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Wednesday, 14 February, 2007
Euro 15,00 (Base version)



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ZeroToaster::MTA is a very fast, responsive POP3 and SMTP mailserver with all the features an ISP, Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) or Individual user requires. Features: configuration GUI, antispam filters and much more. Tou can also use external antivirus.

The free test version includes:

  • Server: 2 Domains, 5 User, 1 Mailinglist
  • Client: 2 Domains, 5 User
  • incl. MailHub/MailClient/AV-Scan

Prices refer to the number of users to admin.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

ZeroToaster::MTA v. 2.80 (14/2/2007) Readme/What's new
Changelog ========= * 14.02.07 ho: 2.80 FWD Instance: Errorhandling broken mails * NPE in FWD Instance. * Thread locked until startup to synchronize startup * blnIsBusy now volatile * SMTP/validateTo: precheck on original user if user is disabled (aroa ag)
ZeroToaster::MTA v. 2.78b (4/12/2006) Readme/What's new
* 18.11.06 ho: 2.78 FileStorage#mailReadBody_Impl(..) Send "." to POP3 client if NULL before "." was reached
ZeroToaster::MTA v. 2.51 (25/11/2005)
ZeroToaster::MTA v. 2.50 (30/5/2005) Readme/What's new
* 2.50 Finished 26.05.2005 * .a ML owner debugging * .b ML relay debugging * .c validateFrom/To debugging * .d New de.zwanzigeins.util structure * Changed ML_Import to honor multiple recipients in a TO/CC/BCC line * .e ML_Import: Forgot to implement user/domain redirecting * .f FileStorage#quota_cleanup_impl() wrong calculation for quota/day (future date) * .g Better debug output in ML_Import (mail import feature/SENDMAIL) * .h "X-Bayesian-Filter" -> "X-Bayesian-Filter:" (ALCATEL) * .i Helper.getMXRecords(...) accepts violation of RFC974 (IP as MX record) now.
ZeroToaster::MTA v. 2.45 (7/2/2005)
ZeroToaster::MTA v. 2.40 (24/9/2004) Readme/What's new
* 2.40 Finished 19.09.2004 * .a Improved AV Export. * .b changes in SMTP postmaster handling: * - <postmaster> goes to postmaster_address * - <postmaster@ourdomain.tld> * if this user and domain exists locally, it goes there. * if only the domain exists, it goes to postmaster_address * if the domain doesn't exists, it will be rejected * - <user@[]> * if this IP is our IP, "user" must be "postmaster" and * it will be redirected to postmaster_address. Otherwise * it will be rejected * .c Fixed SMTP-AUTH (Keyword "auth" wasn't send) * .d MailView: Problem unlocking Refresh-Thread * Gunther Stammwitz: "too much users" -> "too many users" * .e SMTP-AUTH: Logging of decoded username/password and challenge * .f StorageManager: removed all mailDelete*. userDelete and domainDelete are doing the job now * new Command: Rename Domain * .g FileStorage#cleanup checks for Maildirectories without users/domains and deletes * Changes LineServerSocket#close() to wait max 2seconds for socket shutdown * .h Fixed Problem in SMTP_ServerInstance#cmd_auth with CRAM_MD5 (comparision of hex-pwd is case-insensitive now) * .i Import interface (section [MAIL_IMPORT] in zerotoaster.ini), sendmail compatibility * Unix compatible alias structure (section [USER_ALIAS] in zerotoaster.ini). * Removed postmaster_address from zerotoaster.ini (-> alias) * FWD now copies xx lines from the bounced message to the failure message (fwd_bounce_include_lines) * .j Hard notify to postmaster in MPA_ServerInstance if AVScan class creation fails (missing postmaster etc.) * .k New parameter: system_name. Changed Postmaster Notifies, system_name is copied into the subject * .l When a user is deleted, all other users are checked if this (deleted) user is in the * copylist of an other user (the copy entry is deleted then). * When a domain is deleted, all other domains are checked if this domain is in the * alias field (the entry is deleted then). * .m Fixed dupes in Groupcopy. Changed Icon and Logo-Handling for Java > 1.2 when missing. * Fixed race condition in Java 1.4.x (Sun/Golden Code/Innotek)
ZeroToaster::MTA v. 2.30 (1/5/2004) Readme/What's new
* 2.30 Released 23.04.2004 * .a Support for Sohos AV * MPA reports AV scan time now * .b Changed detection of midnight change in LogContext * Fixed NPE in FileStorageManager on shutdown * .c1 Starting crashprotection for messages in queue * Moving fields from the MPA Infoblock to the static routing header * .c2 Fixed StringFilterClass * Changed rescan behaviour of the FWD queue under heavy load * .c3 MPA_Instance got better error control. * Fixed Error from C1 if user has internal mail copies * .c4 Consolidation of various MPA structures * .c5 Fixed error in MPA redirection if mail was infected * Stringfilter: set "local/external" flag according to the redirection account * .c6 X-Size Header * Fixed error again in MPA redirection if mail was infected * .c7 Error: LineWriter doesn't use CR+LF as line termination as expected * .c8 Strict sender checking on/off for SMTP intern -> intern with defined netblocks * $placeholder$ in IniManager * .c9 POP3 Fetchmail redirects incoming mails and processes the copylist of the target * .c10 SMTPInputReader rejects mails with header only. * .c11 POP3Fetch: in case of a mail to an external server set the sender to the POP3Fetch-To * to have a valid recipient in case of a bounce. * .c12 Fixed hopefully StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in AVScan#export * .d1 Changed FileStorageManger, introducing new storage architecture (/mailbin/domains/users) * .d2 Fixed NPE during convert in special cases * -d3 Quickhack for finding StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in tempfiles * .d4 Sorting Mailviewer by Domain/User/Time * .d5 Sorting was by "TimeFetched", not by "TimeReceived". Added separator for User * .d6 changed separator in MailManager * Fixed StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in tempfiles * Outbound is shown in Mailmanager too (mailGetAllHeaders_Impl in FileStorage) * .d7 Outbound sorted below all other mails (Mailmanager) * .d8 Mailmanager: changed fonts, empty line before new domains etc.. * .d9 SMTP: Empty sender address was blocked; but needed to receive bounces! * .d10 All users can shutdown/restart Server from Remote-GUI - fixed. * mailMove interface in StorageManager * MailView and MailManager can readdress mails again * .d11 pop3_instances=0 and smtp_instances=0 doesn't allocate a server socket now. * SMTP: <postmaster> is redirected in the RCPT TO now. * SMTP: <postmaster@domain.tld>: If user exists, accept. Otherwise redirect to * Postmaster (RFC822: 6.3 RESERVED ADDRESS). Means: Accept everything with * localpart "postmaster". * Removed quickhack for finding StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in tempfiles * .d12 Processing AUTH-LOGIN, AUTH-CRAM; EHLO * Fixed sideeffects of *_instances=0 again. * .d13 Fixed AUTH LOGIN for Outlook 2000 * .d14 Implemented file base queueing * Implemented mail backup * Removed endless recursion if postmaster is on a different machine and mail comes to postmaster * "Account enabled=false" in User Security setup denies incoming SMTP traffic for this user too. * "Keep Backup" days in FileStorageManager * "Keep Logfile" days in LogContext * .d15 Improved logging for Queue delete/move * Queue-ID is stored in MailQueueRecord now * Shortened logging in SmtpInputReader::readln() * .d16 Mailmanager GUI shows number of mail per user and mails per domain * Fixed SMTP AUTH PLAIN for Netscape 4.x * Fixed sync problem adding/reading process queue * .d17 New parameter: smtp_auth_methods
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