RxMathFn (Basic math functions for OS/2 REXX )

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Saturday, 8 May, 1993



Basic Mathematic Functions for use with OS/2 REXX.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

RxMathFn (Basic math functions for OS/2 REXX ) (8/5/1993, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)) Readme/What's new
(C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1992 RxMathFn Basic Mathematic Functions for use with OS/2 REXX OS/2 2.0 Rexx Math Function Package by Patrick J. Mueller The following functions are provided in RxMathFn. Note that these functions are a subset of those available with the C Set/2 compiler. All trigonometric functions deal with radians. All functions return strings with a C Set/2 "double" precision of 15 digits after decimal point, or in scientific notation if neccessary. If you have shorter precision (NUMERIC DIGITS) set in your REXX environment, the value returned from RxMathFn functions will be converted by REXX at the first use in arithmetic operation, cos(x) - cosine of x sin(x) - sine of x tan(x) - tangent of x acos(x) - arc cosine of x asin(x) - arc sine of x atan(x) - arc tangent of x cosh(x) - hyperbolic cosine of x sinh(x) - hyperbolic sine of x tanh(x) - hyperbolic tangent of x ceil(x) - smallest integer >= x floor(x) - largest integer <= x exp(x) - e to the power x (e is natural logarithm base) log(x) - natural logarithm of x log10(x) - base 10 logarithm of x sqrt(x) - square root of x pow(x,y) - x to the power y pi() - the value of pi e() - the value of e ============================== Files included into RxMath.Zip ============================== LICENSE.TXT - License agreement RXMATH.ABS - Abstract RXMATHFN.DOC - This file RXMATHFN.CMD - Example of use RXMATHFN.DLL - Compiled code ============ Installation ============ To register all the math functions in RxMathFn.dll, you need to execute the following function calls in REXX: rc = RxFuncAdd("MathLoadFuncs","RxMathFn","MathLoadFuncs") rc = MathLoadFuncs() The first statement registers the MathLoadFuncs function in RxMathFn, and the second statement calls the MathLoadFuncs function to load in the rest of the functions. You may call these functions as often as you like, but you only need to do it once until the next time your computer is re-booted. MathLoadFuncs displays copyright information. To suppress it call it with the "Quiet" parameter. rc = MathLoadFuncs("Quiet") ============ Removal ============ Once RxMathFn.dll has been installed, and you need to remove it from memory to either delete the DLL or to replace it, you need to execute the Rexx function MathDropFuncs() within Rexx. This will unregister all the math functions. You then need to exit all currently running CMD.EXE sessions. Once you've done this, the DLL will be dropped from the system, and you will be able to remove or replace it. =============== Special strings =============== Two special strings can be returned as the result from RxMathFn functions: - "nan" - defined as the result of 0/0; - "infinity" - defined as the result of 1/0. Both of the special strings can be preceded with the minus sign to indicate negative result ( -1/0 ).
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