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These scalable TrueType fonts reproduce the fonts used in BIOS and IBM PC DOS operating systems and clones. The fonts available are:

IBM PC Fonts

  • IBM 1st-Generation: CGA/PCjr - MDA
  • IBM 2nd-Generation: EGA - VGA/MCGA
  • Other IBM Hardware: 3270 PC - PGC - PC Convertible - PS/2 (ISA models)

PC Clones

  • Amstrad PC1512
  • AT&T PC6300
  • Tandy 1000: Early series - Late series
  • Other Clones: AMI BIOS - DTK/ERSO - ITT Xtra - Kaypro 2000 - Phoenix BIOS - VTech Laser XT

Other Hardware

  • ATI Graphics Cards: VGA Wonder and later - Small Wonder
  • Phoenix Graphics Cards
  • Rendition Verite
  • Wyse WY-700


  • DOS/Software Fonts: Square-Px VGA (AST Premium Exec) - IBM-DOS ISO - Compaq-DOS - Toshiba-DOS LCD

TrueType fonts have scalable outlines, but to reproduce oldschool raster characters, the outlines are designed to snap to the pixel grid at one particular font size.  Obviously this "native" size differs from font to font, but each font will look best at that native size (or integer multiples thereof).  Otherwise you will get fugly scaling artifacts.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Following links are to additional programs, not mandatory but useful:

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

Oldschool PC Font v. 2.0 (12/7/2020, VileR) Readme/What's new
_ ─ --- ─ _ ─ --- ─ .¨" ,┬, ~=Ê_ .¨. .¨" ~=Ê_ . . .OZZZO© ^g, . .■°~°■. ^%À .s%ZO┐ ` └ªqZpª' °¨ `Z, ` _.,· `gZ┐ ¨:ZZ| _┬g%%oc, ~ _., ` ÈZ; _.,┬®y%Z=-:· .s%Z%L, `OZZYi%g┬_ jOZZÿÿZZOL· jOZZÿ¬, `Zb _.┬®y%ZZZZZZZZ%=:¨ jZZZZZZZb `ZZZZÿZZZb ¨ZZ?~ ~\ZZZ| |øZZZZO\ ·?Z.¨%ÿZZZZZZª*╩³^°"`' /ZZª"~"ªZZ\ ¨T ~!ZZ┤ Z6f ¨ZZZO¨·|ZZZ^ZZi ]Z1·:-":ZZZ' _. ¨OZ/ \ZZL : |6Z' . `ZZ¬._ ~"^Z| ¨ZZZ;\ZZ ãZÁ ·øZZZ· _┬%ZZ· l%! .oZo, ]ZZ·¨ _ÊZZ' . , ~^╩*╩^~.Zø··ZZZl ZZ┬ZZ1 · ¨ZZZZ¨ ^ª!ZZ¨ :=l dZZZb ¨ZZ| ~^"~ ¨ g%ZZZ··ZZZZ `ØZZZ° : ·ZZZZ: ¨lZZ| ¨;¨ :ZZZF ·ZZ| .' ~─_ ·ZZZZ| ¨ZZZZ └ZZÿ' ¨ ?ZZZ! :ZZ│· ·¨ "ª" dZg· _─~ ~"^ :ZZZO¨¨|ZZZ! `^' ' `ØZZZ ·ªZZ: · ./ZZf ·─--`~ OZZZ¨ jZª╩~ `. _ _. . ~^ªL, YZZZZOzz┬┬ ·¨:=CO/ -V! jª╩^~ . ~-║¨-~ . `^╩ªZØÿZF'·¨:%CG' . O R G ~─_ T _─~ ~' '^"~ ~"═=|=═"~ ¨ p r e s e n t s · < http://int10h.org/oldschool-pc-fonts/ > v2.0 // 2020-07-12 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ For documentation see the 'docs' folder or these pages: Readme: < http://int10h.org/oldschool-pc-fonts/readme/ > Font list: < http://int10h.org/oldschool-pc-fonts/fontlist/ > ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You should have received a copy of the license along with this work. If not, see < http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ >. (c) 2016-2020 VileR Version History v2.0 (2020-07-12) • 3 new font variants: o 'Mx' – Mixed-Format: TrueType versions with embedded bitmaps (for sharper rendering) o 'Ac' - Aspect-Correct TrueType versions o 'Web' - .woff web fonts • 131 new font families added, from 52 different sources (hardware/firmware/software) • Many fonts have been renamed, to keep things more consistent and less confusing • These fonts have been removed: o 'AMI BIOS[-2y]' (superseded by 'AMI EGA 8x8[-2y]') o 'ITT BIOS[-2y]' (superseded by 'ITT Xtra[-2y]') o 'ToshibaLCD 8x8' (superseded by 'ToshibaTxL1 8x8') o 'ToshibaLCD 8x16' (superseded by 'ToshibaTxL2 8x16') • Bugfix: corrected all font styles to "Regular" across the board • Adjusted the Ascent metric for certain fonts taller than 16 pixels, to make size selection more consistent If you're upgrading from v1.x: Due to the above changes, I strongly recommend uninstalling all older "Bm" and "Px" fonts before you install any from v2.0. Otherwise you'll end up with duplicates and an inconsistent set.
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Hi all, When I visit the website or download fonts above, I get a redirection to https version. Please change protocol to https in both the homepage and download link.

Hi Tae, thanks for your report, link corrected. Please contact me if you are interested in participating more actively to eCSoft2 maintenance or in translating it to your language!

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