LPEX macro extension for VAC

Release 2
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Wednesday, 8 May, 2019




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LPEX macro to support opening of files by dropping them onto LPEX window + dropping marked text fragments from EPM (Enhanced Editor, the default OS/2 & eComStation's development editor).

It is a library that add benefits to some features/utility related to native IBM C/C ++ compiler and tools.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. Read the readme.txt file. IBM VAC C/C++ compiler is needed.

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

LPEX macro extension for VAC v. Release 2 (8/5/2019, Lars Erdmann) Readme/What's new
LPEX macro to support opening of files by dropping them onto LPEX window + dropping marked text fragments from EPM How to "install": 1.) copy the DLL to IBMCPP\DLL (or whereever you installed VAC 3.x to). 2.) modify file IBMCPP\MACROS\PROFINIT.LX, add this line: 'LXR DRGDRP' (a bit of) help support: drag a file to the LPEX window. Don't drop but press F1. It'll give you some help on use of this macro. Added benefits: 1.) When you try to open a file in LPEX via the "Open" command and it contains spaces, LPEX will not be able to open it. However, when you drag/drop it with this macro in use, it will work ! 2.) dragging marked text from EPM onto the LPEX window will insert this text into the currently open document. Additional info: You can use the "unlink" LPEX command as in: "unlink DRGDRP" in order to deactivate drag/drop support. However the DLL (LXDRGDRP.DLL) will not be freed. The reason is because the DLL hooks into LPEX's window procedure. For certain technical reasons, I cannot allow it do be unhooked when the "unlink" command is invoked otherwise LPEX would crash. Oh well ... If after calling "unlink DRGDRP" you want to reactivate the feature just invoke LPEX command "DRGDRP" and the feature will be back in place. Known issues: Occasionally (under heavy use of drag+drop) you might get a trap (entry in POPUPLOG.OS2). I have tracked this down to be a problem in OS2OM30.DLL in the i(f)stream::read function and the trap occurs in LPEX itself but not in my DLL (therefore I cannot fix anything). However this will not negatively influence overall system stability. Lars Erdmann
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