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Wednesday, 6 October, 2021
extended attributes, February 1998, Vol. 05, No. 02


  • Tools for your desktop
  • Doing it in public
  • Win32 project
  • Letters
  • Judgement of errors


  • System enhancements ...
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FSS - TeX Editor 1.5
Friday, 9 October, 1998

FSS-TeXEdit provide an easy interface for LaTeX2e, dvips, Ghostscript and ispell. Most actions can be done like in common writing programmes but you will have all features of LaTeX2e.

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Intel P6/AMD K7 MTRR management IOCtl PDD 0.08a
Tuesday, 18 June, 2002

P6K7MTRR.sys is a simple interface physical device driver(PDD) that can manage Memory Type Range Registers(MTRRs) of Intel P6/AMD K7 series processors. Programmer can query/modify any MTRR settings via DosDevIOCtl() API, from non-Ring0...

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Friday, 11 October, 1991

PFM2AFM converts Windows ATM fonts that don't have an AFM (Font Metrics) file by producing the AFM, so that OS/2 can use the font. Source code included.

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HTTP Server 2.0
Friday, 7 December, 2001

An HTTP web server written in java. Source code included.

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Tuesday, 7 August, 2001

A simple text file viewer with bookmark facility. Stores bookmark data in an OS/2 .INI file, so most OS/2 INI editors should be able to view and edit it. To save a bookmark, press F2. To exit, press Esc.

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Restart WPS
Friday, 12 November, 1999

Short REXX script to restart the WorkPlace Shell without rebooting the computer.

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High performance FIFO buffer 0.13
Tuesday, 17 January, 2006

This utility is designed to buffer data during real time processing like on the fly audio encoding or tape backups. It is optimized for high throughput, fast and reliable response and low CPU load. The data is not copied around in...

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R_EADATA 19990621
Monday, 21 June, 1999

Utility to delete "EA DATA. SF" on FAT drives. Source code available.

usage: R_EADATA drive:

example: R_EADATA A:

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UNXLINK 19990203
Wednesday, 3 February, 1999

Decompressor for XLINK 2.02 by Jinx!/TC. Source code available.

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