Mike Cowlishaw

PMGlobe 2.19
Thursday, 17 June, 1993

PMGlobe is a program which displays the Earth as a globe using OS/2 Presentation Manager.  You can choose to view the globe from any direction, or select one of a number of 'standard' views.

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GoServe 2.52
Saturday, 19 September, 1998

GoServe is a multi-purpose server for OS/2, which supports the 'Gopher' client-server protocol (as well as the World-Wide Web protocol).  The Gopher protocol is described in documents distributed by the...

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PMPrintf 2.60
Sunday, 4 November, 2018

PMPrintf, a very helpful utility for debugging PM/WPS programs. Put printf()-like statements in your program (which can conditionally be compiled using certain #define's) and look at the output in a PM...

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