extended attributes, March 1998, Vol. 05, No. 03


  • Another view of WSOD
  • Drive Image, Zip drives, and Warp, oh my!


  • C’mon backup
  • What you resist, you become
  • Why OS/2 won’t die
  • Letters
  • To error divine


  • Backup software In this issue, we review backup software. Give yourself some peace of mind, and save your data:
  • PowerQuest’s DriveCopy
  • Novaback
  • Back Again/2
  • Links OS/2
  • New and improved
  • Neon 2D Grafix

Society News

  • A cautionary tale
  • New listservs at possi.org
  • Getting your small business onto the Internet
  • Coming events, meeting locations, and membership
  • SIG news

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