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Sunday, 6 June, 2021
Zombie Win-OS2 Program object 1.01
Wednesday, 25 May, 2011

Fix for WinOS2 programs running seamless that do not terminate.

This special WPS Program object class is designed to run, and correctly terminate, WinOS2 application in seamless mode. It also add an "Enhancements" tab to notebook...

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OpenJazz Jazz Jackrabbit Game loader per OS/2 2016-02-01
Monday, 1 February, 2016

OpenJazz is a free, open-source loader version of the classic Jazz Jackrabbit games by Epic Games.

Jazz Jackrabbit was a PC platform game.

Produced by Epic Games, it was first released in 1994. The fast-paced, colourful...

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WordPerfect for OS/2 5.2
Wednesday, 18 January, 1995

WordPerfect for OS/2!

This product, although not being developed/updated/sold since long time, it is luckily available as "Abandonware" software on many dedicated sites on...

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1MBFort 1.0
Wednesday, 29 March, 1995

This utility solves the "not enough memory" message of Windows programs due to the lack of low memory below 1MB. Source code included.

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DOOM for OS/2 1.10
Friday, 2 February, 2001

OS/2 port of DOOM. DOOM is a popular 1993 science fiction horror-themed first-person shooter video game by id Software. The DOOM source code was released...

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MORTALFX (Mortal Kombat Patch for OS/2) 3
Friday, 2 November, 2001

Unofficial Soundblaster patch for Mortal Kombat. Using this patch, you will be able to get soundblaster sound under bare DOS again. It fixes another freeze, not patched in first driver release and is now making Mortal Kombat 100%...

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Syndicate Wars OS/2 fix
Tuesday, 13 November, 2001

A patch to make Syndicate Wars run under OS/2 Warp or eCS.

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OS/2 Gamer's Guide installation March 1995
Saturday, 25 February, 1995

OS/2 Gamer's Guide. This program is meant to be an easy to use tool in getting your DOS games working their best under OS/2.

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GetYourNews & Binary Get Your News 2.20 & 1.0.07
Sunday, 9 October, 2016

GetYourNews is a multithreaded, simple powerful newsgroup attachment downloader. Use /? on the command prompt for help.

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Change Controls 2.1
Sunday, 28 January, 1996

Change Controls is a PM utility that allows you to change the default controls (Minimize, Maximize, etc..) in OS/2 to whatever you want.

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