematical expressions.  The program solves ODEs, find roots,  integrates and calculates some statistics.

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ehm 0.6
Wednesday, 9 March, 2011

A simple calculator (QT4), includes sources.

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Electric Sheep client 2.7b12
Friday, 2 September, 2016

Electric Sheep uses evolution and mathematics to create animated abstract art. Everyone running the software (you need also Flam3 - The Flam Algorithm) participates in creating what everyone sees via...

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Eukleides 1.5.4
Thursday, 20 August, 2015

Eukleides is a computer language devoted to euclidean geometry.

This package contain two command-line programs which convert Eukleides scripts into LaTeX or eps/ps files.

Eukleides is a full featured...

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Euler 1.23 & 4.12
Wednesday, 1 January, 1997

Numerical math package with 3D/2D plots and programming language.

The author ended OS/2 support on 2005 releasing source code. As an alternative, you can look at Eukleides, Agena or...

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Monday, 21 August, 1995

EULER n' PI - A set a programs to  compute decimals of Pi and E.  There is a DOS version, an OS/2 1.X  (16bits) and an OS/2 Warp (32bits).  Warp is of course twice as fast as  DOS and OS/2 1.X since it uses 32 bits  register instead of...

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EuroCalc 1.2
Monday, 1 February, 1999

EuroCalc is a simple calculator to convert between the Euro and the currencies of the other countries where the Euro is being introduced.

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Sunday, 3 August, 2014

GeoGebra is free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that joins geometry, algebra, tables, graphing, statistics and calculus in one easy-to-use package.

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GNU arbitrary precision calculator & GNU dc, desk calculator 1.07 & 1.3
Wednesday, 22 May, 2019

Bc is an arbitrary precision numeric processing language. Syntax is similar to C, but differs in many substantial areas. It supports interactive execution of statements. bc is a utility included in the POSIX...

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Gnuplot 5.4.5
Sunday, 17 October, 1993

Well-known command-line driven interactive function plotting utility.

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Graphscan 1.3.5
Wednesday, 28 May, 2014

GraphScan is a graphical scientific tool that allows one to grab data points and errors from figures, so that they can be re-used to, for instance, make new plots. Application developed using...

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HPcalc 41C 0.98
Tuesday, 3 December, 2002

This program is an Free RPN calculator with a layout similar to that of  the HP 41c.  HPcalc is meant to be a simple scientific calculator and does not  have programmability unlike the real HP 41c calculator.

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ICalc 1.00
Tuesday, 13 August, 1996

ICalc is a small, fast, free calculator-type program. ICalc has two modes - command-line mode and interactive mode.  If you don't enter any command-line parameters, ICalc automatically enters interactive mode.

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Wednesday, 31 July, 2013

A programmable expression calculator for programmers. Program developed using Qt4.

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KATCalc 1.0
Monday, 30 January, 1995

KATCalc is a programmable, graphing calculator for the OS/2 Presentation Manager. It performs most trigonometric functions including cosine, sine, and tangent. Also available are many programmer functions including hexadecimal...

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KeyCalc 1.3
Sunday, 30 June, 2019

KeyCalc is a scientific calculator, supporting:

  • the usual trigonometric, etc., functions
  • your choice of algebraic or Reverse Polish notation
  • your choice of real or complex arithmetic
  • binary, octal...
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KMPL 210107
Sunday, 24 May, 1998

REXX-Program for complex numbers.

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kzr.CMD 0807
Wednesday, 22 August, 2007

kzr.CMD is a command line calculator with arbitrary accuracy for the following arithmetic operations (corresponding operators):

  • Sum (+)
  • Subtraction (-)
  • Multiplication (*)
  • Power with full exponent...
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Lotus 1-2-3 2.1
Wednesday, 20 April, 1994

Lotus 1-2-3 for OS/2, a powerful and versatile spreadsheet. For a more recent version see Lotus Smartsuite.

This product, although not being developed/updated/sold since...

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MacAnova 4.07.3
Friday, 2 April, 1999

MacAnova is a port of a cross platform statistical analysis package.

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Maison Anglais Calculator Ver. 1.00
Saturday, 11 November, 1995

A calculator capable of functioning in binary, hex, decimal, and floating point modes. Also converts between signed, unsigned, and float. Based on C language math functions.

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MatrixCalc 0.1
Monday, 30 May, 2011

It is matrices calculator. It has next features:

  • calculation of matrices sum and difference;
  • transpose matrix;
  • calculation of matrices product;...
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Mortgage Workbook 1.0
Monday, 30 January, 1995

Calculate mortgage payments, etc.

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Octave 3.0.0
Thursday, 16 April, 1998

A high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations. It provides a convenient command line interface for solving linear and nonlinear problems numerically.

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Pcx2prn 1.5.2
Friday, 29 December, 2017

Derive original data used in line graphs from PCX files.

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PM Float 0.0
Monday, 30 January, 1995

PMFloat, display C-numeric types in hexadecimal.

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PM-Euro 1.75
Tuesday, 8 January, 2002

Currency converter with online-update for currency exchange rates and edit window to edit and add quotations and currencies.

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PmAs - Astronomy per Presentation Manager 1.12
Tuesday, 21 March, 2000

A set of astronomy programs for OS/2. PmAs (Astronomy for the Presentation Manager) does astronomical calculations and outputs the results as tables or graphics.

It is made up of a number of programs and modules which are...

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PMCalc 1.00
Friday, 3 February, 1995

PMCalc is an OS/2 program that provides an accurate simulation of a typical scientific pocket calculator.  It has the following features:

  • 12 digit floating point...
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PMDCalc Plus 1.00 RC1
Saturday, 27 January, 2007

Simple calculator for daily office use, optimized to perform simple calculations and transfer the result in other programs.

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PMGlobe 2.19
Thursday, 17 June, 1993

PMGlobe is a program which displays the Earth as a globe using OS/2 Presentation Manager.  You can choose to view the globe from any direction, or select one of a number of 'standard' views.

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PMReXX Calculator and RexxMath library 1.0
Monday, 25 February, 2008

PMReXX Calculator consists of two parts: the calculator itself and ReXXMath library. The calculator was designed as simple and easy to use
program for performing numeric calculations usually available on scientific calculators....

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QEasyCalc 0.1
Thursday, 3 February, 2011

QEasyCalc is a simple RPN calculator.

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REXX Command Line Calculator DM - Euro
Monday, 1 February, 1999

REXX Command Line Calculator DM <--> Euro.

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SideKick 1.0
Sunday, 1 January, 1989

SideKick is a Personal Information Manager with a calculator, a notepad and a personal agenda.

This product, although not being developed/updated/sold since long time, it is luckily available as "...

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Simple Calculator (ehm) 0.6
Wednesday, 9 March, 2011

Simple calculator (Qt), includes source code.

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Simple calculator for OS/2 2.x 1.0
Monday, 30 January, 1995

A simple Calculator for OS/2 2.x.

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Monday, 28 February, 2000

A general purpose, PM screen, calculator with capabilities for Decimal, Hexadecimal, Binary, and Octal intermix calculations and presentation.

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Statist 1.4.2
Sunday, 12 February, 2012

A statistic program in C.

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TEXTBUCH (Text book) 4.53
Thursday, 11 July, 2019

TEXTBUCH (text book) is a double entry book keeping program (accounting program) only in german language. The input are text files and the program generates text files containing the annual closing and...

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Saturday, 30 September, 2000

Draws the graph of a mathematical function. Enter a formula (must be converted into Y=expression ie 5Y=X -> Y=X/5).

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WarpCalc 2.0
Wednesday, 21 March, 2012

WarpCalc is a scientific advanced calculator that includes both command line and graphic interface.

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Wingz 1.1
Monday, 25 June, 1990

Wingz is a versatile spreadsheet with a built-in macro programming language (HyperScript) and a powerful graphic system.

This product, although not being developed/updated/sold since long time, it is luckily available as "...

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Xplanet 1.3.1
Saturday, 4 June, 2016

Xplanet is a solar system simulator which calculates accurate positions for the major planets and satellites (natural and artificial) and generate images rich of features based on the NASA SPICE Toolkit.

Xplanet was inspired by...

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