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Wednesday, 11 May, 2016




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NConvert is a batch utility to convert graphic files! Support of more than 500 graphics formats and with more than 80 commands!

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

NConvert v. 6.88 (Self-installer WarpIN package, 11/5/2016, Oliver Cremer)
NConvert v. 6.88 (1/5/2016, Pierre-e Gougelet) Readme/What's new
NConvert v6.88 XnView v2.36 Copyright (c) 1991-2016 Pierre-E Gougelet All Rights Reserved. XnView v2.36 (LIBFORMAT v6.88) 04/29/2016: * FLIF format added * SVG support via rsvg-convert.exe - * Search similar & extension - * Multipage save doesn't use read settings * PCT crash - * NConvert: -t start step for number in output name XnView v2.35 (LIBFORMAT v6.82) 04/01/2016: * #THUMB_WIDTH_MAX# & #THUMB_HEIGHT_MAX# - * JPEGXR * Backspace not working in fullscreen * LibPNG 1.6.20 * ZIPPack Addon - XnView v2.34 (LIBFORMAT v6.80) 07/09/2015: * Delete doesn't work on view mode * Charset in treeview - * Bevel settings - * Sharpen in Resize dialog - * PNG icc profile checking - * alpha channel not copied in clipboard from browser - * Colors & checksum in Overwrite dialog - * LibPNG 1.6.18 * NConvert # in filename - XnView v2.33 (LIBFORMAT v6.75) 18/06/2015: * 'Use extension' setting - * LIBIMAGEQUANT on 256 colors image - * Long filename - * Clear out of bounds - * Saving in Webp remove 1st pixel * Del during selection - * On some jpeg, EXIF can't be rewritten XnView v2.32 (LIBFORMAT v6.71) 16/03/2015: * User plugin & check extension - * Find similar don't find duplicates * Sharpen thumbnails - * gs subfolder checked - * Customized data/time variables broken - * Batch convert use estimated jpeg quality - XnView v2.31 (LIBFORMAT v6.70) 23/02/2015: * Enlarge zoom quality problem XnView v2.30 (LIBFORMAT v6.70) 18/02/2015: * New addon for upload on ImageShack/Imgur - * Pdf issue - * Rename dialog move top/bottom - * Export dialog remember last folder - * Rotate EXIF orientation only process needed files - * BPG format read support - * File information overlay after reopen - * Placeholder use part of text - [x-], [x-y], [-y], [x] * Option>Settings>File list>Misc>Exif date used to sort * LockZoom & fullscreen - * GIF Loop Slideshow & Quick slideshow -, * LibQuant for colors reduction - * Filter by image & disabled extension - * Alpha channel & enlarge resize - * Similar files: now you can add files as reference - * Sharpen view - * Change timestamp - * Video gallery only first file used - * Convert Font script - * Non image filename not shown in statusbar - * Similar dialog, use extension in filename - * Back key settting - * PAM format added - * Thumbnail sharpen value - * Autodeskew in toolbar - * Screen dpi on Win 7/8 - * Pause/Play animated gif - * Color picker and greyscale picture - * "Rename all" in OVerwrite dialog - * DDS L8 format - * Settings saved after changes - * Clear in batch convert * Previous focused tab in IPTC dialog - [IPTC]/PreviousTab * XnShellEx: resize - * NConvert: -embedded_jpeg to extract embedded jpeg - * NConvert: Placeholder for EXIF date modified&date taken in output filename - $EXIF:DateModified[date format] $EXIF:DateTaken[date format] * NConvert: saturation from XnConvert * NConvert: Extension not forced lowercase - XnView v2.25 (LIBFORMAT v6.60) 04/11/2014: Added: * [Browser]/OldSortMethod added - Changed: Fixed: * Restricted folder name - * Change timestamp doesn't use DST - * ZIP/RAR fixed XnView v2.24 (LIBFORMAT v6.60) 06/10/2014: Added: * clipboard old method - Add in [Start] section, ClipboardNewMethod=0 * #THUMB_WIDTH_MAX# & #THUMB_HEIGHT_MAX# added - Changed: Fixed: * Jpeg extension - * Change timestamp fails if file without exif dat - * tiff * File date attribute wrong - * Print dialog, page range to default * Natural sort order * Scan into counter not saved * zip32/unzip32/unrar updated * Exif export as XML XnView v2.22 (LIBFORMAT v6.56) 07/04/2014: Added: Changed: * sqlite Fixed: * JPEG-XR * Adjust dialog - * Batch convert & CMYK picture * Crash on compare - * NConvert: c_bw, c_grey & c_rgb added - XnView v2.20 (LIBFORMAT v6.55) 14/03/2014: Added: * XMP reformat - Changed: * Windows 95/98/NT/2000 no more supported * New JPEGXR library * LCMS 2.5 Fixed: * Multipage printing * SRW crash - * Fit to desktop - XnView v2.13 (LIBFORMAT v6.53) 26/11/2013: Fixed: * Secunia * * Some PNG can be resaved - * Export EXIF/IPTC, no filename in csv - XnView v2.12 (LIBFORMAT v6.52) 26/11/2013: Added: * option in General>Misc - Fixed: * Extension problem with plugins * Extension not added after capture * Extension in extract all - * CharSet not saved in .sld - XnView v2.11 (LIBFORMAT v6.51) 19/11/2013: Fixed: * Extension problem with plugins * Batch convert, extension is not changed XnView v2.10 (LIBFORMAT v6.50) 10/11/2013: Added: * Smooth zooming for animated GIF - * [Start]/NoExtraFiles to disable category.db - * Export metadata - Changed: * libpng * zlib * Selection resize - * NConvert: -half_res - Fixed: * * File associations - * File sorting - XnView v2.05 (LIBFORMAT v6.45) 11/09/2013: Changed: * DCRAW Fixed: * Secunia advisory SA52101 * Auto-deskew - * High DPI problem XnView v2.04 (LIBFORMAT v6.42) 18/07/2013: Fixed: * PICT CORE-2013-0705 Vulnerability * FPX Secunia advisory SA53797 * PSP Secunia advisory SA53950 * PDF - XnView v2.03 (LIBFORMAT v6.40) 29/05/2013: Added: * DWG preview Fixed: * Print flip B&W picture - * JPEGXR XnView v2.02 (LIBFORMAT v6.40) 29/05/2013: Fixed: * Print flip B&W picture - * Large PSD files * Secunia XCF Processing Two Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities * Description & Comment column not hidden - * CDR - * Bad DPI with Import clipboard * Dicom * Serial number in EXIF Makernotes * TIFF - XnView v2.00 (LIBFORMAT v6.35) 10/04/2013: Added: * [File]/HiddenDescription added - * Metro toolbar style Changed: * OpenJPEG instead of JasPer for JPEG2000 Fixed: * High DPI support * Clipboard & 32bits - * PDF viewing - & * PDF - * IPTC, tab not correctly restored * KRO vulnerability * Dicom * Print comment, text missing - * Working_* added for OpenWith - * Copy menu in information panel (Properties, exif, iptc, ...) * SlideShow save as wpl playlist * APK can be opened - * Better support for windows 8 - * Image from capture & photomasque * 'Add text' in batch convert, black text * 'convert to colors' not correclty saved - * 'Sort by name' in slideshow dialog * Secunia SA47352 * Slideshow & watch folder, problem if files are removed * NConvert: autodeskew - * NConvert: clipboard - * NConvert: Resize by shortest/longest side - XnView v1.99.6 (LIBFORMAT v6.30) 18/12/2012: Fixed: * Webpage with local files * DNG * PSP version 10 * Link & slideshow - * SLD slideshow & folder - * XnShellEx: Output pathname limit in convert dialog * XnShellEx: Lock on video files * NConvert: subfolder are created - XnView v1.99.5 (LIBFORMAT v6.21) 22/10/2012: Added: * autodeskew in batch convert - * Arrow on header in detail view - * GPS service can be configured in [Start]/GpsMap Example:[LAT],[LON]&spn=0.05,0.05&t=h&om=1&hl=[LAN] * Fit to image width, large only - * NConvert: -exif_orient to change exif orientation field * Nconvert: buildexifthumb is lossless (jpeg) if no other operation - Changed: * JPEG-LS use CharLS library now Fixed: * GPS in filename - * Thumbnail sharpen (32bits) * ARN * HD photo * FormatSaveAll - * Screenshot problem - * Canvas resize on 32bits picture - * Sort by ratio - * Raw saving - * Colour balance & 8bits picture - * Ctrl+Tab & Ctrl+Shift+Tab to change current tab - * Resize precision - * iOS PNG - & * Current IPTC Tab saved - * Embedded comment not editable for mpo - * Info text in fullscreen not always erased * Thumbnail problem when x/y dpi are different * Batch process typo - * APNG - * APNG &bit - * EXIF date with / - * XCF all layers can be loaded * High quality zoom & Enlarge in fullscreen view - * Problem to load link on a video file * Detail view, click on icon => tag file * Generate listing & CR - * ImageShack addon & XnShellEx - * Bad quality in contact sheet - * XnShellEx: 0 can be used in resize to set only one side - * NConvert: tag 118 is not correctly saved - * NConvert: iptc_set modify original file - XnView v1.99.1 (LIBFORMAT v6.15) 05/09/2012: Added: * Character studio thumbnail bip format added Changed: * libpng 1.5.12 * webP (support now lossless & alpha channel) Fixed: * Memory leaks in adjust dialog * GPS * TIFF(JPEG) vulnerability * Watermark crash * Kofax resolution * Gammasat * NConvert: jpegxr option not used XnView v1.99 (LIBFORMAT v6.10) 31/05/2012: Added: * PSB read support * Width/HeightCm - Fixed: * PSD & Alpha * Import 8bits picture from clipboard - * Multipage print * Memory leak with 'no multiple view' setting - * TIFF 16bits ZIP * Secunia Advisory SA48650 * Secunia Advisory SA48666 * Secunia Advisory SA49091 * Secunia Advisory SA49091 * IPTC Keywords & charset * PLD * NConvert: RAW saving - * NConvert: jxr_color/jxr_filter added - XnView v1.98.8 (LIBFORMAT v6.05) 09/03/2012: Fixed: * Associations problem on Vista/7 - XnView v1.98.7 (LIBFORMAT v6.05) 27/02/2012: Fixed: * APNG crash - XnView v1.98.6 (LIBFORMAT v6.05) 23/02/2012: Added: * [Browser]/ExpandUNC in ini to always expand UNC path * IcoFX read support Fixed: * filename with ' - * Secunia Advisory SA46958 * Secunia Advisory SA47082 * Secunia Advisory SA47388 * TIFF LZW * Multipage printing - * Exif thumbnail recreate - * Association problem on 7 - * Dicom with no picture * EXIF USerComment - * Save multipage TIFF - * OpenEXR & XnViewShellEx - * Zero filled file - * NConvert: % & xall - * LIBPNG 1.5.9 XnView v1.98.5 (LIBFORMAT v6.01) 18/11/2011: Fixed: * ZIP can't be opened XnView v1.98.4 (LIBFORMAT v6.01) 16/11/2011: Fixed: * PDF can't be loaded with GS XnView v1.98.3 (LIBFORMAT v6.00) 07/11/2011: Changed: * libpng * lcms2 Fixed: * Saving jpeg with big XMP - * Copy comment to IPTC - * BMP + alpha - * Change date/time - * OpenEXR - * File date in ZIP - * sorting in WebPage - * Alpha in JNG - * Info template can save extra | character * | can be used in info template - * DDS * Tiff writing (EXIF+ICC) * Batch rename & <> - * NConvert - * APNG blend - * PNG from iphone * EXIF sorting & RAW - * JPEG2000 16bits - * Print page range - Added: * Selection/Custom ratio * Print custom size - [Print]/CustomSize=name1|2.5x2;name2|3x3.23; (for example) * Photoshop pattern read support * [Start]/FormatSaveAll to set default format used for 'save all' - * [Browser]/AlphaForThumbnail to disable alpha in thumbnails - * TIFF JPEG quality compression - * Cmd_FitTo* - * Selection is restored after Crop/Undo - XnView v1.98.2 (LIBFORMAT v5.95) 19/07/2011: Changed: * libpng * sqlite Fixed: * Edit IPTC - * Exit crash - * Lossless rotation script export - * Save 32bits into GIF - * Crash EXIF user comment - * TGA can not saved in 32bits * PSD & alpha channel * TIFF & alpha XnView v1.98.1 (LIBFORMAT v5.91) 21/06/2011: Added: * OpenRaster plugin Fixed: * PSP + alpha - * PSD greyscale * Sorting & punctuation - * JPEG Rebuild thumbnail & alpha - * Clipboard paste & colormap picture - * Freezing on quit - * OpenWith max files - [Start] OpenWithMax= can be changed in .ini * "Fit, small only" - * Embedded comment & MPO - * TIFF tags - * EXIF user comment - * Copy pathname - * NConvert: keep format - * XnViewShellEx: crash XnView v1.98 (LIBFORMAT v5.90) 09/05/2011: Added: * WebP format * TIFF YCbCr 16bits * 'Copy pathname' in context menu - * Millisecond as time placeholder - * Samsung RAW format * 'Save opened images' - * JPEG-XR writing - * you can use -print to print more than 1 picture, and use saved settings - * alpha for 'canvas resize' - * 'Fit image to window, small only' - * ResetXY=2 - * Page first/last in Print - * WebP writing quality * Thumbnail for mp3 * Print 'Crop to page' - * JobPerPage in Print dialog - * Slideshow, you can watch folder - * Restore old file list in slideshow dialog - * Batch convert & read only files - * pdn format read support * XnShell: PDF settings - * XnShell: Fit to desktop (wallpaper) * XnShell: MP3 cover preview * XnShell: Export settings * NConvert: IPTC processing - * NConvert: Placeholders of XnView can be used with text command (windows only) - * NConvert: Add suffix if filename exists - Changed: * Focus cycle changed - * Overwrite dialog on rename - Fixed: * IPTC & TIFF - * Capture crash - * EPS/PS * XMP & EXIF - * Sequence convert - * Thumbnail rebuild & modified date - * Setting to always use saved pathname for 'save as' - * Problem XMP & property of windows explorer - * time not shown - * Path for saving SLD - * Title info & Metadata - * Clipboard import * Sorting problem - * File size problem - * Batch rename, problem if carriage return in IPTC - * Folder column added in detail mode - * Search similar, 'use extension' for filename search - * Batch convert don't add orf files - * Web create, # in filename - * Change timestamp, can't add more than 31 days - * Thumbnails for .mov use VideoFramePercent - * Edit IPTC erase all XMP data - * PLD - * Orientation tag & lossless crop - * XPM - * Slide EXE/Video & RAW - * Panasonic tags - * Image properties for 1 bit - * PNG ICC writing - * DDS writing - * TIFF & alpha problem - * Middle button & tabbar - * TAB & selection - * Search by typing letters - * Batch rename, space - * OpenWith Param with %1 - * FITS float * PSP * ArtRage * Search in IPTC 'all words' - * Wildcards can now be used - * TIM2 - * X3F & EXIF - * RLA Zbuffer can be viewed - * PSD & alpha - * Print layout & position - * Batch convert, remaining time -, * Option dialog & focus - * With PasteOnSubfolder, Cut/Paste not working - * TIFF tags order - * Print & comment - * Statusbar & tooltips, description added for non image files - * ENTER & saving - * Change timestamp & no EXIF data - * Focus on treeview - * Change timestamp & current date - * deleting in view mode - * Sort by description - * print opened images - * 'find similar' & item list - * quick slide show in fullscreen & loop - * APNG - * GIF ANI - * Quick copy - * PlayBar for video * 'Close dialog' & Cancel/ESC close dialog - * 'Show files in subfolders' & delete in fullscreen - * Edit description - * Edit comment replace carriage return - * Cycle only on 32000 imgs - * big description file - * Middle click - * XnShell: CRW orientation - * XnShell Setup & uninstall - * NConvert: resize & follow orientation - * NConvert: -overwrite used for lossless transformations - * XnMediaDetector: raw files - XnView v1.97.8 (LIBFORMAT v5.75) 20/09/2010: Added: Fixed: * EXIF/IPTC in title bar - * Sort in Batch rename - * TIFF 16bits grey * EXR * <User Comment> crash - * TIFF IPTC XnView v1.97.7 (LIBFORMAT v5.75) 07/09/2010: Added: * BLP version 1 read support * CopyClipboard=1 or 2 copy file object too * Photoline read support - * ICC/XMP/IPTC/EXIF written in PSD format * Apple PNG format - * MPO format - Fixed: * Resize doesn't release memory - * "RGB" for Black&White picture - * Jedmics * DDS * TIFF - * Lossless rotation - * File size - * BRender * Doodle C64 * Print configuration - * XnViewShellEx: open xnview - * DICOM * BLP - * JP2 + ICC - * Web - Problem with non-alphanumeric characters in URL * MPEG4 * MTS - * Exit User Comment in unicode - * Autocrop - * Strip - * TimeStamp - * UserFilter on 1bit picture - * Batch convert script - * Batch rename & sort - * Batch rename & replace - * Batch rename & duplicate - * No check if no internet connection - * 'Save as' PDF - * GPS - * TIFF 16bits - XnView v1.97.6 (LIBFORMAT v5.70) 17/06/2010: Fixed: * Folder tree on Windows 95/98/NT/2000 XnView v1.97.5 (LIBFORMAT v5.70) 08/06/2010: Added: * PFM format read support * TXC format read support - * Clean metadata for TIFF files - * RIOT addon * NConvert: -no_auto_ext - Changed: * 'Show mask' kept - Fixed: * EXIF GPS * Tagged files in statusbar * Print picture with EXIF orientation * Security error in MBM code * CAM QV7000 * MBM * Slow treeview (problem with ZIP files) on Vista/7 * Ctrl+F2 to edit timestamp * RAW in slideshow - * ICNS - * Sort by folder - * Export & extension - * Batch convert/Rotate - * Convert into - * -capture you can use all time variable from (-capture=desktop,file-%Y-%B-##.jpg) - * Edit IPTC on TIFF file - * Thumbnail for mpeg file * RAW XnView v1.97.4 (LIBFORMAT v5.60) 30/04/2010: Added: Changed: Fixed: * Rating & color label not correctly saved * APNG - XnView v1.97.3 (LIBFORMAT v5.60) 22/04/2010: Added: * VTF format load support (Plugin) - Changed: Fixed: * TIFF * Lossless rotation - * Tagged file problem * NConvert: * NConvert: EPS CIE - XnView v1.97.2 (LIBFORMAT v5.60) 28/02/2010: Added: Changed: Fixed: * Toolbar icon for GPS - * Save - XnView v1.97.1 (LIBFORMAT v5.60) 22/02/2010: Added: * Mouse Side Buttons support for prev/next file * Leica RAW format * NConvert: -overwrite (overwriting is disabled by default!) - * NConvert support 16bits per component loading (-org_depth) Changed: * MP4 removed from video extension - too many problems * Libpng 1.2.42 * Black&White conversion (floyd steindberg) * '..' no more counted as object - Fixed: * TIFF crash * PNG crash * TIFF Lossless iptc * [Secunia] XnView DICOM Parsing Integer Overflow * IPTC problem with one file - * Can't open 'batch convert' if only '..' is selected * PCL & resolution - * EXIF not correclty decoded * 32bits=>24bits in batch convert * IPTC searching - * Sort by description & folder - * Order of 'Print all tabs' - * 'Sort by type' - * 'Move to' not greayed - * Reset of zoom/position in Export - * Crop button & fullscreen - * Body in Email is truncated - * ToolbarBackColor and custom toolbar icon - * 'Delete' button in toolbar - * Tab label not changed after rename - * Xnview persistent if slide file doesn't exist - * 'Sort by type' - * Bad quality for cached JPEG file - * Bug menu toolbar, some labels are missing * Drag&Drop from another software - * TranspÔrency for paintshoppro format XnView v1.97 (LIBFORMAT v5.54) 27/11/2009: Added: * read XMP from PNG * support of colour PNG with alpha - * [Scan]/newMethod added - * Slide show now support folder name - & * 'Edit GPS', exiftool must be copied in AddOn folder - * M2T - * RM - * Capture output filename - * Email dialog custom size - * TARGA bottom-up option - * Sort by folder & ratio - * Print Dialog, Checkbox for label - * Timestamp dialog, filename added - * EXIF colour space in info & thumbnail label - * Message when rotate 16bits picture - * [View]/OpenWithAsPNG - * Open container folder - * Relative zoom step - * Place holder for view title bar - * Recreate exif thumbnail after lossless cropping - * Decrement page number - * date template - * #ID_OUTPUT_FOLDER# for html create - * [Compare]/Text placeholder for displayed text - * Batch convert/'Add alpha' - * netbook ratio - * [Start]/RecentFilesMax & RecentDirsMax - * 'Open output folder' in batch convert - * Thumbnail for cbr/cbz - * Shadow/Highlight in batch convert * Backup option for lossless operation * 'E' key to save pictures from an EXE slideshow * 8 colors conversion is back * 'Rating number' & 'colour label number' - * Adobe Brush abr read support - * Quick convert menu in contextual menu - * CreateWithGarfield, Cheese format read support * FunGraphicMachine Hires, Mono magic & Gigacad hires format read support * Size auto placeholder - * Lossless rotation in batch convert - * Nikon RAW support * INI filename in about dialog - * 12 new icons for default toolbar * Olympus confocal scan read support * [Start]/UseSavedPath - * XPM2 read support * NConvert: XNVIEW_GS_DLL (path of gsdll32.dll) & XNVIEW_GS_LIB (path of gs lib folder) environment var added for ghostscript * NConvert: -add_alpha - * NConvert: $$ for folder name - * XnShell: Rotation - * XnShell: Convert menu can be removed * XnShell: Custom app to open picture file * XnShell: Save clipboard - * MediaDector: rw2 & mts Changed: * GPS opened in GeoHack - * Mouse position & alignment - * INI Color entry with # or $ are reversed - * Enhance 'Get Page' dialog * Ctrl+A - * Timestamp dialog, Scrollbar instead of buttons - * Overwrite dialog - * Wiki used instead of chm help file Fixed: * TIFF 16bits * Rating & colour label lost after renaming - * Category lost after renaming - * Writing GIF + comment - * NEF exif - * WDP thumbnail - * TIFF - * ANI 32bits - * APNG - & * Frame number - * XBS script problem - * XBS saving - * Listing & EXIF date - * Listing & clipboard - * Resize dialog - * Enlarge 'copy to' dialog - * Resize Dialog - * Capture & delay - * Save dialog & mnemonic - * Wrong separator CSV listing - * NEF GPS - * "Add text" with '&' - * Export dialog, 100% used by default - * Batch convert history, check if exist - * colors to 32bits conversion - * Plugins dialog - * Slide & multipage - * Sort by type - * High zoom quality in compare dialog - * Resize dialog & 2560x1600 - * PCD dimensions without pcd plugin - * DPX & folder thumbnail - * Toolbar icon not update after "stop animation" - * Extract alpha - * Comment dialog, setting not restored - * embedded thumbnail - * Shortcut not aligned - * File size & listing - * Animated GIF - * Animated GIF & slideshow - * Align histogram in batch convert - * Rating&ColourLabel in batch rename - * GPS&ICC icon - * View auto image size menu - * Slide & video move - * Slide & video not centered * Zoom indicator - * Crash in Adobe plugin with grey picture - * Deleting selected/tagged dialog - * Category pane & selection - * 'Save change' dialog size - * Export & Next/Prev file - * Dithering grey in batch processing - * APNG - * TIFF * filesize > 2Gb * Capture with multiple screen - * Position not restored on multiple screen - * IPTC->XMP * Animated file + Paint plugin - * Canvas resize "as delta" - * SGI grey+alpha * Utah RLE alpha * XPM with number of colors > 1000 * XWD * PSD & alpha when no layer * "Browser>Fullscreen>Viewer" & system icon - * 'Batch convert', reload script with 'convert to truecolors' * EXIF problem on RAW - & * EXIF exposure value - * Batch convert & 3DBorder - * PDF write full path in title field * Bad thumbnail - * Batch convert script - * TIFF 16bits Tiled * PDF multi page - * Preview rotation problem IPTC dialog - * IPTC keywords - * NConvert: Floyd dithering missing - * XnShell: NT4 menu problem - * XnShell: Convert & resize - * MediaDetector: JPEG not imported - * MediaDetector: lower extension - * MediaDetector: folder created before import - * MediaDetector: thumbnail creation stopped on import - XnView v1.96.5 (LIBFORMAT v5.50) 16/09/2009: Added: * TIFF can write EXIF * Mamiya, Leaf, Hasselblad, Epson, Imacon & Sinar Camera RAW read support * AVT, Casio, Contax, Creative, Foculus, Leica, Micron, Panasonic, Rollei, RoverShot, Stmicro Camera RAW read support * NConvert: -cmyk_space, you can convert RGB=>CMYK * JPEG-XR read support * deskew automatic Changed: Fixed: * EXIF date taken - * XPM writing (const) * IPTC * DPX - 32BitsPacking option added * TIM2 CSM1 added * PDF orientation * Big WMF * TIFF 16bits grey XnView v1.96.2 (LIBFORMAT v5.42) 05/05/2009: Added: * Zeiss LSM, Analyze, Nifti, Mrc, IPlab, ImagePro Sequence format read support * Kro (Autopano giga) format read support Changed: Fixed: * RAW embedded jpeg loading is slow * Folder rename - * Edit IPTC XnView v1.96.1 (LIBFORMAT v5.31) 05/05/2009: Added: * color for 3D button - * 'File type' for info or thumbnail label - * NCONVERT: smoothing factor, dct method, subsampling factor Changed: * DCRAW * SQLITE Fixed: * Embedded jpeg in DNG * Extract channel in batch convert * Edit embedded comment * PDF Fax writing * PS/EPS > 10000x10000 * RSB 1444 * Default fullscreen info - * Font in slideshow - * CopyCompanion no more as default - * %% in nconvert script - * Focus on Yes for save dialog - & * limit for MaximumFileSize - * edit description/comment - * Cache size not updated - * Xjp2.dll crash for properties - * Add text problem - * Cache & pentax makernotes - * EXIF comment * Search & description - * JPEG lossless rotation & EXIF orientation * Rename dialog - * CR2 & IPTC - XnView v1.96 (LIBFORMAT v5.30) 23/02/2009: Added: * Open GPS in view mode - * SelBorderColor in .ini for selected border color of thumbnail - * delay in rotate dialog - * IPTC png readed * Page size in print dialog - * NConvert: opacity for watermark - * NConvert win: "-out clipboard" to export into clipboard - * Default color profile - & * Color profile can be saved * Mouse wheel to switch between tab - * Lossless comment edit for PNG - * Slideshow video export * 'Add text' alignment - * 'Save' overwrite dialog, options added * opacity support fullscreen & slideshow - * Print size in 'Set DPI' dialog * Medium lossy for cache - * Ctrl+Alt+A for scan - * Message when loading non RGB picture - * Animated GIF in slideshow - * Param_ in .ini for OpenWith - * IPTC in utf8 correctly viewed * ICC profile convert in 'batch convert' - * SIF format read support * Favorites added in browse history button - * LockLayout added in .ini - * cmd_Addon can be added now - * PSD ICC & EXIF & XMP read support * JPEG2000 ICC read support * WSQ format read support * PENTAX makernotes * File list to command line - * Color picker - * NCONVERT: -icc_in & -icc_out to convert ICC profile * XNSHELL: scan header - Changed: * Rewrite lossless iptc code * Smooth not used for preview - * Animated GIF, decoding now in 32bits to support correclty format - OldGifAni ini setting to use decoding in 8bits * DPI can be changed in 'Resize' without resampling - * Zoom kept if 'lock zoom' - Fixed: * Camera RAW not readed correctly - & * Favorite dialog & custom color - * 'Desktop' not collapsable - * Double quote in descript.ion - * Delete Metadata & send mail - * IPTC & content location - * cmd_Copy & cmd_Cut in browser toolbar - * IPTC dialog & copy clipboard - * ISO value for RW2 files - * 'Delete' in folder menu & recycle bin - * 'replace color' - * LDF - * Change timestamp & video - * Show rating/color menu item not checked - * Layout 3 problem - * Zoom & fit - * RW2, PEF, ARW * RAW & Icc * JPEG dpi (cm) * Picture info in status bar when preview is closed - * Slide timer even for video - * XMP update & no ascii characters * ZIP browse crash - * Seconds added - * Text not erased in view fullscreen - * Rotation (by EXIF) - * Exif software can be added in fullscreen info * Windows classic tab - * ENTER (for fullscreen) on 2 selected files open view mode - * Tag non image & cache disabled - * Export, no extra saving - * Clipboard problem with Gimp - * Quick slideshow button - * GIF crash - * cmd_BurnCD - * DPX writing with 10bits option * Batch scanning - * Video contact sheet - * 'Filter by' broken - * Control + select category to select children too - * History & previous folder selected - * Toolbar & 24bits screen - * When view is opened, zoom is not correct & selection not constrain - * 'Show files subfolders' issues - * -capture & window size - * XMP encoding problem - * Some paths not cleared - * 'after save as change name' & 'read ahead' - * 'Save as' default color mode - * EXIF problem on MSBF tiff - * Cineon grey * Print & copies count * BLP * DICOM * GIF ratio output * Drag&drop file AND preview loading - * "Strip of images" - * Not possible to change system date for non jpeg files - & * Adjust dialog limits - * Import setting added "ImportFormat" in .ini - 0 => CF_BITMAP & CF_DIB, 1 => CF_DIB & CF_BITMAP * Adjust HLS available on grey picture - * 'Add folder' doesn't add video - * 'Fit window' & video - * Multi monitor window location not restored - * windows size save bug - * 'Read ahead' & backward direction - * Custom colors - * 'Display color' & second monitor - * NConvert: page number for pdf - * NConvert: watermark order - * NConvert: Default extension - * NConvert: Merge_alpha order - * Reopen not enabled - * 'Set wallpaper' shortcuts - * conbright & gammasat doesn't work with 32bits - * <Filename number> crash - * Multi scan - * Select all sub categories - * Text position in slide.exe - * Slide size of window - * Wrong size restoration - * Hidden settings - * Grid settings - * Sort filename - * Folder with '.' renaming - * 'set iptc', 'change timestamp', ... stop after some files - * DB cache & folder name with ' - * 32bits cur & ani - * Explorer Open with problem - * Labels & <directory> - * CheckNetFolder entry - * 16bits PGM - XnView v1.95.4 (LIBFORMAT v5.10) 19/11/2008: Fixed: * Default printer * Transparency & gif - * Slideshow & movie - - * Filmstrip & small toolbar - * XnView goes background after delete - * Movie blank & crash on second monitor - * XNSHELL: 8bit mode - XnView v1.95.3 (LIBFORMAT v5.10) 05/11/2008: Fixed: * GPS in google map * Fullscreen & dual monitor - * Wheel + option next/prev file + Control - * File move crash - * Problem when iptc saved in tiff - * Problem if PathBrowse is purged ( * Old icons in jpeg dialog - * 32bits picture on a 32bits picture - * Rebuild XMP - * Sometimes video is not visible in fullscreen XnView v1.95.2 (LIBFORMAT v5.06) 23/10/2008: Fixed: * Nikon makernotes - * NT problem - * Slow browsing, problem between XnView DB & SQLITE 3.6.4 XnView v1.95.1 (LIBFORMAT v5.06) 22/10/2008: Fixed: * Audio file not played in slideshow * Slow browser, problem between SQLITE & DB XnView v1.95 (LIBFORMAT v5.06) 13/10/2008: Added: * Audio comment in slideshow - * Grid in rotate dialog - * 800x600 for email attachment size * BackColor in {Compare] section - * Floyd & Adaptive for batch convert - * OnTop for slideshow - * 'Whole Word only' for search in IPTC/EXIF * JobPerPage added in [Print] .ini - * Slideshow, Frame option - * Error log dialog after batch convert * 'Lossless rotation' shortcut in fullscreen * Search, Width + Height & Egal * RAWZOR format * EXIF ISO in Search * XP Exif field - * NConvert: -clean metadata - * SHELLEX: Wallpaper mosaic * SHELLEX: Resize by % Changed: * MEZICH toolbar as default - & 11 new icons (lock zoom, grid, cut, copy, paste, copy to, move to, compare, import clipboard, redo, save) * 'Strip images' use alpha channel - * ICO, try to load the best icon - * WIA menu entry no more greyed Fixed: * Canvas resize & BW picture - * Tree view refresh * DDS * De-interlace - * Sort by type & 'scan header' disabled - * Gamma textbox - * Gamma spin button - * Position list in watermark - * CharSet for 'add text' - * resize rounding - * Sort by name in slideshow dialog * Long text displayed - * tag non image file - * OpenWith with more than 1 file - * Information in view mode - * toolbar skin - * TxtForeColor & TxtBackColor - * 'contact sheet' & alpha channel - * Description in thumbnail labels - * IPTC in tooltips - * Default directory in batch convert - * 32bits ico in toolbar - * 'Contact sheet' bad quality * Writing IPTC in TIFF - * Enlarge zoom & grey - * Change timestamp on video files - * Wheel mouse & control key - * 'Open with' & 'Save as default' pathname - * Some spin buttons - * Selection & animated file - * 'Fit image window height var" - * Export dialog, save as - * 'Open With' shortcut in fullscreen - * Combobox - * Export dialog, TIFF compression mode - * OpenEXR * TIFF PLANE_SEPARATE * JP2 + Jasper Plugin * Clipboard - * Batch convert history - * 'Strip images' mosaic & spacing * 'Add text' - * ICC & slideshow - * Multi screen & fullscreen - * Embedded Comment writing - * Hidden menu - * WMP with 16bits files * XMP don't update iptc - * JBIG 8bits * EXIF can be removed when saving in jpeg * Mouse Wheel & one instance - * Some paths not purged - * 'Selected files" & delete - * GIF & fit - * NConvert: exif rotation - * PAINT: Bold setting - * SHELLEX - * SHELLEX - Bad file size XnView v1.94.2 (LIBFORMAT v5.02) 01/08/2008: Fixed: * EXIF lost in batch convert - - * EXIF/IPTC in tooltips for TIFF file - * Message for tiff file - * TIFF 16bits LZW + Predictor * Text in Preview pane - XnView v1.94.1 (LIBFORMAT v5.01) 25/07/2008: Fixed: * 'Ignore alpha' & 32bits BMP - * NoWia doesn't work in browser mode - * TIFF 'one strip' * 'Recreate embedded thumbnail' - * ICC profil used in convert - * uncolored label & drag&drop - * NEF embedded jpeg - XnView v1.94 (LIBFORMAT v5.00) 21/07/2008: Added: * ICC profile in properties panel - * Lossless TIFF IPTC editing - * XMP are kept when saving in JPEG & TIFF * IPTC are kept when saving in TIFF * GPS from TIFF * 'Keep XMP' option * 'Update XMP' in IPTC dialog * 'Rebuild XMP' & 'XMP to IPTC' * Extract channel in batch processing - * 'unrated' & 'uncolored' added in categories tree for drag&drop - * TxtBackColor & TxtForeColor in Browser section - * DVR-RAW format * Clean in batch processing - * CheckNetFolder in [Browser] section - * XnShell: Copy to clipboard - * XnShell: File size limit - * XnShell: Long filename & bitmap - * SelectPrevFolder in [Browser] section - * 'Can paste on subfolder item' - * CSV format for generate listing - * EXE slide & no title bar - & * View section => CheckerColor1, CheckerColor2, CheckerSize * Slide Fix size - * 'Mouse navigation' Slideshow - * Capture rectangle * Description in Info pane * New Vista ICO (PNG) Changed: * (()) used to hide empty field - * "filename - Copy (#)" is used now - * Change timestamp is a lot quicker * BMP with alpha - * NCONVERT: Output filename used for lossless rotation - * ImageShack plugin - * Jasper SDK 1.900 Fixed: * Normalize - * Olympus thumbnail - * Fullscreen orientation - * Drag&Drop on rating/Colour label don't refresh - * space in output_path script - * 'open with' on edited picture - * Preview in browser not update - * 'Batch processing' - * Selection - * DDS writing - * Adjust dialog - * Alpha channel & folder thumbnails - * Mosaic in 'Strip Images' - * PNG - * LIF reading * Sun TAAC "format" Buffer Overflow Vulnerability * TIM2 * JPEG 2000 with bad ICC * TIFF * IPTC * TIFF JPEG * Batch convert & watermark offset * Watermark of a 32bits on a 32bits picture * Position in 'Add text' * Thumbnail used in folder's thumbnail - * Current pathname in batch processing - * delay to show Export dialog - * Wavefront 16bits * Animated GIF - * WebPage - Thumb height - * EXE slide & stretch option - * EXE slide & center window - * Lock Fit - * WebPage - * Associations not restored - * Print size not updated on detail view - * Change timestamp can remove embedded comment - * 'Delete in recycle bin' on batch convert - * 'Change timestamp' too long * EXIF not shown on labels with some JPEG - * 'No fit' in fullscreen doesn't reset zoom to 100% * Slideshow, Random limited to 32K - * Search button in basic mode - * Lossless JPEG crop & Date - * DPX & LUT * 2 APP1 marker in JPEG - * Description now limited to 2046 car * TIFF Edit, overwrite filename * No more message when changing category in info pane * Toolbar & win98 - * NCONVERT: * NCONVERT: Compression for tiff - * NCONVERT: -multi & file list - * NCONVERT: Add text - * XnShell: Thumbnail size - * XnShell: Send to imageshack - * XnShell: Disable any option - XnView v1.93.6 (LIBFORMAT v4.95) 01/05/2008: Added: * Output ICC profile - * Tree Pane Tab - * Alignment & spacing option - * Check for update option - * NoDelayedPreview add in Browser section (xnview.ini) - * Shift+T added - * Tag submenu in context menu - * Save settings are now saved in script - * IPTC caption in status bar - * 'Ignore alpha channel' option - * CSV export * 'Remove alpha channel' * Batch convert - Replace color * File listing, embbed comment * Old values in Adjust - * Batch rename on files from folders - * Job name - * ; or # for comment in xbs - * XnShell: 'open in xnview' option - * XnShell: Custom thumbnail size * XnShell: Send to ImageShack Changed: * Copy/Paste works in 32bits too now * Resize dialog - Previous values not used anymore but added in the size list Fixed: * Canvas resize - * Tag in view mode - * Tag vs Selected dialog - * "Remove from this category" - * Text in Fullscreen - * Toolbar - * TIFF B&W & Bits>=24 * JPEG + embedded picture with a different ratio * Compare not available - * ICL * WebPage, filename with upper case extension - * Fit window width/height & hide scrollbar - * Paste on folder - * Highlight on colors - * RAW - * Drive shortcut - * Clean metadata - * NCONVERT: float value for rotate - * NCONVERT: -c -1 * NCONVERT: Problem with $ (now $$ works) - * NCONVERT: -L - * NCONVERT: raw_autobright - * XnShell: output not used in convert - XnView v1.93.4 (LIBFORMAT v4.92) 26/03/2008: Fixed: * crash - * * Browse with xnview - * XnView v1.93.3 (LIBFORMAT v4.92) 25/03/2008: Fixed: * crash - * XnView v1.93.2 (LIBFORMAT v4.92) 25/03/2008: Added: * 'Keep document size' in resize dialog - * NConvert: -icc, -fullinfo Changed: * XnShell - Use associate program instead xnview - * XnShell - Output subfolder - Fixed: * PSD layer with no compression * Tag info in status bar - * Resize - * Unicode EXIF/User comment - * EXIF thumbnail orientation - * APNG frame by frame - * Embedded comment writing - * Crash on jpeg with bad EXIF data * Batch resize canvas with delta < 0 - * () in batch rename - * TIFF ICC * 32bits => GIF, jPEG, ... - * PSEG - * DPI - XnView v1.93.1 (LIBFORMAT v4.90) 14/03/2008: Fixed: XnView v1.93 (LIBFORMAT v4.90) 13/03/2008: Added: * Wallpaper section - For eg. [Wallpaper] Filename=wallpaper.jpg Format=jpeg * Multiple images per page (collection print) - * Tag are now saved in category.db - * Gamma for HDR - * QuitNoView in Start section - * 'open action' for archive * After choosing a category, can go back to the folder with history previous button * () used in template to hide empty group - * Sort by orientation - * "Automatic brightness" for camera RAW - * Video gallery - * NConvert script - * NConvert - -c -1 to use original compression Changed: * Resize value kept - Fixed: * Back color of labels - * TAB problem - * Bad quality for contact sheet * TIFF CMYK * Open With, bad order - * Recreate embedded thumb - * index.html created - * EXIF user comment * TIFF 16bits with predictor * DPX * Shell menu - * Zip & [] - * copy to dialog - * EPS with preview and GS not installed - * Grayscale scan - * Reset X/Y & Lock zoom - * Enter to validate categories * APNG - * Error dialog - * * Print problem - * Browser & fullscreen - * 'Delete' in view mode delete companion files too * TreeFontHiColor & TreeFontHiColor2 - * APNG * Slow description copy/move - * EXIF time stamp - * PSD 8bits writing * XPM writing * DPX writing - * Selection position not saved - * Layout 7 - * WMP plugin * ShellEx - XnView v1.92.1 (LIBFORMAT v4.86) 25/01/2008: Added: * If no EXIF, rebuild Thumbnails create new EXIF data * LockZoomFlag=1 added - * Shortcut for 'Open with' program - * option to add watermark without use of alpha channel * License can be stored in .ini (start section) - * Watermark in 'Batch processing' - * Setup dialog the first time (if Version not present in .ini) * Lossless rotation by chaging EXIF orientation - Changed: * LIBPNG 1.2.24 * F11 open/close fullscreen even with 2 monitors - * Import WIA use same dialog as 'scan into" - * XnViewShellEx must be in ShellEx subfolder Fixed: * Set transparency in Export - * Bad value (ISO, ...) for NEF - * menu in fullscreen - * EXIF rotation doesn't works if H > W * Find similar (same file data) very slow * IPTC search - * PSEG - * APNG 24bits * HDR * TIFF G3/G4 * EXIF orientation - * Problem to enter value in edit box, Levels dialog * cmd_Redo added - * Bright+-, contrast+-, gamma +- * ICC for tiff * ImageShack plugin: 'don't ask again' for dialog * Scan into, start index is checked from existing files * DPX * Current folder in 'batch process' - XnView v1.92 (LIBFORMAT v4.85) 19/12/2007: Added: * APNG read support - * Watermark - * IPTC read support for RAW files - * An experimental Shadow/highlight function * DPI, width/height in inches for place holder * EXIF date in 'File listing' - * Print selected area - * CMD for 'Quick Print' - * ENTER used for keywords - * add .bat for 'OpenWith' - * cmd_realSize added & 'Real size' kept with Next/Previous File * 'hide extension' to rename - * MaximizeViewWhenOpen added in xnview.ini View section - * 'Border 3D' addded in Batch processing - * PDD page - * Ctrl+F12 - * Batch processing, when adding a process, show parameters... * Keep source format in batch processing - * HistoBColor (Browser section) for background of histogram panel * BottomToolbar (Start section) to have the main toolbar at the bottom * If renaming a file can't be, edit box or dialog is again showed - * 'copy to clipboard' in generate file listing * Batch processing, 'Add text' use offset - * option to not use 'copy of' when pasting - * More than 1 level of undo & redo (UndoCount in View section) - * rebuild thumbnail - * "current date" in Print - * Floyd dithering in export - * Lock Fit only as shortkey Ctrl+numpad * - * NConvert, -clipboard - * NConvert, -levels - * NConvert, -jpegcrop - * NConvert, -buildexifthumb * NConvert, error with text file list - * Nconvert, -merge_alpha - * NConvert, -no# - Changed: * Hotkeys: "Crop" => Shift+X, "Auto crop" => Alt+X, "Jpeg crop" => Ctrl+Shift+X * Layout of 'change timestamp' - * ColorFilter & BColorFilter can be used for all format&extension - * The best icon for .ico is now readed for thumbnail * Harry's Filter 3.01 Fixed: * TIFF with EXIF Makernotes * TIFF IPTC * EXIF IOP & GPS - * DPX YUV 10 Bits * Batch processing is faster if skip is used * Batch rename on video files with date as placeholder - * Rename & video files * bad jpeg - * Can't move video file * Contact sheet resize even small picture * 8BF plugin are now loaded only 1 time - * gamma reset in Adjust dialog - * Companion files operation - * Sort - * "Strip of Images" spacing & colour - * Resize arrow - * cache on drive root - * MediaSpark 8bf plugin - * utf8 in url - * Companion file with 2 extensions - * menu shown in fullscreen - * crash with long IPTC text in web page * old web template alwasy listed - * description in status bar not updated - * Compare dialog & RAW - * Batch processing, set dpi change dpi in exif too * Rename companion * Rename/Move update category database - & * value in automatic crop - * Picture not updated - * Color info - * 'Slideshow (recurse)' don't use current sort method * Multi-monitors with slideshow & fullscreen if xnview is on second monitor * Multi page scan into PDF - * '..' in file listing - * 'Select all' in view mode - * BLP - * MPEG thumbnail crash - * Layout problem - * 'Select all' select '..' too - * Focus lost on multi monitor - * XnTray - multiple instance * XnTray - Problem with '#' & 'Y', 'D', 'A', 'B' * XnTray - IPTC not added in jpeg companion of RAW * XnTray - IPTC template not shown * Paint Plugin - XnView v1.91.6 (LIBFORMAT v4.83) 19/10/2007: Added: * Subsampling & smoothing factor for jpeg * Show in Google Earth (if EXIF GPS exists) in contextual menu * Option to use 'checkerboard' for transparency - * You can select a category and pressing CONTROL to select it and all children Changed: * Previous/next folder is Ctrl+PageUp/Down * "Auto contrast" is Ctrl+Alt+O Fixed: * Custom color not used in categories & Favorites view - * Random slideshow - * Folder icon on Vista - * ôRemove from all categoriesö * B&W mirrored - * B&W converted in RGB before printing * some EXIF problem - * Problem for grey jpeg format - * levels not saved correctly (batch convert) * "Zoom in" on a picture (view mode) with a selection now center with the selection * Dead lock if embedded thumbnail can not be rotated after a lossless rotation * Tiff JPEG CMYK * Info is not erased when picture is moved (no fullscreen) * Autofit for video not kept - * View mode, LockZoom (if not ResetXY) lock position too - * Categories selection show more than once the same picture * Menu View/Preview - * Alpha channel & read ahead - * Prev/Next not greyed - XnView v1.91.5 (LIBFORMAT v4.82) 02/10/2007: Added: * SharpenValue added - * Panasonic EXIF Makernotes * Categories in preview tab * New RAW format * Custom selection - * Ctrl+Up/Down to select previous/next folder in browser - * Companion File can be configured, Companion_xx in [File] section - * autocrop after rotation - * TreeFontHiColor2 for folder tree - * Possibility to display 'Print size' in status bar - * fullscreen (from browser), option to go to next subfolder - * Quick Copy-Move To (Ctrl+Alt+c/M) - * Auto rotate for printing - * New options for 'strip images' Changed: * XnView check first in the exe folder for a xnview.ini!! - * Use companion file works now for Delete/Copy/Cut/Paste - * Change color depth dialog (+ floyd steinberg) Fixed: * Transparency & thumbnails - * Problem with "Show info" & fullscreen - * Sort problem with '÷' - * High quality not used for folder thumbnail - * PDF crash - * CALS * Contact sheet slower than 1.82 version * mirror print with B&W picture - * File listing with 'recurse' - * Resize doesn't change the EXIF DPI * EPS with preview problem * GIF saving - * JPEG lossless don't work with tagged files - * Crash when editin IPTC for hidden files - * Thumbnail from picture with a height of 1 pixel - * Color reduction - & * 'same data' on b&w picture - * save format when metadata is not supported - * crash when send email with non picture - * Clipboard from Office XnView v1.91.4 (LIBFORMAT v4.81) 29/08/2007: Added: * FTP, Timeout in .ini * 16:10 ratio - * EXIF GPS can be used for info Changed: * 'FolderColor' & other hidden colors - BGR (integer value like currently) RRR GGG BBB $BBGGRR #RRGGBB Fixed: * Cache problem with JPEG quality and 32bits pictures - * Sometimes crash in edit fullscreen when using next/previous file * ICC profile & slideshow * Problem to create WEB page from categories - * Fit desktop & animated file - * case in search - * option/Cache - * IPTC template, contact not saved - * Slideshow & file index - * alpha & thumbnail - * some -capture problem - * 'Read ahead' in view mode is very slow * -slide problem - XnView v1.91.3 (LIBFORMAT v4.80) 13/08/2007: Added: * Setting to keep values in 'adjust levels' * cache size - * TreeFontHiColor for highlight color Changed: * Go in export movie doesn't close the dialog - * General filelist use tagged files - * WEB page use embedded jpeg preview if any for RAW - Fixed: * FTP plugin, problem in view mode -, * Flash plugin, no file created - * Problem with TreeColor -, * Bad font in view mode - * FolderColor5 added - * First printer always used -, * Crash 'real size' - * Crash when open a tiff picture in view mode * Batch convert, some problems with sliders * Thumbnails for folder use 'use embbeded thumb' setting * Edit fullscreen, paint problem with info - * Paint plugin, problem with large font - XnView v1.91.2 (LIBFORMAT v4.80) 31/07/2007: Added: * Remove metadata - * AIPD National Instruments format added * option to show file size in bytes - * 'Add to favorties' in tree menu * PDF multi page in 'Scan into' * Added info for Addon in 'Plugin info' * videos can be used in contact sheet * comment and all fields for Search * Option to open or not a view for each files (startup & drag-drop) * 'Print size' column in detail mode - * Black&white point saved - * New layout * xnview.ini, colors for folder thumbnail (FolderColor1, FolderColor2, FolderColor3, FolderColor4 in browser section) - * custom folder for other files (Option/Integration) * Categories dialog to set categories for a file or filelist - * Artrage files, support of LargePreview chunk * NoWIA added for .ini to disabled WIA * -capture=window to capture actiev window Changed: * rewrited the code for Susie plugin, no more need of Xsusie.dll * Description & edit comment are now in only 1 dialog (browser) - * ONE option for transparent index & alpha in menu - * Drag&Drop tagged files if exists, else selected files Fixed: * Problem of alpha/transparency with 'not fit' * favorites order - * pixels/Percent in Resize - * crash normalize - * Similar dialog - * Problem with some 8bf plugins - * Problem with Alt+PrtScreen in 16bits * Bug in tooltips details mode - * Problem selection ratio - * Problem 'Fit to desktop' & zoom - * Problem with PTLENS 8bf plugin - * Large text truncated in slide .exe - * Some layout problem with 'maximize on start' * Property panel show now the good bits depth * view mode slow on open - * NConvert : * Save or jpeg lossless on hidden files - * resize dialog problem - * jpeg lossless on folder - * Rename dialog, space in replace is not kept * Problem with Flaming Pear's freebie plugins - * Bad focus in save dialog - * Print problem with multi page file - * Bad display of EXIF orientation - * Problem with multiples print of same pages - * Copy/Move dialog, can't create folder on desktop - * View fullscreen & animated gif => flickering * Crash with jpeg2000 - * GPS info - * Embedded comment with special characters - * Gamma & alpha channel problem - * Slideshow on second monitor with different screen size - * WEB, Recreate jpeg files - XnView v1.91.1 (LIBFORMAT v4.79) 11/06/2007: Added: * mpeg.dll is back for mpeg2 preview * added jpg as companion file of camera raw - * Added 'show recurse files' in folder context menu - * TreeBackColor & TreeFontColor added (only for xnview.ini) * 'LabelColor_**=fr fg fb, br bg bb' added - Changed: * Now 'date taken' is used for 'Sort by EXIF date' - Fixed: * Import problem from clipboard * Can't open more than 1 file in search result - * broken japanese filename - * Show preview for Custom file - * WEB creation - '\' not converted into '/' * DPI not changed after a rotation * Some transitions are missing - * Tooltips problem - * psp not added slide/convert - * Hidden small toolbar receive focus - * batch rename and ÷ - * folder loads twice after selected using keyboard - * Crash when saving converted B/W - * On Vista, crash in system32 folder... * Some problems with IPTC - & * Fix crash with Paint - XnView v1.91 (LIBFORMAT v4.79) 14/05/2007: Added: * IPTC contact & location labels * GPS info readed for RAW files * Sort by tag/color label - * Slideshow : Audio loop * Real screen size - * Option to not load multiple view for same filename * INI - VideoFramePercent added - > 0 => percent < 0 => seconds * Name_ added for OpenWith entries - * TxtExt in Browser section - * subsampling in jpeg/write option - Changed: * Edit IPTC now keep unknown ID fields * IPTC dialog Fixed: * Copy/Move is very slow * Print - DPI * PSP/TUB * Print - long caption are not printed correctly * EXIF focal length - * Problem with old .sld and transitions - * Compare dialog, 'Use tabs' saved - * Focus in HTML create - * Width of text with italic font - * Ctrl+W quit XnView (if no other view opened) even in fullscreen - * Charater problem in HTML create with IPTC - * Display problem with trasnparent (index) picture and high zoom quality - - * "F2" renames File instead of Folder - * Hidden folders are shown in Tree pane\Favourites - * Print preview does not update when inserting fields - * Autofit videos - * 7z problem - * Instant Save Settings -> "[] Only one Instance" - * 'format not determined' warning does not appear - * Print dialog: Header/footer fields truncated - * some print bugs - & * Right click on toolbar & Xp Theme - * Show first frame of video (if playing is disabled) - * startup problem - * folder can be dropped in categories - * Remove from category very slow - * Export exif - xml Camara & Image are inverted * Mouse Wheel problem with audio/movie in fullscreen - * Option for 'ESC to quit' - * 'Set comment' doens't update comment in detail & info * Bug on status line "reported selected files" - * Resize problem with screen size in % - * Mouse unavailable in fullscreen with some dialogs - * Rename dialog crash - * Preview size not saved - * TIFF orientation - * Overwrite dialog - filename + extension * Print - no use of 'number of pages' * Clipboard - Use DIB/Bitmap before METAFILE * XPM problem - * Date not updated after 'change timestamp' - * Scrollbar problem in view mode - * TheBat client crash - XnView v1.90.3 (LIBFORMAT v4.78) 14/03/2007: Added: * Thumbnails use transparency/alpha of picture * Add Panasonic RAW format * XMP in clean dialog * Hidden setting, CopyClipboard=2 (filename+image), =0 (image), =1 (filename) Changed: * 'Search IPTC' use now all IPTC fields * All web templates are now in utf8 Fixed: * Some problem with file list refresh * histogram * Camera RAW * Slideshow with audio * 'Add text' with 32bits picture * some minor bugs XnView v1.90.1 (LIBFORMAT v4.76) 07/02/2007: Fixed: * Link problem - * Save selection - * Column with - * File open/Save dialog on NT * Sort by descriptio - * no sound in exe slide - * category pane - * No files in convert - * Del in fullscreen - * Blanck screen in fullscreen - * Files with different X/Y DPI - * Partition as favorite - * Dos filename - XnView v1.90 (LIBFORMAT v4.75) 29/01/2007: SHELLEX : Convert use EXIF rotation SHELLEX : Option to put all items in submenu SHELLEX : File size - Nconvert: #x #y added for -canvas Nconvert: -l filelist added Nconvert: -rotate_flag smooth added Nconvert: exif added for -jpegtrans Nconvert: -32bits added Nconvert: -keepfiledate added Nconvert: -c works for PDF Nconvert: -dpi change EXIF DPI field too Added: * Read support of MP3 ID TAGS (id3lib.dll) * Rotation added in browser mode * Added rating in browser (only if cache is enabled) * Added in HTML template #THUMB_TABLE_START#, #THUMB_ROW_START#, #THUMB_ROW_END# * New Print dialog * Archive browsing (support zip, ace, rar, cab, 7z, sqx) * New panel in browser (tab for favorites, and tabs for info/Metadata) * browser custom tooltips like fullscreen/info * In submenu of toolbar, use of icon * New toolbar * Tag system in browser (for convert/slide/rename/webpage/contact sheet/copy to/Move to) * Database is now used for thumbnail caching * gamma + sharpen for thumbnail * Support ICC embedded profile (JPEG/TIFF) * Custom label - & * Include/Exclude extension : * Option to rebuild embedded thumbnail for JPEG * sound in slideshow - * more effects in slideshow * New option dialog * duplicate finder * Back/Next with history - * recursive subfolder convert/Stripe/multipage/slideshow * Batch convert, option to keep directory structure * Dialog during converting - * IPTC/EXIF can be used in HTML templace, eg. #<IPTC:Caption># -, * Histogram in browser - * Now you can hide mini toolbar * Use of offset for canvas resize - * JPEG Color subsampling added - * HTML template, #NEXT_LABEL#, #PREVIOUS_LABEL#, #THUMBNAILS_LABEL#, #PAGE_GENERATED# * export multipage pdf * Picture compare, Tab added * Folder for xnview.ini - & * Add 'Rebuild thumb' * in open dialog, show network, data folders * option "fit video" * option Auto play for video/sound * option/browser/misc/slideshow "Use All image & video files in current folder" & "Use All image & video files in current folder and its subfolder" * keep original date of file for save - * In batch convert/Resize add custom format list * Gamma for OpenEXR * search, picture width/height * .ico can be associated without changing icon * -slide <directory> - * Option for "1 image folder" * Rotate indicator doesn't change using keys - * Switching language more quickly, Ctrl+F12 (default), Alt+F12 (next) - * Orientation auto for send email. * 3GP added with quicktime * Added simple PAL file - * WEB, option to convert original picture in jpeg * Tooltips added on folder (thumb view) * Info icon, icons in category tree can be customized (tabtree & icninfo) * 2 flags for toolbar/statusbar visibility : - * Added in View mode: - Brightness '+' - Ctrl+Numpad 7 - Brightness '-' - Ctrl+Numpad 1 - Brightness Reset - Ctrl+Numpad 4 - Contrast '+' - Ctrl+Numpad 8 - Contrast '-' - Ctrl+Numpad 2 - Contrast Reset - Ctrl+Numpad 5 - Gamma '+' - Ctrl+Numpad 9 - Gamma '-' - Ctrl+Numpad 3 - Gamma Reset - Ctrl+Numpad 6 - Reset all (Brightness, Contrast, Gamma) - Ctrl+ Numpad 0 * Numpad 4, 5, 2, 6, 8 to move in picture - 0 to center * Added 'fit to window width/height variable' - * Camera RAW resolution setting for view too - * Add new histogram normalize (based on pnmnorm from Bryan Henderson), and histogram align (Thanks to Mirco SARTOR) * Add option for up/down key * option to remove contextual menu * Use original picture if smaller - * Sort by width or height - * color for cut/clear * Option tree click to rename * 'EXIF Date modified' can be changed in 'Change timestamp' dialog * Category (virtual folder) * Show mouse X/Y in status bar (view mode) - * Color for items in xnview.ini : "ColorFilter=format type, R G B" or "ColorFilter=*.extension, R G B" * Ratio is displayed in status bar (view mode) * Yes all/No all to save changes (view mode) * EXIF rotation only on landscape picture - * predefined keywords&categories list for iptc editing! * Feature to create thumbnails for a folder (recurse) in database * reset X/Y when lock zoom too - * Lock Zoom saved - * rotate smooth in batch-convert * Show Mask/Combine in fullscreen * Start batch convert with selected file in viewer - * 'save' can save all pages from a TIFF multipage * Add selection ratio 3"x5" (5:3), 5"x7" (7:5), 10"x13" (12:10) * Copy/Move .thm with .crw, .xmp with .dng * Option to use preview on second monitor in fullscreen * Update & rotate JPEG embedded thumbnail * Add in convert, levels * in View section of .ini, ColorInfo (0: ON for current session, 1: ON for current image, 2: Always) * Plugin for HDPhoto Changed: * Display color info not saved - * batch convert - transformations in a tree - * metadata export in 1 menu entry - * In view mode, Edit IPTC can write (lossless) or only set IPTC data - * Deinterlace in Filter - * Remove some items from context menu - * Option - 'Open all selected images' & 'Maximize View when Open' removed * 'Combine mask' removed, option/Use transparency/alpha is now the only opyion Fixed: * Problem with EXE slideshow (grey picture) * Problem in duplicate/Rename * Problem with user ratio - * Problem with switch W/H selection - * Fix some camera RAW problems * Batch rename : <Exposure Time> can add \ char, so replace it with - * Problem to search in all fields - * Problem with cropping & Xdpi != Ydpi * dbl click in batch convert/transformations - * bad tooltips on tabs - * Open action is no more used by menu * Fix a problem between TC & 'Only one instance' option * Labels for EXIF XML always in english * Crash if click on close between a search - * Browser info not refreshed - * panorama - problem with sort menu * No picture in about box if not in english * FLI * Sending an unsaved scan via e-mail fails - * Double-click should open slide show - * Treeview scroll horizontally for a drop - * rename dialog won't change case - * "Acquire into..." overwrites files... - * Browser : Rename dialog option - * USB event failed - * no drop shadow effect in Batch convert - * long comment and 'Thumbnails & Details' view crash - * File selection error with quick find key - * Groupbox for options, Wording - * Slideshow goes forward in steps of 2 with RMB - * Creating folder in folder tree with F7 pb - * RMB + CTRL open windows explorer context menu - * Cannot add DNG files using Add Folder dialog - * PB Filetype icon for RAW files : * bug capture memory leak : * Rotate delete metadata * Problem EXIF/IPTC kept by sending email * Problem PDF B&W LZW/RLE/ZIP * hide of treeview * * * Problem Outlook 2003 * Open several files with another program? * 'Open With' program added at the end * After search, menu/tools/batch rename is disabled * Add, Edit & sort in favorites : & * thumbnail + labels => folder with '.' (filename without extension) * View mode, Ctrl+C copy filename too * Too space in filmstrip - * Pb description after rename (view mode) - * Template filename number, pb with number in extension - * Color used on active Tab - * Open With - use descrption instead filename - * Scan into can't add more than 100 pages * Problem in PDF title - * Problem with descript.ion and delete/move file - * NConvert export, -rflag - * Fix thumbnail for 2bits picture * WBC fix * view mode - move go to next file - * Problem Fit Desktop & taskbar - * 'Not Fit' problem with fullscreen - * CMYK JPEG too dark * exe slideshow don't use EXIF rotation * tooltips problem - * no custom open with in popup menu after search - * OP/Canvas resize - following orientation * Problem EXIF geotags - * Problem TAB - iptc control - * Gamma & TC - * Describe (Ctrl+D) doesn't works in fullscreen * Problem to copy exif data in properties * New extract picture from movie (preview) * Capture doesn't restore xnview window state - * XPM problem (2 chars) * Crash with BAD FLC * PEF * Problem with some KDC * TIFF with nsamples>3 and 16bits * PGM 16bits * GIF * Pb with mouse on dual monitor - & * Second Monitor will not show slide show - * Problem en 'force xnview to fit' grey area - * Problem in slideshow dialog with videos (not shown always) - * WIA - XnView v1.82.4 (LIBFORMAT v4.57) 07/03/2006: Added : TIFF EXIF support Fixed : Layout 3 XnView v1.82.3 (LIBFORMAT v4.55) 07/02/2006: Added : GridSpacingX & GriSpacingY Fixed : Move file/folder on 95/98/Me Fixed : Batch convert - Rotate Fixed : Sepia Fixed : GridType Fixed : WebPage, EXIF/IPTC on thumbnail Fixed : only 1 effect when using -slide Fixed : transparency color in fullscreen Fixed : 'apply to image' not kept in filter Fixed : history in btach rename Fixed : Not all files are shown after a search XnView v1.82.2 (LIBFORMAT v4.55) 07/02/2006: Fixed : IPTC writing Fixed : Copy/Move after search Fixed : 'apply to image' checkbox Fixed : Can't go to c:\ XnView v1.82 (LIBFORMAT v4.55) 31/01/2006: Added : Levels + Histogram Added : "Thumbnails + labels" in view mode, and "show filename in thumb view" option Added : Option SPACE => quickslide or dir next Added : Switch mode => MiddleButton : nothing Added : Adjust dialog => hide preview Added : "Auto colapse last used folder" Added : IPTC edit add "Time Created" and "Release Time" Added : IPTC edit add "exif date taken, date digitized", System creation date/last modification data Added : Options/Browser/Filelist/ ".." Added : Camera RAW : full size, half size, ... Added : IPTC edit in context menu (fullscreen) Added : Send by Email Added : Option : no scroll bar in view mode Added : In properties, size in cm Added : In quick slideshow, no adjust Added : In fullscreen browser, add ctrl+b Added : When picture is changed, and we delete it display "The file has been changed. Do you really want to delete the file?" Added : auto levels/contrast in nconvert/multi cnv/toolbar(adjust) Added : In "change timestamp", add/substract date/time from exif date Added : Browser : change page from a multipage file Added : Batch rename duplicate Added : Support EXIF camera RAW Added : hidden ini : OpenWithAssociatedProgram, OpenWithXnView, OpenNone Added : option resize convert to make resize based on original orientation Added : hanning filter to resize Added : Write/File Type : most used to the top Added : edit metadata/export in browser Added : set jpeg lossless comment, comment <=> iptc caption Added : Lossless clean : remove exif, iptc, thumb, ... Added : BLP format Added : convert in 32bits Added : Sort by EXIF date (browser & batch rename) Added : rotation anti alias + background color Added : 'Name (Numeric)' in batch rename & web page Added : thumbnail for text file Added : deskew Added : Thumbnails for folder Added : PDF export Added : Page Down/Up in filmstrip mode Added : menu "File Edit View Image Filter Tools Windows" in view mode Added : open bookmark menu with F6/Ctrl+F1 Added : Ignore extensions (separated by space) (par def PDF EPS PS EPSF) Added : Message before saving multi page file Added : Message before jpeg lossless rotation Added : History of convert script Added : When 'Single click to expand folder tree', do use underlined (treeview) Added : ShellEx : Use embedded thumbnail if available Added : ShellEx : EXIF rotation Added : ShellEx : remove filename Added : Add hotkeys Alt+2, Alt+3 ... for the second, third ... external program Added : Add GridSpacing & GridType & KeepGridForNextPrevious as hidden ini 0 > No labels, 1 > Displays digits and letters for the X and Y coordinates (like actually), 2 > Displays only digits for X, and letters for Y Added : F5 for refresh/reopen Show/Hide Folder Tabs - Ctrl+Shift+M Lossless crop - Ctrl+Shift+Y Create Contact Sheet - Ctrl+T Show/Hide Tabs - Ctrl+Shift+M Added : PFI (photo Filtre Studio image) Added : Folder Tabs, Status bar, Toolbar at the bottom in browser menu!! Added : "Open parent folder" in context menu after a search Added : EXIF-user-comment => comment Added : Added View in search dialog Added : ShellEx : Set as wallpaper -> fit-> best... Added : Stretch video option in slideshow Added : JBR import added Added : Tab in batch convert Added : Some entries in tab menu Added : use_cie in NConvert for ghostscript Added : option to replalce \ in filelisting Added : Import wmz/emz Added : batch convert, $ for original folder Changed : date template is "Y-m-d_H-M-S" by default Changed : Use external EXIF text Fixed : In Batch Rename, "Case" operation should be the last, currently it's before "Replace/With" Fixed : batch rename: change <folder> to last folder not full pathname Fixed : In copy/move dlg, hidden folder showed or not following option Fixed : In fullscreen, view update after iptc editing Fixed : Problem to rename a file after a searching Fixed : Bad sorting after search/categories Fixed : file size not updated after save Fixed : tab icon not updated after next/prev Fixed : bug to rename folder by changing only case Fixed : Description not copied after drag&drop Fixed : CRW orientation Fixed : Add text (batch convert) position center Fixed : ## in Web page create Fixed : Zoom with mouse wheel in compare dialog Fixed : Fix a bug for animated gif Fixed : Problem slideshow in 95/98 Fixed : Problem when saving big picture Fixed : playbar not hidden in view mode Fixed : Softimage writing XnView v1.80.3 (LIBFORMAT v4.47) 30/06/2005: Fixed : OpenEXR use now gamma of 1 Fixed : Maya IFF 16bits Fixed : Memory leak in fullscreen Fixed : Not in the good folder when returning in browser from view XnView v1.80.2 (LIBFORMAT v4.47) 30/06/2005: Fixed : Bad thumbnail for Contact sheet Fixed : Batch rename & move file up/down Fixed : WEB creation, no IPTC & EXIF after resize Fixed : Lossless crop & "Use EXIF orientation to rotate" load option Fixed : Read ahead/cache behind Fixed : some other bugs XnView v1.80.1 (LIBFORMAT v4.47) 30/06/2005: Improved : Thumbnail for CR2/NEF/ORF files Fixed : 'Add text' in batch convert Fixed : Screensaver not restored after slideshow Fixed : Problem with selection & ratio Fixed : wallpaper not saved in subfolder XnView Fixed : Problem saving with Plugins XnView v1.80 (LIBFORMAT v4.47) 17/06/2005: Added : binary without dithering Added : Goto page dialog with update Added : Automatic levels & contrast Added : Load all pages in multi file create Added : Edit Tiff Multipage Added : New options in Batch scan Added : Support of WPG 5.1 & 6.0 Added : Pause key to start/stop automatic slideshow Added : Keep date/time for IPTC Added : MSBF option for DPX Added : Option to start slideshow/convert with files from folder Added : Replace/Options in Batch rename Added : Camera options in NConvert Added : JPEG Embedded thumbnail Added : Thumbnail in batch rename Added : History & Use last used template option in batch rename Added : PS/AI/PDF thumbnail option Added : FLI/FLC as animation Added : multi ICO writing Added : Custom date format Added : HTML template Added : IPTC searching Added : EXE/SCR slideshow (windows only) Added : Zoom with wheel mouse Added : Opacity in "Add text" Added : PSD writing Added : Options for page extract Added : Popup menu on folder view (rename, delete, create folder) Added : Start slideshow (recurse or not) from a folder Added : High quality, transitions in slideshow Added : One strip for TIFF saving Added : User config for infos displayed below thumbnails Added : Support of CGM/SVG from CadSoftTools Added : WIA support Added : Thumbnail for .htm/.html Added : Plugin for AWD (windows only) Added : Thumbnail for quicktime movie Added : Lossless rotation is applied to the thumbnail too, if present Added : New Layout (Filmstrip mode) Added : DDS writing Added : Use external player for movie Added : Crayola ART read support Added : Folder can be Copied/Moved Added : 3D border & Drop shadow in Effect Added : Compare Added : Dual monitor support Changed : Options Changed : Browser & view mode has own size/position Changed : Wallpaper in "Application Data" instead of "My Documents" Changed : Use of DEL key in view mode Changed : Selection in browser with Shift Changed : Canvas resize in NConvert (added position) Changed : Camera RAW Changed : LIBPNG 1.2.8 Changed : Timer value in slideshow can be entered like 0.5 Changed : User Plugins are now in Plugins folder with extension .usr Changed : Multipage Create, edit & extract in tools menu Changed : New method to send picture in Total Commander Improved : xnview.ini reading/writing Improved : HTML create Improved : Batch rename Improved : Adjust dialog Improved : Adjust HLS dialog Improved : Global filter dialog Improved : Generate file listing Improved : Copy/Move to dialog (windows only) Improved : Plugins cache to speedup startup Improved : IPTC dialog Improved : View in fullscreen from browser (option: enter for fullscreen) Fixed : Video thumbnail Fixed : ICL Fixed : empty descript.ion created Fixed : DPI options for PDF are not used in Multi-Page create Fixed : BMP Fixed : Save as & Prev/Next file Fixed : IPTC Fixed : Vicar Fixed : Psion Bitmap 3 grey Fixed : XPM export Fixed : disable directory view Fixed : Problem with font & '&' Fixed : DDS Fixed : PSP Fixed : KQP Fixed : TGA Fixed : Associations on Xp (windows only) Fixed : IPTC writing dialog Fixed : View IPTC Custom tag Fixed : EXIF Casio Makernotes Fixed : DDS D3DFMT_P8 Fixed : CRW/NEF/ORF/... Fixed : Many other things... XnView v1.74 (LIBFORMAT v4.25) 27/09/2004: Added : Gammasat, conbright, autocrop in multi-convert & NConvert Added : New submenu for MRUF Added : Use EXIF orientation Added : EXIF orientation in "JPEG lossless rotation" Added : HLS & Sepia in multi-convert & NConvert Added : Use of key "context menu" in browser Added : Text template (iptc, exif, ...) in multi-convert Added : $ for source folder in NConvert Added : Fit option for fullscreen Added : Scan headers option Added : Option to have old zoom feature with left button Added : Custom size/ratio Added : High quality preview in browser Added : Loading WMF in full resolution Added : (Advanced) Operations can be moved Added : Add/Merge option for batch IPTC Added : Flat style thumbnail option (windows only) Added : Horizontal/Vertical windows tiling Added : FlashCam frame, Cisco IP Phone & JBIG-2 read format Added : Lossless crop Added : lossless operations in toolbar Added : Options for camera RAW format Added : Describe on folder Added : Use EXIF DPI informations Added : Option to select new files added Added : Option to use same path for loading & saving Added : Dialog to view existing files before copy/move to folder Added : Mouse navigation in slideshow with timer Added : text can be outlined Added : Option to use original pathname & format for 'save as' Added : Read support of Siemens mobile, FAX manager, TMSat, PowerCard maker Changed : Browser/Show text & Show hexa moved to options Changed : jbigkit 1.6 Changed : MRW,ORF,NEF Fixed : Next/Previous Fixed : <IPTC:Keywords> Fixed : DDS writed by DirectX9 Fixed : View picture sorted by image property Fixed : Move lost item focus Fixed : Associations on Xp (windows only) Fixed : ESC quit fullscreen view from browser Fixed : After "Save As", the picture has now the new name Fixed : XWD Fixed : When user can write in XnView folder, cache will be created in "Document Settings" (windows only) Fixed : 16000x16000 limit for gif files Fixed : Resize selection & Fit image Fixed : Deselecting item in browser don't update preview (windows only) Fixed : Some problems with video player (windows only) Fixed : Describe with search results Fixed : Multiconvert with CRW/High Fixed : -ratio with resize & canvasresize problem in NConvert Fixed : XnView Fit & Fit to image Fixed : grey scale image resizing Fixed : Slow scrolling (windows only) Fixed : Playing movie in fullscreen (windows only) Fixed : Fit to desktop + fullscreen Fixed : Iff writing Fixed : Casio makernotes Fixed : Problem with old language dll (windows only) Fixed : With many files, all thumbnails are not created Fixed : Preview in browser updated after lossless transformations Fixed : Batch rename lose description Fixed : IPTC are not readed correctly on some pictures Fixed : Problem when adding directoty Fixed : PDD Fixed : PSP Fixed : Fit to desktop all Fixed : Many other things... XnView v1.70.4 (LIBFORMAT v4.22) 07/07/2004: Added : GRS16 read support Added : ESC when start in fullscreen exits Added : Single ESC key Fixed : Position text fullscreen/slideshow Fixed : No info displayed in slideshow if title bar Fixed : Drag&Drop doesn't work from other explorer in view mode Fixed : Khoros VIFF with float component Fixed : MacPaint Fixed : RLA writing Fixed : Check update Fixed : Now "Filter By" is saved Fixed : Long delay when viewing second picture (in view mode) Fixed : "Fit to Desktop" mode XnView v1.70.3 (LIBFORMAT v4.21) 20/06/2004: Added : read IPTC from PSD file Added : HDRI read support Added : Teli fax, Gamma fax, Brother Fax, WorldPort fax, Faxable PCX, Faxable TIFF read support Added : CImage read support Added : Kontron, Zeiss BIVAS, Fontasy Grafik, Atari PCP, Winzle Puzzle read support Added : AVHRR Image, Venta fax read support Added : Print Master, Print Shop, FLI/AFLI, GunPaint, Face Painter, DolphinEd read support Added : Fugawi Map, Fun Painter, Fun Painter II, NewsRoom, GigaPaint read support Added : GPS, Minolta, Casio, Sigma, Sanyo EXIF infos Changed : Red eyes method Fixed : IPTC string more than 512 Fixed : Quicktime video Fixed : JPEG2000 16bits with Lurawave plugin Fixed : thumbnail are not refreshed after a jpeg lossless rotation Fixed : Drag&Drop doesn't work from other explorer Fixed : writing ICO 32bits Fixed : writing MBM 256 grey + 24bits Fixed : Archives filter in browser XnView v1.70.2 (LIBFORMAT v4.20) 01/06/2004: Fixed : File/Open Fixed : Infos in fullscreen Fixed : Sort by name numeric Fixed : Focus problem after description Fixed : Light Work Fixed : View with selected files Fixed : Batch rename Fixed : On windows 95, dummy folder created Fixed : Rename erase current selection XnView v1.70 (LIBFORMAT v4.20) 16/05/2004: Added : Backspace for up level in browser Added : PAX read format Added : OpenEXR read format Added : New audio/video player (windows only) Added : Selection proportions Added : Size displayed in status bar in pixels/cm/inchs Added : Customized text to display in fullscreen/slideshow Added : Image data/metadata can be used in rename/add text Added : text color, font, position for fullscreen/slideshow Added : -binary nodither in Nconvert Added : read support of Everex Everfax, AdTech perfectfax, Fremont Fax96 Added : read support of Bert's Coloring, Syberia Texture, VIPS image Added : read support of FlashCam frame, Jigsaw, Weekly Puzzle Added : Date in files listing Added : Adobe Plugins support (8bf) (windows only) Changed : libpng 1.2.5 Changed : zlib 1.2.1 Changed : bookmark.ini is now saved in "Document Settings" Changed : Sort is the same in view & browser mode Fixed : When using "up one level", old folder is selected Fixed : TIFF 16bits (RGB, Lab, CMYK) Fixed : Scitex Fixed : TDI uncompressed Fixed : K25 Fixed : SunRaster 32bits Fixed : ICNS Alpha Fixed : Rotate 180░ Fixed : Bug when updated filelist (move/copy files) Fixed : Delete file + read ahead option Fixed : Synchronize view & browser Fixed : Automatic slide not stopped when switching to the browser Fixed : folder are sorted too (in browser) Fixed : ico Fixed : Rotation on binary picture Fixed : Speed up delete file in browser Fixed : DPX grey 10bits Fixed : FileMagic multi page Fixed : Sort by Properties (windows only) Fixed : TIFF 16bits planar separate Fixed : Mouse use in fullscreen Fixed : ACE texture Fixed : Search pattern & date (windows only) Fixed : NEF/ORF Fixed : Scitex Fixed : XWD Fixed : If "show hidden files" is not set, hidden files are not shown in view mode XnView v1.68.1 (LIBFORMAT v4.17) 16/02/2004: Fixed : ESC/DEL key when renaming filename Fixed : Sort numeric with 2 numbers Fixed : JPEG lossless rotation Fixed : EXIF export XnView v1.68 (LIBFORMAT v4.16) 28/01/2004: Added : ACE texture read support Added : BMP DXT1/DXT3 Added : DXF/DWG/HPGL read support with CadSoftTools ( plugins Added : Other resampling methods Added : 3DSMax & Picture IT! thumbnail Added : Microsoft Image Composer read support Added : Arrange by name (numeric) Changed : New NERO SDK Fixed : Cineon write Fixed : FlashPix file in read only Fixed : KDC Fixed : DPX 10bits grey Fixed : RGB 16bits Fixed : DDS ARGB Fixed : Problem contact sheet Fixed : Print multi page/images reopen printer XnView v1.67 (LIBFORMAT v4.11) 15/12/2003: Fixed : PS multi page Fixed : LUT with DPX/Cineon Fixed : Sun raster Fixed : DrHalo Fixed : Some bugs Changed : Red eyes reduction method Changed : Skins are now in different folder Added : Hidden section in .ini or registry for administrators Added : Brender read support Added : IPTC in TIFF is readed now XnView v1.66 (LIBFORMAT v4.11) 23/10/2003: Fixed : IPTC bug Fixed : TIFF writing Fixed : "Show desktop folder" not saved Fixed : PPM with max value > 255 Fixed : In browser, sort by picture size Added : Canvas mode & color in "Convert/Advanced Operations" XnView v1.65 (LIBFORMAT v4.10) 08/10/2003: Added : Comment are now saved (JPEG, TIFF, TARGA, GIF, PNG) Added : options KeepEXIF & KeepIPTC Added : Comment can be edited Added : Remove EXIF, IPTC, EXIF thumbnail Added : EXIF export Added : Batch IPTC editing (Merge) Added : BSB Chart read support (Plugin) Added : Change Timestamp Added : "View in fullscreen" when viewing picture from the browser Added : Maya IFF & Scitex output Added : PlayStation TIM2 read support Added : PSP v6 Added : CD/VCD burning with NeroBurning Added : LuraDocument.jpm read/write(demo) support Added : Play Sound/Movie in browser option Added : GROB with 64 greyscale Added : Batch IPTC Added : "No thumbnail creation if greater..." option Added : Fullscreen View option Added : Custom Thumbnail size Added : In browser, Copy/Cut/Paste on files Added : Sort by image size Added : Mac Icons read support Added : Drag&Drop on folder in listview Added : User Plugin (See my website for an example) Added : Position & Colour in "Canvas resize" Added : Zoom with Control + Mouse whell Changed: Multi-file dialog box Changed: Copy => Copy image Changed: Jasper 1.700 Fixed : edit bookmark Fixed : IPTC Fixed : Pocket PC Themes Fixed : ContactSheet can create more than one picture Fixed : PCD with rotation Fixed : BMP with bitfield compression & 32 bits Fixed : PICT2 with region Fixed : "Browse with XnView" Fixed : YUV loading Fixed : Batch rename Fixed : When preview is hidden, no more picture loading Fixed : Multi pages in contact sheet Fixed : Read Ahead option Fixed : Write Quality problem with JPEG2000 (jasper) Fixed : Describe on search results Fixed : Multiconvert, create folder if doesn't exists Fixed : Many other things... XnView v1.61 (LIBFORMAT v3.99) 22/05/2003: Fixed : brazilian & chinese language Fixed : column view (windows only) Fixed : Freeze sometimes on windows 95/98/NT Fixed : Freeze in column mode (windows only) Fixed : "Force XnView..." & "Fit to window" Fixed : "show desktop ..." XnView v1.60 (LIBFORMAT v3.99) 03/05/2003: Added : FileMagic read support Added : BIAS FringeProcessor read support Added : Fluoview/Metamorph TIFF format Added : "Read ahead" & "Cache behind" option Added : Load/Save palette Added : Show desktop in treeview (Windows only) Added : Show transparency Added : Combine Alpha for 32bits picture Added : High Zoom quality Added : Automatic slideshow Added : "Play movie" & "Play sound" options Added : High quality for thumbnail Added : -rmeta & -rexifthumb in NConvert to remove Metadata Added : Zoom step Added : popup menu in view mode (windows only) Changed : Options added in "Rename Sequence", called now "Batch Rename" Changed : "Keep zoom..." removed, "Lock zoom" added Changed : Speed for the cache Changed : JPEG, Targa, TIFF & WMF thumbnail creation is more faster Fixed : Speedup startup when all languages Fixed : Alias pix Fixed : RSB Fixed : UNC path (windows only) Fixed : pictor Fixed : Edmics Fixed : unit in resize dialog are kept Fixed : SlideShow use Gamma correction XnView v1.55 (LIBFORMAT v3.93) 06/03/2003: Added : "Paste" clipboard with or without selection Added : Red eyes correction Added : Toolbar skin showed Added : First frame of AVI & MPEG can be extracted Added : "Trim" to jpeg lossless transformations Added : DirectDraw Surface import Added : Nlm, Otb & Nol write support Added : PocketPC Theme & XYZ read support Added : Prims CPA read support Added : Sepia & HLS Adjust added Added : KDC best support (Plugin) Added : PCD high resolution (Plugin) Added : "Keep date" in JPEG lossless rotation Added : Edit IPTC data Added : ZIP & JPEG compression in TIFF Added : ECW writting ratio in option Added : Disabled toolbar & file toolbar in skin Added : PNG option to compose image with transparency/alpha Added : Edit colormap & transparency index Added : "Loop on the file list" option Added : Tilepic read support Added : Panarama create Added : Search Added : Movie extract Added : option "Synchronize view & browser" Added : option "Auto refresh" file list (Windows only) Added : Egg Paint read support Changed : Jasper 1.6 Changed : Xnef.dll removed Changed : IPTC.dll removed. Native IPTC support Changed : EXIF.dll removed. Native EXIF support Changed : Script in multi/Seq convert Fixed : Relative SLD file can be reloaded Fixed : Limit of text 128 car Fixed : Dicom Fixed : NEF, CRW Fixed : JP2 greyscale writing Fixed : TIFF with extra samples Fixed : EXIF Fixed : JPG lossless rotation with EXIF Fixed : Delete confirmation Fixed : DICOM Lossless JPEG Fixed : Bookmark entries not removed Fixed : Rename keep description Fixed : Batch convert remove EXIF/IPTC infos Fixed : DPI & Text are saved correctly in Script Fixed : PSD Fixed : animated GIF XnView v1.50.1 (LIBFORMAT v3.87) 10/12/2002: Fixed : Can not add multi line text (Windows only) Fixed : convert in 256 colors XnView v1.50 (LIBFORMAT v3.87) 8/12/2002: Fixed : Free disk space (windows only) Fixed : Interleaf greyscale Fixed : Amiga Icon (NewIcon) Fixed : Susie plugin Fixed : Gamma slider (windows only) Fixed : GIF & PNG transparency Fixed : VRML Fixed : Mask correctly writed in ICO Fixed : RAW writing Fixed : Browser Added : Hires & TAP Oric format read support Added : Mouse Wheel & Del key configuration Added : MrSid read support (plugin) XnView v1.46 (LIBFORMAT v3.86) 8/11/2002: Fixed : Resize don't change dpi Fixed : Fit in slideshow Fixed : Capture problem (windows only) Fixed : Total File size/Disk size (windows only) Fixed : PDB writing Fixed : SCR ZX Fixed : Hide mouse in slideshow Fixed : Zoom not centered Fixed : Crash on windows 95/NT/98 Added : Add text (Windows only) Added : Set DPi in convert Added : CRW D60 Added : "Use shell context" again (Windows only) Added : "Use relative path" in slideshow options (Windows only) Added : remember last format used XnView v1.45 (LIBFORMAT v3.85) 23/10/2002: Fixed : TIFF binary options in Multipage dialog Fixed : Black&White picture not shown in colors display Fixed : Rename sequence with same name Fixed : IOCA Fixed : Jpeg-ls Fixed : Some MacPaint Fixed : PC Paint Fixed : EXIF not saved correctly Fixed : TIFF ZIP some memory not freed Changed : Resize dialog Added : Can view mask from Hemera Objects Added : Hemera Thumbs read support Added : Zoner Callisto Metafile (preview) read support Added : Maw-Ware Textures & Pict2 read support Added : "Use extended menu" (Windows only) XnView v1.41 (LIBFORMAT v3.81) 18/10/2002: Fixed : FSH Fixed : Access Fixed : Webshot wbc & wbz Fixed : BMP 32bits Added : Embroidery, SmartDraw 6 template & SecretPhotos puzzle read support Added : LSS16, PhotoFrame, Autodesk SketchUp component read support Added : Optigraphics Tiled & Optigraphics read support Added : Eroiica read support Added : Latvian & Icelandic language XnView v1.40 (LIBFORMAT v3.80) 18/09/2002: Fixed : Delete entry crash bookmark Fixed : BMP 16bits r5g5b5 Fixed : PP5 Fixed : IFF crash Fixed : Sound playing with previous/next file Fixed : Luminosity/contrast dialog Fixed : Scan saving Fixed : Overwriting problem in multi-convert Fixed : Properties with .nef Fixed : 'Show preview' not saved Fixed : AFX Fixed : WBZ Fixed : Interlaced PNG color Fixed : xnview crash on exit if TWAIN dialog opened Fixed : TIFF LZW 16bits Fixed : NConvert -info option Fixed : RSB Changed : Jasper 1.5.4 Changed : In browser, thumbnail and large icon Changed : xnview.ini is now in the folder of xnview by default Changed : New slideshow dialog Added : output in capture Added : Double-clic in browse launch associated application Added : Rename/Delete/Create folder in browser Added : 'show cursor' in capture Added : 'Purge MRU file list on exit' Added : Postcript saving Added : Sun raster type 17 Added : Postscript page size read option Added : 'Keep original date/time' Added : Description copied with "Copy to"/"Move to"/Copy/Move Added : 'Open with' Added : Background for slideshow Added : Preview in slideshow Added : 'Items shown' option for browser XnView v1.37 (LIBFORMAT v3.72) 26/06/2002: Fixed: XWD 1bits Fixed: CLP 32bits Fixed: FLC Fixed: LIF Fixed: some Aldus WMF Fixed: Some old PNG Fixed: ICO 32bits Fixed: TIFF 16bits Fixed: DICOM 16/8 Improved: "Copy to" & "Move to" dialog Improved: Capture dialog Improved: Brightness, Contrast, Gamma & Color balance in one dialog Changed: In browser, menu to change the view style Changed: Open & Browse icon have popup menu Changed: "JPEG lossless" dialog Changed: Libpng 1.0.13 Added: "Autodesk SKETCH thumbnail", "Playback Bitmap Sequence" read support Added: Gamma correction for the display Added: New skin for toolbar Added: Iris graphic & Eclipse read support Added: NGG write support Added: "Copy to clipboard" in EXIF properties Added: Option to view picutre with different X/Y DPI Added: Automatic cropping Added: "jpeg lossless transformations" in browser Added: PWC read support Added: Overwrite option in MultipleConvert XnView v1.36 (LIBFORMAT v3.70) 30/05/2002: Fixed: TIFF CIE Lab Fixed: Problem with some Targa Fixed: SGI RLE Fixed: Binary convert in multi/seqconvert Fixed: DICOM Fixed: Jpeg-2000 Fixed: Browser & Last used directory Fixed: XWD Fixed: Quicktime Image Fixed: TIFF 48bits LZW + Predictor Fixed: Problem multiconvert with YUV Fixed: Some problem with "save script" (multi-convert) Improved: Black&White picture Changed: New Print dialog box used (Windows only) Changed: libjbig 1.4 Changed: zlib 1.1.4 Added: "Show Mask" for 32bits picture Added: DPX 10bits/component writing Added: LUT support to read/write CINEON/DPX Added: OTB read support Added: Micrografx Picture Publisher 4.0 & 5.0 read support Added: Webshot wbz read support Added: DICOM jpeg 12bits Added: DPI option for EPS/PS/PDF reading Added: WhyPic read support Added: Susie's Plugins support Added: Clie PRC 16bits Added: EA Sports FSH read support Added: WAD3 (Half life) read support XnView v1.35 (LIBFORMAT v3.56) 10/04/2002: Added: TIFF "Old jpeg style" with embedded jpeg Added: TIFF with thunderscan compression Fixed: Crash if the current folder is deleted (Windows only) Fixed: Problem with ico/scr associations Fixed: TIFF Packbits with 16bits/component Added: TIFF Adobe Deflate XnView v1.34 (LIBFORMAT v3.53) 20/03/2002: Fixed: DPX little endian Fixed: BFX BITWARE with more than 1 page Fixed: BMP 15bits Fixed: EPS/PS with ghostscript Fixed: In the printing dialog, the float value use localisation Fixed: Problems when file are removed or added in the browser (Windows only) Fixed: MBM 12 & 16 bits Fixed: PCX 256colors Added: PhotoPaint stand alone format Added: Macintosh PICT jpeg Added: writing WRL with alpha Added: ECW writing (limited to 500Mb) Added: FITS write support Added: DPX write support Added: Auto F/X, AIP read support Added: B3D read support XnView v1.33 (LIBFORMAT v3.50) 13/03/2002: Fixed: Capture dialog Added: "Show filename" in slideshow Added: middle button to view in fullscreen (Windows only) XnView v1.32 (LIBFORMAT v3.50) 25/02/2002: Fixed: EPS with preview & TIFF Fixed: DPI are not saved correctly in JPEG Fixed: Sort by description Fixed: With WMF/EMF some memory not freed Fixed: Browser show hidden folder (Windows only) Fixed: JPEG writing crash if no more space Changed: JPEG lossless in tools Added: Even or/and Odd pages in Batch scan XnView v1.31 (LIBFORMAT v3.20) 25/02/2002: Fixed: File/open (Windows only) Fixed: Print in landscape (Windows only) XnView v1.30 (LIBFORMAT v3.20) 07/02/2002: Fixed: Problem with statusBar when selecting rectangle (Windows only) Fixed: Flat button option (Windows only) Fixed: kqp Fixed: IFF 6bits Fixed: in Multiconvert with "remove filename" Fixed: FLI Fixed: Maya IFF with Zbuffer Fixed: XWD 16bits Fixed: Problem with arrow for jpeg/fpx quality Fixed: PNG interlaced writing Fixed: FPG & MAP reading Fixed: PCX size greater than 16000 Fixed: Cache between version Fixed: 24bits ICO writing Fixed: GIF writing with transparency=0 Fixed: Dicom reading Fixed: PCD with rotate flag Fixed: Transparency index in PNG Fixed: De-interlaced Fixed: Bug with focus in treeview (Windows only) Fixed: 2bits tiff writing Fixed: Problem with gostscript (Windows only) Fixed: Softimage pic problem Fixed: selected items & sort in browser (windows only) Fixed: Tiff with bad RowPerStrip Fixed: somes problems (eps, ps, sfw, pmp, ...) if xnview started from a CD (Windows only) Fixed: Maya IFF with zbuffer Changed: In Fullscreen, only filename is showed Changed: TIFF G3/G4 are now saved with Photometric (white=0) Changed: ESC key force XnView to quit Changed: Icon are extracted from file in browser (Windows only) Changed: Toolbar skin. See skin/toolbar.skn Changed: ECW SDK 2.45 Added: "Create Multi-page" DCX/TIFF/LDF Added: DCX, LDF write support Added: LuraWave JPEG-2000 read/write support Added: Kinupix skin, Just Buttons animated, Axialis screensaver read support Added: TI86 read support Added: Color option for the preview in browser Added: Webshots read support Added: "Tools" menu Added: transparency color is now saved correctly Added: In rename sequence, '*' is for original filename Added: Amiga icon read support Added: MBM 12, 16 & 24 bit read support Added: CLP 16bits read support Added: "Startup directory" option for browser Added: Targa 32bits in RLE Added: Wallpaper "Fit to desktop" (Windows only) Added: Picture's comment are showed in Properties Added: Biorad writing Added: Now "icon view" in browser check directory's change Added: PABX background read/write support Added: Picture Gear Pocket read/write support Added: Xerox DIFF, Hemera Photo Image read support Added: You can print using the DPI of picture Added: PowerShot Pro90, S30, S40, G1, G2 & EOS D30 read support Added: ARN read support Added: Bookmark in browser Added: Popular graphic format are shown with color (Windows only) Added: Transparency index for PNG Added: SPACE key can be used as PageNext Added: * key used for oroginal zoom Added: "multi-page create" in Nconvert (-multi) Added: Jpeg lossless transform in Nconvert (-jpegtrans) Added: Serbian, Vietnamese, Malaysian & Basque translation Added: -transpcolor in Nconvert Added: Loop & Playbar option for video (Windows only) Added: More options in capture Added: Male MRI & Male Normal CT read support Added: PhotoPaint read support Added: Scan get correct dpi (Windows only) Added: BYU-SIR read support Added: new command line options (-scan, -capture, -clipaste) Added: option to register XnView with USB events (Windows only) Added: BYU-SIR, CoverDesigner & CoverDesigner Template read support XnView v1.25a (LIBFORMAT v3.16) 02/11/2001: Fixed: Crash in browser with network drives (Windows only) XnView v1.25 (LIBFORMAT v3.16) 26/10/2001: Fixed: process remove dpi informations Added: ZX Spectrum Hobetta read support Added: Fenix Map & Multi-Map read support changed: CDROM drive are not cached (Windows only) Changed: .xnview_cache no more used, now .xnview/cache (Motif only) Added: Mindjongg read support Added: Artist 64, InterPaint (Multicolor & Hires) & RunPaint Multicolor read support Added: Picasso 64, Saracen Paint, Draz Paint, Vidcom 64, Blazing Paddles, Image System (Multicolor & hires), Rainbow Painter, Micro Illustrator Uncompressed, Paint Magic, Hi-Eddi read support Added: NIST JPEG read support Added: Quicktime 5 support (Windows only) Fixed: Problem with video (Windows only) Added: Transparency index for GIF writing Added: -transparent in NConvert Added: New ToolBar design (Options/toolbar). Thanks to David Marchevet ! Fixed: YUV writing Added: Turkish translation XnView v1.24 (LIBFORMAT v3.15) 10/10/2001: Added: Plugin info Added: EXIF, IPTF & nCC informations Fixed: XPM Added: Hebrew, Tha´, Croatian & Afrikaans language (Windows only) Added: Animated BMP, & "Enable Animated BMP" Added: MNG (anim)/JNG support Added: "Scan into..." (windows only) Added: Pocket PC bitmap, PhotoStudio Stamp, PhotoFantasy Image, PaintShopPro Mask read support Added: PhotoStudio File, Ecchi, Award Bios Logo, OpenImage, WinMIPS read support Added: "Keep zoom factor" option when Previous/Next file is used Added: Interlaced PNG Improved: Options dialog Added: JPEG-ls read support Fixed: PNG problem with chunk iCCP & cHRM Changed: libpng 1.0.12 Fixed: colors adaptive convert with RGBA bitmap Added: Cartes Michelin read support Fixed: JPEG conversion (NConvert OS/2) Fixed: Hidden folder are not showed if "Show Hidden Files" is not set ! Fixed: PMP & Quantel VPB read Added: Lithuanian language (Windows only) Added: Megalux Frame Format read support Changed: User defined filters. Now filters are saved in Filters/udf.dat Fixed: TIFF Jpeg Fixed: TIFF with RowPerStrip=0 Added: Micro Dynamics MARS read support Fixed: SGI RGB 16bits Fixed: FlashPix read Fixed: Nef read Added: ICL are shown in browser (Windows only) Fixed: Black screen with bad files in SlideShow Improved: picture display (Windows only) Added: color customization for window view background & browser thumbnail XnView v1.23 (LIBFORMAT v3.12) 07/09/2001: Fixed: File/Cut (Windows only) Added: SPOT read support Added: MonkeyLogo/MonkeyCard read support Added: 24bits ico writing Added: Show File index in status bar Fixed: Tiff multi-page Added: Thumbnail (.tnl) read support Added: MAGIchan graphic, Nef read support Added: IWC read/write support Added: JPEG-2000 read/write support Added: Fit image to window vertically/horizontally Added: Description in info tips Fixed: thumbnail create (copy image source & link problem) Added: SPACE = PAUSE in slideshow XnView v1.22 (LIBFORMAT v3.10) 26/08/2001: Fixed: MBM writing Fixed: XAR v1&2 reading Fixed: PGM reading Fixed: PDB 16 grey writing Fixed: PDB reading Added: KQP, byLight read support Fixed: Problem with "Advanced operations" (Motif only) Added: Total Annihilation read support Fixed: postscript reading (windows only) Fixed: LDF with text reading Added: BGA, PPT read support Fixed: Biorad multi-frame reading XnView v1.21 (LIBFORMAT v3.01) 26/07/2001: Fixed: LWF writing Fixed: FPX writing Fixed: GhostScript installed in folder with space (Windows only) Fixed: TIFF, PNG, ... in Win32s Fixed: Problem with some language (windows only) Added: ICL, DLL 16bits (Windows only) Added: PCO b16 read support Changed: cache db are no longer created when no picture Fixed: Degas writing Fixed: PSP 7.0 with colormap Changed: Used short pathname with "..." in Most file used (Motif only) Added: -nores (Motif only) Changed: WARNING .xnviewrc has been modified (Motif only) Added: icon extract from ICL, DLL, CPL, OCX (Windows only) Added: support to read SmoothMove, Xara, Olicom FAX files Added: suport to read/write PDB 16 grey, CompW files Fixed: some problem with "import clipboard" (Windows only) Fixed: zoom rectangle Fixed: no .db cache file when no picture Fixed: Problem with postcript file on windows 98/2K Fixed: Palm pdb Added: support to read/write ArcInfo binary XnView v1.20 (LIBFORMAT v3.00) 26/06/2001: Added: import of Optocat Fixed: Describe with very long text Fixed: multipage cit files Fixed: GROB files Fixed: PPP files Added: import of DPX CbYCrY Fixed: Sun raster type 3 Fixed: ANI with mask Fixed: WIC quality Fixed: PSD Added: Scan-TWAIN support (Windows only) Fixed: Fullscreen + Fit window + Force XnView to fit Changed: Zoom are in % Changed: Print preview and more options (Windows only) Added: support to read Neopaint Mask, Neopaint Stamp, ESM software PIX, Solitaire Image Recorder format Added: support to read Jovian VI, Iris CT, Core IDC, Autologic, Imaging Technology format Added: Stereo image & Pixel Power Collage format Fixed: very very long filename (Windows only) Added: import of NeoBook Cartoon, Amapi & Vue d'esprit format Added: import of PSP 7.0 format Added: support to read PSP zip compression Added: support to read TIFF zip compression Added: import of ISS, Atari Portfolio format Fixed: Cut delete file (Windows only) Added: import of MegaPaint & Mavica .411 format Changed: degree for rotate in nconvert are now float values Fixed: support to read color MBM Added: "Most used" for associations (Windows only) Added: import of Mayura Draw, PaintShopPro Tube & Frame format Added: import of PowerPoint & PaintShopPro Browse format Added: "Load DjVu with max dpi" option Fixed: with some CAM file Fixed: Problem with some Jpeg Tiff files Fixed: keep dpi in jpeg files Added: support to read jpeg based files (unknown header) Added: "If no extension, add it" option for save Fixed: windows bitmap with colormap greater than 256 colors Fixed: problem with slideshow (Windows only) Fixed: Bad Predictor in TIFF writing Added: Start "View in fullscreen" (Windows only) Fixed: "Double click to go browser" + Fullscreen Fixed: Zoom reset with Image Previous/Next Fixed: Problem of 1 pixel with selection (Windows only) Added: "Extract into..." Fixed: don't change date/time of FPX files Added: Norwegian language Added: support to read Buttonz & Filez Texture, Pixia, Red Storm Files Added: Slide file association (Windows only) Added: Color informations Added: Create Contact Sheet Added: "Open page number" Changed: Properties Improved: Color reduction Fixed: In "Advanced operations" convert truecolors and binary are mixed Added: Browser caching (experimental) Added: Maggi Hairstyles & Cosmetics support Fixed: xcf with more than 1 layer Added: Full support for language from right to left (arabic, hebrew) Added: JPEG lossless transformations Added: Optimize Huffman table (jpeg) Changed: ERI-chan, jbig & wic format moved in plugins Changed: LDF v4.00 Added: "Set DPI" Added: "Fit Image To Desktop" (Windows only) Added: Fit options in View menu Added: Thanks to Terry Vantreese for his 2 functions (conbright & gammasat) Added: Browser cached directories Added: FIF (from Iterated systems) support Added: Drag&Drop files in Multiconvert/Slide dialog (Windows only) Added: Deinterlace params saved Changed: JBIG v1.2, LIBPNG v1.0.10 Fixed: Bug MBM writing Fixed: MGR with more than 1 bit Fixed: HSI with alpha, HSI packbit Added: Structured Fax Format (Thanks to Peter Schaefer) & Polychrome Recursive Format read support Fixed: DPI are saved correctly (JPEG, PNG) Added: -dpi in Nconvert Added: -colours or -colors can be used in Nconvert Added: Half-Life model, HomeWorld Texture, Heretic II MipMap, Quake Texture read support Changed: Now Windows build with Visual C++ Added: Use of imgcopy for PCD (Irix only) Added: BMF, Interleaf read, Portrait, Nokia Logo File, FlashImage read support Added: LView Pro, KiSS Cel, Adobe PhotoParade, MGI Photosuite read support Fixed: Problem with Ghostscript 7.0 Added: Galician language Fixed: Problem with some WMF files Added: Ulead Pattern, Texture, PhotoImpact, RIPTerm Image read support Fixed: BIG Problem. Image not freed in browser (Windows only) Fixed: Bad date in bubble of browser (Windows only) Fixed: DPX Added: EPS Interchange Format, Adobe Illustrator, PDF read support (with Ghostscript) Fixed: Grey Psion 3 PIC Added: Star Office Gallery read support Fixed: some text ressource (Motif only) Fixed: Scitex greyscale Fixed: PSD duotone, multichannel Added: "ENTER" to go to browser (Windows only) Added: TIFF Lab & PSD Lab Fixed: -D -xall in NConvert Fixed: DICOM Fixed: FPX with alpha ... XnView v1.19 (LIBFORMAT v2.97) 22/01/2001: Fixed: crash when saving FPX Fixed: winfax multipage Fixed: text is erased in browser (Windows only) Fixed: "Add..." problem with a lot of files ! (Windows only) Added: Drive can be hidden using registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer, NoDrives) Fixed: Some problems with FPX/ECW/LDF (Windows only) Fixed: Crash when changing language (Windows only) Fixed: Problem with some FPX Added: combo box for pathname (Windows only) Added: support to read GoDot format Added: Traditional & Simplified Chinese language Fixed: calamus CRG files Fixed: import clipboard Changed: more than 1 pathname for copy to/move to Fixed: binary pattern dithered Added: Customise of toolbar Added: Romanian language Changed: JWIC v1.01 Fixed: crop with nconvert Added: Korean language Fixed: Show folder & Hide non image in browser Improved: Check with "Recognize By Extension" Added: Catalan & Finish language Changed: WARNING : "PNG quality" renamed "PNG Compression level" (0 (none) - 9 (best)) With nconvert, use -clevel Fixed: Describe XnView v1.18.1 (LIBFORMAT v2.96) 22/12/2000: Fixed: browser is very slow with a lot of files (Windows only) Added: arabic & ukrainian support XnView v1.18 (LIBFORMAT v2.96) 18/12/2000: Fixed: 32bits => Grey or Colors Fixed: Colors & grey inversed in Advanced Operations Fixed: Psion3 write Added: winfax multipage Fixed: IMnet Fixed: Description not updated with use of Next/Previous Added: MouseWheel used for Next/Previous image (Windows only) Fixed: browser with very long dirname Fixed: "Wallpaper" (Windows only) Fixed: "Save as" & raw saving Fixed: animated gif Fixed: reading of BFX, XCF, NCR & Koala files Fixed: "Fit to window" Added: support to read VPB cutout files Added: support to read LWI (Light Works Image), MBM 16 colors, DPX Added: support to read/write "J Wavelet Image Codec" files Added: support to read LDF (LuraTech Document Format) Added: support to read Vort, Aces 2000, Access, Ricoh Fax, Sharp GPB, Skantek files Added: support to read IBM Pseg, Verity Image, Alpha Microsystem BMP, Photomatrix, MRF files Added: support to read DjVu, ERI-chan, TealPaint, Datacopy, Auto CADcamera, PPP (Punk Productions) files Added: support to read ECW (Enhanced Compressed Wavelet) files Added: in nconvert -info to show informations about files Added: in "Options/File Types" a button "the most used" XnView v1.17a (LIBFORMAT v2.95) 09/11/2000: Fixed: FlashPix PlugIn (Windows only) Fixed: Targa with width/height greater than 6000 pixels Fixed: XPM Fixed: "Open" (Windows only) XnView v1.17 (LIBFORMAT v2.95) 01/11/2000: Fixed: writing EMF files in 8 bits (Windows only) Fixed: Colorix reading Fixed: Sun Icon reading Fixed: bug with some Windows Clipboard Fixed: Xim reading Fixed: MacPict colors Fixed: Acorn files (multiple icons) Fixed: some SGI files Fixed: Scitex reading Fixed: network under windows Added: "EXE/DLL" import (Windows only) Added: support to read Corel Metafile Exchange files Added: support to read TRS-80, Poser Bump files Added: support to read Postscript files in Windows. Ghostscript needed ! Added: support to read/write Radiance files Added: support to read National Imagery Transmission Format files Added: support to read CALS, Brooktrout 301 files Added: support to read Winfax, Zebra Metafile Preview, IBM Kips, Computer Eyes files Added: support to read Planetary Data System files Added: support to write Page Control Language files Added: support to read FlashPix files Added: support to read PaintShopPro v6.0 files Added: support to read OAZ Fax, Canon Navigator Fax, Hayes JTFax, SciFax files Added: support to read Windows Metafile files, if wmftogif is installed (Motif) Added: support to read OAZ Fax, Canon Navigator Fax, Hayes JTFax, SciFax files Added: support to read/write Radiance files Added: support to read IMNET, Ncr files Added: "Deinterlace" in "Advanced Operations" (Multi convert/Sequence convert) Added: support to read Intergraph Type 2, 3, 9 & 24 files Added: support to read BFX Bitware, Inshape, Enhance Simplex files Added: support to read Print/Pagefox, CDU Paint, GeoPaint, Puzzle files Added: support to read Pegs (PXS/PXA) files Added: support to read Print/Pagefox, CDU Paint, GeoPaint, Puzzle files Added: support to read EDMICS, Pfs Art First Publisher, Lumena CEL, Image Software Set files Added: support to read SmartFax, Hires C64, C64 Doodle, HF files Added: support to read HSIRaw, Ricoh IS30 files Added: support to read BFLI, Doodle compressed, Koala compressed, Amica Paint files Added: support to read Xionics SMP, NIST Ihdr & Im5 files Added: Scale factor in Print Dialog box are now in float Added: In Multiconvert, you can use in the destination '%' to represent the original filename (as nconvert) Added: In Nconvert, -in & -out accept only name of format (no number anymore) ! Added: in nconvert, -deinter odd/even int/dup Added: in nconvert, -wflag os2/hp49/gif87 Added: support to read SriSun, Starbase & TG4 files Added: support to write CCITT G3, G3-2D & G4 TIFF files Added: support to read/write LuraTech format (c)2000 LuraTech GmbH (Windows only) Added: byelorussian version (Windows only) XnView v1.16 (LIBFORMAT v2.94) 19/07/2000: Fixed: refresh when deleting files Fixed: bugs with some tiff files Fixed: bugs with some pict files Fixed: bug with ramdisk (windows only) Fixed: "Title Bar" for slideshow is now saved correctly Fixed: bug in fullscreen with filename (Windows only) Fixed: bug with writing of bmp Fixed: bug with reading of ani, fits, psd, sfw & vpb Fixed: bug in crop Fixed: bug with TIFF size greater than 16384x16384 Changed: "Delete", "Copy to", "Move To" & "Rename" in View mode moved to "Edit" menu Added: hotkeys for resize/mirror/rotate Added: option "Double click to go to the browser" (Windows only) Added: In browser mode, the creating of icons follow scrollbar Added: option "Only 1 view opened" Added: Now you can configure file type that you want to see Added: "Shell open" & "Shell Edit" (Windows only) Added: "Delete to recycle bin" (Windows only) Added: The status bar has changed Added: "confirm file delete" Added: "show HEX-mode" in view Added: "Animated GIF" support Added: Keep configuration of printer (Windows only) Added: "Stop Animation" & option "Disable Animation" Added: support to read AIF, WAV, AVI, MPEG, AU, SND files (Windows only) Added: "Print setup" (Windows only) Added: You can zoom in the rectangle selected Added: option "Add XnView in Send to menu" (Windows only) Added: support to read map/fpg files from DIV Games Studio Added: support to read Animated cursor Added: support to read QV-10 Cam files Added: support to read Adobe Photo Deluxe files Added: support to read IOCA files Added: support to read/write JIF files Added: "Hide XnView" in capture Added: support to write Gif87a files Added: support to write HP-49 GROB files Added: support to read QTIF (quicktime) files Added: In HTML create, added links at the end of the page XnView v1.15 (LIBFORMAT v2.92) 19/07/2000: Fixed: bug in "Web page" create (Windows only) Fixed: problem with "Start browser at startup" ! (Windows only) Fixed: bug in dialog box to choose files, Multiconvert & slide show (Windows only) Added: danish/polish/greek/bulgarian support (Windows only) XnView v1.14 (LIBFORMAT v2.92) 17/04/2000: Fixed: bug with timer in slide show (Motif only) Fixed: bug with some mbm (Psion5) files Fixed: bug with dpi (cm) in tiff files Fixed: bug with printing in "best fit" (Windows only) Fixed: some bugs with lesstif Fixed: bug with TIFF files in 2 SamplesPerPixel/LZW Predictor Fixed: bug with "free disk space" in browser (Motif only) Fixed: bug with BM bitmap in CDR files Fixed: bug with writing of PNG palette Fixed: various bug with Win32s Added: "Show Tool Tips" option in browser Added: "Show Tool Tips in toolbar" option Added: "Use flat button in toolbar" option (Windows only) Added: "Update treeview when refresh" option (Windows only) Added: support to read Postcript files (Ghostview needed, Motif only) Added: swedish/dutch/estonian/czech/portuguese(brazilian) version (Windows only) Added: Text DOS/Unix are correctly viewed Added: 16/32 greyscale GROB support Added: "Load script..." in sequence/multiple convert Added: possibility to disable the "most recently used files" Added: "Hide mouse cursor" in slideshow (Motif only) Added: Moved "Install" to Options Dialog (Windows only) Added: possibility to save params using registry (Windows only) Added: "Visit XnView's Web Site" Added: Windows Commander support (Windows only) Added: Multi-language interface (Windows only) Added: Multi-Byte character support (Windows only) Added: "Force XnView to fit to image" (Windows only) Added: "-page", "-xall", "-rflag" in nconvert Added: portuguese(brazilian)/hungarian version (Windows only) Added: support to read ARF files Added: support to read Image Systems RLC2 Graphic Format Added: "sort by" in slide show Changed: some accelerators ! Added: "-fi" in command line option, Force Fit to Image Added: "-fa" in command line option, Force XnView to fit Image (Windows only) Added: support to read Nokia Group Graphics files Added: support to read Nokia Operator Logo files Added: support to write VRML2 files Added: support to read MGR bitmap files Added: support to read ATK files Added: support to read "Sony DSC-F1 Cyber-shot" files Added: support to read "Chinon ES-1000 digital camera" files Added: support to read "Kodak DC25 Camera" files Added: "All Pages/images" in Print (Windows only) XnView v1.13 (LIBFORMAT v2.91) 01/02/2000: Fixed: bug with Airnav files Fixed: bug with Network (Windows only) Fixed: bug with "Fit to image" and Zoom Fixed: bug with ressource leak (Windows only) Fixed: Describe text has focus now (Windows only) Fixed: bug with description in thumbnail create Fixed: bug with TIFF write - Compression none & packbits Fixed: bug with argument list in nconvert Fixed: bug with toolbar (Windows only) No tooltips for "save as" and "Hhide toolbar" doesn't work propertly ! Fixed: Extension is added correctly when save clipboard (Windows only) Fixed: bug with saved size (Windows only) Fixed: "Browser" menu item or icon switch to browser window (Windows only) Fixed: No reset of scrollbar with process Fixed: problem to select area when zoom out Fixed: focus error (Windows only) Fixed: No more refresh when cancel file operation (Windows only) Fixed: bug with "Only 1 instance" when browser is opened (Windows only) Fixed: bug in menu when browser is closed (Windows only) Fixed: bug with tiff files from Next Added: support to read Pixibox files Added: support to read multi-image Psion 5 files Added: support to read PostScript files (only if ghostscript is installed) Added: support to read QV-5000 Camera files Added: support to read BMF (Corel Flow) files Added: support to write Enhanced Metafile files (Windows only) Added: support to drop files in XnView (Windows only) Added: support to drag & drop files in browser (Windows only) Added: verbose option to enable information in console (Motif only) Changed: default value for Gamma (1.0) Added: Save "Keep ratio" in resize/canvas Changed: When use of -slide quit after Added: option "Fit to image" to change window size after all process Added: option "Open a window per picture" to replace "Open All" Changed: Use Shell for file operation (Windows only) Changed: No more dialog with progress bar, in status bar now (Windows only) Added: option "Hide preview Scrollbar" in browser Added: in HTML create "Launch web browser" & "Copy images to output directory" Added: Now you can create several HTML page (with next/previous) Added: "Delay" in capture (Windows only) Added: RAW export Added: Improvement of "Hide non image files" Added: "Use Shell to open picture" (Windows only) Added: option to sort file list with Previous/Next Added: support to read/write WAP bmp files Added: Use locale to print time Changed: Improved bubble in browser (Motif only) Changed: Improved "Quick refresh" Added: "Copy"/"Cut" to clipboard (Windows only) XnView v1.12 (LIBFORMAT v2.90) 15/11/1999: Fixed: reading Greyscale+Alpha PNG files Fixed: bug with size of Preview zone (Windows only) Fixed: reading 16 colors ICO files Fixed: bug in writing XBM files Fixed: bug in saving image from capture (Windows only) Fixed: bad 16x16 icon (Win only) Fixed: bug in resizing binary picture Fixed: bug in "Move To...", "Copy To..." Fixed: bug with browser's icon size (Windows only) Fixed: bug with free disk space in browser (Motif only) Fixed: bug with browser on Solaris or KDE desktop (Motif only) Fixed: bug with "Maximize view at open" (Windows only) Fixed: bug with tracking zone for crop Fixed: bug with print in browser (Windows only) Added: support of multi-image format (dcx, pwp, ico, psion3, tiff, gif) Added: support to read Airnav format Added: mouse support in slide show (next, previous) Added: '-full' to start in fullscreen Added: support to read Sega SJ-1 DIGIO format Added: support to read/write JBIG format Added: support to read MiNG format Changed: to libpng v1.0.5 & zlib v1.1.3 Added: support to read multiple image in GIF files Changed: in browser 'right click' and 'space' action (Motif only) Added: support to read DICOM3 files Added: support to read HRZ files Added: support to read Koala Paint (Commodore 64) files Added: support to read MSX 2 screen files Added: support to read FLI/FLC files Added: support to read Amstrad screen files Added: "only 1 instance" (Windows only) Added: "always on top" (Windows only) Added: Toolbar in view & browser Added: Zoom & Move on preview in browser Added: options in saved slide file Added: support to read Windows Metafile (Windows only) Added: support to read/write Kodak Cineon files Added: support to read Prisms files Changed: '-ngrey' & '-ncolors' in nconvert to '-grey' & '-colors' Added: '-ini' to specify another option's file XnView v1.11 (LIBFORMAT v2.80) 15/10/1999: Fixed: bug in browser, some memory was not freed Added: 'Set as Wallpaper'/'Set to Desktop' Added: 'Print' (Windows only) Remaked: 'Multiple convert' and 'Sequence convert' Remaked: 'Options' Added: 'Crop' Added: 'Capture' Added: Saved 'Preview' option Added: 'Show filename', 'Enable mouse navigation' in fullscreen mode Added: 'Hide mouse cursor' in fullscreen mode (Window only) Added: support to write degas files Added: Solaris version XnView v1.10 (LIBFORMAT v2.80) 30/08/1999: Fixed: reading colors with PCX files Fixed: reading 16 bits BMP files (BI_BITFIELDS) Fixed: reading YUV Tiff files Fixed: reading colormap with Windows Cursor files Fixed: reading binary PBM files Fixed: reading TIFF files with FillOrder = lsbtomsb Fixed: reading TIFF files with BitsPerSample == 16 or 32 Fixed: reading TIFF files with BitsPerSample == 8 and SamplesPerPixel == 2 Fixed: reading binary PICT files Fixed: reading RGB with alpha PICT files Fixed: reading some GIF files Fixed: bug in converting Truecolors picture to colors adaptive Fixed: bug with 'Import Clipboard' (Windows only) Fixed: Drive icons in browser are transparent (Windows only) Fixed: reading PGM files with MaxVal != 255 Fixed: bug with 'Convert to colors (adaptive)' Fixed: Changed 'Blur' and 'Average' (0% minimum, 100% maximum) Fixed: Missing white space in PPM/PGM files Added: support to read TT's degas files Added: support to read PGM files with two bytes per pixel Added: support to read LBM files Added: support to read 15-24 bits ICO files Added: support to read BMP files with non standard info header Added: support to read JPEG files in CMYK space Added: support to read PNG files with 16 bits per component Added: support to read PCX files in 65535 colors Added: support to read TIFF files in CMYK space Added: support to read PSD files in CMYK space Added: support to read SeattleFilmWorks files Added: support to read SeattleFilmWorks multi-image files Added: support to read QV-10 Camera files Added: support to read VICAR (Video Image Communication And Retrieval) files Added: support to read Khoros Viff files Added: support to read Scitex files Added: support to read Aurora files Added: support to read Artisan files Added: support to read Qdv files Added: support to read Sony Playstation TIM files Added: support to read Digital F/X files Added: support to read Electric Image files Added: support to read XPM files with more than 2 bytes per pixel Added: support to read Synthetic Universe files Added: support to read CMU Window Manager files Added: support to read Fax G3 files Added: support to read Usenix FaceServer files Added: support to read Fuzzy Bitmap files Added: support to read Xim files Added: support to read CCITT Group 3 and Jpeg Tiff files Added: support to read Lzw OldStyle Tiff files Added: support to read SGILog24 & SGILog Tiff files Added: support to read/write HRU files Added: Works correctly with WindowMaker (dock) Added: support to read Z80 Screen dump files Added: support to read Z80 Spectrum SNA files Added: support to read Biorad files Added: support to read vpb Quantel files Changed: Moved yuv,raw import in libformat ! Support to import : YUV 16 Bits, YUV 16 Bits Interleaved YUV 4:1:1, 4:2:2, 4:4:4 Raw Grey Raw RGB, BGR, RGBA, ABGR, CMYK Added: '-geometry widthxheight+offset' to set size for YUV and Raw files For exmaple, geometry can be 1024x576 or 1024x576+100 Added: '-corder' to set Channel Order for Raw files Added: support to read TI-73/82/83/85/86/89/92 files Added: support to write TI-92 files Added: support to read SBIG CCD camera ST-X files Added: support to read Ricoh Digital Camera files Added: support to read PSD files with 16Bits per component Added: support to read XCF (Gimp) files Added: support to read Kodak DC120 Digital Camera files Added: support to read Preview in Encapsulated Postscript files Added: support to read first bitmap in WordPerfect files Added: support to read first bitmap in CorelDraw files Added: support to read Degas TT mode (pi4,pi5,pi6) files Added: support to read Windows cursor with more than 1 bits per pixel Added: support to write X Bitmap files Added: support to read CCITT Group 4 & CCITT Rle Tiff files Added: support to read FIT files Added: support to read Acorn Sprite files Added: 'Add Icon to desktop', 'Add to Program Menu' and 'Add to Start Menu' in Install (Windows only) Added: 'Network' support in browser (Windows only) Added: Now 'Auto view' is saved Added: 'Zero' and 'Previous' in get value dialog box Added: Now 'View as Extension', 'View as Name' is saved (Windows only) Added: Rotate with any degrees Added: 'Window Adaptive' is saved Added: 'Status Bar' to show or not the status bar Added: 'Describe' in View Added: 'Colors balance' Added: in SlideShow * Hide title bar * Supress read errors * Use of arrow to navigate * View type (when full screen) * Add Folder Added: support to read Interlaced PNG files Added: mouse support to move picture in a view Added: options * Raw/YUV Width * Raw/YUV Height * Raw/YUV Offset * Raw Channel Order * Raw Channel Type * Remember last window position/size (Windows only) * Open hexa if not a picture * Browser, start in previous folder * Browser, recognize only by extension * Browser, Fit to window * Browser, Show grid lines (Windows only) * Browser, Full row select (Windows only) Added: command line help (Windows only) Added: 'Full Screen' in view Added: Next (Page down), Previous (Page up), First (Home), Last (End) in view 'Open All' open a window for each picture Added: 'Canvas resize' Added: percentage of original & predefined size in resize Added: 'Generate file(s) listing' in browser XnView v1.09 (LIBFORMAT v2.73) 03/05/1999: Fixed: reading 16 bits BMP files Fixed: browser: when clicking on '..' icon (Windows only) Fixed: with '-', '+' keys for zooming (Windows only) Fixed: reading very large GIF files Fixed: reading GIF files with extension Fixed: reading 2 colors files (bad colormap !) Changed: accelerators for browser's options Added: support to write ICO files Changed: Sorted all formats list (file selector, ...) Added: 'Sorted by ID' in 'Formats available' Added: 'Copy File(s) Location' to copy pathname in clipboard Added: 'Esc' key to close window and quit XnView (Window only) Added: support to read/write binary/ascii GROB HP-48 files Added: support to write MIFF files Added: 'Options' button if file selector Added: options for PCD and GROB files Added: support to read Windows Clipboard files Added: support to read Spectrum 512 compressed files Added: support to read Spectrum 512 smooshed files Changed: 'Formats available', 'About', 'Options', 'Multi convert' 'Sequence convert' and 'slide' in non modal dialog boxes (Motif only) Added: 'decrease only' for resize in multiple/sequence convert. It allow to resize only pictures smaller than specified size. Added: 'Swap Colors' Added: 'Count color used' Added: support to read PaintShopPro files Added: 'Auto view' (contrast, gamma, ...) Added: 'Web Page' (Browser) to create thumbnail in HTML Added: support to import yuv4:4:4 & yuv4:2:2 files Added: '-slide <file.sld>' in XnView's command line to launch slide show. 'file.sld' can be created under SlideShow. Added: dialog box to save before closing modified view Added: german version, Thanks to Axel C. Burgbacher (Windows only) XnView v1.08 (LIBFORMAT v2.72) 01/03/1999: Bug fixes: Fixed: bug with Slide Show when file on root drive are added (Windows only) Fixed: bug with 'Sequence/Multi convert', View menu bar not enabled (Motif only) Fixed: bug with reading Gif, some file can generate a core dump Fixed: bug with bad font (Linux only) Fixed: bug with bad redraw in Browser's preview Fixed: bug with 'All Graphics Files' in Open box (Windows only) Fixed: bug in 256 colors mode, bad colors (Windows only) Fixed: bug in browser, thumbnail size toggle not updated correctly (Motif only) Fixed: bug with date displayed in bubble (Windows only) Fixed: bug with main menu, stay disabled (Windows only) Fixed: bug with lut transform for colors picture Fixed: bug with resize colors picture Fixed: bug with reading Tiff in inverse FillOrder Fixed: bug in 'adjust contrast' Fixed: reading/writing 32 bits BMP Fixed: reading 8bits TDI files Added: 'Show Content if non image' in Browser if file is not a picture Added: 'Show Content in ascii' in Browser Added: 'Window Layout' in Browser Added: Space,Return and Arrow keys in Browser (Motif only) Added: 32x32 thumnbnail size in Browser Added: support to make a description for file (view in Browser) Added: Open/Save slide files Added: convert to 4,8,16,32,64,128 dithered or not grey scale Added: convert to 4,8,16,32,64,128 dithered or not colors Added: 'Install' to registry extension (Windows only) Added: 'Tree view' to show directory (Motif only) Added: 'Tree view' to show directory (Motif only) Added: in Resize 'Nearest Neighbor' or 'Bilinear' resample Added: support to read and write Palm Pilot bitmap Added: support to read YCbCr tiff files Added: `Show Parent Directory` in Browser XnView v1.07 (LIBFORMAT v2.71) 03/01/1999: Fixed: bug with Slide Show (blue and red are inversed) Fixed: bug when directory doesn't exist (Open File, Browser) (Motif only) Fixed: bug with reading 2 colors files Fixed: bug with reading of PICT 2 files Fixed: bug with reading of Xwd files (Pseudo Color) Fixed: bug with reading of FITS files (BITPIX after NAXIS) Changed: Remaked Browser Added: 'XnView directory' to launch browser in this directory Added: 'Import Clipboard' (Windows only) Added: 'Fit to Window', 'Center Window' and 'Full screen' in SlideShow Added: 'Maximize XnView at Startup' option (Windows only) Added: 'Maximize View when Open' option (Windows only) Added: support to read Pixar picture file Added: '-in format' in Nview/Nconvert to specify input format as name or number Added: '-out format' in Nconvert to specify output format as name or number Added: support to read XV visual schnauzer format Added: support to read Bob bitmap Added: support to read Calamus picture Added: support to read Tiny bitmap Added: support to read Microsoft Paint bitmap Added: support to read Doodle bitmap Added: support to read PCPaint/Pictor bitmap Added: support to read ImageLab bitmap Added: support to read ColoRix bitmap Added: support to read and write Psion Serie 3 & 5 bitmap Added: 'Ancestor' In the file selector (Motif only) Added: '-browser' for launch the browser at startup Changed: font by default (Motif only) Added: 'Ignore Read Error' option Added: `Use Popup in View` option (Motif only) Added: 'Launch Browser at Startup' option Added: 'Use Random Order' in SlideShow Changed: in XnView and Nconvert when we resize with Ratio. Now resize take Width and Height as the bounding box of the picture result (if not equal 0). XnView v1.06 (LIBFORMAT v2.70) 28/09/1998: Fixed: bug with converting in 32/64/128 colors Fixed: bug with reading of 16 colors files in GIF/TIFF Fixed: bug with writing of 16 colors files in GIF Fixed: bug with writing of 16 colors files in PCX Fixed: bug with writing of binary/16 colors files in PNG Fixed: bug with 2/4 planes PseudoColor visual (Motif only) Fixed: Removed extra back slash in filename with 'MultiConvert' (Windows only) Fixed: bug in 'Open' with a very large number of files selected (Windows only) Fixed: bug in 'Multi Convert' with a large number of files (Windows only) Fixed: bug with converting of 32 bits files (Windows only) Fixed: bug with SlideShow in 8 bits display (Windows only) Added: support to write Windows Bitmap in Rle format (Only for 4 and 8 bits files) Added: support to read Utah Raster Image format Added: support to read X Window Dump format Added: support to read PCX Multi-page (DCX) format Added: support to read TIFF with separate RGB Changed: '.XnViewrc' preference file to ascii (X only) Added: support to Import Raw format (RGB & YUV) Added: support to read Adobe Photoshop format Added: support to read TDI/Explore format Added: support to write Gimp Pattern format Added: support to read Gimp Brush/Pattern format Added: support to read Xpm with more than 256 colors Added: support to write TIFF RGB in Lzw & Prediction (Pixel difference) Added: support to write Verbatim RGB (no compress) Added: support to write Progressive JPEG Added: support to read PhotoCD format Added: support to read PM format Added: support to read FITS format (integer pixel only) Added: Nview use colormap as XnView (X Only) Added: Mouse/Keyboard support for SlideShow Added: support to write Wavefront format Added: support to write Softimage format Added: support to read Windows Cursor format Added: support to read SUN Icon/Cursor format Added: support to read xbm version 10 format Added: -R in Nview to read file not complete Added: ProgressBar when writing and loading Added: '-popup' to use Popup menu rather than Pulldown menu (Motif only) Added: Now if we can, we get the default colormap, '-own' use a new one (Motif only) If your visual have only one colormap available, don't use '-own' Added: Use tiling for displaying (Take less memory) Added: Zoom Changed: Rewrited code for 'Window Adaptive' (Motif only) Changed: Removed 'Open Multi' ('Open' can select multi files) Added: 'View in Hexa' Added: 'All graphics files' extension in file selector Added: support to write XPM format Added: 'Browse' to view pictures as icon Changed: Removed -wmax and -hmax in Nview XnView v1.05c (LIBFORMAT v2.64) 31/05/98: Fixed: bug in Slide Show Fixed: bug when writing binary Portable bitmap file Fixed: bug with Dialog box 'Overwrite This file' in File Selector Added: Picture's information (Motif only) Changed: Best management of ColorMap in PseudoColor Mode XnView v1.05b (LIBFORMAT v2.63) 20/05/98: Changed: Rewrited XPM functions Fixed: bug when reading binary Portable bitmap file Fixed: bug when reading Wavefront Raster Image File Fixed: bug with 'Logarithmic Lut' Fixed: bug with De-Interlace (incorrect when choise is 'Odd Fields') XnView v1.05 (LIBFORMAT v2.62) 1/05/98: Changed: the method of resizing Added: 'filter user' Added: 'fit to image' XnView v1.04 (LIBFORMAT v2.61) 01/05/98: Fixed: Bad number of version in window's title Fixed: When the last window is closed, information not updated (Windows only) Fixed: Best automatic recognize Fixed: X11 bitmap reading caused a crash Fixed: bug with using DOS filename (8:3) in argument (Windows only) Fixed: select directory in file selector of MultiConvert (Windows only) Changed: File Selector in 'Open Multi' use Explorer Style (Windows only) Added: support for 15 and 16 bits images Added: -I option in Nview to display only information Added: -wmax and -hmax in Nview to specify a maximum width and height Added: picture's information in File Selector (Windows only) Added: picture's preview in File Selector (Windows only) Added: 32/64 and 128 colors converting Added: tools to manipulate LUT (contrast, brightness, equalize, ...) Added: filters (Blur, Average, Sharpen, Emboss, ...) Added: specials filters (Maximum, minimum, ...) Added: effects (Slice, Swirl, Oil painting, lens, waves, ...) Added: support of JPEG progressive (jpeg v6.0) for reading Added: Slide Show Added: Undo Added: 'Window adaptive' keep the ratio of picture Added: Rotate, Mirror and Negative in Multi/Sequence Convert Added: Mode in Multi/Sequence Convert XnView v1.03 (LIBFORMAT v2.60): Fixed: when writing TIFF LZW 32 bits Fixed: when reading binary GIF, BMP or PCX file (Colormap was inversed) Fixed: when reading binary RPPM file Fixed: when writing GIF 2 & 4 bits Fixed: Read 2bits TARGA file is ok Fixed: Softimage with RLE encoding caused a crash Fixed: 'rotate +- 90' flip picture Added: Dither in 6x6x6 colors to display in pseudo colors (Motif only) Added: French version (Windows only) Added: 'current' in file selector (Motif only) Added: X11 pixmap format (read only) XnView v1.02 (LIBFORMAT v2.59): Added: 'Sequence convert' and 'Multi convert' Changed: UNIX version use the SHARED library of libformat XnView v1.01 (LIBFORMAT v2.59): Fixed: some bug in the file selector (File extension not changed) Changed: XnView now works with Linux and Lesstif XnView v1.0a (LIBFORMAT v2.59): o Windows version of Nview/Nconvert
NConvert v. 5.62 (Self-installer WarpIN package, 23/4/2010, Oliver Cremer)
Record updated last time on: 07/04/2019 - 16:19

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