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Monday, 17 July, 2000



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ZipStream is the Next Generation data security and disk compression Software for OS/2. It is easy to use and is the safest 'on the fly' compression/security solution available that harnesses the power, features and reliability of OS/2 2.x, Warp Version 3, Version 4 and higher.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package. See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

ZipStream Secure v. 2.0 (demo, 17/7/2000, Carbon Based Software) Readme/What's new
What is ZipStream ? ZipStream is an exciting new concept in automatic file compression, that harnesses the power and features of OS/2 2.1, 2.11, Warp Version 3 and higher. ZipStream is an OS/2 Installable File System (IFS) that mirrors access to existing OS/2 File Systems simultaneously providing automatic transparent file compression and decompression. The ZipStream Concept To further understand the ZipStream concept, consider the following scenario. You have an existing OS/2 system with the file letter.doc in the root directory of the C: drive. ZipStream is installed and drive C: is mirrored as compressed drive X:. This is achieved using the ZSAttach utility as follows: zsattach x: c:\ Access to all files on drive C: is now possible simultaneously via drive X:. i.e. The commands type C:\letter.doc and type X:\letter.doc will achieve the same results. Now letter.doc is compressed with the ZipStream file compression utility ZSPack as follows: zspack c:\letter.doc Typically, a text file like letter.doc will be reduced in size by at least 50 percent. Compression ratios of around 80 percent can generally be expected on large text files. Access via C:\letter.doc will reveal its compressed contents, but access via X:\letter.doc will allow access as if the file is uncompressed. That is, ZipStream recognises that the file is compressed and transparently decompresses it. Transparent Background Compression Any new files copied to a ZipStream compressed drive will be automatically and transparently compressed in the background.
ZipStream Secure v. 1.10 (demo, 8/10/1995, Carbon Based Software) Readme/What's new
ZipStream V110 Update Announcement ================================== ZipStream - the next generation disk compression software for OS/2. V1.10 Update Information ======================== Fixes : 1. Correct problem with retrieving multiple EA's on single call. 2. Correct problem with DosCopy in append mode. 3. Correct problem with DOS find program. 4. Correct problem with UNC names. 5. Correct problem in processing 16bit FindNext with invalid EAOP. 6. Correct problem in processing DosQueryFSAttach when short buffers are supplied. 7. Correct problem in processing DosSetPathInfo under heavy LAN load. 8. Correct cache problem with updated *.exe files. Improvements: 1. Improve search cache speed. 2. Allow for configuration of Search cache size 3. Allow for configuration of Grip cache size 4. Allow for configuration of background compression Warp factor 5. Allow auto compression of read only files 6. Allow (de)compression of read only files with zspack and zsunpack by using the '/f' parameter. 7. Add support for chkdsk so that the host disk is checked. 8. New ZipStream Control Panel 9. Allow config of Max DOS Concurrent searchs per session in cbszs.ini. 10. Allow config of Max File size that will be compressed in cbszs.ini. 11. New version of ZSSync that can run in 'batch' and continous' mode of operation. 12. New version of ZSStatus. ======================================================================== Introducing ZipStream ZipStream is an exciting new concept in automatic file compression, that harnesses the power and features of OS/2 2.X and Warp. ZipStream is the safe disk compression software for OS/2 2.1 and Warp. It is an OS/2 Installable File System (IFS) that mirrors access to existing OS/2 File Systems, and simultaneously provides automatic, transparent file compression and decompression. Its 32 bit implementation exploits OS/2's pre-emptive multi-threaded processing capabilities, which allows for complex processing to be carried out in the most optimum manner. ZipStream's transparent background compression operations and intelligent caching techniques means there is no noticeable loss in system performance. ZipStream's Features * Supports HPFS and FAT File Systems. Any OS/2 supported file system can be utilised. * Supports Diskettes. Diskettes don't have to be specially formatted, just attach and compression is available. * Supports LAN File Systems. Any LAN file system that is mapped as a drive letter can be used for compression operations. Additionally, there are no Server overheads, as all compression operations are performed by the workstation. * Supports Long File Names. No restrictions are imposed other that those imposed by OS/2's native File Systems. * Supports Extended Attributes. Full support of Extended attributes and compatible with OS/2's Workplace Shell. * Automatic Compression of New Files. Newly created files or any files copied to the compressed drive letter are automatically and transparently compressed. * File Based Compression not Disk Based. Being file based, you have complete control of what files are compressed and what are not, that is, uncompressed files can reside on the compressed drive. * Ultra High Compression Ratios. Using state of the art and background compression techniques yields compression ratios equal to that of popular archiving programs. * Native OS/2 32 bit Application. This isn't a port of a DOS compression application, it's been built specifically for OS/2 and designed to get the most out of OS/2. * Outstanding Performance. Background compression and 32 bit code gives real pay offs in performance. * No Reformatting Required. Just attach to a driver letter or path and compression is available. * No Container Files. Using existing File systems means reliability and safety. System Requirements If you are capable of running OS/2 2.1 or higher, you can take advantage of ZipStream. In case you're still unsure, ZipStream has the following requirements: * A PC that is supported, and is capable of running OS/2 2.1 or higher. * At least 4 MB of RAM, 8 MB recommended, 16 MB perfect. * At least 10 MB of swap area is recommended. * A 386 or better CPU, 486 highly recommended, Pentium outstanding. Available from :- USA ===================== Indelible Blue Inc PO Box 31306 Raleigh North Carolina 26622-1306 USA Ph: 1 800 776 8284 or (919) 878 9700 Fax: (919) 878 7479 Office Solutions 404 Termino Avenue Long Beach CA 90814 USA Ph: (310) 439 5567 Fax: (310) 438 7888 OS/2 Express 4604 Chicago Ave Minneapolis, MN 55407 USA Ph: 1-800-OS2-KWIK 1-800-672-5945 or (612) 823-6255 Available from :- Europe ======================== Minzloff Data Leonhardsberg 16 CH - 4051 Basel Switzerland Ph: [41] (61) 261 4459 Fax: [41] (61) 261 4451 Available from :- Australia =========================== Multitask Consulting 162 Ben Boyd Road Neutral Bay NSW 2089 Australia Ph: [61] (2) 904 1988 Fax: [61] (2) 953 9401 Distributor Inquires ==================== Z.G.C., Inc. 264 Morris Avenue Mountain Lakes NJ 07046 USA Ph: (201) 335 4460 Fax: (201) 335 4560 Internet CompuServe: 73257,2231 Carbon Based Software PO Box 912 Runaway Bay Qld 4126 Australia Ph: [61] (7) 5537 1949 Fax: [61] (7) 5529 1544 CompuServe 100351,2052 Internet Web ZipStream is a trademark of Carbon Based Software. IBM and OS/2 are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation. Pentium is a trademark of Intel Corporation.
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