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Well-known command-line driven interactive function plotting utility.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. See below for download link(s).

You can install the prerequisites with rpm running the following string in a command line:

yum install emxrt

Online documentation:

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

Gnuplot v. 5.2.7 (29/5/2019, Gnuplot team) Readme/What's new
Changes in 5.2.7 ================ * NEW "set pm3d noclipcb" will skip drawing quadrangles with color < cbmin * NEW pm terminal supports utf8, dashed lines, bold/italic text * NEW imaginary component of array values is available to "using" in column 3 * NEW gnuplot --slow may help use of qt terminal with slow system font server * CHANGE splot "with points pt 0" acts like "with dots" * CHANGE (tikz) improved default interpretation of gnuplot arrowhead style * CHANGE teach hidden3d to handle double-headed vectors (arrowstyle "heads") * CHANGE "unset title" or "reset" resets all title properties to default * CHANGE font names passed to enhanced text processing may be in quotes * CHANGE cairo terminals accept fractional font sizes * CHANGE "plot with table" does not output trailing field separator * CHANGE better centering for clustered histograms * CHANGE clear STATS_* variables before performing analysis * CHANGE cairo, libgd, and svg terminals handle LT_NODRAW by not drawing at all * CHANGE svg terminal clickable icons are in-line data rather than external refs * CHANGE revise space allocated for ylabel; allow text justification for ylabel * CHANGE reduce overhead, making it feasible to have 10^6 hypertext labels * CHANGE heavily revised fig terminal * FIX "plot with table" unnecessarily limited string column output to 60 chars * FIX (windows) make sure graph window is shown even if the program is "hidden" * FIX hidden3d mode was not correctly dealing with arrowstyle backhead * FIX sprintf in 'using' spec must not clobber numeric locale * FIX tikz - request for polygon with 0 vertices could hang terminal * FIX lua/tikz - do not attempt to ftruncate output being piped through stdout * FIX tkcanvas - do not attempt to ftruncate output being piped through stdout * FIX handle NaN values in input stream to "stats FOO matrix" * FIX prevent extra read past the end of a datablock holding matrix data * FIX pm - issues in box and polygon fill, (wide) lines, enhanced text, images * FIX dropped character in piped input stream if plot window is manually closed * FIX extraneous dots and potential segfault from splot with contour labels * FIX boxplots - color sequence correctly starts with specified linetype * FIX incomplete initialization led to segfault from "gnuplot -c baz" * FIX Allow "pm3d depthorder base" to handle 3D boxes with logscale z This is gnuplot version 5.2.7 -- binary distribution for OS/2 ============================================================= 0) Important information on this gnuplot binary =============================================== This is a binary of the first version 5 release for OS/2. Many things have changed since the last 4.6 release, so please give this some testing! Please report bugs etc. using the sourceforge bug tracker. This binary was compiled using Eberhard Mattes' EMX 0.9d fix 04 and Andrew Zabolotny's port of gcc 3.2.1. The binary includes most relevant terminals. It was compiled with gdlib 2.2.5, libpng 1.6.28, zlib 1.2.11, libjpeg 6b, and freetype 2.9.1. It includes support for iconv using Ilya Zakharevich's iconv2 library 0.2.1a and for lua using version 5.1.5. Kown pm terminal bugs or limitations: Frequent crashes of the backend during resize/repaint. The option parser throws away any previous setting on "set term". "set termoption" is hence broken. "pause mouse" and "pause mouse key" have not been implemented. "Mousing" is not enabled during "pause" (unlike on other platforms). No mouse coordinates are shown while zooming and no the "line-to-ruler" is not implemented. There is no support for boxed text, nor hypertext. No custom dash patterns. Dash patterns do not scale with linewidth. No transparency / alpha channel support. 1) Introduction =============== This file discusses mainly the version of gnuplot 4.0.0 and later implemented for OS/2 using the PM terminal driver. The command line interface of gnuplot is retained, while graphics output is plotted in a Presentation Manager (or X11) window. The gnuplot command line appears in another text-mode window on the screen. The PM window has facilities for printing the plot on the default printer, for changing the fonts used on the plot, and for switching between different ways of plotting the lines (with colour, "wide" lines). Multiple graph windows are supported: try "help term pm". The command line window offers the usual gnuplot interface. Both Unix-style and DOS-style editing keys are supported. This build supports the shell command (type 'exit' to return to gnuplot), can pipe datafiles through external commands using '<', and supports command-line substitution. It runs the full set of demonstration programs supplied in the gnuplot source code distribution without problems. In this version the pm driver was improved to support polygon filling with patterns, dashed lines, bold and italic text and more text encodings, including UTF-8 (see e.g. "utf8.dem"). A number of bugs concerning wide lines, images, filled boxes, alpha channel and the user interface have been fixed. Also the x11 driver was fixed. The documentation in gnuplot.inf was improved to include some graphics. For news on general changes in version 5.0 and 5.2, see RELEASE_NOTES, and NEWS files. Note that the ChangeLog is incomplete. 2) Installation =============== This distribution of gnuplot 5.2.7 was compiled for OS/2 (2.x and above) with emx version 0.9d. Required additional DLLs are included in the package, but you still need the EMX libraries. Unzip the gnuplot distribution into a directory in the PATH, or unzip it somewhere and add this path to PATH, e.g. SET PATH=...;C:\Apps\gnuplot\bin gnuplot can be run from the command line of an OS/2 session (preferably a windowed command session, so that the command line and the displayed graph can be viewed at the same time), or can be set up as a program object in the WPS. The supplied makeobjects.cmd script will create two objects on the desktop for the program and the help book. If gnuplot is set up as a program object, it can be configured for 'drag and drop' in the usual way, by specifying '%*' as the program parameter. Environment settings: see manual (or 'help environment' in gnuplot) * PATH -- see above * SET GNUPLOT=<some directory> -- directory containing GNUPLOT.INI file, run at start-up. * SET GNUHELP=<path>\GNUPLOT.GIH -- path to gnuplot help file, if not in same directory as gnuplot.exe. * Variable GNUPLOT_LIB may be used to define additional search directories for data and command files. The variable may contain a single directory name, or a list of directories separated by a platform-specific path separator, i.e. ':' on Unix, or ';' on DOS/Windows/OS/2/Amiga platforms. The contents of GNUPLOT_LIB are appended to the `loadpath` variable, but not saved with the `save` and `save set` commands. See 'help loadpath' for more details. * Variable GDFONTPATH is the directory where the png/jpeg/gif terminals look for (TrueType or other) fonts. The included gd library uses a default of "C:\\PSFONTS" Usually, it is SET GDFONTPATH=C:/PSFONTS SET GDFONTPATH=C:/OS2/MDOS/WINOS2/SYSTEM The default font for of the gdlib based terminal can be changed via the environment variable GNUPLOT_DEFAULT_GDFONT; however, it is preferred to change the font via the "set terminal png font '<font>'" command. * The variable GNUPLOT_FONTPATH is used by the postscript driver as search path for fonts. Set it to SET above... * Variable GNUFITLOG holds the name of a file that saves fit results. The default it is fit.log. If the name ends with a "/" or "\", it is treated as a directory name, and "fit.log" will be created as a file in that directory. See also "help environment" and the supplied "startgp.cmd" script. 3) Running gnuplot ================== gnuplot can be run from the command line of an OS/2 session (preferably a windowed command session, so that the command line and the displayed graph can be viewed at the same time), or can be set up as a program object in the WPS. gnuplot starts up as a command line session which accepts the usual gnuplot input. The Presentation Manager window for graphics display is only opened when the first 'plot' or 'splot' command is executed. If gnuplot is set up as a program object, it can be configured for 'drag and drop' in the usual way, by specifying '%*' as the program parameter. The PM window has facilities for printing the plot, for changing the fonts used in the plot, and so on. These of course are handled through the usual PM interface. In addition, you can 'drop' a font onto the window to change the font. The PM terminal supports mousing and hotkeys (for very long time actually -- since 1998). The usual gnuplot commands can also be used to produce output on supported devices. Settings and the positions and sizes of the windows can be saved in the file gnupmdrv.ini. This file is saved in the program's working directory; several different directories can be set up (as program objects) with different options, if you wish. gnuplot can be run with the PM display window maximised: clicking on the 'gnuplot' menu item (or pressing 'ESC') will bring the gnuplot window to the foreground; it will disappear again when plotting begins. gnuplot itself communicates with the PM display window (which is a separate program) through a named pipe. Plotting commands are sent to the PM window which produces the plot when all commands have been received. 4) gnupmdrv.exe =============== Gnupmdrv.exe is the 'outboard' driver for gnuplot. It is a multithreaded PM program. 5) X11 support ============== This version of gnuplot also includes the X terminal outboard driver gnuplot_x11.exe. It is compiled using the XFree86-OS/2 libraries and was tested using HOBlink/X11. 6) REXX support =============== gnuplot supports REXX: Any non-recognised command typed at the gnuplot command line is assumed to be a REXX command file. If the file exists it is executed, and all non-REXX commands are passed on to the gnuplot environment. (If the file does not exist, the usual error message is given). Files are searched for in the current directory, and then in the path. Note that Rexx maps all command strings to upper case, so gnuplot commands must be enclosed in quotes. Try 'testrexx' for a simple example. 7) Contents =========== bin\: gnuplot.exe -- gnuplot executable gnupmdrv.exe -- Presentation Manager terminal driver gnuplot_x11.exe -- X11 driver gnuplot.ico -- OS/2 gnuplot icon gnuplot.gih -- gnuplot help file gnuplot.INF -- gnuplot manual in OS/2 inf format ('view gnuplot') gnupmdrv.HLP -- help file for gnupmdrv.exe gpsavediff.cmd -- script to cleanup output of the "save" command gpsavediff -- as above, but for bash startgp.cmd -- optional start-up script testrexx.cmd -- simple REXX example file share\PostScript -- prologue files for postscript output BUGS -- bug list from source distribution Copyright -- gnuplot copyright README -- README file from the source distribution RELEASE_NOTES -- notes from the source distribution README.OS2 -- this file demo\ -- demo files ('load "all.dem"') docs\ -- gnuplot manual in html and Postscript format contrib\ -- few contributed scripts etc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The gnuplot team, May 2019
Gnuplot v. 4.6.0 (14/2/2016, Thomas Williams)
Gnuplot v. 4.6.0 (12/3/2012, Gnuplot team) Readme/What's new
2012-03-04 RELEASE 4.6.0 2012-03-04 Ethan A Merritt <> * src/wxterminal/wxt_gui.cpp: Backport CVS fixes for toggling plots on/off in multiplots and to limit the toggle effect to the contents of the current plot. 2012-03-03 Petr Mikulik <> * docs/doc2ipf.c (process_line): Don't use assert() because it calls int_error(). 2012-03-02 Petr Mikulik <> * config/makefile.os2: version.o is required for gnuplot_x11.exe. 2012-03-02 Ethan A Merritt <> * PATCHLEVEL README.1ST INSTALL FAQ: Update for 4.6.0 * docs/gnuplot.doc: Point to as the URL for all demos. * src/show.c src/plot.c config/mingw/Makefile: Enable code that was marked RELEASE_VERSION; disable alternative code by marking it DEVELOPMENT_VERSION. 2011-02-29 Bastian Maerkisch <> * win/gnuplot.iss: Prepare for 4.6 release. * config/mingw/Makefile: New target 'zip' for zip file distribution. 2012-02-25 Ethan A Merritt <> * tutorial/tutorial.tex: Update latex tutorial for version 4.6 but do not install it by default. 2012-02-25 Peter Juhasz <> * src/command.c src/misc.c src/plot.c src/plot.h: Unterminated blocks (i.e. missing }) in batch mode caused the program to erroneously wait for further input or - when commands were streamed through a pipe - crash. Fix: display appropriate error message instead. Bug #3491904 2012-02-22 Ethan A Merritt <> * src/stats.c: Remove order-dependence of keywords. Bug #3491215 2012-02-21 contributed anonymously * src/term.c (do_arc): Arcs smaller than 3 degrees were being reduced to a single line. Bug #3490227. 2012-02-21 David Leverton <> * src/graphics.c (edge_intersect): Fix a bug that failed to draw a pure horizontal or vertical line from out of range that crossed the entire range of a plot to terminate on the boundary. Bug #3488666 2012-02-14 Ethan A Merritt <> * src/plot2d.c src/graphics.c: The histogram code was not designed to mix well with other plot styles, and in particular with function plots. Fixes segfault on "plot 1, newhistogram illegal-syntax, foo". Fixes Bug #3486639 (key entry spacing of histograms + something else) 2012-02-09 Ethan A Merritt <> * term/wxt.trm src/term_api.h src/term.c src/qtterminal/qt_term.cpp src/wxterminal/wxt_gui.cpp: Switching the terminal from qt to wxt or vice versa causes the program to lock up or segfault. Introduce a flag terminal_interlock to prevent such a switch. 2012-02-08 Jérôme Lodewyck <> * src/qtterminal/QtGnuplotItems.h src/qtterminal/QtGnuplotItems.cpp: Fixed the const-ness of QtGnuplotKeybox members. 2012-02-06 Thanate Dhirasakdanon <> * term/lua.trm: Compatibility wrapper functions to support both lua 5.2 and earlier versions. * term/lua/gnuplot-tikz.lua: "tightboundingbox" option didn't match docs. 2012-02-06 Ethan A Merritt <> * src/plot2d.c: Remove error test that could not be reached in the DATA case and is incorrect in the FUNC case. 2012-01-30 Ethan A Merritt <> * src/term.c term/linux.trm: Provide a 5x9 raster font for linux.trm and svga.trm so that they are not dependent on --with-bitmap-terminals. Bug #3481336 2012-01-29 Ethan A Merritt <> * term/cairo.trm: Make the font scale handling more like pdf and eps. Bugs #3478745 #3480006 2012-01-26 Ethan A Merritt <> * src/graphics.c: If there is no key title, there is no need to draw a line between the title and the key samples. Bug #3478984 2012-01-25 Shigeharu Takeno <> * docs/gnuplot-ja.doc docs/term-ja.diff: Sync with English documentation.
Gnuplot v. 4.4.2 (28/9/2010, Gnuplot team) Readme/What's new
2010-09-24 Ethan A Merritt <> * Fix a regression in 4.4.1 that causes "lc N" not to work in several contexts. * src/graphics.c (fill_between): Fix filled curve clipping error. Bug #2963485 * src/command.c (replotrequest): Once we have started to replot, the previous data no longer exists. Therefore we must set refresh_ok = 0. This prevents a segfault if 'refresh' follows an interrupted replot.
Gnuplot v. 3.5 (17/10/1993, Roger Fearick)
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