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Tuesday, 10 September, 2019
BeeBEEP 5.6.2
Wednesday, 22 May, 2019

BeeBEEP is a secure network chat.

You can talk and send files with all your friends inside a local area network such of an office, home or internet cafe without a server...

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GNU arbitrary precision calculator & GNU dc, desk calculator 1.07 & 1.3
Wednesday, 22 May, 2019

Bc is an arbitrary precision numeric processing language. Syntax is similar to C, but differs in many substantial areas. It supports interactive execution of statements. bc is a utility included in the POSIX...

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DrDialog (Doctor Dialog) 3.27
Friday, 17 February, 2017

DrDialog is an application builder from IBM Developer Connection. It allows developers to build windowed 32-bit applications using the classic Rexx language, does not need any extra runtime...

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Sunday, 8 September, 2019
MarryAmPic II 0.5
Friday, 6 May, 2005

This is a matching game. You have to remember the position of the cards and found its match. There are also several card types available for download.

Released under the GNU GPL License.

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Animate 199106067
Saturday, 23 March, 2013

Animate is a program for those people who like to have nifty graphics dancing around their computer screen. Animate can also act as a "screen saver" - after a programmable period of inactivity, it will bring the graphic forward to fill...

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xRick 021212
Wednesday, 22 December, 2004

xRick game for OS/2. A classic arcade!

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PMFormat 2000/05/04
Monday, 14 December, 2015

PMFormat is a diskette formatter, source code included.

Released as open source under the BSD 3 Clauses license on 14/12/2015 by Noller & Breining Software. Usersthank authors and Martin Iturbide for mediation!

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Libreria CUtil 2008/01/03
Monday, 14 December, 2015

CUtil is a library that contains functions that is used in most of Noller & Breining Software, source code included.

There are at all 15 functions, someone also to manage EAs.

Released as open source under the BSD 3...

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Archive Viewer 2.2
Thursday, 1 August, 2013

Archive Viewer is a very simple GUI tool for viewing and extracting archive files of various types. It originated as a system utility included in eComStation (and it remains so to this day). It...

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ATSHELL (Alex Taylor SHELL) 0.5
Saturday, 9 December, 2006

The AT Desktop Shell (ATSHELL) is a simple RUNWORKPLACE replacement.  It allows an arbitrary executable to be run as the desktop program (in place of the Workplace Shell).

When this program exits, the ATSHELL dialog (re)appears...

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