TCP/IP Fixpak (UN_0959) - Universal - Germany

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Friday, 25 July, 1997



Universal Fixpak for TCP/IP Ver. 3.0 (OS/2 Warp Connect) and Ver. 3.1 (OS/2 Warp Server). Available for different countries and languages (Brazil, China, China - Taiwanese language, Denmark, Dutch - Netherlands, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United States).

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Following links are to additional programs, not mandatory but useful:

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

TCP/IP Fixpak (UN_0959) - Universal - Germany (readme, 25/7/1997, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)) Readme/What's new
TCP/IP V3.1 Public FixPak UNG0959 German (US = UN20959) Version.3.10 FixPak UNG0959 will service TCP/IP V3.0 (WARP Connect) and V3.1 (WARP Server). WR08210 is a pre-requisite of UNG0959. This Public FixPak provides service for TCP/IP Versions 3.0 (WARP 3.1Connect) and Version 3.1 (WARP Server). WR08210 ServicePak is a prequisite of this (UNG0959) Fixpak. WARNING: 1 - Archiving is not enabled for this FixPak. WARNING: 2 - This FixPak has a new method of installation using Corrective Service Facility (CSF) Version 2-B. Please review the entire installation section in the UNGJ0959.INF before proceeding The INF file also contains APAR information, and other pertinent information that is relative to the FixPak. Diskettes can be created using the LOADDSKF utility, available at /ps/products/os2/tools *************************************************************** UNG0959.LAB * Label file UNG959B1.DSK * FixPak diskette #1 1.44MG UNG959B2.DSK * FixPak diskette #2 1.44MG UNG959B3.DSK * FixPak diskette #3 1.44MG UNG959B4.DSK * FixPak diskette #4 1.44MG UNG959B5.DSK * FixPak diskette #5 1.44MG UNG959B6.DSK * FixPak diskette #6 1.44MG This FixPak can be applied to: * - TCP/IP Version 3.0 (TCP/IP in WARP Connect) * - TCP/IP Version 3.1 (TCP/IP in WARP Server) Warning: 1 - In order for an updated TCP/IP Version 3.0 or Version 3.1 to function properly, the installation of MPTS ServicePak WRx8210 is required. Warning: 2 - Archiving is not enabled for this ServicePak. Warning: 3 - This ServicePak has a new method of installation using Corrective Service Facility (CSF) Version 2-B. Although the installation instructions look similar to previous ServicePaks, there are significant differences. Please review the entire Installation section before proceeding. After installing this ServicePak for some or all of the components listed below, the CURRENT CSD level of the associated SYSLEVEL file(s) will indicate UNx0959 (where x indicates the country code.) SYSLEVEL.TCP IBM TCP/IP Version 3.0 for OS/2 IBM TCP/IP Version 3.1 for OS/2 WARP Server SYSLEVEL.DHS IBM OS/2 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server Version 3.1 SYSLEVEL.DDN IBM OS/2 Dynamic Domain Name Server Version 3.1 This FixPak uses Corrective Service Facility (CSF) Version 2-B (provided on the tool diskette of this FixPak) for installation. Complete instructions for the use of the updated SERVICE and FSERVICE commands are provided with the CSF Version 2-B README.INF file on the Service Tool Diskette. Please read the CSF instructions for information on the use of CSF Version 2-B backup and restore capabilities. Note: - Archiving is not enabled for this FixPak. Installing the FixPak is essentially a three phase process: Phase 1 - Quiesce the Target System Stop all running applications so that LAN Server/Requester is not in use. (This includes doing a 'net stop server'). Phase 2 - Install the FixPak Use one of the following methods to replace system files with those provided on this FixPak: Selective Install Redirected (CID) Install Phase 3 - Return the Serviced System to Normal Operation Perform a normal system boot. Note: - If asked for permission to replace any files, respond Yes for hidden or system files, or any private fixes that are indicated as newer than the FixPak files. The following is a list of all APARs included in FixPak UN00959, with a one line description. * - APAR IC12448 PMANT INTERNAL APAR FOR WARP SERVER V3.1. CONTAINS FIXES FROM PN72675 PN66579 PN65202 PN75965 IC10506 PN82161 (OS/2 PMANT) * - APAR IC12449 TN3270 INTERNAL APAR FOR WARP SERVER V3.1. CONTAINS FIXES FROM PN72675 PN66579 PN75623 PN77563 PN82161 (OS/2 TN3270) * - APAR IC12662 LPRPORTD CONNECTION TIMES OUT PRINTING LARGE FILES. * - APAR IC12678 NEED SINGLE ROUTE BROADCASTING TO BE DEFAULT. * - APAR IC12771 PORTMAPPER FAILS WITH 32-BIT RPC APPLICATIONS * - APAR IC12809 SENDMAIL RETURNS INCORRECT RETURN CODE AFTER FAILING TO CONNECT TO A HOST FROM NAMESERVER MX RECORDS * - APAR IC12815 TRAILING BLANK IN DHCPSD.CFG CAUSES DNS UPDATES TO FAIL * - APAR IC12852 FTPPM CAN NOT HANDLE > 1024 FILES * - APAR IC12884 DHCPSD DOES GETHOSTBYADDR TO GET OPTIONS 12 & 15 * - APAR IC12943 MISSING COLORS ON TN5250 TO AS/400, THEN AS/400 TN3270 TO S/390 * - APAR IC12974 OS/2 TCP/IP V3.0 SLIP, PPP, HOSTID, ROUTED CONSOLIDATED FIXES FOR WARP CONNECT CUSTOMERS * - APAR IC12981 PPPTERM DOES NOT ACCEPT KEYSTROKES * - APAR IC12982 ROUTED CAUSES UNCONTROLLED GROWTH OF THE SWAPPER.DAT FILE CAUSING EVENTUAL SYSTEM LOCKUP. * - APAR IC13003 PMPING CAUSES SYSTEM TO LOCK AFTER 2-3 DAYS WHEN RUNNING 24/7. * - APAR IC13114 AUTOSTARTING TFTPD USING INETD CAUSES A USER TO BE UNABLE TO TFTP SUCCESSFULLY TO THAT MACHINE AFTER IC12482 FIX. * - APAR IC13140 SLIPPM DOES NOT HAVE PROPER ERROR LOGGING FACILITIES IF THE PM PROGRAM HALTS TO START * - APAR IC13150 BOOTPD ISN'T WORKING PROPERLY WITH THE HD TAG AND BOOTFILE PASSED IN BOOTP REQUEST PACKET * - APAR IC13176 BOOTP SERVER NOT PROCESSING HARDWARE ADDRESS CORRECTLY * - APAR IC13215 TN3270.EXE DOES NOT ALLOW USER TO SELECT AN OPTION PROPERLY FROM VM MENUS * - APAR IC13239 ROUTED DELETES INTERFACE LAN0 (WITH TWO INTERFACES IN MACHINE) EVEN WHEN DIRECTED NOT TO USING "PASSIVE" DIRECTIVE IN GATEWAYS * - APAR IC13327 WHEN BOOTP CLIENT IS GOING THROUGH A BOOTP RELAY:DHCP SERVER SENDS RESPONSE TO SERVER PORT67 INSTEAD OF 68 * - APAR IC13335 PROXYARP OPTION OF PPP FAILS TO UPDATE ARP TABLE PROPERLY ON A MULTIHOMED SYSTEM. * - APAR IC13443 NEWSREADER/2 TRUNCATES ARGUMENTS FIELD IN EDITOR CONFIGURATION DIALOG TO 32 CHARACTERS * - APAR IC13447 TELNET TELNETPM WARP SERVER V3.1. CONTAINS FIXES FROM PN74719 PN74585 PN79926 IC11619 IC11622 IC11770 IC11868 IC12232 * - APAR IC13452 PMANT WARP SERVER 3.1 ROUTE OF PN84273 / IC13408 * - APAR IC13454 SETTERM.EXE WARP SERVER 3.1 ROUTE OF IC12539 * - APAR IC13455 TN5250.EXE WARP SERVER 3.1 ROUTE OF IC12315 * - APAR IC13468 TELNETDC APAR FOR WARP SERVER V3.1. CONTAINS FIX FOR APAR PN76784. * - APAR IC13587 BOOTP 'INVALID TAG' MESSAGE AND INTERFACE NOT CONFIGURED * - APAR IC13614 PPP TERMINATES A CONNECTION DURING NEGOTIATION IF THE CLIENT CHOOSES NOT TO USE VJ HEADER COMPRESSION * - APAR IC13780 RPCINFO -P HOSTNAME FAILS WITH SYS2070. TNLS32->WNLINITGLOBAL COULD NOT BE LOADED (RC=127). * - APAR IC13856 FROM FIELD IN CONFIGURE POSTING OF NEWSREADER V1.2.5 IS ADDING A SPACE BETWEEN EMAIL ADDRESS & NAME IN ( ) WHEN RESTARTING. * - APAR IC13857 NEWSREADER/2 DOES NOT PROPERLY PARSE "ADDRESS FROM" WHEN REPLYING TO A USENET POSTING * - APAR IC13859 NEWSREADER/2 GENERATES A SYS3175 IN NR2.EXE WHEN REFRESHING A GROUP WITH A LONG NAME MANUALLY * - APAR IC13873 NEWSREADER V1.2.5 HIGHLIGHTS UNREAD ARTICLES AS READ AFTER VIEWING SAME SUBJECTS IN LARGE ARTICLE LISTS * - APAR IC13879 BOOTP SERVER NOT RETURNING SERVER IP ADDRESS * - APAR IC13887 ESCAPE KEY DOES NOT DISMISS "MAIL..." DIALOG IN NEWSREADER/2 WHEN USING AN EXTERNAL EDITOR. * - APAR IC13892 NEWSREADER HALTS WITH A SYS3175 IN NR2.EXE AT 0027:00000C18 WHEN CONNECTING TO A CERTAIN ALTERNATE PROVIDER'S NEWS SERVER. * - APAR IC13927 TCP/IP ON WARP CONNECT- CANNOT ENTER ARABIC DATA IN TELNETPM * - APAR IC14236 NSUPDATE INTERMITTENTLY CAUSES A PERFORMANCE DEGRADATION OF THE DHCP SERVER * - APAR IC14282 INCOMING SENDMAIL CONTAINING CARRIAGE RETURN CR , TRUNCATES MESSAGE * - APAR IC14283 FTP PROXY GET FAILS AFTER PROXY OPENING THE SAME FTP SERVER ALREADY LOGGED IN TO WHEN USING THE RXFTP API. * - APAR IC14284 FTP INCORRECT HANDLING OF FILES NAMES CONTAINING % SIGN IN MGET AND MPUT * - APAR IC14285 FTP GET FAILS WITH RC=206 WHEN DOWNLOADING A FILE WITH A LONG FILE NAME TO A DRIVE WHICH IS FORMATTED FAT * - APAR IC14288 ATTEMPTS TO USE FTPPROXY BETWEEN THE REMOTE GATEWAY AND A SECOND FAIL EVEN THOUGH THE RETURN CODE FROM THE FTPPROXY() IS 0. * - APAR IC14566 TN5250 FLAGS DATASTREAM AS INVALID * - APAR IC14567 TN5250 USES THE WRONG KEYBOARD TRANSLATION TABLE * - APAR IC14568 TN3270 NOT DISPLAYING DATA CORRECLTY FROM AND MVS HOST * - APAR IC14569 PMANT.EXE CHANGE HIGHLIGHT COLORS DOES NOT WORK. * - APAR IC14570 TELNET DOES NOT HONOR THE -H ( SESSION HEIGHT) OPTION * - APAR IC14656 SYS3175 IN VT100.DLL CS:EIP=77A7:00000018 CSLIM=00000147 * - APAR IC14689 RXFTPADD IS CASE SENSITIVE WHEN FTPLOAD FUNC IS USED AS THE THIRD PARAMETER. * - APAR IC14690 CONCURRENT MGET FAILS WHEN FTP'ING FROM AN OS/2 COMMAND LINE. * - APAR IC14691 FTP TO A HOST, GET A FILE, DURING TRANSFER OF FILE, HIT CNTL-C, REINVOKE THE GET COMMAND AND THE SESSION HANGS. * - APAR IC14694 G:PERMISSION DENIED WITH FTP AND A NETRC FILE. NO G: DIRECTORY IS INVOLVED. * - APAR IC14758 FTPD PORT COMMAND DOESN'T VALIDATE PARAMETERS * - APAR IC14759 TELNET HFT EMULATION DOES NOT DO A PROPER SCREEN REFRESH. THE SCREEN JUMPS ONE LINE EACH DISPLAYED SCREEN. * - APAR IC14760 TRANSMITTING MORE THEN 32MB W/ TFTP RESULTS IN A CONNECTION TIME OUT * - APAR IC14761 SENDING DATA FROM AN AIX MACHINE TO AN OS2 MACHINE USING TFTPD DOES NOT SEND THE END OF LINE FOR EACH LINE. * - APAR IC14804 SOME DOS BOX APPLICATIONS DO NOT CONNECT WITHIN A SPECIFIED TIME. * - APAR IC14805 ISOCKET ERROR 10038, SOCENOTSOCK * - APAR IC14806 FAILURES WITH LOTUS NOTES AND NETSCAPE USING DOSBOX AND/OR TRAP 000E RUNNING NETSCAPE UNDER WINOS2 UNDER OS/2 WARP * - APAR IC14807 CANNOT HAVE EMBEDDED SPACES IN THE USERID USING FTPPM: OTHER * - APAR IC14808 WHEN CUST INPUT THE DATE THAN 1991-12-31 BEFORE, SYSTEM ERROR. * - APAR IC14809 SYS3170 DOSCALL1 AT 1A050323 RUNNING REXEC EXCEPTION C0010001 AT 1A050323 * - APAR IC14810 RSH INCORRECTLY INTERPRETS CR(0D)/LF(0A), IF 0D IS THE 512TH BYTE OF THE BUFFER AND 0A IS THE NEXT OR 1ST BYTE OF THE NEXT BUFFER
TCP/IP Fixpak (UN_0959) - Universal - Germany - Disk 01 (25/7/1997, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
TCP/IP Fixpak (UN_0959) - Universal - Germany - Disk 02 (25/7/1997, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
TCP/IP Fixpak (UN_0959) - Universal - Germany - Disk 03 (25/7/1997, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
TCP/IP Fixpak (UN_0959) - Universal - Germany - Disk 04 (25/7/1997, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
TCP/IP Fixpak (UN_0959) - Universal - Germany - Disk 05 (25/7/1997, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
TCP/IP Fixpak (UN_0959) - Universal - Germany - Disk 06 (25/7/1997, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
TCP/IP Fixpak (UN_0959) - Universal (Corrective Service Facility, , International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
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