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Friday, 21 September, 2018
Programmers Editor for OS/2
Sunday, 7 December, 2003

is a product designed to provide a simple, well thought out basis to a program development environment. Although designed for programmers, SysOp's may find this editor useful for editing messy or complex...

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Wednesday, 19 September, 2018
Panorama 1.11
Monday, 17 September, 2018

Panorama is an alternative modern video driver for OS/2 Operating System. The goals of Panorama project:

  • Create an universal accelerated video driver VESA compliant...
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Tuesday, 18 September, 2018
FixPak Installation Utility 2.11
Wednesday, 29 December, 1999

FixPak Installation Utility has been developed to easily install OS/2 System FixPaks. This program allows you to install FixPaks directly from hard disk or CD-ROM, removable or not and also to distribute...

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Monday, 29 November, 1999

A REXX script to prepare OS/2 fixpacks for application from hard disk. Uses a disk image extraction tool which does a CRC validation on the diskette images before applying what could otherwise be junk from a bad download to your system...

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Disk extractor 1.3
Wednesday, 1 January, 2003

DSKXTRCT extracts the original files from DSK files into a subdirectory, avoiding the need to recreate diskettes with LoadDSKF.

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LoadDskF & SaveDskF 1.16p & 1.14p
Monday, 1 January, 1996

Creates diskettes from DSK image files & vice-cersa. OS/2 FixPak are normally released in DSK format. This programs work in both DOS and OS/2.

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Virtual Floppy Disk Driver 6.0
Thursday, 10 May, 2018

Provides a virtual Floppy Disk. Useful especially when dealing with diskette images, e.g. when creating bootable CDs, and to unpack floppy images from IBM fixpaks.

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Thursday, 28 October, 1993

GPSCLOCK is a simple digitial clock program for OS/2.  Double-click mouse button 1 (usually the left button) on its  window to set options, or start it like this:

start gpsclock ?

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OS/2 Warp Server for e-business Performance Tuning

This book provides information concerning configuration parameters and performance-related topics for the LAN Server component of OS/2 Warp Server for


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A book about OS/2 1.x. Describes some aspects of multitasking, memory allocation and inter-process communication.

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