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Gestisce le funzioni dei tasti ALT TAB in modo simile a quanto avviene in Windows.

Comprende il nuovo widget integrabile nello XCenter di XWorkplace.

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

Installazione manuale

Disponibile sia in formato ZIP che WarpIN:

  • scaricare il pacchetto ZIP in una cartella temporanea e scompattarlo nella cartella di destinazione. Lanciare LSWITCH.EXE all'avvio del sistema per automatizzarne il funzionamento. Per usare lo widget XCenter, copiare LSWIDGET.DLL e le DLL LSWRES*.DLL nella sottocartella PLUGINS\XCENTER dell'installazione di XWorkplace. Per sfruttare la funzione Alt-Tab dello widget anche nelle sessioni DOS schermo intero, aggiungere LSWITCHD.EXE al file AUTOEXEC.BAT.
  • il pacchetto WarpIN è autoinstallante.

Vedi sotto per il(i) link di download.

I link seguenti sono a programmi aggiuntivi, utili ma non indispensabili per il funzionamento:

Qui di seguito trovi i link di download per l'installazione manuale del software:

LSwitcher v. 2.93 (10/2/2023) Readme/What's new
V 2.9.3 - Fix trap after closing the error dialog when starting lSwitcher when it is already running - Fix string spacing in dialogs - Fix font loading in dialogs and menus using non-codepage 850 codepages - Expand hints to include all possible actions for the selected window - Improve hints layout and formatting - Fix some menu layout/formatting issues - Make widget page for settings which replaces the taskbar page when running the widget. - Rearrange the setting notebooks; rename some of the notebook tabs - Replace "Hide" in settings notebook with "Cancel" which works as expected - Improve font handling - Get ALT-TAB hotkey working with either ALT key in full screen sessions - Document the fact that the Popup must be in sticky mode for the menu mnemonics to work  local copy
LSwitcher v. 2.91 (23/10/2019) Readme/What's new
V 2.9.1 - Fixed a trap in the XCenter widget that started after updating to XWP 1.0.12 It only occurs with multiple items in a group and also may manifest as menu corruption. Ticket 72 - Limit the reactivation area for un-hiding to 90% of the screen width or the end of a resized bar which ever is less (leaves the left corner for pager) Tickets 63, 64 - Add a spinbox for setting the length of the autohide delay. Ticket 66 - Add Create new widget submenu to the XCenter widget context menu (only works with XWP 1.0.13 and above) - Add/update Spanish resources, readme and help. Thanks Alfredo - Changed "Cancel" back to "Hide" in the setting notebook; it closes without saving; changes you have made will persist until lSwitcher is restarted. Ticket 73 - Make lSwitcher locale aware and load language appropriate help on language switch (currently only English and Spanish are available). - Cleaned up some taskbar code that may fix a very rare trap. - Remove readme.bak from the install package. - Fixed a rare trap which occurred when a process was closed Ticket 75
LSwitcher v. 2.90 (2/2/2018) Readme/What's new
Newest at the top V 2.9.0 - Fixed failure to close XCenter on shut down (shut down fails) under certain rare circumstances - Fixed DOS TSR to work with Ctrl+Tab (Only left Ctrl/Alt keys work in full screen sessions) - Removed redundant window redraws. - Remove scroll divider menu setting. Now we look it up and set it accordingly. - Cleanup menu and dialog formatting. - Added accelerator key F1 for help. - Fix Taskbar opening in the wrong position on video resolution change. - Document the fact that wildcards (*, ?) can be used in exclude list entries. - Use CADH.SYS to facilitate SIGKILL if it is present. - Fixed system hang on trying to open 2 Xcenters both with the widget installed - Removed the Icon only per-process option. Icon only remains as a global setting. - Resolved conflict with XPager Sticky windows and an issue with windows being restored outside of virtual desktop areas. - Added ini file for the Taskbar and split settings into individual entries. - Added "Help" to Taskbar context menus and "Help" buttons in Properties notebook; mostly context sensitive. - Updated the help file - Added "About" page to Properties notebook. - Fixed ability to expand number of rows of icons when widening the Taskbar. - Updated the installer. - Fixed a disappearing icon issue with grouping. - Improved the grouping logic. - Limit exclude list entries to one per program title independent of number running. - Added "Tile" and "Cascade" to context menus - Fixed the fact that using "Show", "Maximize", or "Restore" from a context menu on a minimized/hidden process would place it at the bottom of the z-order. - Changed context menu on groups of buttons to the desktop menu since everything else only effects the first group member. - Fixed Auto-Hide and change z-order to not activate with menus open. - Fixed Auto-Hide not working until the mouse was moved over the taskbar. - Some build system improvements external header file updates and debug stuff. - Developed standards document for consistency in terminology and style.
LSwitcher v. 2.81 (4/7/2014) Readme/What's new
Newest at the top V 2.81 - Added icons only switch to alow for the default button appearence to be toggled between icon only and icons plus text. - Fixed a possible memory leak in the resource dlls - Fixed the layout of the CZ, DE and RU dialog resources  local copy
LSwitcher v. 2.7 (14/4/2004, Andrei Los) Readme/What's new
CHANGES ======= V 2.7 - New look! - Second consecutive switching to Desktop restores all windows to the states they had before they were minimized or hidden by switching to Desktop. - Holding Shift or Ctrl key while clicking on Desktop button in the task bar opens a list of all switch list items or running processes, respectively, similarly to WarpCenter/eComCenter. - Popup window accepts scroll messages, e.g. from mouse wheel. - Popup window and bubble colors and fonts can be changed by drag and drop. - Taskbar button grouping. - lSwitcher is XPager-aware, task bar is always shown in the current virtual desktop. - Some other new program options, changes and bug fixes.  local copy
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If latest version gives you problems with sticky windows and pager, try ver. 2.70.

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