PCI Support for Serial Port Device Driver

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Wednesday, 1 January, 2003



Supports a maximum of sixteen COM ports (1 to 16). FixPak 15 (XR_M015) or higher or eComstation is required.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

PCI Support for Serial Port Device Driver v. 1.21 (10/1/2002, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)) Readme/What's new
Asynchronous Communications Device Driver with PCI Support README Version 1.21 January 10, 2002 Contents ======== 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Installation Instructions 3.0 The PCIDEV.TBL file 4.0 Copyright and Trademark Information 1.0 Introduction ============ The Asynchronous Communications Device Driver (COM DD) is a OS/2 physical installable Device Driver (DD) that allows OS/2 application programs or system programs to utilize the serial COM ports. The COM DD supports a maximum of 16 legacy and PCI COM ports called COM1 through COM16 with up to 128-byte deep FIFO buffers. The COM DD with PCI support accepts the same CONFIG.SYS parameters as legacy COM DD (see OS/2 Command Reference) and three additional parameters: /V Verbose mode to display driver information about all accepted for service COM ports. /W Wait verbose mode. Displaying pauses with a "Press Enter to continue..." message. /F Find COM ports on PCI combo (serial/parallel) cards automatically. Not all of the installed PCI COM ports are sometimes accepted for service. For example, if the total number of installed COM ports exceeds 16, then only 16 COM ports are accepted for service. Also, if a PCI COM port is not working properly, or if a COM port on PCI combo card is not described in the PCIDEV.TBL file and the parameter /F is not set, then such PCI COM port would not be accepted for service as well. This version of the COM DD supports COM ports on PCI serial and PCI combo cards that are described in the PCIDEV.TBL file and/or identified by PCI device class code: Base Class = 0x07 - simple communications controllers, Sub-Class = 0x00 - serial controllers, and, if the parameter /F is set, Sub-Class = 0x80 - other communications device (Encodings for class codes are provided in the PCI Local Bus Specification, Revision 2.2, Appendix D). 2.0 Installation Instructions ========================= This package is intended for use only with: o OS/2 Warp 4, with FixPak 13 or later o OS/2 Warp Server for e-business o Convenience Package 1 o Convenience Package 2 The OS/2 COM DD with PCI support software consists of the following files: - COM.SYS the COM DD with PCI support, - COMPCI.DDP the COM DD Profile, - MODE.COM the replacement for MODE command that supports COM1 through COM16, - PCIDEV.TBL the PCI Device configuration file (see 3.0), - README.TXT this file that you are reading. OS/2 automatically puts the following statement in CONFIG.SYS file: DEVICE=D:\OS2\BOOT\COM.SYS where D: is the drive where OS/2 is installed. The installation of the COM DD with PCI support is performed by replacing legacy COM.SYS and MODE.COM files (in the directories D:\OS2\BOOT and D:\OS2, respectively) with the new ones and by copying the PCIDEV.TBL file in the directory D:\OS2\BOOT. System has to be rebooted for changes to take effect. To perform the above operations the OS/2 DD Installation command (DDINSTAL) can be used: - Copy the OS/2 COM DD with PCI support files (see above) to the Device Support diskette or directory. - Open an OS/2 window and enter DDINSTAL command to display the DD Installation window. - Set in the Source directory field the Device Support diskette or directory. - Select Install if the Source directory and Destination directory are correct and you are ready to install the COM DD with PCI support. - Verify the COM.SYS statement in the CONFIG.SYS file and add/change its parameters if necessary. We recommend that you set the /F parameter because not all PCI cards with COM ports are described the PCIDEV.TBL file, and the driver will probably do a better job of automatically self configuring than you can do using the PCIDEV.TBL file. - Reboot the oprating system. 3.0 The PCIDEV.TBL file =================== The PCIDEV.TBL file is a text file that describes COM ports on PCI cards, including PCI combo cards, on Vendor ID / Device ID basis and must be in the directory D:\OS2\BOOT, where D: is the drive where OS/2 is installed. The documentation for the PCI Device configuration file is located in the PCIDEV.TBL file comments: ; ; this file identifies serial, parallel and combo PCI devices ; and defines the usage of the particular pci registers ; this data is not available in the system without ; external help ; ; the syntax of this file is as follow ; ; a line starting with ';' or '#' is considered a comment # ; # each line represents a PCI adapter ; by vendor number and adapter number ; the vendor name is NOT stored on the card anywhere ; ; each record contains (leading 0's are never required) ; mixed case allowed, prefered ; ; vendor number (in hex) ; ',' ; adapter number (in hex) ; ',' ; 6 comma separated fields that contain ; ; the appropriate value for each register ; these are known to the vendor ; ; S = serial port ; P = parallel port ; Pn (n=1 to 6) Enhanced parallel port ; En (n=1 to 6) matching ECP ports for the Pn port ; U = USB port ; 0 = not used ; empty = ',,' not used ; Sx(y) = single address represents multiple (x) serial ports ; some offset (y) from the base address ; s8(4) means 8 ports, calculate I/O address by adding 4 to base ; for each port ; x = 1-255 ; y = 1-4096 ; 4.0 Copyright and Trademark Information =================================== The following terms are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States and/or other countries: IBM OS/2 Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. THE INFORMATION PROVIDED IN THIS README IS PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. IBM DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND MERCHANTABILITY WITH RESPECT TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT. BY FURNISHING THIS DOCUMENT, IBM GRANTS NO LICENSES TO ANY PATENTS OR COPYRIGHTS. (C) Copyright IBM Corporation, 2001. All rights reserved. U.S. Government Users Restricted Rights -- Use, duplication or disclosure restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp.
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PCI Support for Serial Port Device Driver v. 1.21 (10/1/2002, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
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