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eCo Software runtime 20240126
Friday, 24 September, 2010

Runtime for the new generation of applications developed by eCo software.

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JRescuer JUne and ISJ for JFS 2.21 & 2.31
Thursday, 8 February, 2007

An utility to retrieve files from un-mountable JFS volumes, unavailable due to any of a lot of reasons: phase 3 chkdsk fail etc. Includes JUne, PM undelete utility. Works with any level of OS/2 and doesn't need jfs.ifs or LVM.

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Panorama 1.19
Thursday, 1 December, 2005

Panorama is an alternative modern video driver for OS/2 Operating System. The goals of Panorama project:

  • Create an universal accelerated video driver...
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Sunny Pills 1.2
Wednesday, 1 June, 2005

A puzzle game. Swap adjacent pills to make sets of 3, 4 or 5.

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Central Remote Control (CRC) 20081216
Thursday, 8 June, 2006

Central Remote Control gathers events from TV remote controls, notebook buttons, USB-keyboard multimedia buttons and translates them to commands for multimedia applications.

So, if you have a Notebook, you can, for...

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CoolFM 2.17
Friday, 26 August, 2005

CoolFM makes possible to listen to FM radio stations while you work on your PC, record from radio for playback, activate build-in alarm clock and wake up in time, listen to radio on desktop or laptop computers!


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Device Manager 1.2.0
Tuesday, 23 October, 2018

A detailed and advanced new device manager!

eCo Essentials subsrcription required.

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Dynamic Icons
Wednesday, 20 February, 2008

Dynamic Icons, the new spin on Sunny Icons from eCo Software, specifically enhanced and built for ArcaOS, is now available as part of the Support & Maintenance...

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eSchemes 2.01.00
Sunday, 13 January, 2019

The eSchemes replaces the original eComStation Scheme editor and gathers the functionality of Window Themes, eStylerLite,...

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Uno Fixpak for eComStation 20151225 (Fixpak #4)
Friday, 25 December, 2015

Fixpak for eComStation Operating System includes a set of dedicated cumulative updates (Base OS, Must-Have and Data) into one single package.

Supported systems:

  • Blue Lion 1.0 beta
  • ...
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Language Interface pack 2.4.6
Tuesday, 27 September, 2011

Language Interface pack changes the language of ArcaOS and eComStation user interface.

Current version contains resources for...

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MMAudio Pak & Audio codecs (APE I/O Procs) 2.0 & 0.13.29
Saturday, 30 August, 2003

Installation of these classes allow MP3s, APE, Ogg Vorbis, and FLACs can be played in any OS/2 player:

  • Files can play by double-clicking on the files icon.
  • Files can play in any Rexx program by using Multimedia...
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Tuesday, 27 November, 2007

NeoWPS is a set of useful extenders for eComStation!

NeoWPS includes:

  • Piano Launchpad, an evolution of the well know historical OS/2 Launchpad
  • Sunny Icons, new modern set of icons in png...
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OS/2 Wallpapers
Tuesday, 31 January, 1995

Collection of wallpapers, art logos, banners, textures, etc. to decorate desktop and folders by the OS/2 community (available in many graphic formats: BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG, etc.).

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Personal Cards Manager 20131220
Friday, 20 December, 2013

Personal Cards Manager enables you to store personal data about your friends, colleagues and customers in objects on desktop. It works seamlessly across the entire system, offering your contacts in mail and business applications....

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PMMaps/2 1.0
Thursday, 6 March, 2014

Maps/2 is aimed to browse maps from different sources. Features:

  • Select the source of maps
  • Zoom: 18 levels
  • cache of data

Area of Maps usage:

  • For users with notebooks
  • "My...
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SysInfo/2 0.9.0
Tuesday, 29 March, 2016

PM System Info tool - a self-made OS/2 clone of Symantec SystemInfo tool from NU for Win 9x/NT. See also System information package.

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USB Dock
Saturday, 19 March, 2011

USB Dock shows the list of USB devices plugin into your PC.


  • Shows the list of USB devices plugin into the PC
  • Shows pictures of connected USB devices
  • Automatical detect...
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Virtual keyboard/2 1.0
Thursday, 20 October, 2011

Virtual keyboard/2 is an application displaying a unique virtual keyboard on the screen and allowing you use the mouse pointer or the touch-screen to type the way you do it with the hardware keyboard. Virtual keyboard is free for...

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