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XPDF converts PDF files to text or postscript, display PDF file information, extract images from PDF files.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. See below for download link(s).

You can install the prerequisites with rpm running the following string in a command line:

yum install libc qt5-qtbase

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

XPDF v. 4.05 (27/3/2024, Elbert Pol (TeLLie)) Readme/What's new
=================================================================================================== **** If you like the programs i'm porting and you want to donate to me, see the following URL: **** **** http://www.bitwiseworks.com/shop/index.php?id_product=38&controller=product&id_lang=1 **** **** Or send directly to me using PayPal: e.pol@upcmail.nl **** =================================================================================================== Xpdf 4.05 README 2024-04-04 Din't test much. CONTENTS OF THIS FILE ======================== 1. INTRODUCTION 2. REQUIREMENTS 3. INSTALLATION 4. LICENSE, COPYRIGHT, DISCLAIMER 5. CONTACT 6. CREDITS 7. SUPPORT AND DONATIONS 8. HISTORY 9. RESTRICTIONS 1. INTRODUCTION =============== Welcome to xpdf port for ArcaOS and OS/2. Xpdf is a free PDF viewer and toolkit, including a text extractor, image converter, HTML converter, and more. Most of the tools are available as open source. Convert PDF files to text or postscript. Display PDF file information, extract images from PDF files. 2. REQUIREMENTS =============== The following requirements can be installed either by rpm or by zip files. RPM Installation (preferred): ============================ klibc ----- 1. yum install libc Qt5 dll ------- 1. yum install qt5-base Libraries ------- 1. yum install libpaper 3. INSTALLATION =============== 1. Extract the package to an specific directory directory 3. Create a WPS object for beebeep.exe 4. Start beebeep 5. Enjoy the app 4. LICENSE, COPYRIGHT, DISCLAIMER ================================= http://www.xpdfreader.com/ XPpdf is a software developed by Glyph & Cog and released under dual licensed under GPL v2 and GPL v3. 5. CONTACT ========== if you find a bug, then add a ticket to the trac at http://svn.netlabs.org/qtapps Only bug reports with a reproducable bug are accepted. :-) 6. CREDITS ========== The port was done by: Elbert Pol aka TeLLie Thanks go to: * Dmitry A. Kuminov * Silvan Scherrer They either helped me when I had some nasty questions or did some testing for me. 7. SUPPORT AND DONATIONS ======================== This software is based on volunteer work. If you would like to support further development, you can do so in one of the following ways: * Donate to the Qt5 project: see qt.netlabs.org for more information * Contribute to the project: Besides actual development, this also includes maintaining the documentation and the project web site as well as help for users. 8. HISTORY ========== Compiled now with Qt v5.15.2
XPDF v. 3.03 (10/9/2011, Mikkel C. Simonsen)
XPDF v. 3.02 (18/11/2010, Herwig Bauernfeind (HerwigB))
Record updated last time on: 12/04/2024 - 17:30

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