AVxCAT (ex FFmpegCA-GUI)

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Friday, 4 June, 2010



Authors/Port authors:

GUI front-end in Rexx language for FFmpeg, which will allow for converting audio and video between formats.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Self-installing WarpIN package. See below for download link(s).

Set the correct PATH for all needed components.

  • kLib/GCC Runtime Library
  • FFmpeg from version 2.1.5 is multithreaded, which means it offers better performance and supports at best multi-core systems, however, some versions may have MP4 encoding problems. New releases not officially supported by AVxCAT may not work due to syntactic compatibility issues: contact the author.
  • WarpIN 1.0.19
  • Priority from FM2UTILS package (strongly suggested)
  • Ogginfo, Ogg.dll, Vorbis.dll (by Brian Haward)
  • ID3V2 0.1.12 (NEW) or up, a program for id3 V2 tags (required for mp3)
  • RXU v1.a, rich set of Rexx functions for OS/2 API

You can install the prerequisites with rpm running the following string in a command line:

yum install libc libcx libgcc1 libssp libstdc++6 libstdc++ libsupc++6 libsupc++ libgcc-fwd ffmpeg RXU

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

AVxCAT (ex FFmpegCA-GUI) v. (13/2/2024, Remy Dodin) Readme/What's new
AVxCAT replaces FFMPEGCA (Convert All) developped on ce2mp3 idea on which I participated. I used some code of it but added a lot of mine code to build a more powerfull expert GUI. * Warning * If you close with UDP: as target, audio icon button is disable at start. Modify target folder to enable Audio icon again New version V2 [ in test mode, available at request ] - Added Audio tracks supporting attached picture as well wav tracks get icon EAs for WPS rendering if jpg albumart exist or was downloaded (winico.exe required for this option - converts winico out of ffmpeg to os/2 ico 64:64) - New main popupmenu option (with wawe.exe installed) - Edit elligible audio file (cut, multi-cut, save etc...) - if discid cover was already downloaded thru add discid, the corresponding icon into the main list will change to the existing one at add time (can be disable/enabled using parm --imbai 0 or 1) - show downloaded discid cover thru add discid has now an integrated window instead of the drdialog prompt command - Added option to accept or ignore/reject found discid cover - Added option (if enabled --mbindex 0/1) to add discid index (limited number) from database if proposed album-art is rejected - Added New default path for downloaded covers using discid - Added parameter to change default path for downloaded covers to output path (--fld 0/1 [Disable/Enable]) - Added option to switch from profile dropdown list to Icon pre-fixed profile buttons - Added Selected iconbutton profile is saved at AVxCAT file/exit - Added Possibility to use customize iconbutton profile (user of external cfg file) - Added last Audio/Video icon-profile used saved if using file/exit menu - Added [X] "delete" option for user created profiles under [New profile] button - Added "Create folder(s)" & "delete folder" under internal filemanager called by [Chg] button for target folder - Added "M4A" alac - Added "MOV" - Added MD5 package used to autocheck downloaded updates (through AVxCAT menu) - New ffmpegca.dll - Optimized parameters when involving leech (USB CD-ROM, grabbing private CDs) - corrected: a wrong video profile - corrected: some video option may use incorrect video extension - corrected: hung could occure when cdd2wav reads a track having lot of jitter (changed a fixed parameter) - included a process to prevent cdda2wav hung on very rare CD's having problems or difficulties with most cddb tools - Updated compatibility for metadatas/Tracks Titlle file generated under PM123 or querycddb - Somme minor corrections - changed a few webcam -> UDP initial settings - fix of webcam bug included
AVxCAT (ex FFmpegCA-GUI) v. (GA, 26/8/2023, Remy Dodin) Readme/What's new
New version V2 [ in test mode, available at request ] - New option to use Icon buttons for predefined profiles instead of dropdown list - Selected iconbutton profile is saved at AVxCAT file/exit - Possibility to customize iconbutton profile (user of external cfg file) - Added [X] "delete" option for user created profiles under [New profile] button - Added "Create folder" & "delete folder" under internal filemanager called by [Chg] button for target folder - Added "M4A" alac - Added "MOV" - Added MD5 package used to autocheck downloaded updates (through AVxCAT menu) - New ffmpegca.dll - corrected: a wrong video profile - corrected: some video option may use incorrect video extension - corrected: hung could occure when cdd2wav reads a track having lot of jitter (changed a fixed parameter) - Somme minor corrections - fix of webcam bug included - Fixpack 1 (25/08/2023 DD/MM/YYYY) - Corrected bug from making webcam recording fail (AVxCAT crash) - Corrected long source path could result into a hung situation - Corrected (processing audio folder source to video convertion) - Corrected (--edit fullpath_2_editer) not changing default text editer (e.exe) - Updated a main process - few minor bugs
AVxCAT (ex FFmpegCA-GUI) v. (8/8/2019, Remy Dodin) Readme/What's new
AVxCAT v1.5.1.4 (2019/08/08) Rxu - Rexxuni load process updated Corrected a bug on video switch with ffmpeg 3.3.1 Added optionnal and required tools download links (clic on tools title) if default browser set under userini -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2022/05/30 New or Updated subpath (auto created): - cddb_lib (cddb query results as well disciddb including discid linked to destination path of grabbed disk) - covers (may contain front cover identified by they album name) - Icecastpic (pictures named by the corresponding ICECAST link like provided under AVxCAT usable for audio to video conversion) - User_list (usable to saved main entries as list) Most important changes: - (Under Help menu) AVxCAT get update (check if update exist on my server and download it) - concat updated (added different gap time - for video, gap can be black, white or noise) - Audio mixing (e.g. low volume background sound + Voice comments [usefull to comment films] - Icecast pls or m3u (audio) stream to record as audio or video - shoutcast pls or m3u (audio) stream to record as audio or video (same new options as IceCast) - Use of personnalized audio pictures or album named pictures or general cover.jpg and at least, default provided AVxCAT picture for audio to video - Rework of OS/2 mpeg1 process - To change delay after track recording, add ini key ICEtime with a value in seconds - webcam recording (audio or audio + video), Wim's program required (use WCC (WebCam Control) to start Wim's programs or cmd line pipe + http mode can be used instead of internat AVxCAT webcam.exe control) - improved play/stop function from RMB on selected entry (e.g. webcam play *without sound to prevent larsen*) - Added user defined value for bitrates - Audio and Video (including audio quality values) - Faster to past files into main list (same time for very short or very long duration files, one ffmpeg step replaced by ffprobe) - Faster to view file details from main file list (same comment as above) - Faster to start conversion (same comment as above) - Faster to to list Tracks with new CDDB information and If local saved CDDB is corrupted, new web cddb query is issued (internet required) - Added CD album art (from one web database) or opens default web page with suggestions if not found - Added option to choiceCD album art size between 250x250, 500x500 and original size - Added option to choice between several path naming convention for audio CD extraction. - Conversion progress indicator available in the title bar making it visible when AVxCAT is minimized in XCenter bar. - Added discid.cddb saved file Album art query without need of a CD - Added 24bits mode for audio flac (enabled for 44100 and above) - Added compression level selection for audio flac - Added a special option to put input audio files to 16bits flac file only (e.g. 24bits 96k flac files no readable under OS/2) [to use this special option: sampling set to 44100 or 48000, 24bits off and compression set to 5 (5 is the default value when not specifying compression)] - Added a basic UDP out stream (audio+video) from local webcam supported wy Win's webcam tool (only setting with valid action: bitrate and volume) (Add the webcam into the list, mark it and add the udp:// link in the target path e.g. udp:// and add same link into VLC player to watch video+sound) - IDTAGs from cdda used to updated WPS wav entries (Cd) or other id3 tags when missing - Added dark rendering > - Enabled video concat with or without gap (using pre-defined colors) - note: Use VLC to verify concatenated video with included gaps > - Renamed main dialog join to concat checkbox option
AVxCAT (ex FFmpegCA-GUI) v. (8/10/2018, Remy Dodin) Readme/What's new
AVxCAT replaces FFMPEGCA (Convert All) developped on ce2mp3 idea on which I participated. I used some code of it but added a lot of mine code to build a more powerfull expert GUI. Updates: * Note * Paul's ffmpeg works great but hasn't MP4 speed improvement, no included preset files and nor libvpx Use Dave's build to get all these add-ons * (read following note) Note: After many updates and tests done with newer ffmpeg 3.0.1 (including libtheora, libvpx, libopus...) from Dave and Gian Filippo, stating with AVxCAT v1.4.0, compatibility is assumed as well with some ffmpeg backlevel - finalized 1.5.1 version - improved ffmpeg muxing overhead handling * below a very low value, run some verification code and set rc=0 * below a fixed value, check if it could be ignored (rc02) or not (rc29) * above a fixed value, always set rc=99 Some processes may expect muxing overhead but may not exceed the fixed high value e.g. audio to mp4 using jpg file - Corrected incorrect "reset" to default color - Corrected a left no more used instruction under avxcat color switch 1.5.1 - this is a major update - support of cdda2wav code change, added a few parameters to improve CD reading as well lower jitter with birate>256k - If CD audio datas have been found (singer and album title) for CD-audio, the ripped track are put under [target_path]\[singer_title]\[album_title] and a m3u list is generated under [target_path]\[singer_title] and metadatas are added according availability and supported codec into the output audio codec and into WPS. - added a few message into extra log about if cdda2wav is enabled (check if network is enabled) - added some messages into extra log when cdda2wav is use for CD-audio scan - removed -cddbp-port option if "default" selected from cdda2wav to allow cddb query all time and this parm can now be user set if a port number is specified ( specify "default" to remove user set port number ) - added an option to allow preserve cddb query reply audio*.inf files into specific pathname under temp path (introduces some restrictions) - added optional suport of libcddb used for cddb (replaces cdda2wav cddb query only) - into libpath - when libcddb has no cddb information, cddb switches to cdda2wav to list number of tracks an on CD informations - updated cp850 function http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/download/pub/os2/dev/mm/libcddb-1.3.2.zip - Found cddb information are preserved to be used in offline mode (disabled if save cddb queries enabled) - Some USB CD-AUDIO didn't well work with cdda2wav. * Added leech support http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/download/pub/os2/apps/mmedia/cd/grabber/leech120.zip for best USB CD-AUDIO support * Added option to specify USB Cd-AUDIO * With leech, process goes through grabb process before ffmpeg. - added optional support of "cdrom.exe" to allow close CD-ROM after eject when requested - into libpath (doesn't work for USB CD-ROM http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/download/pub/os2/util/disk/cdrom.zip - user request m3u list of a folder can be generated (be carefull, selection according file type not done) from under internal filemanager (select at least one file to enable m3u generation for full path from the selected file) - Option refresh from filemanager allow to refresh contain and if network was previously disable for cddb, it checks it status again (if cddb was enabled) - Corrected "video codec setting" for user defined profile - Corrected "audio bitrate setting" for user defined profile - Corrected 'audio sampling setting" for user defined profile - Converting mp3 (ogg, wav, flac, wma) to mp4 (or ogv) using CD cover image a/ add a CD-cover named "cover.jpg" (rename "jpeg" to "jpg") under path where audio files to be converted to mp4 are b/ use 1:1 or very near sized cover.jpg c/ if a cover.jpg is found, it forces video output to use 268x268 and 1:1 ratio else default jpg without video setting change d/ cover.jpg example: itunes CD-cover pictures are 268x268 e/ use a profile according to desired audio bitrate or create a user profile and set video e.g. 320x240, 25fps and 175 (bitrate) - *WARNING* the cover.jpg can be attached to each image using PM123 (edit file and add) but this could create errors if the file is going to be converted through AVxCAT / ffmpeg afterwords. Run PM123 and remove attached picture (edit file and clear) before convert - corrected bugs under internal filemanager - added external user file filter - filemanager - file which will overwrite internal fixed one - Modifying on the fly file filter - filemanager - is now keept until end of AVxCAT. For permanent file filter use user file filter file - corrrected a bug when number of drives changes between OS boot - When "no more show this message" button for the player help dialog is pushed, re-enable it with set player type under player parms+save - Optimized some parts of the code - unified wait message dialog - corrected a crash on lower speed CP's when opening "advanced" audio option - some latest found bugs corrected - to work with older button icons, replace ffmpegca.dll by ffmpegca-ecs.dll
AVxCAT (ex FFmpegCA-GUI) v. 1.4.2 (17/4/2017, Remy Dodin) Readme/What's new
AVxCAT v1.4.2 (2017/04/17) Corrected un bug not showing all used drives like RAMFS drive missing. An incorrect value was saved instead of the correct drives to list options.
AVxCAT (ex FFmpegCA-GUI) v. 1.4.0 (12/4/2016, Remy Dodin) Readme/What's new
AVxCAT v1.4.0 Major update (2016/04/16) Added support for ffmmpeg v2.1.5 as well for ffmpeg v3.0 up to 3.0.1 r2 (current available ffmpeg build) Support of vp8 ogg and VP9 with ogg or opus audio file (with added key frame timestamp)- play well under ffplay All available and selectable codec operationnal with limits of ffmpeg version enabled libs AVxCAT issue beginglibpath for selected ffmpeg to use its \lib available dlls's ( this allow having more than one ffmpeg version under the system - If commun ffmpeg Dll's were put into a folder under libpath, it can be removed - verify having libpath starting with " c:\usr\lib;c:\ecs\dll;c:\os2\dll .. " - change c to your boot drive ) Multi-thread supported since ffmpeg 2.1.5 with a new added option under "parameters" allowing number of threads to use* Added possibility to enabled debug log parm on ffmpeg v3.x Added option to allow empty container video list after successfull conversion Added support of VP9 (ogg or opus) with corresponding ffmpeg v3.0.1 having these codecs enabled (could be checked under help) Changed video profiles list to new more commun used profiles and added a few ones - of course, user can always create his own profles If ffmpeg isn't enabled for some specific codecs, the corresponding entries are flagged [Not enabled] Changed help display Added several help about selected ffmpeg under AVxCAT (version, encoders, decoders, formats, codecs..) Added the possibility to use a user command file including some commands which could be issued just before or after ffmpeg start conversion Re-worked internal filemanager to prevent possible crash and made it respondiong faster Added a popup message to tell if [add] file in the container list was done as well some other informal messages Now, speed location in the video from under video advanced option is very fast Added new options under video advanced dialog available with ffmpeg v3.x : - rotate video ( 90ø clock, -90 clock etc.. ) - vertival flip - horizontal flip - portrait / landscape mode All these options can be used together including sharpness, crop setting. Added support of "aacgain, wavegain, mp3gain, vorbisgain" (must be under AVxCAT path) undependant of ffmpeg version used to allow "normalize" process - more work planned on this part according new ffmpeg possibilities with Volume used to set final output volume when one of these option is enabled Modified some dialog sizing and text positionning for a better rendering according screen size and video driver! Now, AVxCAT does an autosave of the currnet media in the copntainer list when closing AVxCAT. It is propose to restaure them at next restart Added new message when ffmpeg is unable to get enough memory (32bits limits) to process the video ( mostly due to big output size ex: 1920x1080 ) When playing a video via KMP (the one to use for presentations), a message opens to asked what to do if associated xml file is found When using ffplay as player, a help dialog opens with available hot keys function Corrected switch process between audio / video Corrected many bugs found during heavy tests Some more minor bugs corrected and may some not found yet ! (send me an email if you find some issue) Note:check having FREETYP*.DLL (e.g. FREETYP6.DLL) installed for ffmpeg "If you have user defined video profiles, erase the ini file before this installation and create profiles again"
 ecsoft2.org/system/files/repository/avxcat_s-1_4_0.wpi  local copy
AVxCAT Guide (12/4/2016, Remy Dodin)
AVxCAT (ex FFmpegCA-GUI) v. 1.3.5 (24/10/2015, Remy Dodin) Readme/What's new
Updates: * Note * Paul's ffmpeg works great but hasn't MP4 speed improvement, no included preset files and nor libvpx Use Dave's build to get all these add-ons * (read following note) Note: I'm in contact with Dave (ffmpeg r26099/r26397 ported build) about a possible problem (if you have some trouble, try running one time AVxCAT --async 1) If the trouble persist, go back to Paul's build which is very stable until a new fix is made available on R26099. 1.3.5c - Found and corrected bugs - Added an "Open" button to acces target folder directly - Changed "Dir" button on the right side of target directory to "Chg" for chage target dir location - Changed "Add files" to "Files" and "Add dir" to "Dir" ... 1.3.5 - Added some more audio filters (e.g. aiff .. ) - corrected a few bugs - changed internal filemanager to show correct file as soon a new folder is selected - added a wit message when populating/updating filemanager - corrected a problem when changing path destination using internal filemanager - Read README.TXT about "dda2wav.exe" compatibility
 ecsoft2.org/system/files/repository/avxcat_s-1_3_5.wpi  local copy
AVxCAT (ex FFmpegCA-GUI) v. 1.2.9 (5/3/2012, Remy Dodin) Readme/What's new
1.2.9 - Removed extrat comment lines et optimized some process.
 ecsoft2.org/system/files/repository/avxcat_s-1_2_9.wpi  local copy
FFmpegCA-GUI v. 0.7.1 (8/6/2010) Readme/What's new
Updates: 0.7.1 - Added possibility to write a (c) copyright tad into [prepare metadata] after validate of 2 conditions (added into TCOP) - Now, FFMPEGCA uses ID3V2 from Andy which well writes ID3V2 --track. Use of --id3v1-only or --id3v2-only works too - Change several part of the code to use new working options of ID3V2 tool - Due to some missed ID tags, written metadatas from ffmpeg into the mp3 (which are ID3V2 then) are updated without losing them - Changed log entries to reflect new changes - removed " --edt and --ddt " added under build 0.7.0 external flag which are no more needed - Moved "time" under "Edit tag" into a separate group including previous "copyright field" (intentionally left copyright here) - mp3info is now optional (the only advantage is to update id3V1 genre entry when both id3v1 and id3v2 exist. ID3V2 doesn't update this field in this case) - added support of FFMPEG-R23406 which needs an additional parameter converting tracks to ogg tracks. Using or not using this parameter on previous build has no effect. - corrected a progress bar issue after ffmpegca set rc2
 ecsoft2.org/system/files/repository/ffmpegca_s-0_7_1_wpi.zip  local copy
FFmpegCA-GUI v. 0.6.1 (4/6/2010, Remy Dodin) Readme/What's new
This is the initial release of FFMPEGCA (Convert All) developped on ce2mp3 idea on which I participated. I used some code of it but added a lot of mine code to build a more powerfull GUI. Updates: 0.6.1 - save/restore program position - save/restore dropped new background color - changed title to FFMPEGCA... - Added a short help 0.6.0 - Enabled [advanced] option for audio convertion . select part of file to be converted (use of start cut and duration until end of cut) Note: enable cut will enable it for all files (setting "start cut" and "duration" + "same all" unchecked disables cut process for the file at run time) . Select a same part time of file to be convert for all files (including files under directories) e.g create 10s samples from all files. . Overwrite Main(Default) -map setting using one or more -map out of all existing audio stream - Disabled Metadata settings on directories (has no sense) - Open WPS directories from directories listed into the conversion list (use enter or click 2 times) - Added output stream mapping result into logs - Added a flag '*' in front of any ID tags usable for metadata. - Disabled DRREXX window to appear in case of unpredictable error. - Corrected some other errors (e.g. corrected stream extracted information from specific stream description) note: Help not avalable yet... 0.5.4 - Corrected target size calculation to not caculate target size if target name didn't look like a valid path - Changed ini file name from ce2mp3g.ini to FFMPEGCA.INI (do not forget renaming older ini file to get all parameters back 0.5.3 - Corrected and change some instruction (DURATION: not always taken as it should) 0.5.2 - Corrected a possible loop after a full conversion process followed by a new run with unmarked files due to [GO] not disable on 0 marked file - Changed two if step to select preventing going through a same routine 2 times at end of process - correct missing pct set under some pipe returned message condition - added display of target folder size (no sub-directories) or if (md) on one level is anabled, size = target directory size + one level sub-directory size - + minor adjsutment 0.5.1 - Added option to auto create sub directories under taget directory using last sub-dir from input directory (not for files) - aligned some text filed seen to be too large and small resolution screen size 0.5.0 - First build with anabled pipe support - rxu.dll required - If maps: is set to default, it takes first audio stream map found. if no audio stream exist, process is bypassed with an error - Since maps is enabled, both video and audio files as well as directories can be mixed into the process list - several other updates + corrections done 0.4.4 - Added "Open target folder" option under "View" - removed a wrong dialog id reference 0.4.3 - Droping a file or a dir from WPS onto the FFMPEGCA WPS icon starts the program with the given entry into the process list - Optimized some current used code - Added support of file with a size >4GB (requires rxtnsion.dll from Jan-Erik) - Added autostart function from file/directory droped onto FFMPEGCA WPS icon (setting parameters) - Added autoexit option enabled if autostart is enable 0.4.2 - Corrected invalid bitmap was called at filemanager open time (new dll provided too) - After click on [Add], each copied filename into process list (container) is now unselected from filemanager selection like it does when drag/drop is used 0.4.1 - Added the drag/drop (FFMPEGCA internal) function for files only (this function is not validated for folders yet) - Changed the [Ok] button under the filemanager to [Add] - priority option (use priority.exe from fm2utils package) - logs are generated (log option can be a/ erase older old with new one b/ use cumulative log) - Corrected a minor bug about a text changing while it should not - changed message field with better and smaller text size/color - removed some forgotten "say" instruction 0.2.0 - First alpha build with very limited function
 ecsoft2.org/system/files/repository/ffmpegca-0_6_1_wpi.zip  local copy
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AVxCAT V2.0.1.0 available (use get update from under AVxCAT V2 help menu)

AVxCAT online http://remydodin.levillage.org/en/realisations.php?item=6900&id=realisations - Corrected long source path could result into a hung situation - Corrected (processing audio folder source to video convertion) - Corrected (--edit fullpath_2_editer) not changing default text editer (e.exe) - Update a main process - few minor bugs

AVxCAT V2.0.1.1 updated to FP1 (corrected a bug since V2.0.1 crashing AVxCAT when recording webcam stream) Comment: The included readme file has some information about next V2.1.0 build (a final stable test build is available at request using AVxCAT write to author menu option)

After v2.1.0.3 installation: Run help "AVxCAT get update" under AVxCAT v2.1.0.3 to get latest fixpack (FP5)

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