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Wednesday, 4 June, 2008



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NESCafe is a Nintendo Emulator that is written entirely in Java. It runs loads of the old great NES games.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Self-installing WarpIN package. See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

NESCafe Nintendo Emulator v. 1.02 (4/6/2008, David de Niese) Readme/What's new
The NESCafe Emulator for Java RECENT REVISION HISTORY NESCafe 1.000 (December 2007) Headlines: - Authorisation check at start-up removed (originally required to report game usage and issues with beta) - Sound, game graphics and UI graphics have all been improved Fixes: - Fixed issues with sound, and discontinued the mute versions of the emulator - Fixed issues where loaded state files weren’t starting the sound correctly - Fixed bug where text would not be presented in the correct codepage on some machines - Fixed bug where when a NES ROM did not load correctly an error message was not being displayed - Fixed bug where when running using the Applet Viewer some of the tags weren’t being interpreted correctly - Fixed bug where settings files and ROMs were being cached, and the latest version may not be being read - Fixed bug where lowercase keys in the settings file for the controls where not being interpreted correctly - Fixed bug where the / key could not be assigned to a key control in the settings file or the User Interface - Fixed bug where LOADSTATE tag was not being interpreted correctly unless the URL was specified in full - Fixed bug where screen would flicker when ROM files were loading - Fixed issues with error messages, they are now more meaningful and better explain the underlying issues Functionality Removed: - Removed Override Engine (this was not heavily used) - Removed Activity Monitor (because Authorisation Check is removed, this would not work) - Removed Debugger from Applet version (replaced by Code Profiler in Standard version) - Removed Image Smoothing and replaced with improved image scaling routines - Removed Sprite Tile view from Applet (this was not heavily used) Functionality Added/Changed: - Added F9 option to standard version to dump executable code (profiles the code as it runs) - Changed settings filename to nescafe-settings.txt (to prevent issues with MIME types on web-servers) - Changed how the CPU interprets undocumented operation codes, they now cause the CPU to halt - NESCafe Applet screen now dynamically resizes if the Applet canvas changes size - Cleaned up the Time Trial mode, pressing T causes the current screen and run-time data to be captured. NESCafe 0.706 (February 2007) - Fixed bug where Save States were not working for indirect URLs in Applet Tags - General maintenance improvements and updates to documentation NESCafe 0.705 (September 2006) - Maintenance release, incorporating improvements to remote debugging and updates to documentation - Now forces Applet installations to have a nescafe.settings file at start-up NESCafe 0.704 (August 2006) - Added Online Activity Monitor to allow users to view other games being played in real-time from other sites - Added DisableActivityMonitor tag to the NESCafe settings file to prevent the Activity Monitor from being used - Added StartActivityMonitor tag to the NESCafe settings file to cause it to start when NESCafe starts - Changed APPLET tags in the distributions to be OBJECT tags for betting compatibility (docs changed also) - Added ScreenSizeFactor factor to the NESCafe settings file  local copy
NESCafe Nintendo Emulator v. 0.53 (23/1/2004, David de Niese)
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