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Smalled is a 32 bit multi-threaded Presentation Manager editor written in Borland C++ 2.0. A must in the development of Smalled was to try to incorporate at least all the goodies OS/2 has to offer.

Smalled features:   

  • Toolbar with Bubble-help
  • Statusbar
  • Complete Drag-n-Drop support
  • Clipboard support
  • INI Support (Saving size, place, Etc.)
  • EA's (Saving fonts, wrap, indent, tab-size)
  • WYSIWYG Printing
  • Multi-threading
  • ATM support
  • Context popup
This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. Available for OS/2 Ver. 2.x and OS/2 Warp. See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

Smalled v. 2.00 (28/1/1998) Readme/What's new
Smalled 2.00 README (22 Dec 1997) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTENTS - Installing Smalled - What's new in Smalled 2.00 - Disclaimer - Registering Smalled - FILE_ID.DIZ ========================= INSTALLING SMALLED ============================= Smalled is mainly 2 files. You can copy the SMALLED.EXE file to any place you like and start it from there. You can also set the association in the settings folder to plain text or other types you may have. Smalled will automaticly start if such an object is selected. For more information about assocation see the OS/2 help. Besides that included in the Smalled package are the Smalled Clipboard extensions and a floating toolbar. It is adviced to place them in the same directory as Smalled. If you like to place them somewhere else, make sure Smalled can find them by modifying the tools page in the Smalled preferences. If you'd like more instances of Smalled active at the same moment (d&d can be used between them), see "Use multiple Smalled instances" in the "How do I ..." section of the Smalled help. The .hlp file must be in OS/2 help directory so that it can be found by all Smalled instances. If it's only placed in the current directory not all instances will be able to find the helpfile. If you used Smalled before, don't forget to replace the 1.45 help file with the help file in this package. SmeClp (The Smalled clipboard extensions) also has a help file. Place this file in the same directory as SmeClp or in the OS/2 help directory. There are two versions of all the exe files included. One set for OS/2 2.xx and a set for WARP (3 and 4). The contains the exes for OS/2 2.xx and the contains exes for warp. Also included is a program called register.exe and its help register.hlp. Copy register.hlp to the os/2 help directory. If you want to register, you can run the register.exe program from anywhere in the system. (See also obtaining a registration key at the end of this file) ENJOY Smalled :) =============================== WHAT"S NEW IN 2.00 ==================== - NEW Full set of windowing functions. - NEW Window preferences. - NEW Print preferences. - NEW Programmable texttools. - NEW Unindent. - NEW Backwards search replace. - NEW Multiple Undo/Redo. - NEW Stamps. - NEW Icons in statusbar. - NEW Extra save-popup on statusbar. - NEW Extra toolbar items. - NEW Floating toolbar. - NEW Smalled Clipboard extensions added. - NEW Extra buttons in Smalled help panel. - NEW Floater and SMECLP can be started from SE. - Improved Autocascade. - Improved printing (D&D). - Improved formatting after HTML strip. - Improved selection handling. - Improved file info dialog. - Improved text selected in Goto. - Improved toolbar code. - Fixed Filestar bug. - For a complete history of changes and improvements, see the Smalled help. - If you like Smalled, it can be registered by using the register program included in this package. If you don't like this version of Smalled and it won't save anymore after 40 days, A NEW TRIAL PERIOD IS GRANTED with each release, so you may try again! (See registering at the end of this file) - Users are encouraged to mail me their wishes as well as any bugs! Most of the fixes and new items are the result of users requests. - Thanks for using/trying Smalled and all the encouragement I've got from you, the users, keep it happening ;). ============================== DISCLAIMER ================================ This package is provided "as is", without any guarantees or warrantees whatsoever. Bianchi Software is not liable or responsible for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever, including, but not limited to, losses of a financial, physical, emotional, marital, social, or mental nature that may result from the use or the purported use of anything in this package, for any purpose whatsoever. This product is supplied "as is", and without any warranties. You may distribute this shareware version of Smalled if the following conditions are met: - The distributed archive must contain ONLY the files OS2_2xx.ZIP -The OS/2 2.x version WARP.ZIP -The Warp version SMALLED.HLP -Smalled help file SMECLP.HLP -Clipboard extensions help file README.SME -This file FILE_ID.DIZ -Short description ORDER.SME -Order form REGISTER.EXE -Needed to register REGISTER.HLP -Help for register.exe PURCHASE.ZIP -(omline) registration tool - The contents of this archive are NOT MODIFIED in any way. - This version is not to be sold. However, a reasonable disk copying fee is permitted. ================ OBTAINING A REGISTRATION KEY =========================== After 40 days Smalled will shut down the save and print functions. To unlock it you need to run register.exe This program will generate a personal key. Include this key if you register Smalled. (See order.sme). You will recieve a registration-key. With this key Smalled will unlock. This also permits you to use future 1.xx versions. Future versions will see that you're registered and won't lockup. More help on this issue is included in the help attached to register.exe. To obtain a registration key send the personal key along with the registration form. There is an order form included in the package. You can also use the Purchase program to create an order form or to order a registration key online. WARNING: Resetting the date may cause Smalled to lock up before your trial period is over! Registering Smalled will cost $18. You may register by sending the order.sme form by mail to: BMT Micro PO Box 15016 Wilmington, NC 28408 U.S.A. Bianchi software Tongelresestraat 61 5613 DB Eindhoven The Netherlands Ordering by fax or E-mail (credit card) can only be done by BMT Micro. Enjoy and SUPPORT SHAREWARE! ============================== FILE_ID.DIZ ============================== Smalled 2.00 Is a good looking high powered 32 bit fast multi threaded PM editor. Full DRAG-N-DROP support (open,save,print,copy,move, shred and PP), DragText compatible configurable WYSIWYG printing, Extended EA usage, Toolbar, Context popups,DBCS support,Highly configurable, ,File-search, File-history, Programmable Text formatting tools, Line and Word wrap,auto-indent, Windowing functions etc. Included are the SMALLED CLIPBOARD EXTENSIONS.
Smalled HTML Extensions v. 1.1 (8/12/1996) Readme/What's new
--------------HTML EDITOR-- 1.1 ---------- Smalled HTML Extensions will turn editors like Smalled and e.exe into complete HTML editors. SMEHTM Acts like a notebook-style floating toolbar through which tags can be entered in the editor. Some Features: configurable, Links with memory, Templates, Conversion utilities, Configurable Hotkeys to be used in the editor, small and FAST.
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