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Wednesday, 14 April, 2004




Feature-rich replacement for the OS/2 PM Alt-Tab switcher, that includes a task switcher that works in full screen sessions.

With new XWorkplace XCenter widget.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Available both as ZIP and WarpIN package:

  • download the ZIP package to temporary directory and unpack it to destination folder. Run LSWITCH.EXE at boot time for automatic start. To use lSwitcher widget, place LSWIDGET.DLL and resource DLLs LSWRES*.DLL in the PLUGINS\XCENTER subdirectory of the XWorkplace installation. After restarting XCenter, lSwitcher widget will show up in the list of available widgets. To be able to use the Alt-Tab switcher capability of the widget in DOS full-screen sessions you will need to run LSWITCHD.EXE in each DOS full-screen session.
  • the WarpIN package is self-installing.

See below for download link(s).

Following links are to additional programs, not mandatory but useful:

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

LSwitcher v. 2.93 (10/2/2023) Readme/What's new
V 2.9.3 - Fix trap after closing the error dialog when starting lSwitcher when it is already running - Fix string spacing in dialogs - Fix font loading in dialogs and menus using non-codepage 850 codepages - Expand hints to include all possible actions for the selected window - Improve hints layout and formatting - Fix some menu layout/formatting issues - Make widget page for settings which replaces the taskbar page when running the widget. - Rearrange the setting notebooks; rename some of the notebook tabs - Replace "Hide" in settings notebook with "Cancel" which works as expected - Improve font handling - Get ALT-TAB hotkey working with either ALT key in full screen sessions - Document the fact that the Popup must be in sticky mode for the menu mnemonics to work  local copy
LSwitcher v. 2.91 (23/10/2019) Readme/What's new
V 2.9.1 - Fixed a trap in the XCenter widget that started after updating to XWP 1.0.12 It only occurs with multiple items in a group and also may manifest as menu corruption. Ticket 72 - Limit the reactivation area for un-hiding to 90% of the screen width or the end of a resized bar which ever is less (leaves the left corner for pager) Tickets 63, 64 - Add a spinbox for setting the length of the autohide delay. Ticket 66 - Add Create new widget submenu to the XCenter widget context menu (only works with XWP 1.0.13 and above) - Add/update Spanish resources, readme and help. Thanks Alfredo - Changed "Cancel" back to "Hide" in the setting notebook; it closes without saving; changes you have made will persist until lSwitcher is restarted. Ticket 73 - Make lSwitcher locale aware and load language appropriate help on language switch (currently only English and Spanish are available). - Cleaned up some taskbar code that may fix a very rare trap. - Remove readme.bak from the install package. - Fixed a rare trap which occurred when a process was closed Ticket 75
LSwitcher v. 2.90 (2/2/2018) Readme/What's new
Newest at the top V 2.9.0 - Fixed failure to close XCenter on shut down (shut down fails) under certain rare circumstances - Fixed DOS TSR to work with Ctrl+Tab (Only left Ctrl/Alt keys work in full screen sessions) - Removed redundant window redraws. - Remove scroll divider menu setting. Now we look it up and set it accordingly. - Cleanup menu and dialog formatting. - Added accelerator key F1 for help. - Fix Taskbar opening in the wrong position on video resolution change. - Document the fact that wildcards (*, ?) can be used in exclude list entries. - Use CADH.SYS to facilitate SIGKILL if it is present. - Fixed system hang on trying to open 2 Xcenters both with the widget installed - Removed the Icon only per-process option. Icon only remains as a global setting. - Resolved conflict with XPager Sticky windows and an issue with windows being restored outside of virtual desktop areas. - Added ini file for the Taskbar and split settings into individual entries. - Added "Help" to Taskbar context menus and "Help" buttons in Properties notebook; mostly context sensitive. - Updated the help file - Added "About" page to Properties notebook. - Fixed ability to expand number of rows of icons when widening the Taskbar. - Updated the installer. - Fixed a disappearing icon issue with grouping. - Improved the grouping logic. - Limit exclude list entries to one per program title independent of number running. - Added "Tile" and "Cascade" to context menus - Fixed the fact that using "Show", "Maximize", or "Restore" from a context menu on a minimized/hidden process would place it at the bottom of the z-order. - Changed context menu on groups of buttons to the desktop menu since everything else only effects the first group member. - Fixed Auto-Hide and change z-order to not activate with menus open. - Fixed Auto-Hide not working until the mouse was moved over the taskbar. - Some build system improvements external header file updates and debug stuff. - Developed standards document for consistency in terminology and style.
LSwitcher v. 2.81 (4/7/2014) Readme/What's new
Newest at the top V 2.81 - Added icons only switch to alow for the default button appearence to be toggled between icon only and icons plus text. - Fixed a possible memory leak in the resource dlls - Fixed the layout of the CZ, DE and RU dialog resources  local copy
LSwitcher v. 2.7 (14/4/2004, Andrei Los) Readme/What's new
CHANGES ======= V 2.7 - New look! - Second consecutive switching to Desktop restores all windows to the states they had before they were minimized or hidden by switching to Desktop. - Holding Shift or Ctrl key while clicking on Desktop button in the task bar opens a list of all switch list items or running processes, respectively, similarly to WarpCenter/eComCenter. - Popup window accepts scroll messages, e.g. from mouse wheel. - Popup window and bubble colors and fonts can be changed by drag and drop. - Taskbar button grouping. - lSwitcher is XPager-aware, task bar is always shown in the current virtual desktop. - Some other new program options, changes and bug fixes.  local copy
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If latest version gives you problems with sticky windows and pager, try ver. 2.70.

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