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BCChat 2.1
Sunday, 10 October, 2010

BCChat is developed with the aim to create a chat application which can be run on any network without the need of installing a server or having an internet connection. Application developed using...

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BeeBEEP 5.9.1
Friday, 2 December, 2016

BeeBEEP is a secure network chat.

You can talk and send files with all your friends inside a local area network such of an office, home or internet cafe without a server...

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Chatzilla 0.9.93
Tuesday, 8 November, 2016

ChatZilla is a cross platform messaging client that combines Internet Relay Chat (IRC) with existing web standards like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

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DRSS News Reader 0.3.5
Thursday, 26 August, 2010

Drss is a simple news reader. These programs are also called aggregators. Drss lets you organize your RSS news sources in folders by whatever categories you want. Program developed using...

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Eggdrop 1.8
Sunday, 6 April, 2014

Eggdrop is the world's most popular Open Source IRC bot, designed for flexibility and ease of use.

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eyeCU 1.3.0
Friday, 16 June, 2017

eyeCU (I See You) is the perfect application to communicate with colleagues, friends and family via chat, video and voice. Built-in geolocation allows you to see the location of your contacts on the map:

  • GLONASS...
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GemZ 3.12
Wednesday, 1 January, 2003

GemZ v3.1x, script for Openchat.

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GetYourNews & Binary Get Your News 2.20 & 1.0.07
Sunday, 9 October, 2016

GetYourNews is a multithreaded, simple powerful newsgroup attachment downloader. Use /? on the command prompt for help.

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GoldBug 0.17
Tuesday, 12 August, 2014

GoldBug is a secure instant messenger. With GoldBug, you can feel safe, your chat communications will be protected!

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Jeti/2 0.7.8
Tuesday, 24 November, 2009

A comfortable Java Jabber Client with support for JIM (Jabber), AIM (AOL), ICQ, IRC Yahoo!, MSN and GaduGadu IRC. SSL enabled! Jeti/2 is available in several languages, but developers are looking for volunteers to complete/enhance...

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JMSN Messenger 9.8
Wednesday, 5 February, 2003

JMSN is a pure Java Microsoft MSN Messenger clone, including Instant messaging, File Send/Receive, msnlib (for developers), and additional chat log etc. JMSN has many interesting features that MSN doesn't have.

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Kawaii Emoji Messenger 0.1Beta1
Friday, 27 December, 2013

Kawaii Emoji Messenger is a multiplatform Facebook client based on the idea of bringing emoji on desktop. Through Kawaii Emoji Messenger you can use a full set of emoji in you Facebook conversations, statuses and comments in the easiest...

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Mercury (dMSN) Messenger 1.9.5
Wednesday, 12 August, 2009

A Java based MSN and Jabber chat client.

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Mitayo 1.23
Saturday, 14 October, 2017

A browser for Japanese graphics/forums site "2ch" (2chan or 2 channel). The UI is available in Japanese only.

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Mr. Message 6082009
Monday, 8 June, 2009

Mr. Message for OS/2 is an instant messenger client which is capable of communicating over AOL's Instant Messenger network using the OSCAR protocol (used in the Win32 AIM clients, jBuddy ,gAIM,Kopete,ICQ, and a variety of other clients...

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News Harvest 1.7
Sunday, 1 November, 2015

News Harvest is an OS/2 Presentation Manager application for the automatic retreival of Usenet News binary articles.

On 01/11/2015 Kingsley Turner, the author, has released News Harvest under the GPL license V3. Many thanks to...

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NZBGet 16.2
Sunday, 25 October, 2015

NZBGet is a binary newsgrabber, which downloads files from usenet based on information given in nzb-files.

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Openchat 1.07
Tuesday, 23 December, 1997

The best IRC client for OS/2. Best of all platform IRC when used with GemZ script!

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Oragir 0.2.1b
Saturday, 5 January, 2013

Alternative multipltform client for LiveJournal web-based service. Program developed using Qt4.

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PM BitchX 1.0c19
Friday, 1 March, 2002

Presentation Manager port of the popular UNIX IRC client BitchX.

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ProNews/2 1.60
Saturday, 19 July, 2008

Multithreaded newsreader for OS/2. Latest version includes, among other things, support for ISO-8859-15 and Windows-1252 codepages and high memory use: see README.TXT for more!

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Psi/2 Jabber Client 0.16 update 7
Monday, 16 July, 2018

Psi is a multi platform Jabber client written using QT. To submit a bug report, go to

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Pumpa 0.9.2
Tuesday, 5 April, 2016

Pumpa is a client for, a social network open source and decentralized that can provide excellent features and above all, really able to respect your privacy. The special...

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pwICQ 2 - preview
Tuesday, 1 July, 2003

ICQ Clone for OS/2 with plugins support.

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QChat 0.3
Tuesday, 1 March, 2011

QChat is a crossplatform LAN chat.

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QTXPost 0.3.4
Sunday, 27 March, 2011

QTXPost is a blog client programmed in C++/Qt4, with the main focus on simultaneous crossposting. Currently it supports only servers built on

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Quassel IRC 0.10.0
Monday, 21 April, 2014

Quassel IRC is a modern, cross-platform, distributed IRC client, meaning that one (or multiple) client(s) can attach to and detach from a central core.

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Quban 0.7.5
Monday, 3 August, 2015

Quban is program to download encoded articles from the usenet news service. Program developed using Qt4 toolkit.

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QuiteRSS 0.18.4
Sunday, 13 March, 2016

QuiteRSS is a RSS/Atom feed reader written in C++/Qt4. Program developed using the Qt4 framework.

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Qwit 1.1 pre2
Saturday, 2 October, 2010

Qwit is a Twitter client developed using Qt4.

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RSS Guard 4.1.0
Sunday, 13 March, 2016

RSS Guard is useful and (very) tiny RSS 0.92/1.0/2.0 & ATOM 1.0 feed reader. It can keep feeds organized in categories, update information from them automatically and notice user if there is new message...

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Rub 2.0.2
Sunday, 31 July, 2011

Rub is intended to be a prompt and simple notifier on rss feeds. Application developed using Qt4 toolkit.

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SeaMonkey 2.42.9esr
Monday, 5 April, 2010

SeaMonkey is a community effort to deliver an high production-quality releases of web browser code derived from "Mozilla Application Suite". The program includes the email client.

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SIM Instant Messenger
Wednesday, 5 December, 2007

SIM is powerful plugin-based multiprotocol instant messenger, which includes support for ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, Jabber IM protocols and also can post into your LiveJournal journal and communities. Ported using QT.

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Socializer (ex Facebook) 1.1
Friday, 19 June, 2015

Simple and stylish Facebook application. Ported using QT Toolkit.

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Thunderbird 45.8.0
Sunday, 15 March, 2015

Mozilla Thunderbird is a redesign of the Mozilla mail component, with several new features and improvements to make your mail and news experience better. It integrates chat client and, since version 38, a...

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Vacuum Jabber Instant Messanger 1.2.1
Saturday, 26 January, 2013

This is an IM client with support for multiple accounts in one profile, and many other features.

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