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Agena 2.11.0 RC3
Sunday, 15 October, 2017

Agena is an easy-to-learn procedural programming language suited for everyday usage. It has been implemented as an interpreter and can be used in scientific, educational, linguistic, and many other...

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Brainfuck interpreter 1.0.3
Sunday, 21 September, 2014

Convert brainfuck to C with a few optimizations, samples including LostKingdom.b/EXE, interpreter v1.0.3 for brainfuck and brainfuck.

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Bywater BASIC Interpreter 2.50
Monday, 18 June, 2012

A simple open-source BASIC interpreter, packed with a series of example BASIC programs.

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GNAT (GNU ADA) 3.15p
Saturday, 24 December, 2011

GNAT is a free, high-quality, complete compiler for Ada95, integrated into the GCC compiler system.

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Iron Spring PL/I 0.9.10
Monday, 9 October, 2017

Compiler for the PL/I programming language, although it is currently missing some features.

PL/I is a powerful programming language suitable for a wide range of problems. PL/I has been used to write operating systems and...

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JALv2 Compiler (Just Another Language) 2.4q6
Saturday, 14 October, 2017

JAL (Just Another Language) is a Pascal-like programming language and compiler that generates executable code for PIC microcontrollers. It is configurable and extendable through the use of libraries and can...

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Lua Programming Language 5.3.4
Monday, 13 March, 2017

Lua is a powerful, fast, lightweight, embeddable scripting language developed at PUC Rio (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio). Port by different authors.

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Tuesday, 11 March, 2014

Modula-2 is a programming language invented by Niklaus Wirth, who was also the inventor of Pascal. If you liked Pascal, you'll like Modula-2 even better.

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newLISP/2 10.2.8
Monday, 31 May, 2010

newLISP is a LISP-like scripting language for doing things you typically do with scripting languages: CGI programming, system administration, text processing, gluing other programs together, etc.

newLISP is a scripting LISP for...

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Open Watcom C/C++ e Fortran77 2.0
Thursday, 20 February, 2014

Open Watcom is a joint effort between SciTech Software, Sybase , and a select team of developers, which will bring the Sybase Watcom C/C++ and Fortran compiler products to the Open Source community. A dedicated irc channel for...

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Perl 5.16.1
Monday, 23 January, 2017

Perl is a high-level programming language with an eclectic heritage written by Larry Wall and a cast of thousands. It derives from the ubiquitous C programming language.

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PLCEdit 2.21
Tuesday, 15 February, 2011

PLCEdit is a small notepad for PLC programming, which is able to create different types of POUs, programs, function blocks, functions and global variable lists, according to the IEC61131-3 standard. PLCEdit...

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Python 2.7.6
Saturday, 3 June, 2017

An interpreted, object oriented, scripting language.

Installing using yum, the python package provides the base language, python-tools and python-debug the development environment while PyQt4-* packages are Python bindings for...

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RPL/2 4.1.4
Friday, 7 October, 2011

Reverse Polish Lisp/2 is a programming language that combines aspects of Lisp and Forth.

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Ruby 1.8.1
Friday, 27 February, 2004

Ruby is a dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write.

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Squeak 3.5
Tuesday, 1 April, 2003

Squeak is an open, highly-portable Smalltalk-80 implementation whose virtual machine is written entirely in Smalltalk, making it easy to debug, analyze, and change.

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True Basic 2.5.3
Friday, 1 January, 1999

Basic compiler for OS/2. There are three versions: Bronze, Silver and Gold edition.

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Watcom C++ & Fortran 11.0c
Sunday, 1 December, 2002

Patch for the Sybase Watcom C/C++ and Fortran compiler products V11.

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WDBasic 0.10
Monday, 25 July, 2011

BASIC interpreter built with WDSibyl.

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Sunday, 17 January, 2010

A Pascal-Compiler which processes a language closely related to Delphi. WDSibyl now supports the following languages: English, German, Italian and Dutch. If anyone would like to translate it into other languages, please contact the...

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xHarbour 0.99.7
Monday, 18 December, 2006

xHarbour is a 100% clipper compatible xbase language compiler and runtime libraries.

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Wednesday, 2 March, 2011

XQueryEvaluator is a little editor to help writing XQuery scripts. It features highlighting and basic auto completion and error handling. Basic XSLT and XPath support...

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