extended attributes, April 1998, Vol. 05, No. 04


  • What are extended attributes anyway?
  • Tripping the light (tables) fantastic


  • Wombats and Warp
  • Developing answers
  • Making my net work
  • Showing your character


  • Internet tools This month, ea focuses on applications and utilities to enhance your use of the Internet:
  • ProNews/2 Newsreader
  • Internet Adventurer
  • HTML Studio
  • InJoy
  • PowerQuest’s new Drive Image
  • Your wish is my command line: 4DOS and 40S2
  • DeskMan/2
  • New and improved
  • BackTalk

Society News

  • it’s in the email: Southsoft at general meeting
  • Coming events, meeting locations, and membership
  • SIG news

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