Tim Baldwin

PMCalc 1.00
Friday, 3 February, 1995

PMCalc is an OS/2 program that provides an accurate simulation of a typical scientific pocket calculator.  It has the following features:

  • 12 digit floating point...
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T (A Tiny Editor) 2.20b
Thursday, 3 March, 1994

T, a very small yet very powerful full screen text editor for IBM PC, PS/2 and compatible machines.

T is a full screen text editor for the IBM PC, PS/2 and compatible family of machines. Two versions of the editor are supplied,...

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EnvED (Edit environment strings) 1.10
Thursday, 9 December, 1993

ENVED - An Environment Editor

enved.cmd Invoke the OS/2 environment editor.

This is an OS/2 full screen or windowed...

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