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Sunday, 28 February, 2021
ExceptQ 7.11.5b8
Sunday, 8 July, 2018

Exceptq adds a comprehensive trap reporting facility to your app with just 5 lines of code. Reports include: the call stack, disassembly of the faulting instructions, a stack dump, a listing of dlls loaded,...

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POSIX Pthreads 0.2.2
Friday, 29 March, 2019

This library provides basic POSIX Pthreads support for OS/2.

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Libreria JasPer JPEG2000 2.0.22
Friday, 28 December, 2018

A JPEG2000 codec compiled for OS/2. Jasper is a software application specialized in bitmap conversion to JPEG 2000 format.

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FFmpeg & FFplay 2.8.6 & 4.0.2
Thursday, 2 August, 2018

FFmpeg is a very fast video and audio converter. It can also grab from a live audio/video source.

FFplay is a very simple and portable...

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kLIBC / GCC Runtime Library 0.6.6
Monday, 15 July, 2019

Runtime libraries required for projects built with the new GCC compilers by Netlabs (a "runtime" is a set of low-level routines used by a compiler to invoke some of...

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Mixomat 2.01
Monday, 16 March, 1998

Soundblaster 16/32/64 Mixer.

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Saturday, 27 February, 2021
phpMyAdmin 4.9.7 & 5.1.0
Tuesday, 4 June, 2019

phpMyAdmin is a tool written in PHP, intended to handle the administration of a remote MySQL server via web.

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Friday, 26 February, 2021
Icons for OS/2
Monday, 13 November, 2017

Huge collection of 13037 icons for OS/2

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SysCall Base Device Driver
Sunday, 12 March, 2017

Base Device Driver and DLL to allow execution of arbitrary user code in Ring 0.

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ToLower 1.0r4
Wednesday, 1 October, 1997

TOLOWER is a small program to convert all files in the current directory to lower case. This is usefull when uploading something to a unix (web) server. Source code included.

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