Sundial Systems Corporation

DBExpert 2.0.9
Monday, 7 August, 2000

DBExpert is an application builder with a relational database manager built into it.

DBExpert is fully object-oriented in its design and interface. It gives you all the...

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Junk Spy for OS/2 3.0
Wednesday, 17 December, 2003

Junk mail is a universal annoyance. It clogs our mail boxes with unsolicited, sometimes obnoxious messages that are a time waster if nothing else. No matter whether it's bulk rate pieces of paper or spam...

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Relish & RelishWeb Working Model 2.23 & 1.0
Thursday, 23 October, 1997

Relish provides a convenient and easy way to manage your time. Your calendar, to do list, and phone book are fully integrated to give you total reliability. At the same time they are also independent which...

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Rover Pack 2.70
Wednesday, 7 April, 1999

The Rover Pack includes a comprehensive collection of software tools and accessories. They are designed to work with each other and with OS/2's Workplace Shell to give you new ways to navigate and manage...

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Clearlook 1.71
Thursday, 13 April, 1995

The Clearlook word processor has the features everyone needs - in a compact package that's definitely easy on your system. Plus extras like single or multiple-page WYSIWYG views scaled to any size from 20%...

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Mesa 2.3
Monday, 1 January, 2001

Mesa 2 is a spreadsheet for OS/2.

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