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Wednesday, 9 October, 2013



QComicBook is a viewer for PDF files and comic book archives containing jpeg/png/xpm/gif/bmp images, which aims at convenience and simplicity. Application developed using the Qt toolkit.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as 7 ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. See below for download link(s).

You can install the prerequisites with rpm running the following string in a command line:

yum install libc libcx libgcc1 libssp libstdc++6 libstdc++ libsupc++6 libsupc++ libgcc-fwd libqt4 libqt4-gui libqt4-webkit libqt4-sql-mysql libqt4-sql-psql qt5-qtbase

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

QComicBook v. 0.9.1 (20/10/2023, Elbert Pol (TeLLie)) Readme/What's new
2016-11-22: 0.9.1 -- Moved to Qt5 library. -- Minor fixes. -- Added snapcraft.yaml to allow building qcomicbook snap.
 hobbes.nmsu.edu/download/pub/os2/apps/docviewer/QComicBook_0-9-1.zip  local copy
QComicBook v. 0.9.0 (9/10/2013) Readme/What's new
2011-05-30: 0.9.0 -- dramatic improvement in responsiveness and performance, thanks to delegating image transformations to separate thread. -- migrated internally to QGraphicsView -- implemented Zoom Lens. -- fixed memory leak when using small cursor. -- various bugfixes related to Continuous view mode.
Record updated last time on: 21/10/2023 - 08:42

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