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Friday, 13 November, 2020
Driver supporto di base USB 12.07 & 10.236
Tuesday, 1 October, 2019

USB basic driver stack including UHCI, OHCI, EHCI (USB 2.0) support, always required and to be installed first!

All this drivers are the result of Lars Erdmann's efforts...

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VNC Server and VNC Viewer 20201112
Sunday, 31 March, 2019

This package provides a VNC server and client for OS/2 Presentation Manager, you can connect to a VNC-server somewhere in the network and display its content in a window. VNC stands for...

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Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
MAD (libmad) 0.15.1b
Tuesday, 26 August, 2008

is a high-quality MPEG audio decoder. It currently supports MPEG-1 and the MPEG-2 extension to Lower Sampling Frequencies, as well as the so-called MPEG 2.5 format. All three audio layers (Layer I, Layer II, and Layer III a.k.a. MP3)...

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FFmpeg & FFplay 2.8.6 & 4.0.2
Thursday, 2 August, 2018

FFmpeg is a very fast video and audio converter. It can also grab from a live audio/video source.

FFplay is a very simple and portable...

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Testlog 3.33
Friday, 27 September, 2019

Create a log file that you can submit with your test results when reporting a problem with a driver. This program collects all the data about your system and the driver under test, and puts it into a single...

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Monday, 9 November, 2020
Supporto per webcam USB 1.1
Wednesday, 28 September, 2016

USB WebCam device drivers and control programs.

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VistaCam/2 0.91
Friday, 11 October, 2013

This is a remote viewer for IP cameras, such as Allnet2282, INSTAR-2905, and HAMA-WLAN. On 11/10/2013, the author, Lutz Wagner, has released VistaCam/2 0.91 as Open Source software under Freeware Public Domain software & GPL license...

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UClip 0.3.0
Thursday, 23 August, 2007

UClip is designed to allow OS/2 programs to exchange unicode text using the clipboard with other native programs or with odin-ized programs.

It is compiled using Odin source code, so it shares the same...

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Dosbox/2 0.74
Saturday, 30 March, 2019

DOSBox is a DOS-emulator that uses the SDL-library which makes DOSBox very easy to port to different platforms. DOSBox emulates CPU:286/386 realmode/protected mode, Directory FileSystem/XMS/EMS, Tandy/...

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Calmira 3.31
Wednesday, 15 October, 2003

Windows 95 style shell for Windows 3.1.

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