Pavel Fric

Connectagram 1.3.1
Thursday, 21 February, 2013

A scrambled words game. Created using Qt framework.

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Cutemaze 1.3.0
Tuesday, 4 February, 2014

A classic customizable labyrinth games. Application developed using Qt.

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Gottet 1.2.0
Friday, 1 March, 2013

Gottet is a tetris clone. Application developed using Qt.

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Hexalate 1.2.0
Thursday, 13 February, 2014

Hexalate is a color matching game developed using Qt framework.

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QXMLEdit 0.9.18
Monday, 26 July, 2010

A simple XML editor. It is very simple and it lacks some features like explicit namespaces support, but it has some peculiarites. It is not a textual editor, but it is tree control based, so it is impossible...

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Sunday, 25 July, 2010

Tanglet is a single player word finding game based on Boggle (similar to Scrabble). The object of the game is to list as many words as you can before the time runs out....

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zNotes 0.4.8
Sunday, 28 August, 2011

A simple lightweight crossplatform application for notes managment. Program developed using Qt toolkit.

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